Maoist Turd Worldists BTFO

Take a long hard look at this casual drive through Baltimore, a major Americ- ahem, AmeriKKKan city. Notice anything? Shit looks worse than Aleppo during the siege. Nearly everyone in these parts of the city are black and no doubt living in extreme poverty (so please don't pull that "labor aristocrat" bullshit). Tell us again how all first world people are nothing but a bunch of self-indulgent de facto porkies please.

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There can be third world regions within the West, its not simply based upon countries. Strawman

They're petty-booj taking in the sweet nectar of imperialism.

Which is why turd worldism is entirely undialectical.

Watch and Read David Simon.
Also what the fuck are you trying to convey?

Who are you even trying to argue with here, the number of third worldists who frequent this board could be counted on one hand

the third world reproduces the relations of production in ghetto america.

this is done by the third world making sure that workers can be paid very little, or state welfare can remain minimal b/c basic products (tv, shoes, tshirts), and food, is all produced at nearly slave-rates.

Third World, stop holding back the West's inevitable revolution with your actions!

when the time is right. China and Vietnam + allies need to turn off the taps of cheap products flowing into the west (after they have sufficiently developed under socialism - following what Lenin teaches). This will lead to uprisings in the west - and either barbarism or socialism will come to America and Europe.

how do I learn dialectics better so I can even tell when something is undialectical or not? is there a book that explains this shit?

Ask Anal Water.

These are not the worst. Far from it.

Is there anyone on this board who can do a Chairman Unroo impression? I want that shit vocaroo'd

I second this.

You forgot the part where NONE of these people are class conscious. Nor are they going to be. They, along with Holla Forums the rednecks etc are lumpenproletariat and thus, counterrevolutionary.
The west will never see society-wide labour movements within our lifetimes.

Not this episode again.

Third World people aren't class conscious either. Just compare the support the Naxals have with the support of the BJP government.

They're labor aristocracy. They are the bottom rung, but they get subsidized food, electricity, services, they probably all own smarphones if not cars- all off the back of their nation's global power. They do not have good lives, but that does not mean they aren't part of the imperial profit-sharing system.

This feels set to change soon, but it's true today.

The welfare state was something that was won due to popular struggle. Capitalists were always profiting off the exploitation of colonized countries and the welfare state simply used some of that profit for good.

That is true but doesn't change anything. We fought hard for a share of the national wealth without asking enough questions about where it came from.

It's almost as if people care more about those around them than they do others an ocean away.

It's almost as if describing evil does nothing to fix it

those digits tho


baltimore is poor because its inhabited mostly by niggers. you're all looking too deep into it.

this is the consequence of letting a bunch of former slaves suddenly become free in a nation that they have no obligations or ties to.

eXCELLENT impression of a Holla Forums stupid

those seem like contrary statements but whatever

Read Zizek

Zizek is anti-Turd Worldist.

North Korea needs to hurry up and turn The United Snakes into a radioactive crater already. God, I hate burgers so much…

You're on a board where posters actually understand economics, history and sociology. You're making a fool outta yourself by reducing Baltimore's problems to "lul niggers", m8.

Niggers are defunct in all these areas.

It was only like 40 years ago American urban poor were class conscious, it isn't hopeless, don't just write everybody off as lumpen like a divisive idiot.

Try me. I bet your replies are gonna degenerate into an all caps sperg-out of racial slurs and strawman arguments after just 3 back and forths.


Baltimore is /comfy/ compared to the Philippines. First Wordist Labour Aristocrat Liberals BTFO.

The true revolution will come from the third world parts of the first world. Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, pretty much all of Mississippi and Alabama, New Mexico, Arkansas, etc.

The true revolutionary movement must unite the urban poor and rural poor in a class war against the suburbs.

Explain West Virginia.

try again
and also yes even if an individual is in poverty that individual is still benefiting of the exploiting the third world
just because their only benefiting a little dosent mean their not benefiting

To what extent? It's undialectical to lump all "first world" people in together.

social programs that were funded with the mega profits of a transnational
Commodities bought at a mega store that were only able to be produced and sold as cheap as they are because of borderline (and even actual) slave labor in the third world
and even when a third world individual goes to the first in order to enjoy a higher standard of life the first world nation will even then still exploit them
such as in the case of illegal mexican migrants who are in most cases worked in borderline slave conditions WITHIN the U.S
all so that bourgs and yes even proles can live a higher standard of life
though obviously the bourgs will always benefit more while the proles still benefit to a lesser extent to answer the question given

now im not on of those idiots who claim that the first world working class dosent exist but its important to understand that within a first world nation all classes benefit in some form from third world exploitation

It is 100% intelligence.

Genetics and mutations are random. Mother nature tosses out genetic mutations without any pattern that we can determine. It is not the blacks fault they are less intelligent. They received a mutation to run for an extremely long distance in a very hot climate.

For tens of thousands of years the Africans hunted game not by cunning, wit or skill. But by simply running the game down. The animals do not sweat like we do, and eventually the distance becomes too much for them and the tribal Africans could easily kill the animals.

Anyone contesting this would also have to contest how every single Marathon race winner is African.

Whites received a random mutation as well. intelligence. This is the "i Win" button of mutations. We don't need to run game for long distances, we could devise bows and arrows, traps, and eventually taming animals and livestock.

Nature is neither malevolent nor benign, merely indifferent.

We can only, ONLY help these people buy creating a Manhattan Project for the human mind and enhancing the intelligence of the Africans.

Much like a computer, we can increase the speed that blacks can store information, analyze it and retrieve it.

We can also help ourselves. think of all of the whites living in trailer parks. We could save them. We could save them all by enhancing human intelligence.

They get the same money as other cities, they have access to the same structures, in fact many white cities in america are far more abandoned since they lost their factories and social programs don't care about white people.

What are you even going on about?

any nation can be first world
fuck at this point south africa might as well be first world considering how much it exploits its neighbours

It's basically the old imperialist "White Man's Burden" attitude wrung threw a couple of ideologies.

White Man's Burden - Non-white nations are childlike savages that need to be brought into civilization by the strong arm of white colonialism

Romanticist "Noble Savage" - Non-Western civilizations are childlike savages, but this is a good thing because it makes them a more pure and authentic subject in comparison to "artificial" Western civilization.

Maoism Third Worldism - Non-Westerners live in squalid, oppressive conditions (savages) and this makes them more noble and authentic revolutionaries than people in the pampered West (civilization) who cannot be revolutionary due to not coming into contact with authentic struggle.

It's completely removed from anything remotely Marxist and the fact that the vast, vast majority of MTWs are white Westerners themselves is a dead giveaway of the real roots of this ideology.

No it isn't. Read Hobbes.

It is the mutation of intelligence. It plainly is. The only fucking way we can help these people is to master genetics and take over from where mother nature left off.

All races are not identical, in the same way that not all breeds of dogs are the same regarding temperament, intelligence, physical ability etc.

You are willing to admit that mutations exist, and there are vast genetic differences between the races, but for some fucking reason you believe that mutation stops at the mind and progresses no further?

READ FUCKING DARWIN! Read "On the Origin of Species".

We can never help them until we fix this, and we can never fix this until we admit that is what the problem is.

This is literally the greatest thing I have ever seen on this board. Ever.

Most MTWists haven't even been to the ghettos and slums of their own countries, much less the ghettos and slums of the Global South. Jason Untrue lives in Niagara Falls. If he lived on a First Nations reservation in Manitoba or a black ghetto in Toronto he'd be singing a different tune. Same thing with all the weirdos in RAIM. Notice how all of them are white kids from the suburbs? Perhaps they should take a trip to Mississippi, Cleveland or West Virginia and see how much "first world priv" exists in either of those places.

you are a fucking faggot dude

A dog is still a dog and I've known pitbulls sweeter than retrievers.

Third Worldism has nothing to do with the "noble savage." We do not romanticize the Third World like First Worldists do. Our method is entirely scientific and based on scientific analysis of value transfers from the Third World to the First.

High level MTW analysis.

Most first world workers don't see a penny of it, even if that did matter.

Value transfers have been well documented. This isn't an issue of poverty but an issue of who has the incentive to wage revolution.

You're a fat sweaty manlet.

How the fuck do ghettoized black benefit the same as high ranking white CEOs?

Maryland isn't even a major american state ffs. Baltimore is, and pretty much always has been, a complete shit hole.

this tbh

Wow, not a single citation, I guess you can pic related.

First off, humans don't have vast differences in regard to genetics, we are one of the most genetically homogenous species on the planet. See Lewtonins paradox.
Secondly what "mutations" (I am assuming you mean a genetic variant here, which is common amongst an entire "race" of people, in which case the proper terminology is allele)?
Can you link some papers about the specific proteins and alleles present among disparate populations known to modulate cognition. I am aware of MAO, which is teneative, but any others? I did my phd in a cellular neurobiology lab so don't skimp on the technicality. Also how does your genetics trump nuture and it's effects on epigenetics, something entirely independent of genetics and known to have a massive role influencing cognition