Time to fight against the Nazis on youtube

So a youtuber just made a video that is by every possible measure NAZI PROPAGANDA!

It is by a man that goes by MouthyBuddha, and we are going to make sure that he faces consequences for this. If you don't know who he is, here is Hbomberguy tearing into this guy youtu.be/LqYgjGDaMYg?t=1m14s

The video is the second part of a series he is doing about "showing both sides of the jewish question", and if that isn't bad enough the video is even fucking called "PART TWO: Was Hitler a BAD Person?". I assume that most of you here are familiar enough with how White Nationalist propaganda to understand how they use "brah, I am just using both sides!" as a pathetic excuse to smuggle their views in; so I hope that none of you here fall for that.

And here is a clip to show just how bad the fucking video is twitter.com/coherentstates/status/917517177078546433

Now the facts have been established, this is where we step in.

Here is a link to the video to mass report it youtube.com/watch?v=74OokZdK7Hk


And if that isn't enough here is a guide on how to report his pateron docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEYr_hMunVaqHNXCpv9oQIpY4_ghKLeAxytXI8H0PqXPr6Zg/viewform?fbzx=-4167001233975000600

This is MouthyBuddha's page on pateron patreon.com/user?u=5149972

This is a link to the video, timestamped at the worst part youtube.com/watch?v=74OokZdK7Hk&feature=youtu.be&t=10m

And here is what I wrote for a description – feel free to use your own.
"A youtuber by the name MouthyBuddha has just made a video that is straight-up Nazi propaganda –holocaust denial, claiming that Hitler was a good person that cared for Germany, conspiracies of the jews controlling the world. This man makes nearly $1000 a month via your platform."


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these threads never go anywhere, OP, you'll just be assumed to be a falseflag or newfag.

Do it yourself, Holla Forums

He is worse than a nazi, he is a liberal.

This guy is supposed to be a nazi? He looks like a dickless lefty if I ever saw one.

He even has the nu-male beard, problem glasses, weak face, etc.

You are now aware all the LARPers behind pepe avatars are just as bad as the mongy leftists that come to your mind.

Youtube is already aware that it has a Nazi problem. That's the reason why they're cracking down on non-monetized accounts. Everyone else is suffering just because these idiots had to spam their retarded shit everywhere else.

This is the part where you find out internet Nazis are a bunch of nerds LARPing as Arno Breker statues.

Liberals tend not to make several videos inspired by the bell curve, wear MAGA hats, and complain about Bill Nye's new netflix show is him selling out to the SJWs. But what do I know.

That is why I focused more on reporting him to Pateron: they have actually done things to punish the Nazis on their platform – as can be seen with them removing Lauren "Diaper Boat Gurl" Southern




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Don't even bother OP, I tried making similar threads in the past but people here are more interested in mocking neoliberals than fascists. Also, Holla Forums is more of a shitposting, bantz and humor board for lefties, no rallying cry will ever catch on. You would unironically have more luck on certain subreddits and facebook groups, especially if phenomenon you describe is bound to a specific geographical location where local groups would even be curious to take some kind of action, even as little as an online raid.

You are a good person for being worried about this shit. Too many people ignore the fact that far-right is on the rise in every conceivable platform these days. Future is quite bleak.

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The Nazi.

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Ok, OP, I see you're a bit on the wild-eyed-crazy side of things here and can't understand simple jokes, so why don't we back off, slowly and calmly, and let you get back to your safe space at reddit?

so what are we supposed to do? create our own falseflagging squads?
this shit will only vindicate them as martyrs and further convince autists that lefties are ought to get 'em


Murdoch was a retaliation strike for our pretty chorus boy(girl) Batko

Well then let's hope fash will stay away from our turf or else it will be 1944 all over again.

Yes, we need to fight them when they show themselves as a nazi, or a nazi sympathizer

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what else should we do, throw bombs at our 1 may annual demonstration?

why not make your own vid showing he is wrong, its what Mr. Marx would have done

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