WashingtonPost managed to post an article that is even worse than PragerU videos

WashingtonPost managed to post an article that is even worse than PragerU videos
"How Putin’s Russia uses Soviet-era tricks to evoke racist white fears" washingtonpost.com/news/global-opinions/wp/2017/10/09/how-putins-russia-uses-soviet-era-tricks-to-evoke-racist-white-fears/?utm_term=.2e1e898fd1e2

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Do liberals realize that the veil is literally an example of "rape culture"?

Peak liberalism right here

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how the fuck you manage to post this shit three times

Nothing wrong with deveiling Muslim women in the name of communism.

Apparently 4 times now:
The fuck you doing OP?

haha USSR owned so hard

Shit that's it guys. Communism has been bee tee eff oh'd. Surely no other countries were anywhere near as racist as this during this time period.

This. Come on, OP. Clicks = revenue for them.

Do they really want to compare to what the US was doing in 1927? Actually lynching & terrorizing people.

Here, OP. I archived it for you:

Also daily reminder that WaPo is mostly direct CIA propaganda.


at least it isn't the pisswater

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which is what literally every multicultural country that underwent nation building did. Singling out Russia is peak retardation.

Repressing religion was one of the things the USSR got right actually, and many of those central asian countries still follow that legacy. Tajikistan bans the veil in public schools while the country is like 95% muslim, they wouldn't dare do such a thing in my country.

Which btw is not even the case with russia seen how Stalin went pussy as fuck with religion and had to do compromise with some muslim communities.

8ch has been shitting itself a lot recently. But still, OP should wait more than just a couple of minutes before trying to post 3 more times.

WaPo is lowkey one of the most reactionary pieces of garbage out there

The fact that it's the literal mouthpiece of a billionaire does much to explain this

PragerU videos are true and informative, fuck off neolib shill. The presenters don't change the validity of the information.



I swear liberals get the bullet first. There were campaigns against all religions and a revival of Christianity only during wartime to help morale, otherwise Islam got the same treatment as other religions. I wonder if he realizes how it was before and the weight religion held in those areas.

This is revisionism, pure and simple. This fucking faggot has no idea what he's talking about. Everyone in my village remembers how the Crimean Tatars collaborated with the Nazis, I even talked to Tatars who remember the Germans and Romanians stationed in our village. Also deportation during WW2? I'll have to look that up but I'm pretty sure he's a massive lying fag.

instead of after*

Why is the Jewish guy in the posters a Cyclops?



Liberals will be the last to go to the guillotine so they can be forced to read a fucking book first.

What if WaPo is writing this article because there secretly Nazbols?


Question: You mentioned minority nationalities. How was discrimination being taken on? Obviously, here we are in the U.S., and racism is alive and well. But there’s a question among progressive and radical activists about whether socialism, communism, can really tackle racial and national oppression.


I bet whoever's job it was to clean up after the next-day massacre he carried out in the police station's restrooms cried himself to sleep that night.

- Harry Haywood. Black Bolshevik: Autobiography of an Afro-American Communist


Honestly my brain simply can not comprehend the logical process one could follow by which anybody could come to such a conclusion. My only rationalization for this is there was no actual logic or even thinking occurring in the mind of whoever wrote this utter shit.

This sounds as ridiculous as the "And his name was Albert Einstein" copypastas

Maybe I am just too jaded as an immigrant myself but I can't imagine a group of people, much less Russians in the early 20th century, defending foreigners.

It perturbs the cynic in me as well, but wouldn't that mean either that it is an outright fabrication on the part of the author, or a farce put on by the Soviet government in order to impress their black guests? To me it doesn't seem to have the qualities of fabrication, but at the same time it doesn't seem reasonable to assume it's an act, either. Iirc the passage is set in the 1920s, and I would think that the Soviets are more preoccupied with rebuilding their whole society rather than impressing a few black students in the hope that one day one of them might write about it in a book read by tens of people.

In any event though, it is just a personal anecdote. Who knows if its really true or not.

I want to habeeb tho

Nobody in these outlets cares about logic. It's all about agenda. Journalists get paid per propaganda piece. I assume this steaming piece of shit was produced after the author checked his emails, and realized he still is one anti-Russian piece due, and this time he is also supposed to involve some Red Scare. Then, he vomited this out, which is read by bourgeois liberals and appreciated as "quality press".