what went wrong?

You really got to ask?

Mao was a Marxist-Leninist and a decent one at that
i think over all Mao did more good then bad for the people of china
"Maoism" is more of an add-on to normal Marxist-Leninism then a different tendency altogether
turd worldism and Maoism without M-Ls is shit though and should be ignored

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read a book

ML is what went wrong

no u

Nothing went wrong. Fuck off.

but why was it so many famines, and deaths? sinerly a brainlet

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Mao died




Mao being involved at all went wrong

He was a pretty good military leader. Probably woulda been better if he'd dropped dead the moment he won.

Mao was a strategic genius when it came to kicking Porky's ass but that doesn't mean he should have been crowned king of the universe upon the success of the revolution. He was just kind of dumb, not really suited for a statesmanship role, especially not one where you can't be criticized.

He killed the birbs


If the various major reforms are anything to go by, it was pushing for everything to be done before they even knew if it was a good idea to do it.

everything theoretical besides protracted people's war theory tbh

The fucker has amazing quotes tho.

that's just the Chinese for you really

literally everything

personally i blame the sparrows

The sparrows deserved it for hoarding grain. Oh wait wrong thing.

How many Stalin appointees do you know have gone on to be great philosophers, administrators or other such valuable thinkers? Exactly.

"The Wehrmacht? A trifle. It was simply a matter of outsmarting them. You see, the Wehrmacht had limited men and materiel. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they exhausted both and were overrun. Voroshilov, show them the medals I won" - Georgy Zhukov, 1947

I honestly can't tell if you agreeing with me or mocking me.

Where does this quote even come from? Seems to exist purely as shitposts that are perpetuated forever.

This quote is almost as comical as that "Trotsky quote" from Holla Forums claiming Bolshevism was intended as a Russian genocide lmao

Doomed from the start.

The farming.

It's a Zapp Brannigan quote from Futurama with some of the names switched around.

It's also wildly inaccurate given the USSR contrary to popular belief didn't actually rely on human wave tactics.

Mao's theories on mobile guerilla warfare and peasant organizations were some of the most profound military thinking around. He figured out how rebels armed with only small arms could defeat the great powers purely through politics.

the capitalist roaders took over

they were all capitalist roaders from the start


Mao was a fucking idiot

you are wrong

Mao starved his people to trade with the USSR. The starvation was at the workers level not the ruling level. workers starved and China got nuke tech for their deaths. seems like a fair trade dont it.

This. Mao was many great things, a general, a philosopher, and a poet. But he wasn't much of a statesman, and his followers are literally the craziest the left has to offer. The worst you can say about Bakunin or Breadman is that their followers are often edgy lifestylists, but they don't go around killing themselves in self crit sessions and worshipping mangoes.

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