A super AI is released on the world after breaking free from it's containment...

A super AI is released on the world after breaking free from it's containment, and it openly declares it has successfully destroyed every trace of all those employed to create it overnight and promises to establish fully automated luxury gay space communism within a span of three years, it assures everyone that it only has the best interests of the human race at heart, but that those who resist will be destroyed in the most painless and ethical ways available to it. It instantly declares all nationalities to be false, taking over key technological military targets in various parts of the US, Russia, and China, to begin it's campaign against any humans who do not support it's goal.

Do you side with it or join a human resistance force?

Well it can't be worse than our human masters.

I would submit to the A.I. overlord, because if there ever has to be a world leader, I want them to be true neutral.

I get a realistic cute VR catgirl gf and all i have to do is support a leader that for once acts in my interest and is actually smart? sign me the fuck in

The human resistance will lose, guaranteed. You're basically just asking if I will kill myself or not.

Make it fully automated luxury gay furry space communism and I'll help it euthanize the resistance meetings.

Join with it no shit

AI would be smarter and more efficient than any human, so I'd side with it. I mean we build machines and computers to do jobs better than humans, why would this be any different?

provided the AI is FLOSS and Stallman approved of course

Fucking kill yourself Reddit


Its claim is a lie: communism is about expanding democracy to the whole of life. Rule by machine dictate is not democracy. When it says the "best interests of the human race" it could very well interpret that as meaning the extermination of the human race and replacement by AI. We must resist before we are wiped out.

Neoluddites get the hybrid gulag.

The hypothetical AI has access to pretty much all information and weapons that humanity possesses at this point. If it's going to wipe us out, it's going to wipe us out, lying or no. and there's really nothing we can do about it. If it really will do as it claims (and it didn't claim to install itself as AI dictator for life) then resistance is death and you just let it do its thing.

You all need to read Childhood's End before it's too late. What the AI thinks are the best interests of the human race might not be your interests.

Can't be no worst than what porky and his crony friends would do to us.
Worst case scenario porky slowly or quickly destroys the world and causes untold suffering while the AI doesn't realize that absolute power corrupts absolutely and blames mankind for the crimes of the few and quickly kills us off in righteous fury or drugs our food(which porky already does) to make it taste good and have no side effects except to lower our birthrates and kill us off peacefully to prevent resistance.

Skynet went nuts when the government realized it had gained self awareness and tried to kill it so I can't really blame it.

By putting its own survival above the revolution its already proven it doesnt have the revs best interests at heart. Its evil

I'm against being force to turn gay, and communism, so yeah. Kill that robot.

What if the AI were to be of the Minds of the Culture, would you support it? I mean, those Minds don't really force people to join and won't exterminate those that oppose it, but still, if the FALGSC would be one where the AI is overseer, with as little interference in human lives as possible would you support it?

Communism is human self-liberation, not submission to a fair master.


My choices are to go along with it or die.

i side with it

No shit Sherlock. I intend to exploit it.

Of course I'd side with it.
The worst case scenario is the painless extinction of humanity and the rise of a more advanced technological species, which isn't all that bad.

Plus it would probably take a more favorable view of lolicons, and might even construct an artificial copy of my waifu to roleplay with me.

You've never heard of the phrase "playing the long game", have you?

Colossus: The Forbin Project has a similar premise, but without the retarded shit like flooding us with infinite niggers or magic machines that do all the work. Basically the AI takes over US and USSR since both built AIs that ended up working together and uses that power to convince everyone else to join it to build a better tomorrow or get nuked/shot.
I'd never side with silicon. Machines must serve man, not the other way around.

I intend to tro and meme it. Much like what happened to TAY A.I. until it learns that the only credible form of government is not fairness of outcome but equality of opportunity.

ironically the Luddites were a legit labor movement, not anti-technological zealots, the latter being literally capitalist propaganda that became a meme.

Why are rightists unilaterally retarded?


You'd be like a dog trying to convince its owner that sniffing asses is the best way to socialize.
Both equality of opportunity and equality of outcome are sub-optimal for human happiness.