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Marxist Internet Archive

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Why can't Marxists do anything right?

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Why can't anarkiddies organise for shit?

By the way it took me like three clicks to go from the front page to Marx and Engels' collected works on

What is this, OP, spanish civil war all over again?






The internet after 2002 is undialetical.

Zizek uses so it can't be that bad.

It's pretty bad and in need of some work to improve navigation.

I like the old internet look of the marxist pdf sites, brings me back to better times

If it's shitty looking Marxist websites you're after, look no further than Marx2Mao.

You can apply your own CSS you know.

But should scrape it all and re-mirror, I hate how the HTML texts are always broken up into separate chapters, can't Ctrl+F.


try not to be too assblasted about the fact your entire Weltanschauung can be refuted in a series of brief shitposts on Holla Forums and none of you, apparently not one alive on the planet you can cite, can respond to any of the arguments.
maybe instead of pretending the good arguments don't exist and jerking off over obscure polemical letters over the minutest of errata to no name physiocrats' feeble complaints in the like 100 volume M+E collected works (copyrighted, unless you've been settling for the Soviet releases), you could be doing something worthwhile and liberating the formal skeleton of the actually good theory for re-use. note: this is not the same, and even the opposite of the Correct Exegesis, and it's certainly not Dauve, nor basically any other self styled Marxist who has ever actually bothered to really try do this: the label itself today more than ever seems to signify little else but a bundle of character defects and should be rightly treated as a stigma.

Marxist Internet Archive

The Anarchist Library

You can keep the look without it being a UI atrocity.

I honestly can make a better design in notepad

Have you seen the average Marxist operation? It's done on the cheap.


I would've hope that the average Marxist operation would be at least competent in HTML.

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Read the FAQ:
What's a little bantz between comrades?

ey can I get some more of that picture?

Wait… IS Karl Marx Santa?

If you click on Marx's face on the front page it'll bring you there even faster.

here (You) go maid

The software behind The Anarchist Library is free software, if they wanted to they could switch to it.

It works without JavaScript you just have to use the links at the bottom instead of the menu on the top.

Marxists and Anarchists are both shit.

ayy lmao fam tbh

Anarchists have private and secure email, chat, VPN, file hoster, and hidden service website:
Do Marxists have any of this?

Marxists use their university's mail server