Nothing happens to Sibyl at the end of Psycho-Pass because the female MC is a naive wuss

Why do japs love the status quo so fucking much?

They even referenced stuff like 1984, painted anarchism in a good light instead of resorting to definitions a conservative mom would give, and fucking showed all the faults with the system only to keep everything the way it is. Though I guess it's realistic in the sense that revolutions don't happen overnight, but it still feels wrong to have the naive MC try to reform the system from within.

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I can't get into anime, it's just cringy as fuck to watch. The entire premise of Psycho Pass is ridiculous, I only watched like an episode and turned it off and can't remember anything about it but how absurd it was. Why do people watch this stuff?

I now this is not really the pace but I would like some recommendations on animes to watch, if I want to get into it, I've always seen it as stupid nerd cartoons , but watching how many people like them (and not only incels) I would like some "intoduction" to it.

Speaking of Psycho Pass, here's how the dub changed their talk about anarchism.
Green text is the dub, white text is the original dialogue.



I want to do this but why is are only good anime films from the last century?

*why are the

80's-90's seem to have been for anime what the 70's was for burger cinema

All the really interesting directors were doing their best stuff then

Well just like movies there's a lot of crap and some good shit. People watch shitty anime for the same reason people watch superhero movie nr. 29. It's fun enough to forget daily grind for a couple of hours.

I personal favorites are:
-Baccano, which is a mafia-supernatural action series set in early 20th century America. It has a very peculiar narrative structure, which is not exactly easy to digest in the beginning, but it almost becomes its own challenge to put the pieces back together.
-Shiki, which is one of the very few anime that managed to extract some genuine emotions from me. As far as plot goes it's a fairly standard vampire horror story, but the vampire side is built in a very interesting manner.
-Shinsekai yori, somehow made by the same people that created that steaming pile of garbage that is Sword Art Online. While not perfect from a production point of view (the aformenetioned show siphoned away funds from this one), the worldbuilding is really interesting. The show is essentially an involuntary analysis of hierachy and imperialism.

For movies I would suggest Ghost in The Shell, absolutely beautiful. The hollywood adaptation was a passable movie, but the original had actual depth and thought put into it.

It was quite disappointing I know. I could not even finish the first season honestly. It presented itself well, for a couple of episode I thought there would be some depth to it, but no…

It's okay to recognize and point out faults within the system, but proposing changes or reforms is not allowed because it imagines an alternative to the existing system.


Seconding this. The original '95 anime is basically an arthouse movie masquerading as a sci-fi actioner, and the TV show is /ourshow/

What made you think this? They clearly wrote the entire plot around a dumb as fuck plot device. It was apparent almost immediately.

It seemed to be an excuse to explore mind contro (the propaganda kind, not the sci-fi kind), societal pressure and conformism.
There was a lot of space to explore these issues throguh the worldbuilding alone.

Was I right? Was the plot railroaded around the plot device and its convoluted workings? I can't even remember what the plot device was, but everyone had one.

Yes and no. The plot was indeed driven forward by the plot device (can't remember either), but not by exploring its loopholes (which I'm guessing is what you mean) but by following who made it and how it works, putting the characters against the Orwellian society that fabricates and control them.

As I said there was plenty of space to have something meaningful and once in a while there was, but the end it's "status quo, best quo" flavour.

Don't forget to watch Texhnolyze, then watch Space Dandy to relax your brain, baby.

Ah right, yeah I guess I was referencing the loopholes. I have vague memories of it feeling like it was spoonfeeding me holes in the system on the first episode and I was like "Nope, absolutely not' and turned it off.
Akira is probably one of the most baller things done in animation though, even my normie as fuck DJ friend has a copy of it it's that good. I think the problem lies with anime fans just having shit taste, because the medium can definitely produce quality stuff.

Space Dandy is also pretty decent. Desert Punk is good too but I never see anyone talking about it.

It's better than "pretty decent". While very few episodes are somewhat weak, the animation, style, music are awesome, while the plot is good most of the time.

Thanks mates i'll check them



watch "planetes" and "welcome to the nhk"

why is this allowed

Getting paid means they'll actually approach their work with a certain degree of seriousness and at least try to maintain a standard.

Desert punk was really fun but it had a shitty "go read the manga" ending, that's why people don't talk about it.

What's this?

It's the case of anime made purely to be a commercial for the manga.

It's barely an open ending, they more or less end the last arc but leave a lot of loose ends so you need to read the source material if you want to know how the story ends.

Ah right. Yeah when I looked into it I was like fuck why didn't they stretch this out over a few seasons.
Any recommendations based off Akira/Desert Punk, and not liking stuff like Psycho Pass?

But really watch Shinsekai Yori. The source material is a novel rather than a manga and the difference is tangible. Worldbuilding is sharp and coherent, the characters are not bumbling idiots, but have actual emotions and goals.
It deals with alienation, generational conflict, stagnant societies and exploitation.

I know I sound like a shill, but it's my favorite anime of all time and none fucking watched it.

Here's a quick review if you want, I don't remember how to embed videos.

plz no bulli

What turned me off of anime back in the day because its all the same bullshit with powers, harems and garbage morals that mean nothing in the real world same as marvel and dc(though they show how hypocritical the heroes are)

It takes strength and bravery to realize the system is fucked up and to not accept it because the mafias that run the system that pretend they are congressman, prime ministers, presidents, whatever will do all they can to fuck you over if you are a threat to them and the laws are no different than toilet paper.

Only anime I can remember where people didn't bend to the authority was ergo proxy where the ending had them about to go to war with their old masters the old humanity.

We should make a list of leftypol approved anime.


I'll probably get shit for this but watch Evangelion, it really nails the whole alienation thing
Gendo - Ikari interactions are just beautiful

another good mecha is Bokurano
plot is basically a battle royale between different dimensions that differ only slightly Back in the Future style
also "mech" apparently is powered by lives of its pilots, so that after each fight new pilot dies

oh, and like other user said, watch Ghost in the Shell
it blew my mind when I first saw it

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor for one.

The end of season one was borderline naked socialist propaganda.

Been meaning to watch Bokurano after I went through the manga Narutaru(shadow star) which was written by the same author.

If you haven't read it then I can recommend it.
Don't bother with narutaru's anime as it stops early on.

What? It's stated/shown throughout all the show how the system fucks over a large minority, all the loopholes it has, how many people are on drugs that eventually leave you in a coma, how the "treatment" facilities have never worked, etc. etc.

All anime is fascist. For leftists to enjoy anime so much they have to have deep psychological issues equal to gender dysphoria or worse.

Watch Naruto.

I really need to read the novel already since the fan translation is long out, but is there anything to learn except for that killing your own children and circumventing the builtin NAP with murdercats is a shitty solution and Squealer did nothing wrong except for fucking up in the end.

There has never been a proper defense of this position. It's always just some normalfag redditor trying to hide their hatred of cultural others behind a leftist facade.

traps are not gay.

What are the odds that SJWs translated this?

You sound like you would enjoy Makoto Shinkai's stuff. His latest pic broke the records for biggest grossing in Japan, and would have won the animation Oscar if only the publisher hadn't fucked the entry process up.

Girls und Panzer


shut up.

Since when is Eva a guilty pleasure?

The anime is kind of lackluster in my opinion. Just bleak for the sake of bleakness. I've meant to read the mange for some time, but now I'm stuck in Berserk.

The manga is fucking excellent. The anime probably could be, was it ever finished.

Now I'm probably going to get shit for it, but I'd recommend Madoka. pretty interesting buddhist themes that rubbed me in the right way, pls no bully

Trap are not gay and I can prove it