Why did he like stalin so much ?

why did he like stalin so much ?

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Because he was literally a genious that's why.
Reminder that the first sip from the red glass is marx…But at the bottom there is stalin waiting for you

it's not about stalin, it's about what he represented.
now it doesn't matter if you love or hate him, but in those times to hate stalin in public wasn't more than useless derrotism.

but this was before world war 2 he supported stalin in the 30s


“The Russians have proved that their only aim is really the improvement of the lot of the Russian people.”

–Albert Einstein on his refusal to sign a petition in 1934 condemning alleged claims of murders of prisoners by Joseph Stalin.

Uh, this is a magic Stalin!

pic slightly related


During the 1930's the soviet union was more quarantined than north korea is today, with little more than press releases coming out, even internally. This is why foreigners were systematically exterminated and why people were confined to their region. It was one big spectacle, with Moscow being it's disneyland, and if you saw so much as a stagehand, you had seen too much.

Because he was smart as fuck.

is this thread gonna be an appeal to authority?

Tfw too smart for the mans who's tfw too smart for capitalism's incorrect quantum mechanics hypothesis
Marxist-Leninist-Bohrism will win, mandatory state provided quantum mechanics education for every prole

Albert "kulaks are no friends of mine" Einstein

Bohr was a brainlet for anything past hydrogen

cause he did N O T H I N G wrong

Albert "Hoard the grain, die in pain" Einstein



Because he was a genius. The limit on intelligence as it approaches infinity is love of Stalin. Proof: Einstein.


tfw two intelligent

To be fair, you have to have a very high Autism Level to understand Stalin.

Didn't Einstein hang out with the CNT?

Second paragraph is bullshit from AE

This is true. The Soviet Union mounted a huge PR campaign to remind the West that all's well under communism. Stalin attracted scholars from all over the world to Moscow University.

Because like Stalin he was a genius

too late

lol, who the fuck is this idiot? i would lose my shit laughing at this kind of stupid conversation

"alright well bomb them at 1pm with a nuke"
"….okay, 11am with 2 nukes"
"i guess, thats in like an hour, but sure, 9am, 4 nukes"
"dude,,,, the guys are already in the air, theyre on the way, dont worry about it"
"that doesnt even make any sense, go home"

By "bullshit" you mean that it's falsely attributed to him or that you disagree with him?

Wasn't he a Georgist?

t. art degree brainlet

He might have been heavily influenced by George, but he had many influences when it came to politics and he was also very heavily influenced by Karl Marx. In fact, he even attributed some of his discoveries to dialectical materialism if I remember correctly…

no fucking way

I disagree with it. Its Labour Zionism nonsense

Yeah, he provided the theoretical framework to create shitposting machines, but it doesn't change the fact that this remark was retarded. He should have read Sun Tzu and Clausewitz.

It was very common for liberals in America to support the USSR until there was irrefutable evidence of concentration camps, political executions, ethnic relocation, etc.

Then they became hardcore Red Scared war hawks. Just goes to show that liberals are fickle and don't have much concrete reasoning to back up anything they believe. Not that I mean to hate on Einstein; he genuinely had great sympathy for communism, but it was founded on classical liberal ideals rather than materialist reality, which made it much less solid and coherent.


This is why tankies hate you.

Honestly, yes. There is so much overwhelming documented evidence that:

If you want to put your head in the sand about concrete historical facts, that's your problem, not mine.

Because I have a functioning brain? Yes, I agree.

No shit

[citation needed]

I'm really sick of spoonfeeding historically and theoretically illiterate people on this board who are more concerned with aesthetics than reality.


what is an appeal to authority

I should clarify by "liberal" I was referring mostly to social democrats. Honestly, those were some of the biggest social democratic names of that era, so I really don't know what more "proof" will convince you.

mainstream and popular american press and commentary

Duranty was a NYT reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize.

He was not a wise military tactician for sure, but to call von Neumann an idiot is laughable, considering he shits buckets on Einstein in terms of his contributions

This is somehow bad?

oh yay


oh yay

It's not horseshoe theory.

MLs are much more right-wing and conservative than orthodox Trotskyists (ORTHODOX Trotskyists, don't start spewing shit about Tony Cliff neocons, they aren't Trotskyists). It was the revolutionary masses that were responsible for the USSR's highly progressive and socialized productive base, not Stalin and crew. Stalin and crew would have fit in very well in Nazi Germany.

ebin, trots really are brainlets

The bureaucracy was founded on a socialized base so Stalin couldn't implement Nazi economic policies. Socially, culturally, and superstructurally, however, the Stalinist USSR was remarkably similar to a run-of-the-mill fascist regime.

I don't think anybody here disagrees with that


*Politically, culturally, and superstructurally

No, but Stalin (and the wider political bureaucracy) were reactionaries. They, as a rule, loathed the masses and only implemented socialist policies when it was materially prudent to do so. I think most of them would have greatly preferred a fascist economy, as it would have allowed for even greater political concentration, rabid and naked imperialism, and a proper entrance into he world market. They were stopped purely by the economic base that their political apparatus was built on.


If you want to throw homosexuals in prison, you are not a socialist. You are a reactionary and so are your big daddy heroes like Stalin and Mao.

Go fuck yourself.

Nazis were homos, tho

It's not bullshit that European Jewish people could have moved peacefully into Palestine and lived side-by-side with the native-born Palestinians if imperialism wasn't at work. That's actually what communists are still advocating for today in the one state solution. As well, the British role in propping up Israel (as well as Saudi Arabia and other empire puppets) was absolutely vital. The only correct Marxist analysis of the situation in Israel is that it is supported for obvious material and strategic reasons by the empire, not that it has miraculously manipulated the empire to do its bidding.

Here's Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, saying that Israel was created by the British and then continued by America:

Most tankies subconsciously want Stalin to fuck them in the butt. Doesn't make them any less homophobic.


I never said I want that. But homosexuality doesn't have anything to do with marxism. It was standard procedure that homosexuality was criminalized. Stalin never specifically recriminalized homosexuality, it's simply that under his government a new criminal law code was passed, after the old Tsarist one (which did the same thing) was suspended. That, and the fact that under "homosexuality" pedophilia and man-on-man rape was also subsumed, which were both problems in Russia at that time.

"Stalin threw gays in gulags" is the most dishonest statement that you can possibly make tbh

Real proletarians don't fuck each other in the ass

Trotsky was kinda ugly, tbh.

This is absolute garbage. You guys say the same thing about abortion (that it was never meant to be legal and Stalin just brought back the proper laws) and it's equally untrue. You should be ashamed of yourself for peddling this kind of bullshit against your fellow workers just because they don't like pussy.

Bruh, it's totes okay to suck your comrade's dick if you say "no homo" afterwards

Guess you have one thing in common with him

That is, besides being a brainlet with shit theory

Go back to fucking Holla Forums for Christ's sake. Marx is rolling over in his grave that disgusting people like you claim to subscribe to his theories.

*hating people for liking dick

Marx and Engels hated gays, brosky. Homosex is bourgeois fun

Post literally a single shred of evidence to back that up you fucking neanderthal

Not really, it was criminalized mainly because Russian birthrates dropped after the end of tsardom

You tankies sure do love your historical revisionism.

I don't. Outlawing abortion was necessary to boost the birth rates. You are just being an idiot by the way. Taking something out of its historical context that has nothing to do with the main idea and blowing it out of proportion. Did you know that Marx was a racist?

t. Engels in Origin of the Family


Is it even known what Marx thought about homosexuality? I think throwing gays into camps is a horrible thing but a socialist society where homosexuals are still oppressed is absolutely possible. Gays being treated like shit does not change the mode of production. The notion that you must be pro-gay to be a socialist is also relatively new. I think the socialist movement should fight against all oppression (including oppression of homosexuals) but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way, and hasn't always been that way historically.

This kind of shit is precisely why almost all tankies are men.

i love that the spirit of USSR propaganda is still alive and going.

It's "purge" and every one of those kulaks deserved it

The problem with the vast majority of Marxists is the same as the one with the liberals: their analysis of the society is systematical rather than systemic.



Homophobia is no more acceptable to socialism than racism or sexism.

If you disagree you should get your skull caved in, to be perfectly frank.

Homophobia is proven to be incompatible with Marxism. If you disagree you deserve to get ice-picked, you Trotskyite faggot


I guess you have never checked out a Marxist-Leninist party IRL, did you?

He executed Yehzov.

You are a massive brainlet and I'm done talking to you. If you are unable to understand such a simple principle like historical context you're probably underage

101% brainlet. The acceptance of homosexuality and abortion is simply the random ebb and flow of culture, we might think it swell but it is entirely culturally relative. Communism is the hypothesized birth of a new society based on scientific historical inevitability. Totally different ballgame.

I hope you get throat cancer, you pathetic fucking moron.

Yes, I'm sure "historical context" is why you think faggots should be put in concentration camps you braindead piece of shit.

It's "workers of the world, unite" not "heterosexual workers of the world unite" you massive fucktard.

Stalinists get the bullet too.

Come back when you are 18

Come back when you don't have daddy issues and want a big mean strongman to fuck you in your butt.

You are pathetic.

The only thing pathetic is your ideology, famalam

We're talking about the MODERN DAY you stupid motherfucker. If you think gays should be put in concentrations camps in the MODERN DAY you are a Nazi and secretly want to suck many, many big cocks.

Blow your brains out, please.

Nothing should be treated as a thing in and of itself. The mode of production itself is merely an expression of the hierarchical society, and the hierarchical society is an expression of humanity's relationship with technology, and that stems from humanity's place in our planet's ecosystem, and that has another cause, etc. The only thing that truly exists is the totality of the rules of nature, and still then…
That Marxists measure everything in terms relating to the existence of the labourer post industrial revolution is a great failing of Marxist movements.
But I'm probably going to get called a Holla Forums-shilling tankie idpoler Trot because of this, so eh.

You first


No, no, don't get me wrong, I don't doubt that ML parties have plenty of paedophile members who go out of their way to lure in teenage girls, I just don't think that that says anything nice about you, that's all.

Go chop your nuts off and eat them you fucking prick. I'm sick of talking to fucking Nazis that just like the hammer and sickle.

Please asphyxiate yourself.

You can go back to reddit anytime

You can throw yourself off the Golden Gate bridge anytime

You make me sick

See? You're literally liberals, you just don't pretend that you'll become millionaires yourselves one day.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Please for the love of god read a book

Yes, killing gays and ethnic cleansing are one thing. But pedophilia? That's just crazy!

It's time to stop posting you fucking mongrel.

Please stop trying to prove how trots are the most butthurt sect, we already know.

You know, I once met a rightist philosopher who condescendingly told me that lefties are idealists and it's traditionalists and Nazis who are the real materialists. I'm getting flashbacks.
A litmus test: do you think that understanding natural sciences is important to understanding the conditions of the worker today, or are they irrelevant and it's all about economics?

No, really. You lot are known for welcoming paedophiles into your numbers, and you only rival the far-right in your casual sexism. What the hell are you acting incredulous for?

You're like liberal feminists who believe all women who disagree with them have been brainwashed by other men.

It's not butthurt to think that Nazis should fucking die.

Are you shitting me, famalam?

The only pedophile leftists I know are greenies and hippies, and they are barely leftist

Glass houses

I asked you to blow your brains out, what are you still doing here motherfucker

Trots are known for basically three things: newspapers, entryism, and rape scandals. Glass house, you know.

It's almost as if like women might be, for reasons that should be obvious, more perceptive of sexism and thus more reluctant to associate with people who promote it.

Ah, so you're just stupid. Whew.

Not even going to bother.
Though I will say that the only sect that tankies are losing to in terms of concentration of paedophiles per party memberships are Trots.

You still haven't fucked off to reddit. Did I hit a nerve? Did your cult leader touch you inappropriately? You know you can tell us

No, MLs just piss me off because they are literal Nazis that just happen to like the hammer and sickle instead of the swastika. It's just aesthetics for you.

Now please, go fuck off and die you walking vegetable.


Typical Trot analytic.
They're conservatives, not Nazis, just like you Trots are neolibs, not leftists.

I'm not the one saying class analysis is irrelevant because "muh ecosystem". If you'd read a single word of Marx you'd know that he covered that, and his buddy Engels even wrote a book on how the taming of the ecosystem (through animal husbandry and agriculture) lead to the development of property

If you want to kill gays, exterminate certain ethnicity, and live under a one-party dictatorship you sure as fuck aren't a socialist.

Nazis are more respectable because their political and economic opinions actually match up. They're far less stupid, basically. Go fucking die.

So my original argument was that abortion was restricted to boost birth rates, to which you replied that this is the reason no women are MLs. I asked you why you come to that conclusion and if you have ever seen a Marxist-Leninist group IRL, to which you called me a pedophile. I asked why the fuck you say that, and you answer

Just fucking kill yourself already

Says the crypto-neocon

Just a question, why do people think MLs are conservatives? MLs did more for the liberation of women and oppressed ethnicities than any other leftist tendency, and ultralefts are known for their anti-anti-feminist tradition.

Why haven't you killed yourself yet

Stop posting

Because I don't listen to failures like you


See? You're confirming yourself to be stupid still.
Oh, if only all Marxists had their theory as firmly in place as Marx had.
See, even though Marx did have quite a few words on the world beyond man, you still failed to comprehend them. Is that not a sign of mental retardation?

Because that kind of liberation does not appeal to spoiled navel gazing westernern bourgies.

Do you have sleep apnea? Is your brain oxygen-deprived?

Stop being alive

You just listen to failures like Jason Unruhe, lol

You haven't been able to say a straight sentence this entire thread. No need to pretend you're smart, we all know you're a brainlet

No, they don't. Stop saying "Nazi" to mean "everyone I don't like".

Wilful ignorance sure is a blessing to be able to use as a skill.

Like tankies and literally nobody else? Oh, wait, I forgot, Rosa famously was against feminists too.

Yes they do. Industrial genocide and imperialism match up very well with war economy and highly monopolized corporate welfare state.

I bet you also believe that quotas and progressive stack fix everything

kek. Let me give you a list of all the Trotskyite success stories:

Oh wait, I forgot, there aren't any

Yes, well, I have a policy of not wasting effort on idealists. If you could be convinced with a well-worded argument, you wouldn't have been idealists in the first place, eh.

It's funny how the only Trot known to get lobotomised with an ice-pick was Trotsky himself, but the brain damage seems to be shared among all the ideologues.

Yes, those problems are quite easily solved by outlawing abortion and systematically forcing women back into the home while their poverty forces them become street walkers on the side.

Oh wait.

do i need to give you a step-by-step on how to blow your brains out or what

Rosa wasn't a leftcom. Leftcoms usually ridicule MLs when we adress women's liberation. Just checking
and they have an entire section devoted to anti-feminism. But MLs are the ones that don't care about women's issues?

Yes, and give a practical demonstration if you would

It's funny how every ML has massive daddy issues like every Nazi and they believe basically all of the same things but still somehow hate each other.

You do realize that the USSR made women economically independant, increased the amount of women in academia, administration and manual labor, had the first woman in space and pretty much ended domestic violence? All this in an orthodox-christian, patriarchal society that tremendously regressed regarding these issues after 1991


All of the many progresses made in regard to women's rights were a result of the October Revolution, not Stalin. Stalin undid many of those advances because he was a conservative piece of shit that thought women should stay in the home.

Jesus fucking Christ, I give up. Every time I tell myself that tankies ought to be marginally smarter than the typical neocon, and every time they prove me wrong.
As my last word: you are aware that literal fucking Nazis like to criticise feminism and have their own writings on what women's proper place on society should be, right?
Why the fuck do I keep bothering? I'm not even an optimist. Just fuck me.

Are you okay? I can't really grasp how dumb you are. You do realize I'm not against feminism, right? Do you actually have reading comprehension?

That's a very interesting statement, considering the anti-abortion law was actually enacted by women, while Stalin himself commented:
Further, he writes:

Really quickly checked the manifesto of my ML party, we have a section devoted to women. So yeah - you are a liar, a demagoge, and first and foremost, a first class faggot.

WTF I'm a tankie now

I swear every thread on this fucking board eventually devolves into two fedora tipping faggots getting into arguments about historical revisionism and sectional issues seeing who can be more pedantic than the other while everyone else jumps ship.

Embrace the shittery, comrade

Yes, you're not against the right kind of feminism, you're just against all the other kinds, to which pretty much all the leftist women subscribe to. As I said, Nazis try to pull this shit, too, and they're just as transparent about it as you are.


All leftist first world women maybe.

femminism is, by definition, an idpol issue

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

There were several women's organizations that were vigorously opposed to abortion decriminalization, and rightfully so.

Yet if I'd subscribe to liberal feminism you'd call me a liberal or something. It's always like that. You don't really care about the issues at hand, you just have an unhealthy hate boner for MLs because some ML touched you as a child or soemthing. Anyway, the idea that MLs are conservative on women's issues is beyond utter insanity that could as well be found in some anti-communist article in the Washington Post.

*abortion criminalization

Fuck off trot

Nice meme.

Yessss, because women in the Third World are all innocent submissive perfect future waifus that would just love that mighty whitey dick to sucky-sucky on long time.
Fuck off.

Now, , see? Even when you say that you're for the "right" kind of feminism, there's a dozen faggots coming out of the woods to say that no feminism could be of the right kind, and you always stay silent when they do it. Kind of says a lot about your true attitude, doesn't it?

Oh, don't you project on me, mister.
Have you ever tried looking in a mirror?

Fuck off back to r/socialism with your trot buddy, asshole


Recommended reading is pdf related.

You know one of the other main reasons for restricting abortions was also the fact the medical procedure was very unsafe at that time. Abortions were allowed if the birth would potentially endanger the mother more than the abortion. To compensate that, hundreds of day-care facilities and orphanages were built, which were all free.

lmao you literally derailed everything by calling me a pedophile out of your ass
My gf is less feminist then me, sperg

Fam, you're the one with a hate boner against ML's and acting like Holla Forums is a fucking hivemind. Fuck off with your bullshit

That's right. There is no correct form of identity politics just like there is no correct form of cancer.

Let me guess: you're Eastern European, right? No surprises then, I suppose. Carry on being a subhuman.

Never change

t. pic related

Not a slav, fam. But this is telling:
Literal white (wo-)man's burden. I think we all had our fun, but it's time for you to go back to reddit now

I'm not a Westerner, matey. That you assume that I necessarily must be because I'm not a reactionary tells me everything I need about your views on women.

What will be next hot take?

Tankies are trots, probably

You just implied in your shitty strawman that a slav woman has no right to speak out about women's issues. That's the most burger-ish position ever. Now you flip-flop again, doing insane mental gymnastics to twist my words to be at peace up with your preconceived ideological conditioning

Did you know that most Slav women consider a relationship with a man pointless if they don't receive monetary benefits for it? A slave system creates a slave mentality. That you're, one, a tankie, and two, comfortable with saying that real women aren't feminists made you being a Slav the most likely probability. That you're an openly sexist westerner shows you to be simply exceptionally reactionary, I suppose.
Wilful ignorance really is bliss.

Look out, we got a real Sherlock Holmes here!

Yeah because all slav women are the same right? You fucking dare to call me a sexist but regurgitate MGTOW talking points? Your posts almost give me cancer
because I TOTALLY SAID THAT. This is why nobody wants to hang arround you, I can literally see that sweating, pimple-covered twink enviously staring at members of his passive-aggressive liberal book club, haboring plans of being a snith or distribute rumors trying to smear them. You are a sad little caricature of vicious anti-communist propaganda and of the neoconservative dog-whisteling of american Trots during the Red Scare.

Sad to see a trot getting btfo with facts and resorting to right wing propaganda. I thought they were smarter than this

That's where you went wrong, kiddo


I didnt's say tankies were idpol I said you were.


It's not propaganda you fucking retard.

Gay people were thrown in gulags and modern MLs are okay with that. They are fucking Nazis and you're a braindead moronic piece of shit for not being able to see that.

go sell out more of your former comrades to MI6 you fucking faggot


of course because its your fault when you get interrogated while in a delusional state and think your going to die and dont know what your doing

MLs are clinically stupid.

the Jews were land hungry settlers, just because they opportunistically exploited the British Empire doesn't change that. muh coexistence was always a Labor Zionist ruse that Arabs never believed

Orwell knew what he was doing & its in line with his thinking on the USSR & its fellow travellers


because he was political retarded and probably didn't read Marx nor did he understand socialism

Einstein should just stay on his field of knowledge instead of embarrassing himself by supporting a system that has failed every single time in practice

Except of course that the Zionism incursion into Arab territory started with Theodor Herzl and his french-russian-german jewish orgs.
It wasn't until about 30 years in that the British got involved with the Balfour Declaration and they actually tried to disarm the Zionists like Ze'ev Jabotinsky after the first fights started.

Anyway Einstein shouldn't be cherished for it because his love of Stalin began and ended with his own ethnic interests going by his own statements.

lmao. Source?