Ello leftypol. Ive been gone for a couple of months trying to build up a worker co-op. Whats happened since June? Also...

Ello leftypol. Ive been gone for a couple of months trying to build up a worker co-op. Whats happened since June? Also, anyone got any advice for a worker owned co-op thats struggling financially?… cause you see, the co-op was sub-contacted to do some work, and without going into alot of details we've been fucked out of our money after months of unpaid labor.

I just want money to eat and pay rent. Now im close to homelessness (as are many people in the co-op) and have to dig though garbage for food.

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Make a really big fuss out of it.

i was thinking about stuffing fish into some walls and letting it rot for a while. Thoughts?

When we're talking about issues like this "make a fuss about it" usually means to inconvenience the kind of people who can fix your situation until they do, not just prank them (unless your plan is to start and monetize a prank channel to make up the lost money)

google lawyer sounding demand letters and make a formal sounding template. print them out and send invoices with tracking and delivery registration with an envelope inside and return requested. send multiple invoices. send invoices to your contacts bosses house. call his bosses boss at dinner time. finally make a legal sounding template that you are forwarding their non-payment to collections and are going to sue through court. dont actually do it or anything just be really obnoxious. maybe call the aclu or see if you can try to get free consultation from reddit or a student or something to see what you are entitled to or maybe even get a lawyer. eventually they will probably pay the invoice just so they dont have to deal w ur incessant phone calls

alternatively look up self employed freelancer tactics for getting clients to pay

dont destroy any property or do anything illegal that can be connected back to you or that is on property you rent

What makes you think this is prank level? This would be industrial sabotage, have you ever been someplace that smelled like rotting fish? Its impossible to get the smell out. Now imagine multiple rotting fishes throughout a property that that someone is trying to sell.

Unless that can make us in excess of $14,000 (not including extra work weave done in order to do the shit that was in the contract) then i don't think that will be much help.

Op here. Unfortunately i have to go to bed, as today we were actually kicked off the job without payment and tomorrow morning i need to go and see if i anything can be negotiated, as all of the members of the co-op are struggling horrible and we just need any kind of money we are owed.

Any help for a fellow poor working comrade would be appreciated.

I would make an itemized list of services rendered and make it impersonal as possible to seem like its standard procedure for your company and they are just another client make it a form with boxes for the company name that you fill out in adobe use phrases like breach of contract, defaulted on debt, pursue legal action, final notice of collection

also start taking pictures of everything and saving receipts and records copying them digitally and backing them up

I'm not questioning the damage or inconvenience you'd cause, I'm questioning the leverage it grants you (unless you're prepared to go and dig them all out?).

So in other words porky porked you, and you didn't have a lawyer on hand to help?

Its more of "if negotiations go sour, we salt the earth" kind of thing. People have broken into the property before, they actually stole $6000 worth of the co-ops tools & materials that we needed to actually complete the job. We were given a one week extension when we were left with almost nothing in the way of tools, luckily we had insurance but that was paid up about a month and a half later and it covered about half the cost of the stolen tools. And since its a ghetto, if someone were to break in and do something like that, no one would really be surprised. One time i came to work and had to take a shit in the porta potty and someone off the street had smeared a poop swastika inside.

Actually we have a para-legal who also works with us doing general labor and brick laying.
Unfortunately the law isn't there to help working class people, as i have found out over many years.

What if we set up a gofundme or the like in the name of the cooperative itself and then use that to support your workers?

Not as a permanent solution, just as a means of making sure you guys have food without paying the banks shit.

Jesus Christ you autist actually attempt to use it. Civil is treated completely different to criminal.

Not him but it isn't. At least here in Texas the court will side with the business over the individual and the bigger business over the smaller business. Then there is the matter of getting buried in court costs.

Why were you kicked off the job?

Are you in the UK? Ill come help out even though you are homeless

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read Lenin's criticism of unions.
theory → praxis

Varg advocates everyone who doesn't have a job should immediately go on welfare to cause a collapse of the system sooner


When you're done with your accelerationist fantasies, come back to the real world.

help me understand…

you worked for months never being paid - why?
you left thousands of dollars of equipment at an unsecured location - why?

I feel really bad for op though. I see this kind of stuff happen with regular ass people trying to start businesses too.

see: retards

I actually don't totally agree. I mean how can a regular ass dude be expected to have automatic knowledge of business law? It also doesn't even matter when a larger company can tie you up in court until your business goes under from just not getting paid. I think el Trumpo did that to a smaller business or two.

This is how I know you're a retard. NO ONE has "automatic knowledge" of business. You have to L E A R N about it. You know, read books. Work. Talk to employers and employees about business.

Buddy. I've read books on business law. I've talked to business men. I come from a family a business men. That's where I'm coming from when I say regular people are fucked by a lot of barriers when it comes to starting a business.

Hell most people who have really successful small businesses either get really lucky (tapping into a market with almost no competition) or they just hire someone to tell them what to do.

I really don't blame op for thinking that business worked by just "doing what people pay you to". That's how it would work in a more reasonable society. You just sound like your typical 'classical liberal' asshole who wants to flaunt his fake business acumen.

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Yes. This is how it works. Good luck if your business is in competition with any local Walmarts btw!

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giving thread a bump because i want to hear more details about this shit.

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So where's your contract? Just show them the contract.

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