Is this what capitalism does to people?

Is this what capitalism does to people?

It's what being an 18 year old virgin does to a young man.

if i were that cashier i'd quit on the fucking spot jesus christ

No, it's autism

Rick and Morty fans are the new bronies basically

I think we need to put the blame where it really belongs: Reddit


But Holla Forums is reddit too.

This shit is brony tier

Why the capitalist blame us?


Because Rick and Summer beat up a nazi so now they're antifa commie cultural marxist cucks, obviously

kek every time

basically this.
Also, there's a couple episodes you could vaguely construe as anti-capitalist.
One was the tiny world episode, an the other was when Rick killed his boss on the citadel of Ricks. Both instances just served as a plot device, though.

How were those anti-capitalist? I'm curious.

I laugh every time I see this meme.

lel. If doing harm to nazis equal communism doesn't this make steve mcqueen and charls bronson /ourguys/?
So much for the soy left

In the ricklantis episode, one of the worker Rick's gained class consciousness and they even question the point of democracy with the notion of big money pulling the strings in the same episode.

They're not, it's just people reading too deep into it.

Also, any sort of vague skepticism about capitalism, seems to get people thinking there's a veiled commie message.

Fucking KEK

Virginity can cause severe mental issues in adult men.

This is true

It didn't used to, but the aut-right is pushing their "violence against fascists is bad and makes you a commie aka the real fascists" meme way too far so you can probably just start memeing that shit now. It's basically a mirror image of their "if you call everyone a nazi stop being surprised when people end up pushed into it" argument

Yes, this is why we must get rid of capitalism


The video, which OP posted, makes me want to commit suicide.