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So the implication is that a nuclear bomb is a distraction similar to a fly and that tweeting is more important? Garrison manages to be an even bigger retard without labels.

I thought the twitter was tongue-in-cheek and the Kim Jong Fly is to imply North Korea is impotent and just tries to get nuclear weapons.

Holy shit, is he finally learning?!

Maybe we're supposed to fill it in for him?

Yo, who's the blonde dude?

Decades from now history and art students will study Ben's cartoons and a common test format will be to fill in the labels.

I thought the message here is that NK is dancing around Trump and he hasn't been able to deal with it properly.

Trump is Pepe looking angry
Kim is Spurdo shouting "benis"

what does the blue bird mean?

should be "rocketman"



thank fuck you niggers stopped pretending

Yeah NK really has reason to trust the us, look at similar geopolitical leaders Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi

Come on user, it's Twitter.


What le fuck


his frowns frown has a frown

very upset

probably because even he can't make sense of what it's supposed to represent

Kissinger won the peace prize too. Why all the greentext tho?

This is not the Ben Garrison I know and love.

< / 3

He's relapsing, but he still managed to keep it to one label.

Wait, didn't benny boy bitch ar McCain for being a warmonger one or two weeks ago?

that drawing of weinstein is good, almost looks like Robert Crumb's style

This could be good meme material.


Unironically this is better than the original

ideas for shops

What did he mean by this?

Daily reminder


Didn't you get the memo? Warmongering is okay now that Trump is doing it.

This is the perfect tankie avi/flair

Transparent PNG when?


I feel like with things like PJW comet, ISIS dinosaur and Kim missile, we could make a brilliant Ben Garrison apocalypse collage one day.

Is it even possible for Ben Garrison to be even slightly critical of Trump?

Still more inclined to believe hes just scribbling more memes for daddy trump to put up on the fridge.


If you have any images I'll get right on that.


The Eternal Mick, Der Untermensch/Modern Day Fashie and Johnny Sokko's Flying Robot? Ya lost me Ben, 3deep5me.

this needs to be added to porn

The North Korean space agency announced liftoff of a new rocket.

Ben Garrison's fetishes sure getting weirder

As the old Hawaiians used to say, who are you quoting?


ayo thx for deleting my accidental double post

Ben Garrison you Double Digger, that screed is written on his website with the comic

why does he have Klingon eyebrows and look like he's constipated??

He has to deal with himself 24/7.

The United States is labeled in the background. I thought it was bigger than that.


What's the blue bird doing on his phone?
Why is he holding a tennis racket?
What room is he in?


Kim's in town

Funny how dickweeds like CNN will praise the Chump whenever he makes an insincere apology or launches a missile, and the right will still claim "all media is leftist propaganda".





what are you doing Ben?

Right Wingers so dumb, he has to literally spell out what he wants his audience to get out of this.

He's just making his fetish art again.

by the way, does anyone have pics of the fetish art he used to do before his started his "cartooning" "career"?

you mean the spanking? That wasn't him and was never proven to be him. I think the actual artist was even identified eventually. The style was completely different, I don't know how any you dimwits fell for the ruse.

Besides, he never stopped drawing fetish art.

Great Scott!

equal parts acid trip, weird political cartoon from an 1800s issue of Punch and delitized-tier fetish art. a real return to form.

I like the way Bernie is drawn in this tbh

Max Stirner