Holla Forums became reactionary

Holla Forums became reactionary.
What should I do?
Any commie Holla Forums /g/ boards that isn't overrun by ipolers of both the sjw and white army variety.
Preferably popular and about red and black unity.
Other boards are welcome.

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No. All commie techies were hired shills and pic related has changed tactics.
Pick one and only one.



We've already known that for a while newfag

Lainchan isn't dead. Arisuchan is less active (tho still not dead) and has much stronger left libertarian vibes tho.

It always was.

Please visit /late/. (Please, I'm so lonely.)

Not on /sr/.

Arisuchan has the same problems that Lainchan had while being even more fucking dead.

Both administrations are fucking awful, too, filled with backstabbing and lying little shits that ban you for fucking anything.

Well there's /gnusssr/, it's slow tho

Related to that, it's a shame /leftyb/ is dead

I found one guys.

Return to it and keep shitting on the retards. Holla Forums is hardly a lost cause yet. We don't need another fucking splinter board with a political flavor, Holla Forums is one of the few places on 8ch that hasn't succumbed to the Holla Forums menace, don't let them take it.


And remember to keep it comfy

/gnussr/ is pretty cool.

Shill it with memes about amor Taaki going to Rojava

Holla Forums is fine

you can tell a veteran techposter by oss, linux, gnuposting, stallman memes

anyone who runs windows is a gamer from Holla Forums anyone who thinks proprietary software is good is from Holla Forums and anyone who thinks intellectual property is valid is from /reddit/ all the garbage is overflow from the alt right infection

I would really like this I browse /g/ out of momentum, and it's been monumentally bad for the past 4 years. pic related


I've noticed that as well.
Their political beliefs and their love for free software and hate for licensed/closed/whatever software are in direct opposition of each other. Their cognitive dissonance must be at MAXIMUM levels. Make a thread about it.

Didnt BO create a leftist /g/ board?

0ch used to have a Holla Forums board you can probably ask n1x to bring it back.

we should have official /lefty*/ threads here as left-wing alternatives for hobby boards, tbqh.

he was insistent on not doing anything for technical reasons


Why'd you get banned. I lurk on lainchan and arisuchan a lot more than I post so tbh I don't have a good idea of what triggers the mods. I'd be curious to know what you did.

this is the entire world right now, there's no escaping the hell.

read ted

Honestly dude, good luck finding anywhere on the internet not overrun with either Alt-Lite Nazis or SJW's. I sure as shit haven't found any.

lainchan dot org is very chill and the rules require your posts to have substance.