Reactionary gets thrown off L rail/infiltrating bourgeoisie law

Ever wondered what happens when an autistic, permavirgin omegazord from Holla Forums uses the NY subway? Wondered what happens when they throw shitfits cause, for example, black kids stood too close to him in his safe space in a public space outside of his moms basement?

Find out here!

Also is this the point where angsty, assburgered betas use law as an excuse to practice their "HURR MUH FREEZE PEECH!!1"?

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I love seeing people behave as autistically as possible within the rules of the law and then get bullied by mobs. It's a very niche enjoyment I have, but I enjoy it every time without fail.

Why do i miss all the fun stuff.

This guy got to the real essence of reactionary thought with this piece of street theatre. I like how he stripped it back to its raw elements

In case anyone is wondering why the OP is edited I reported the post asking the mods to remove metadata from it. Thanks mods.

Here's what I assume he's going to post on pol

"Free speech" doesn't mean "you get to say whatever you want." Free speech is a guarantee to participate both in society and the tools of its governance.

He exercised his freedom of speech, and the people on the train exercised theirs. He called a bunch of strangers "stupid niggers" and in return they threw his ass off the train.

That's free speech, not being able to say whatever stupid shit you want and then hide behind the cops when you piss everyone around you off.

This guy is every "so much for the tolerant left!" dipshit irl

Oh dear god did anyone here read the comments?


Niggers are a disease in the catacombs of the NYC subway.(RIDER WAS SOUPED FOR THIS FREE SPEECH)

Yeah, it is.

Nazis are the disease of civilization.

Great. I'm gonna start throwing black people off of the subway because their skin color and culture offends me. Free speech.


lmao good luck bro, see you on the next spergy video


btw nazi spergjobs

If white people are so superior then how come they need to enslave inferior races and keep systematic racism going(for example, via the 13th amendment) in order for their countries to prosper?

Malarial resistance, you dumb shine.


Yeah, it's the black people that are the problem here. Not the drunken stormfag yelling "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" on the train.

Ok then again, how come they need an inferior race in order to gain immunity from disease?

I thought white people were more superior than that?

aut-rightists went too far trying to convince everyone that "talk shit; get hit" was some super far-left commie ideology instead of just how things are in large groups of people and are surprised that nobody gives a fuck about them filling their diaper over it

If it's ok to throw people off of trains for offending you, then it's ok to throw people off of trains for offending you. The "nuance" in the situation you're ham-fistedly alluding to is your belief bias. As long as you agree with the person getting kicked off the train, it's morally ok. If you don't, it's not.

shig dig

Why do you keep your farm animals in pens?

Yes, people never film black people acting up in public. And they most certainly do not link those videos on Holla Forums where they proceed to circlejerk about how much they hate black people.

He got kicked off the train because he was acting up and harassing other passengers.

Because you'd really expect so much better from stormer NEETs who have the social skills of a spoiled, angsty 10 year old with autism, right?

my dude you are dumb as shit

lmao go for it dude, no one is stopping you
make sure there are cameras around I want to stay entertained

I'm really scared for people like you.>>2142972

I'm really scared for people like you.

For a group of people who claim theyre so genetically superior you sure lose quite often to the inferior ones.

Not to mention that, to this day, this country is still heavily reliant on systematic minority enslavement.

But "hwite powur!!11", right?

Are you scared for crash test dummies as well, friendo?

The only baboon was the rightist acting up and harassing other passengers who paid their money for a relaxing trip.

My ancestors relied on oxen to plow the fields. I rely on gooks to assemble my phones. Times change and so do the laboring animals. Eventually, when low-level labor is replaced by robots, we can finally purge all forms of labor animals. Whites are still steady cucking every culture on the planet, as they have been for a thousand years. Stay mad, faggot.


You forgot the car, a conservative is noting without his car

I thought white culture was being cucked by Jewish cultural Marxists?

Comon' man, clearly these is the type of people who doesn't have any love in their lives.

Then again…they are probably incapable of love or empathy for that matter…

Nice LARP, but perhaps you could address the topic of the thread.

Comon' man, clearly these is the type of people who doesn't have any love in their lives.

Then again…they are probably incapable of love or empathy for that matter…>>2142995

I thought the jews are replacing them? What's there to be mad about?

Holy shit!


How exactly does this bring us closer to anything constructive?

This. It's not like they kicked him off the train for being white like

this dumb ass seems to think. Not even five seconds into the video and you can see people on the train trying to reason with him.

Good point, but this is just a /trash/ thread to make fun of Holla Forumsreddit.

Killin' Nazis

What? We're just laughing at a retard being retarded and getting the obvious response from out in public like that

A stormfag got scundered on camera. Why wouldn't we want to see this?

Can you please try to kick a nigger off a train? It'll even things out probably

Don't say that about white people

The sound a right-winger makes in its natural habitat.

Welp, if their idea of being white is sperging off about "NIGGURS!!1" then they need to re-think their image

It's also asking about how neocons are gonna attempt to become lawyers because of their god emperor.

Not everything's about race, user.

They certainly are trying, as they have in every culture who has ever let them in.


Does your short attention span forbid you from staying on topic?

It's those superior genes, man

Good luck with that. We all know how well you skinnyfat neckbeards do against them

Some autist sperged at some orcs and they orced at him. They stole his shit and physically assaulted him. That's what orcs do. It's why

It's /trash/, but idiots like these need to be put in their place for there to be unity like your pic states.


I know you've convinced yourself that anyone right of ML is a neckbeard autist with no social life, just like your bizarro clones at Holla Forums think all leftists are all a bunch of limp-wristed genderqueer autists. The strawman is strong these days.

Aw so sowwy u got soup on u all you did was scream obscenities and harass your peers for superficial bullshit on a public train


They do all the convincing for us.

The topic was why the aut-rightist was thrown off the train, and it was pointed out that this is to be expected when you're acting up and harassing other passengers who paid their fare. Since you have not countered this, I can only assume you are unable to, and that is why you are changing the topic.

Ouch. Did I hit a sore spot there, friendo?

Except its true though

Cool, another thread in which the communist basement dwellers of Holla Forums imagine themselves as somehow in league with humanity's most bling obsessed sub-segment. We wuz niggas and sheit!

aut rightists are brainlet cucks

He was thrown off the train for harassing chimps. He's an idiot who should keep to himself. Technically, the subway police should have handled it, and people shouldn't have taken his shit, but it's New York and Orcs. I have very low expectations all around.

My dude, you are completely retarded.

I disagree. Not all leftists are like that.

unlike Holla Forums, Holla Forums at least pretends to read.

Yeah, people really need to stop whining about foreclosures and the greek debt crisis. It's textbook anti-semitism.

I bet you think were mad that Hill Dog lost amirite?

One thing I've noticed about these threads is they always seem to bring a shocking amount of random lurking Holla Forumsyps out of the woodwork. You never see the frequency of Holla Forumsposting in any other threads as you do in threads that are mocking pictures or videos of IRL stormfags.

I wonder why that is.

The feudal lords needed to preserve feudalism, and to do that they needed banks. Are you daft? You're literally comparing kings with retirees and young families of color. You're dumb.

Since you admit it was totally reasonable to throw out the screaming person, you have nothing to complain about.

Most of the people in the second pic seem like relatively normal people.

Who's complaining? I just said it's not "free speech", which it isn't.

Stop this. Everyone was affected by foreclosures, not just retirees and families of color.

pretty good for whack-a-Holla Forums



From these threads we will generate more aut-right beatdown vids


It's within their right for the passengers to remove a man who is breaking the peace. Workers pay their money for a relaxing trip. This man wasn't expressing his free speech; he was harassing passengers.

there's a metaphor here somewhere

Who literally said anything about Illary, other than you?

Because these threads are incredibly easy to derail, so they come in to try and spoil the fun by making the thread about trying to argue with Holla Forums's ideology rather than laughing about this racist fuck getting his dumb ass thrown off a train.

Nyet, in fact they might've just created one.

We don't know that, he appeared very heavily intoxicated. Not defending his outburst, just clarifying that drunken racism is not exclusive to Internet Nazis.
You mean attacked & essentially robbed a guy on camera for his sacred practice of Freeze-Peaching? We may find it funny, but the average Joe certainly doesn't.

10/10 good for a laugh

They are derailed by the same spergjobs as depicted in the vid. From there they try to prove themselves to a bunch of internet strangers and in turn, create more of these lulzy vids.

Read the thread dumbass

He was thrown off for being a massive faggot. Has it ever occurred to you idiots that your views are actually incredibly unpopular and people rightfully hate you for them?

Ideologies based on harassing people for the color of their skin, as it turns out, are fucking obnoxious.

Do not cry this hypocrisy when our lands were "humaned" up while we enjoyed our simple lives. Humans sure are weak when they don't have the technological advantage.

He's saying the people in the pictures aren't leftists, not that we aren't leftist **which is dumb anyway because we're "leftists" under capitalism the same way capitalists were left-feudalists"

he he


I was trying to imply that it's because they're very sensitive and videos like this shatter the lie they like to construct for themselves and sell to other people that they're a bunch of ripped, alpha males so they're reflexively more offended by this kind of content than they could be by anything else you're likely to see on Holla Forums as it reminds them of who they truly are. Kind of like that Goebbels quote about how the most offensive thing you can call a Jew is a Jew.

It was mostly white people doing it though.

Holla Forums really isn't even slightly self aware, is it?

The Lord of the Rings is to aut-rightists as Harry Potter is to liberals

How america menages to create such autistic people?
I never seen amount of people this autistic and out of touch with reality be it right or left as i seen in america. Is it something in the water there or something?

Do you get personally offended when some anarkiddy gets a bat broken over his head at a protest? Does that shake you to your core and challenge your core identity? No. It makes you think "what a retard, wear a helmet stupid"

Lots and lots of lead paint everywhere even in the water.

At this point I'm pretty sure it's corn and that the natives played the long con and got the last laugh sort of

IQ is a normal distribtuion. There are upper and lower tails of that distribution. Clearly this autist was far off on the left half of that distribution.

That's an album cover right there

So beneath all the hang wringing and really flimsy justifications we finally arrive at "retard gets thrown off train for being retarded", and unanimously by the white and black people there at that, which is exactly why we're laughing at him. No real counter to that I see yet

It's just a generic term for racists, dude. And this guy is very obviously racist.

Well it's a good thing we're on Holla Forums then. And I would dispute that the average joe wouldn't find it funny, I found out Richard Spencer got punched the day after it happened because people at work were laughing about it.


Third World here we come!

I can't wait for potato thieves to be lit on fire in California.

fucking what?

Nice try Holla Forums

No, but unlike Holla Forums I don't use ideology as a substitute for a real identity. That behaviour is mainly the domain of fascism and its cousins.





Why type out so many words when "I'm retarded" would work just as well?

See: constant warfare with neighboring tribes, cant into writing, cant into wheels, cant into farming, living like literal farm animals
Every inner city is living proof technology doesn't make a monkey smarter


We're reaching levels of strawmanning your opposition that shouldn't be physically possible

If you steal a potato in a place like Liberia, that's a death sentence for you. Judging by OP's video, I'd say it's fairly certain that in the next decade we will have plenty of videos of white people being executed by mobs in places like New York, Chicago, etc.

Its not, ive seen lots of normal people talking racist shit drunk in pubs etc…

I really do hope that you're not white. It'd be really sad if you were.

Lmao, why are right wingers always so obsessed with weird minutiae and irrelevant trivia like this? Is this what happens when you're allergic to theory?

Don't you get it, user. Black people act that way because white people colonized Africa a hundred years ago and installed infrastructure. In America, blacks are some of the most well-behaved, well-educated members of society.

We all know it's true, dude. Fascists like to pretend that they're something they are not. They were doing it in the 30s, they're still doing it now.

Why are you so spooked mister?

Good, thrives must be eradicated without mercy

Never heard of it before but even a cursory search says that Liberia has the death penalty for aggravated murder, armed robbery, terrorism, "mercenarism" resulting in death, hijacking, treason and espionage. Nothing about potatoes.

Have you never read Utopia by Thomas More? Death sentences for petty crimes only leads criminals to be more likely to commit violent crimes as well since the punishment is the same. So if they rob someone, they will also murder them to avoid being caught since the consequences will be the same regardless.

It's common here that niggas whom talk shit like nothing going to happen to them get fucked up and robbed of their stuff. This is what talk shit get hit looks like.

He didn't describe a method, he described a charge that would supposedly lead to the death sentence. Learn to read

It's not like the cops come and arrest you, the rest of the town will just execute you in the most horrific ways imaginable.

lmao fine with me

Don't you get it, user. Black people act that way because white people colonized Africa a hundred years ago and installed infrastructure. In America, blacks are some of the most well-behaved, well-educated members of society.

Just guzzling up all the reactionary manbaby tears, brb

Have you read Republic by Plato?

Yes, they are. We are discussing something entirely tangential to capital punishment policy in Liberia.

Here's a webm if you don't like liveleak.

Obviously, but Utopia is more recent and obviously argues in favor of literal Communism.


Kill yourself you larping fucking faggot, what would you know about the "Average Joe"? Get a job you underage twink retard.

It's not specific to Liberia you dumb nigger ape. It is popular Africa wide. Mandela used to condemn people to death with it.

Yeah, this is the thing you don't seem to understand. In a civilized society, talking shit does not create justification for assault and theft.

If you literally can't read such a simple thread then calling someone else stupid really is pretty meaningless

Point to a method being described by him.

You really are shit at debate and arguing. Insults are meaningless, and liveleak vids shared in Holla Forums are statistically insiginificant

That's been the reality for everyone on the NYC subway for decades. Literally nothing is different except that it was an opportunity to laugh at people getting triggered this time.


Pick one.


Are you retarded? That still has nothing to do with the subject of the thread

So then what changed about the country?

He was handled with roughly because he was acting up and harassing passengers. Get over it.

Of course he is, look at him filling his diaper because we don't care about the last breitbart article he read

When has "talk shit; get hit" ever been something that didn't happen in American culture? There are literally entire genres of American movies based on the concept and expounding on it

wait, are people here actually in favor of this sort of thing? this is like going back to wild west, third world shit, this isn't progress



The train is now better off without him in it. Seems like progress to me.


they weren't from all backgrounds though, it's a bunch of POC attacking a white guy.

Thanks for the quick inputs brainlets. Yes, the cowboy genre does depict the desires of the average american to prove how tough they are when challenged, and while shooting each other outside a saloon is obviously a fantasy people have been trading blows over fighting words since the inception of the country

I agree. And considering their disproportionate contribution to crime in the US, we should send all blacks to Africa. We'd be better off without them overall.

holy shit, got more of this?

There were 2 white guys blocking him off and trying to reason with him at the beginning of the vid, silly Holla Forumsack

Better not say that on the train.

the Western genre of films was literally escapist fantasy, like super hero movies

so much for the rational right

I thought that Holla Forums liked the "dura lex, sed lex" rule?

and then a bunch of POC attack him and rob him

Yes, an escapist fantasy that describes a latent tendency in American culture, which is what I described. Fantasies don't peddle you things you don't want to do.

Don't worry, I have 15 little lead presents for anyone wants to use violence as a means of disagreeing with my words.


Maybe then that little aspie can learn some social skills and what not to say outside of his mommy's basement n screen.

do you not understand the difference between something someone might subconsciously want to do, and then something that someone actually would do? just because you want to attack to someone doesn't mean you should


Stupid fucking ape baboon jigaboos

Suck it

"Wild West, third world shit" would be allowing a person to ruin the quiet atmosphere of a train ride–something that workers purchase with their ticket. Removing the rambunctious passenger is par for the course in a civilized society.

The guy actually blocking his way from the bag is white, you can clearly see his arms stretched out to stop him from getting past him.

Niggers are never quiet on the train they need to go back to the jungles

what about stealing his stuff?


Do you understand how something that so permeates the public subconscious would effect the conscious culture and actions of a society?

Theft is okay if you're stealing from a cunt.

me on the left

Then send me your address, I need a new computer.

Well, in this case, the only one causing problems on the train was the uncivilized right-winger.

Did anyone actually steal the bag?

5037 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Come at me bro

I wasn't there, but that's what he's autistically screeching about

It's hard to tell in the video, seems we're just taking his word for it


401 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
I'll wait.

I will respond to words with words and violence with violence. Is this a problem?

no, not really

you are living in a fantasyland

Stupid fucking black baboons there should be an entire city built for you where you can swing from tree to tree and kill each other over air Jordans while white people commute to work in peace.

Oh wait it's called Detroit and st Louis and Baltimore

Get the fuck out of our cities ape men

By breaking the peace, he depreciated the value of the tickets that each passenger paid for. His possessions compensate for that loss.

Although I'm not sure that he didn't get back his stuff later that day.

No, they just didn't move out of the way when he tried to walk past to get it.

You are living in a hotel?
Fucking bourgeoisie scum get out of Holla Forums




Stupid fucking baboon people you belong in zoos(USER WAS PUT IN A ZOO FOR THIS POST)

Then there has never been a civilized society to begin with as fighting and handing over property to settle a dispute goes back through many eras in history.

Is it that time already?

you can see it thrown onto the platform at 2:20 i think, it looks like they tossed it out after he refused to leave the subway and clung to the seat like a child. in the video a black guy is standing over the black bag, but you can see him move to the other side of the door without it and it looks like he's going for it at the end of the video

Checks out


is nigger some magical word that allows black people to break the law without repercussion?

I live outside the hotel, in the alley next to it, you sillies.

yes, it's right there in the NY state statutes that you didn't read

Who gives a fuck?


Stupid fucking jungle ape people I wish we could send you all to israel so you can shoot each other over air Jordans in the commie blocks of tel Aviv under the stewardship of the KIKES who all seem to love you so much(user was forced to look at his own blackness in the mirror)

Right wingers are literally children.

moral positivists are fucking retarded

too obvious

look at mister hall monitor over here

who gives a fuck about the word nigger? why should white people take part in a society where black people are allowed to assault them if they say the naughty no no word?

You evidently.

That's not even what happened. He got removed after throwing a tantrum, initially he was engaged with calmly.

If you're mad because you'd like to similarly sperg out in public though then please, please don't let anyone in this thread dissuade you. You should absolutely do it and you'll basically be like autistic Rosa Parks which is pretty noble.

i'm not the one attacking people over it, apparently it's niggers that are spooked, maybe that's why they used to call them spooks


he wasn't just saying the word "nigger." it's new york, no one gives a fuck what some asshole says on the train. if you actually watch the video you see him behaving like a belligerent asshole playing "i'm not touching you, i'm not touching you!" as he screams "NIGGER" into people's faces. he wasn't just minding his own business and then some black people beat him up for using a bad word, they forced a belligerent asshole off a train for harassing people just trying to ride the fucking subway.

you are dumb as shit my man

You people are a parody of yourselves. The people on the subway were 100% in the right, if the same thing happened to a non-white you'de cheering in your hive.


Sorry bro but you're not gonna get a lot of traction using egoism as a justification for that guy because it was of absolutely no conceivable benefit to him to act like a retard


You refuse to address or

You've lost the argument and now you're just throwing a tantrum like the autist in the video.

I totally agree, that nazi was an ape who didn't evolve properly

If he was an aware egoist he'd have realized that the law was a spook and that he was basically baiting the bull and expecting Casper to back him up.

This is the classic example of the spookfag. He so believed in The Law and that it would save him, he acted inappropriately in public (to say the least) and expected The Law to magically intercede.

I agree, send the chim/pol/zees back to the zoo!

More like blood and soiled myself

I sincerely hope this thread creates more vids of sperglords getting their ass beat and robbed.







I want Michelle Obama's toned man-thighs locking me in a scissor hold. Am I gay?

stupid nazi nerds

Shhh shhhh user, just ignore their butthurt for now. It seems until they're able to do anything but make animal noises then they will get B&D'd

Never make the mistake of trying to use words when confronted with ferals. In nature, the only currency is violence - save your carefully reasoned arguments and autistic screeching for the company of other humans. Better yet, save yourself from interaction with ferals entirely.

Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.
a contemptuous term used to refer to a member of any dark-skinned people.

Yea those feral nazis sure are weak and violent, huh?

Don't you worry, ghouls aren't going to stop beating and robbing people any time soon, and they have a habit of posting vids online to show off the scalps they've collected.

I hope more of those scalps are of the nazi sperglords who waddle outside of mommys basement and try to throw two-year-old temper tantrums about "MUH FREEZE PEEEEEEEEEEEECH TT-TT"

i think we need to have a monthly thread talking about what idpol actually is

this but unironically

Also I love Holla Forums whining about 'muh niggers on the subway' when some WN degenerate is acting like a baboon and making everyone miserable.

Definately need a monthly thread about autistic stormfags getting their shit beat

Who the fuck do they think they're fooling? Besides themselves. You can't be a bully when you've already been exposed a dozen times over as a snivelling little whiny bitch boy, nobody's going to be intimidated by you if they ever were before.


subways should be our helicopter meme

Subway to siberia

We Guardian Angels now?

the aut right gets soup't (robbed n thrown off a subway)

Nazi scalps? Well, more or less - it's a bit hard to tell what the scalp bearers believed when we didn't bother to ask. What's important is really having the scalps.

But rest assured, all who oppose us are functionally Nazis. :v)

Don't worry, sweet Holla Forumsack child. We didnt need to ask. They sperged all of that out for us

And who's going to do it? Every time you fuckers try you get punched out, thrown out and run out like the whimpering little sissy fuckbois you are.



lel does seeing from this video how everyone both black and white hates you hurt your feefees? That literally nobody stood up for you?

ITT: Holla Forums autists think all racists are nazis
Holla Forums autists get triggered by white racists getting bounced

ITT: You're triggered as fuck.

Could even try to sage on the thread that nazis are being eternally BTFO'd but instead spergs out.
Comedy gold.

More like Holla Forums laughing at butthurt nazis and racists

Europeans rape and pillage the world but others have to go back. Sure /pol we'll all get right on that.

Why is Holla Forums so bully-able IRL?


by what? I'm not white, so I don't give a fuck if some white racist gets bounced. And I'm not a fedora tipping LARPing commie so I don't immediately have to project my political opposition onto some drunk retard. I am but a simple Holla Forumsirgin, tending to my lels

With the exception of this case. Holla Forumsfags are the kinda autists who scream nigger and faggot online and yet sit ever so quietly in the back of class and alone at lunchtime at the minority-filled school they get swirlied at often.

Is this a non-sequitur?



Who said that?
Who said I'm only an 8channer?
who said I'm not autistic?


…and the autistic tiki rally

You'll feel better there. They love pedantic witless people. You may even crack the first pun on a thread!

Reddit is too extreme for my tastes. I'm more of a radical centrist tbh fam.

pic completely unrelated

Seems about right.

Reddit is too extreme for my tastes. I'm more of a radical centrist tbh fam

wew lad

wew lad

This definitely hasn't been a good year for pol.

Really makes you think huh?

is 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧politeness🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 the biggest jew trick of all time? why the hell should an aryan man be shamed for screaming at random muslim women in public? only women judge things based on emotional appeals, for fascists, we only use logos, and we know what needs to be done. There is a war going on, and cucks act like we shouldn't scream and kick the enemies of the white race at any oppurtunity? stay triggered, but we're fighting a Nazi masturbation fantasy, not a nickelodeon show. we're not going to contain our rage to "socially acceptable" political gatherings and 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧civil🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 debates and other beta non-confrontational politics.

No argument here my dude. I in fact encourage you to shed respectibility in public and screech at every brown or black person you meet at the top of your lungs. Maybe even stream it live

True to form, neo-nazis take a page out of the original nazis playbook and turn getting rekt into a victory.

By all means, don't let us discourage you from going out there and repeating the same thing that's been happening all year.

I thought "souped" was slang for getting his ass beat. Didn't think he actually got soup thrown on him. Nice.

You're talking about ferals but you're on Holla Forums bruv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wouldn't Holla Forums want to distance themselves from this guy not double down on his defense

Ever consider that no one gives a shit about your made up r.ace war?

This raises a good question. What if it were the opposite: let's say there was a drunk guy on a subway screaming about communism and calling people revisionist liberals, and calling for revolution, how would we react?

Same way we react to any other cringey socialist picture that gets posted here. Not worry about it too much



Holla Forums backed 'BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEMES'. In that situation, they didn't have to admit to losing against an enemy- it was right wing fighting right wing. And the guy screeching was the worst example of an r_thedonald meme spewing retard. And yet they still backed him, because they felt more kinship with the scrawny redditor dipshit trying to make friends at a right wing convention by screaming cuck memes, instead of the military trained, active minded, and not (completely) socially retarded oath keepers.

With that in mind I see no reason why they'd dump this guy. Him jumping up and down like a child while screaming 'niggers' over and over again is clearly something they wish they did first, instead of something they're cringing over and desperately wishing to get away from.

Good point

Eyyy can Holla Forums get a copy cat killer?



Yes you are

This dude was apparently doxed and in reality worked at an ad agency and reeked of b-o.

Smart enough to scream racial slurs at their intended targets in a small transport you're locked into, smart enough to lie about having a law degree, smart enough to lie about having a high pay career, smart enough not to bathe, and smart enough to get soup thrown at you that you probably won't wash off anyways

Yep, it's white supremacy

The jews are trying to do psyops to keep us from demanding our szechaun sauce so they can give it all to the niggers with low Autism Levels

this is the retarded way practically every "rational" "skeptic" on the internet thinks
it's pure wordgames, where he can define both of these events (this guy being thrown out and a hypothetical black man being thrown out for being black) as events that occur because they were offensive which means they're the same
except it's really not because he wasn't thrown out for being offensive (even though some people may say he was, because that's the way they express themselves, not because it's true in the absolute sense) but because he was getting into people's shit (and someone just having dark skin isn't an assault)

Shit happens to leftists all over the world and liberals don't care. You still can't openly profess communist views without losing career opportunities in the US. Liberalism is a fucking joke.


Holla Forums having Interracial porn in his HDD I'm not surprised tbh.

Man that's fucked up. What happened to Spoony?

If you got into peoples faces doing that stupid shit in my country you'd get worse than having your faggy purse stolen and kicked off the train, irrelevant if you were racist.
maybe next time try not being a little bitch and prepare for the consequences of your actions.

this guy is a dick but people really need to get over the word nigger. it's laughable that negroes use the word amongst themselves every 30 seconds but suddenly turn apoplectic the instant someone outside their ingroup utters it in any context no matter how benign

this idea that "there are words we just don't say" or that some things are above criticism is deeply reactionary. sacred cows are anathema to leftist thought

what is it with white people and being obsessed with being allowed to use the n word?


It's not about him saying "nigger", it's because he wouldn't shut up or even pretend to be reasonable after he was called on it. Notice the video begins with people trying to reason with him and get him to calm down, they only chucked him off when that made him throw an even bigger fit.

It wasn't the word "nigger" that people got aggressive over, it was the fact he was a belligerent asshole who was shoving himself in other people's faces and then expecting them to respect him.

what is it with identitarians and being obsessed with creating taboos?



We need feminism. Marxist feminism in order to protect out women, be they the white aryan master race, the hot indian girls, the mixed inidigenous waifu, the waifu asians or the negress nigger woman. If niggers really are rapist abominations even under socialism, as Holla Forumstards dictate, then arresting all nigger who try to commit rape and then putting them on jail for life should suffice.

it's time to stop

Why, user?
trans aren't women. They are men. Anti ""TERFS"" are degenerate scum.
It is the best solution honestly. This way you put an end to this Nazi masturbation fantasy nonsense.

Second pic is full of normal looking people lol

I never realised he actually claimed to be a lawyer until rewatching it, I thought he was just skirting around the issue of saying it.

Since claiming to be a lawyer when you're not one is illegal.

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