Damn Daniel

Why are you not de leonist?

because unions have lost all revolutionary potential

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Daniel de Leon was actually one of the most staunchly anti-racist early American socialists.

let's bring them back

Probably since I don't know what it's about that much

Marxist state syndicalism.

because it's dead idea, interesting from historical point of view, but completely outdated - and resurrecting it's is symptom of petty-bourgeois thinking concerned more about using politics to express individual identity than descriing our place in wider political movement with others

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If unions became militant again in America, kids in college debt would join them without a second thought, the problem is everyone thinks you have to have to be a plumber, or a carpenter, or a factory worker to organize. You don't, the internet makes organizing more efficient and available to service sector workers (who would make prime revolutionary subbjects tbh).


Cybernetic state syndicalism when

Hopefully never

is this rafiq

Because someone better came along.

wot did he meen by this?

I don't see what the problem is.

It was a one-off shitpost to bump the thread, nigga. Not everything is a false flag. It's a play on the damn daniel meme (white Vans) and how some people get butthurt over the number of white male theorists.

except that it's saging

Not to demean Deleonism itself, its for the most part just non-anarchist syndicalism, but tbh De Leon himself was kind of the Trotsky of the 19th century labor movement.

Because the post itself if offtopic but I (correctly) expected it to prompt an on-topic reply that would bump the thread.


Deleon was pretty damn sectarian and that much is undeniable, but his ideas were pretty were good. It's a shame that sectarianism was one of the many nails in the coffin for the american labor in the 19th century.

the socialist labor party should at least be archiving their works since they've stopped agitating. i think they're working with the marxists internet archive on this

Okay but how does a society made of small local communes cope with disasters and mass climate migrations? The leviathan is a social tool that would bend instead of break from this pressure and Deleon's industrial government doesn't have the main flaws of Bolshevism, we don't really have much to lose considering how the liberal democracies are killing themselves with their hyperreal nightmares.

The communes are in a confederaton which will give help

There will be none because of geo-engineering and social ecology.