What does Holla Forums do for fun?

What does Holla Forums do for fun?

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Mma. I highly recommend it


Cooking, TV (Mostly anime and cartoons), Photoshop and fucking around with synthesizers.

Fun things are fun.


Smoke the herb, go to the gym, watch trash on TV, hook up with tinder chicks

Consume various forms of media to distract myself from suicidal thoughts.

I don't even know. I feel like all I ever want to do is browse chans and I don't even enjoy it that much. It's like i feel uneasy whenever I'm not doing it so I can't do anything else, like a digital comfort blanket. I feel the same way about smoking, even when I don't need a cigarette I feel like I HAVE to smoke one anyway just to have something to do with my hands.

How do I break habits like this and start doing fun stuff?

only correct answer

Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook. Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening. Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch

dreaming i could motivate myself to become the great digital artist i know i can be

Listen to music, read philosophy and theory, porn. Wish I could hang out more with my friends but lots of them moved away.

Just try doing lots of things, that might sound like your thing, and do it. If it's not, move on. If it's something that requires skill, do it in little chunks where you give yourself small challenges, that make you learn how to do aspects of the thing. Reward yourself for successes and keeping with it.

Say photoshop, make some terrible memes, where you photoshop someones head onto something else (or anything else) and then keep it, find a way to do it better, learn to use more of the tools etc.

TL:DR Do lots of things until you figure out what you want to do, then do the thing, a lot.

I know the feeling, trying to get back into hobbies because my friends are moving away(can't blame them, we live in a dying rightwing shithole), and I'm going to need something to occupy my time.

Boxing, MMA, Reading, Seshing, Running, Gym and Rugby

What hobbies, user? And yeah it sucks when friends move away because of jobs etc. They are one of the reasons I still hang in there.

I also like M:TG with friends, esperanto, rpg worldbuilding, and of course shit posting on chans

And drugs, lots of drugs

Where do you live?

Midwest United States

I fence.

read bordiga tbqh

chill with friends
go out with friends
play vidya
watch movies/anime
tabletop rpgs
go to the gym

Contemplate suicide.

Fun is bourgeois decadence.

Play gaymes, watch anime, and read. Would hang out with friends, but we're all so far apart now it is easier to just play CS or some shitty MMO with them.


Drawing, reading, cooking, looking at art online, shitposting on leftypol, studying/homework (I love school). Pot and vidya, sometimes.
I don't watch as much TV as I used to because listening to an audiobook while drawing is just so much more fun and fulfilling.

Go draw, user! are you stuck because you don't have the motivation to practice? you should think about why you want to become a great digital artist in the first place. is it to accomplish a specific goal, like drawing a comic or drawing porn? in that case, you should just practice drawing the things you're working towards, that way it feels more like you're making substantial progress

Holla Forums was right, leftists are fucking degenerates

it brought me out of my crippling suicidal depression, so if you want to call that degenerate, fine by me.

School is great. I didn't appreciate it at the time but work made me understand what people were talking about when they said it's the best part of your life.

Work out, fuck girls, play rpgs, write scripts, watch pretentious movies and shit tv shows

yeee boiii

There's another AnTran?

Hey anons, i find myself unable to have fun without drinking and its taking a toll on my social life and relationships, anyway my question is…

How do you have fun?

Also posted here:

Here's what I suggest

I've been trying to figure that out for about 10 years. Best suggestion I can make is to quit drinking and try to find some hobbies you can enjoy without alcohol in the equation.

Oddly enough being sober has hurt my social life because I'm introverted and fairly boring when I'm sober.

"fun" (what I genuinely enjoy): reading
self-deprecation (jouissance): alcohol
in/bw: smokes

Masturbate and play my hacked 3ds and all of the pirated games I can
I lurk around on discord servers too but I'm too scared to actually talk to anyone

fucking scared to even use it, pls gimme the quick rundown

Make a burner facebook if you don't already have one and download the app. Make sure your pics are flattering and don't be a faggot when chatting a girl up.

Before college I was a pretty content dude who mostly just watched movies and read all day. Occasional video games unless something really good comes out.
Then college stress made me into a mess that did nothing but stress and procrastinate. I could do nothing in my free time but vidya.
Then I graduated and was happy for a few months again.
Now I'm trying to find a job and the stress and anxiety is killing me. The only jobs that seem interested in hiring someone with zero experience like me are 50 hour a week cut throat sales jobs. I've been playing video games constantly. Baldurs Gate 2 is pretty cool.

What do I dooooooo

Pillars of Eternity gives it a run for it's money.

Thanks Lenin!

what is your degree in and what kind of job would you like (tolerate) doing?

In my free time I mostly watch anime, play vidya and post on imageboards.
I should try airsoft because I love military shit and guns are pretty restricted in my country, but I'm too lazy to make an effort to find a field to play and invite some friends to not go alone.
I also would like to try other things, but they are expensive as fuck.

I'll try it someday probably.

Business Administration

Before I get permabanned from Holla Forums let me just say that studying business is what made me a leftist. I just didn't realize this until the last semester which was the point that, despite my disgust with my major and what I was learning, I really had no option other than to just finish it out and collect my piece of paper.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ wish I knew lol

Like I said though almost everything that seems like something I could tolerate wants 1-2 years experience.

Yes I too wish to be more like lenin, he's very charismatic

oh yeah, tough situation then… are there any video game companies in your area?
Try sending in your resume and see if they're looking for business admin people? worth a shot, maybe. Seems like it can be a pretty versatile degree at least, everyone needs business admins, right?

Pretty cute, user. I didn't even know a site like this existed.
Hyeh hyeh that's what people tell me.

Report Holla Forums shit.

PoE is great and the expansion btfos any Bethesda dlc in terms of content and quality.
I used to be an econ major then switched to business after realizing how full of shit it was on the urging of my parents and former friends. The sheer ideology present in those classes made me hate myself for being fooled and hate my friends and family who suggested doing it.

I've heard mixed opinions on PoE from hardcore RPG fans. Apparently the ruleset they made for PoE is a major downgrade.

Yeah I've heard lots of good things about PoE and it's dlc. I just won't play it till I've played all the older wrpgs.

And thanks for the feelarity. I think the worst part about business classes was the other students and the teachers. Really made me wish I had just taken some useless degree in something I gave a shit about like english lit or whatever.

That bothers me too. I'm really used to the DnD based rules.

Initially it was but the expansion and patches addressed a lot of that by reintroducing hard counters along with other tweaks. It doesn't have the spell list of BG2, and certainly not a modded version, but it's very solid and having unique spell lists is great. Make sure to use the IE mod if you liked those games, and if you didn't like the IE games you have shit taste.

Well there's a ton of good ones out there but I'd check it out. Of the kickscammer games I'd avoid Torment, it's unfocused and a shit imitation of the original.
They were fucking awful. I hope most of them die including the three girls I managed to fuck.


Nothing honestly. Nothing seems to bring me joy or make me have fun anymore. Basically, all my hobbies that I used to do for fun, back in the day, like drawing and writing, don't give me any anymore. I just keep doing them because of inertia. it's just a mechanical process to me nowadays. I honestly can't seem to recall the last time I experienced anything that could be said that I was "having fun"

Dude I fucking adore the original Torment but I havn't heard SHIT about the sequel. How bad is it really? DO they shit on the story from the first one? Is Avellone even involved?


Absolutely bourgeoise.jpg

I hate you more every time you post.
School just indoctrinates you to be a wageslave, only cuck rightwingers like school

did I fuck up

Only if you have a soul.

Not him, but what I've heard about the sequel/successor is that all the writing(minus the Avellone parts) is shit and that the game looks and feels unfinished.

Bland, poorly balanced, more forced weirdness opposed to PSTs more natural, and it drags in quite a few places. It would have been one thing if it was merely a bad game, but you can see the gem of a great game covered in shit which is extrmely frustrating.
I think he wrote some stuff that got axed then patched in, but he wasn't lead writer.
Sometimes tinder girls annoy the shit out of me, but I have yet to encounter any woman that I've wanted to brutally rape and murder more than aspiring managers looking to break the glass ceiling.

Not if you can get out.

I do fencing (epee). Other than that I try playing snooker (at which I suck), listening to Black Metal, or read about history. I lift but that's not fun, honestly it's just for looks. I really want to learn how to propery cook but I never have the time.

You get to learn interesting stuff and hang out with your friends. What's the matter?

Eat shit mixed with semen out of my recently fucked ass.

Can’t be that bad, if you’re in a rural are get some friends together and start a farm co-operitive.

School was for the most part terrible, but it did have some nice bits, meeting with friends, 1 cool teacher and some art classes, but that's all I can say for it, the rest was boring or obvious propaganda, and (not very good) labor training.

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed didn't they, it's okay, got some tendies in the oven for you. You're my good boy, even if nobody else thinks so.

Basically nothing. I have interests and hobbies that I wish I pursued more, but I constantly feel so lonely and the only thing that temporarily makes me feel less lonely is shitposting on here, /lit/, and twitter. Tried making friends irl but literally the only thing I enjoy talking about is leftism and no one I've met is as autistic as me. Probably going to move to a city soonish so I can meet lefty friends and hopefully not kill myself.

Can I get tankie classical music suggestions? :3

this user gets it.

i'm writting a science article to try and publish it to the Journal of Process Control, i also read at night, mainly Dostoevsky right now and communism books, in the time left i watch anime and masturbate

replace reading at night with drinking when I should be working on my phd, and I'll high five you, comrade. just kill me now


It's written poorly, like, from a 'each individual sentence feels like shit' standpoint. They really love their shitty purple prose, and they delight in dumping buckets worth of it on top of your head. Someone got a mixed message somewhere; they were told that people love Planescape Torment because of the carefully curated words it lovingly lays before the player, and they interpreted that as meaning a sequel should have as many words as they can physically jam in there to make it more bookish and smart and well written. They proudly advertised that they had 1.2 million words, not once considering if any of them were worthwhile.

What do you think communists are fighting for?

I drink. I also enjoy fucking my gf, cooking, growing plants, vidya, and drinking

Best of luck, hope salty reviewers don't kill your outlook

Bro if you don't drink there's no way you can complete your phd. It's part of your requirements

Masturbate to de-generate furry vore porn and roleplays, mixed with playing video games like Red Orchestra, reading fantasy, and board/tabletop/roleplaying games.

Masturbate untill I passout…

Videogames with friends and mod for a moderately large twitch community and its discord.

Judging by what my friends do, I think the requirements only comprise getting piss drunk every weekend with other phd students from your university, and getting even more drunk with guys from more remote universities at various conferences. Not doing the above but also drinking alone and planning to finally off yourself every day. I think I got something something wrong and it might be too late for me to back off now.

give me anime recommendations Holla Forums, all this unwatchable trash is depressing me

assign a time for drinking, that's what i do with my vices

i'm pretty insecure about that, unless the proves are mathematical they always bitch, and my results are not

I have tried that, successfully, for the last four years or so. Somehow managed to finish my BSc and MSc studies, but I guess it couldn't last forever.

Pretty normal stuff. Hang out with friends, smoke, play chess, watch anime, talk about books, play guitar and piano, fuck, run long distances, lift, read Marx, draw or paint while listening to audiobooks, podcasts or jazz, drink tea, do math, funpost, watch YouTube, occasionally play Team Fortress.

I just shitpost, and waste time on the internet. Playing vidya and watching anime isn't any fun anymore. What few friends in highschool I've had I've lost contact and now I'm alone

you're not alone.

its one thing to be an socially akward teen, but another to be one in your mid twenties

By all means be my guest when someone makes a relatable manga for 20-something fuckups to repost.

Fuck off normie REEEEEEE

Tomoko isn't supposed to be relatable or likeable you fucking loser.



The only pleasure I have left is trying new types of food. And masturbation sometimes I guess tho it doesn't seem to be as pleasurable as before. Maybe anhedonia is taking even orgasms away from me.

I aint a leftist but i love school. Especislly religion and history

t. anti-lesen aktion.



They did, it's called Welcome to the NHK

I enjoy barely anything anymore

Would anyone play a free RPG Maker game if it had vague leftist themes? Might get back into vidya dev

Smoking weed, playing bass, singing, lifting weights and playing video games. I also live out in the country so I go for a lot of walks.

Target shooting, building model aircraft, video games, and browsing the Internet.

Yell at tankies online

i play piano and guitar on a pretty high level since i´m studying music science (and philosophy) at university and it´s required. I feared that it would turn into a task but somehow i ended up even enjoying it more.
Other than that i hang out with friends a lot, read, ride bycicle to keep me fit and i recently got into painting.
One would think that´s a lot to do on a regular basis but i stopped playing vidya and watching tv 4 years ago and won soooo much time by that

Ghost in the Shell second complex or whatever the series is called

oh standalone complex

Play grand strategy games, watch Anime and read Manga, listen to music, read books, meditate, play/interact with my dogs, that's about it.

Work on tech shit, do drugs, make music, read, hangout online. Sometimes also vidya or masturbation when I'm craving a release of dopamine.

I don't really have any friends but I'm not sure I'd want them anyway. My life is very lonely but also oddly fulfilling.

I Listen to music, hang out with friends, read, shitpost and sometimes play vidya.

I guess my number one hobby is taking drugs/drinking with my friends. I keep that to the weekends though so I guess when I'm not studying I'm playing music, talking theory with my housemate, cooking or watching sport. I'm starting to get fat so I need to start exercising but I can't find the motivation. Maybe I'll join a sports team or something.

Paradoxically, it's depressing myself with the state of things that I find fun.

I totally forgot graffiti. Graff is the cornerstone of my existence and it actually sort led me towards leftist thought when I was justifying the vandalism to myself and others.

vidya (mostly grand strategy and sneakers)
growing weed and mushrooms
consuming said weed and mushrooms
reading theory and philosophy
bodyweight exercises

I actually liked Torment much more than PoE, the writing and setting was just way better. It feels that PoE consists of different parts that never quite make a whole.

hello I'm the guy who recommends Texhnolyze, watch it

Just browse leftist websites and watch youtube videos. I don't like games or anime anymore. Haven't been into either in years.

10/10 copypasta

I rarely watch anime, but Serial Experiment Lain and Kill la Kill if you haven't already

I read manga, watch anime (Though not as much as I used to), play vidya either on PC or on my PS4, read books (Mostly alternate history & scifi novels), browse aimlessly on the Internet, & sometimes post on Twitter & Instagram. I have a Tumblr, but I dont post anything. (I just look at anime, computer stuff, & car stuff on it.)

I used to hangout with my best friend a lot, but he's gotten a bit strange lately & I don't really bother with him.

Thanks for reading my blogpost.

Drinking, going to concerts with similarly maladjusted friends, downloading random albums and podcasts and listening to them in a park with a few beers, making music, playing vidya, skateboarding, programming absolutely useless stuff, reading, taking amphetamines, traveling when I have enough money, but more importantly browsing imageboards while contemplating the emptiness of my life

It’s well addicting tbh and it’s the only multiplayer game I’ve played where I’m really, really good. I dunno why but people in Battlefield just run around like headless chickens so if you have any sense of where to set up a light machine gun bipod you just sit there and satisfyingly mow down loads of enemy players

Really shitty game. Honestly have more respect for CS players.