Is this bullshit any good? Worth a read?

Is this bullshit any good? Worth a read?

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it's not the next capital but its still a great book documenting how the alt-right got its start. I'd recommend it.


It's book but short. You could just as well listen to all her podcast appearances. There's a lot. Dead Pundit Society, Katie Halper Show, Zero Books, Michael Tracey both times - are prob the best. She was also on Chapo twice and on the Ezra Klein show. Also on the Baffler podcast with Corey Pein.

LOL. that should say *good

I think if you're too online this book is kind of superfluous. If you were paying attention during the initial "Holla Forums exodus" you probably already know the score. How gamergate had its roots as a primitive reactionary movement that was eventually guided to outright white nationalism by Holla Forums and diplomats like Milo. She doesn't add a ton of insight to this narrative beyond the now prescient prediction that the alt-right would splinter following Trump's inauguration.
Like this user says the same message is basically contained in all her podcast appearances. Unless you're one of those people who just can't stand the podcast format I would just listen to those if you're really curious.

Breitbart and jews.


It's impressively lucid and well-thought in its its almost totality, excepting the fact that got literally everything about Gamergate wrong. But that's par for the course, I suppose.

And then there's this faggot.

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I could shitpost the same thing to you, fam.

Please don't shitpost anymore your retardation already ruined most of the internet.

It's short but badly written and the conclusion is basically "lol the left must become moralfags." I have no idea why so many celebrate it as some kind theoretical breakthrough.

And that's supposed to be a bad thing?

Regardless, it's a matter of principle. When you're right, you don't keep quiet just because the truth is unpopular, now do you?

That's why I keep telling you to kill yourself.


Baby steps

There was never any merit in gamergate. It was dumbass consumer identitarianism that was easily led into Holla Forums kekistan bullshit. Holla Forums at the time was extremely reactionary and gamergate was the manufactured grievance constructed after moot banned you dumb faggots.

Welp, I know what thread I'll be hiding now.

I'm not sure you understand where you are.

Gamergate was pretty multi-facited. like everything else Holla Forums tried (and succeeded) to claim and rebrand it into spreading their autistic nonsense, but it started out pretty good. Gaming journalism and the industry in general has been pretty shit to its consumers and it was a time when the SJW thing was at its peak so even non-Holla Forumsaks were sick of mainstream gaming websites claiming gamers are evil sexists for rallying against collusion.

please kill yourselves

I just imagined you during the revolution telling this to the bourgeoisie.

Gamergate started out pretty neutrally liberal. It was a general anti-corruption movement that got quickly absorbed into Holla Forums tier trash when the media resorted to using feminists to deflect the criticism. And gamergaters either fell for it hook line and sinker or they pushed out those who didn't.

Gamers are the most worthless group of individuals on the planet.

Also, the leftist tendencies in GG that split off as a result of Holla Forums's powerplay arguably fed into vague anti-SJW currents within phenomena such as Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and of course our own little coven of /lit/erati here.

If only people got as upset for actual corruption as they did for shitty advertisements.

The key difference is that GG was sudden and disruptive. It's like somebody out of the blue declaring that bread is politically incorrect and banning it one day, so it has that brick-through-the-window feel.

I think you're wildly overestimating the impact of gamergate. It was pretty much the collision of several echo chambers creating a huge echo chamber composed of opposing ideas that rely on each other to perpetuate. Nobody outside it knows or cares.

The only people I see harping on about it are /r/socialism types and Reddit refugees. Safe to say, you can ignore it.

To be sure, it's no more solely responsible for the renewal of old forms of leftism than Holla Forums is for Trump and his ilk, but it certainly played a part. And perhaps it is too much echochamber on my part, but seeing "brocialist" used unironically alongside references to GG in hysterical mainstream commentary on the Sanders campaign put a warm glow in my heart.

On top of that, ledonald fags seem to be infatuated with it. I really, really doubt it has much of value.

It was surreal, watching GG kids freak out about something that I thought everyone knew by age 10. Journalism designed with the intent to sell products became corrupt? Reviewers sometimes lie to sell games!? Well bless my nippers, what a shock!

It played no part in it. Nobody ever cared about it. That resurgence that you speak of is based on real economic problems, not your shitty video games.

It played no part in it. Nobody ever cared about it. That resurgence that you speak of is based on real economic concerns, not your shitty video games.

The freakout wasn't about that, it was about discussion on a minor story that ordinarily would've blown over in a week (much like the Brad Wardel case just before it) was systematically banned on every forum, service, and ISP, combined with a coordinated spamming of ultra-autistic articles in every press outlet perfectly written to make people angry.

They could've stopped it at any time, but they just couldn't keep themselves from emptying can after can of fuel on the fire.

lmao you can't make this shit up

It was corruption in the industry and media to an extent, it's just it was over something that they related to a lot more than national politics that at the time still felt separated from the populace.

So are you still behind on GG being astroturfed by the Mercers and other far right groups from the get?

You have delusions of grandeur and you have begun to attach these delusions onto GG. A handful of gaming forums banning autists is not a conspiracy at the very top of the telecomms industry.

the right move IMO

Gamergate was a mistake PURELY because it opened the gates for a bunch of retards to think it's acceptable to post on Twitter and Holla Forums at the same time.
Now I can't go anywhere on Holla Forums without running into stupid clickbait-tier threads about "LOOK WHAT THIS DUMB E-CELEB SAID ON TWATTER"

Gee, I wonder what actual (incredibly lame) conspiracy might possibly want to shrug off responsibility for accidentally lighting this dumpster fire?

Are you being purposely dense or do you really not understand that there is no "movement" without funding here? Otherwise it just passes as a blip on the radar

The only funding was in pennies at a time donated to buy sealions, TFYC mascots, and keep Hotwheels in Asian ladyboys. The formation of the alt-right happened to the side of and well after GG was already well in motion.

If it weren't for GG, we'd still be on cuckchan. It had to be done sooner or later.

You would still be on 4chan. One of the worst things about you avid GGfags is that you assume everyone is like you and instantly on your side - I came here purely because Holla Forums was a better website than 4chan with better features and aesthetics.
I don't need some half-baked "consumer revolt" whatever the fuck that means to tell me 4chan is garbage.

True, only in the sense that you people are the second cancerous growth that finally finished the job that project chanology started

Incredibly incorrect. The alt-right started somewhat before GG and were having trouble growing until GG provided a great recruitment tool and organizing spaces/talking points. It's already well established that there was astroturfing involved

Tbh it would be better if retards like you went back.


Not him, but do you have any links?

CIA did gamergate

It was already known that all the major writers that latched onto gamergate like Milo were funding by the Mercers and the recent piece on him elaborated on that.

Hurr porky dindu nuffin gamergate was a real grassroots movement just like the tea party

the internet knew about how shit game journo was long before gg. it was just now it was personified in a tumblr archetype (zoe quinn) places like Holla Forums pounce at the opportunity to take the piss out of anyway. then they started pretending it wasn't about her when they got bored and Holla Forums took the opportunity to splinter it even further so now it's about white representation or how there arent enough boobies in fire emblem or just whatever non-vidya thing Holla Forums cares about

That is a colossal fountain of bullshit. Milo was specifically drawn into GG, convinced by us that we weren't completely lame, and Breitbart's entire interest in imageboards arose from his founding of Breitbart Tech off the hunger for GG coverage.

I wasn't being ironic.

Come on, man, you can do better than that. Give us a link or something.

Don't kid yourself, if you've posted on other *chans over the years like I have you know 8ch would have died just like every other one if a substantial migration hadn't taken place.

8ch literally had no presence, the site had like 100 actice members before GG, used as a place to shitpost when you got banned from halfchan, much like 7chan and 99chan were used. Chans and a lot of other internet subcultures have become infected with the aut-right, if GG had never happened nothing would have changed. I'm glad I came over during the GG migration because I found this place and it introduced to be a lot of cool lefty stuff.

oink oink

I know what he's mischaracterizing, and it doesn't say anything about the Mercers being involved until the entire thing had already exploded, let alone anything whatsoever about Holla Forums and Reddit fusing into the alt-right amalgum before GG happened.

Yeah, there it is.

420chan and 7chan never had webms. An exodus was happening independent of GG, of people who were just sick of being on 4chan anymore. Fortunately so many people realized how normalfag-ridden the website had become and jumped ship here.
You're really quite full of yourself, you know. That insufferability is probably why most people don't like you.

"There it is" he said after giving us this gem
Yeah Milo just took pity on you because of your great arguments

7chan got WebM support not terribly long after moot enabled it on 4chan, I don't know where you've been.

So you mean months and months after Holla Forums had it, and even to this day you can only have webms with sound on /gif/.
I've been here, and nowhere else since 2014. I don't know shit about 4chan now except it's where teenagers at work and suburban moms go to exchange spicy memes and ram their faces into the keyboard.
Your attempts at feeling smug are meaningless.

All I can do is account for the actions of myself and my peers at the time, and I can tell you we certainly weren't being paid to finally do something about our hobby. And while the Tea Party was originally an astroturfing operation funded by the Kochs, it certainly did tap into a real grassroots-level anger at some point.

Those are the best kinds of astroturfing operations, user.

Would the Russian Revolution been deemed illegitimate if it was found out that the Bolsheviks had initially been financed by the Rothschilds?

He saw a good opportunity to make bank and draw hype. Before GG, he'd written a piece lambasting videogames and the icky nerds who play them, but after GG argued our case, he admitted he was wrong, for whatever sincerity that's worth.

Every single one of these future alt-right outlets was either approached first by us, or (as in the case of people like Sargon) corrupted much later by Holla Forums during their putsch during the latter stages of GG.

And the piece you linked to contains precisely nothing other than "this guy helped found Breitbart years before they had any more interest in Holla Forums's antics then Fox 'exploding van' News Channel".

There's no way 8ch would have ever taken off if not for moot banning shit on Holla Forums. The splintering nature of its create-and-own-your-own-board system needed a critical mass for the site itself to take off, and video game discussion has always been one of the central, lasting topics of image boards. I think part of the reason 7chan failed is because it was founded on a Holla Forums exodus, and the people moderating their video game board were much too heavy-handed at times.

It was illegitimate anyway

I linked that piece because it connects Milo and Breitbart more broadly to the Mercers such that the accusations of the more recent piece couldn't be dismissed as just a buzzfeed smear campaign

I know you're sincere and not some astroturf yourself, but it's honestly depressing that there are idealists here who actually believe that Milo just got debated into a good moral position by people who believed hard enough and used enough logic at him, and not that he and his funders found a seed of something (that wasn't *originally* started by them - if that's the part that's tripping you up so much) and saw in it the opportunity to shape political discourse with it in their own image.

Milo has never been in it for anything but money and fame, driven by corporate backers who have and make more money than most countries in the world, and you need to stop being so desperate to look through the world through rose colored glasses or get defensive just because you think it vindicates the SJWs you've spend years of your life crusading against (they're just patsies for the neolib order through a different outlet)

I think most GG'ers have been well aware how much of a shameless opportunist Milo and Breitbart were from the beginning.

4chan mods are shit who ban you for anything nowadays. It was inevitable.

The tea party was even less organic than gamergate. This revisionism really needs to stop because it keeps getting well-meaning, bright eyed naive leftists to think that if we just copy the surface level tactics and organizing of the right then we can duplicate their results when the reality is always far more sinister and obfuscated.

"Billionaire's Tea Party" is a good watch if you're interested

Exactly like I said in another topic. inb4 quoting yourself
You think I was just bragging about being correct? In this issue, I know that for a fact. I mean, "goobergator"? Come on, you're not even trying to hide it.

Look, I'll drop the snark for a moment and level with you. I think it's fantastic that you're reaching out past /r/socialism or Twitter or whichever SJW hang-out you usually frequent, and if you argue in good faith instead of COINTELPRO, you're welcome here.

But part of arguing in good faith means admitting to mistakes, and you – the left in general, but SJWs most of all by a huge margin – fucked up hardcore when it came to GG. You got swindled by a circlejerk of LARPing sociopaths into thinking GG was the internet chapter of the Golden Dawn and into serving as the proverbial meat shields of a domestic abuser with borderline and her liberal arrivist friends, no matter how much dirt was found on incompetent gaming journalists, most of them male.

Even now it's blatantly clear just by the way you attack me that you know for a fact that what I just said is the gospel truth and you actually are aware of it all, yet you can't bring yourselves to own up to it. That's okay, moving on from socjus to the real left involves some maturing, you'll get there eventually like we all did, after all none of us was born reciting the bread book. But while that doesn't happen, I'll have to keep reminding you of this fuck-up until you realize you have to seek information out on your own instead of trusting whatever the Blue Checkmark Brigade hands you down.

tl;dr: you were liberals' useful idiots and I'll remind you of that until you APOLOGIZE

These folks too are objectively correct.

It almost was, thanks to Lenin's German train sightseeing tour.

Holla Forums does not give a flying shit about domestic abuse. it was pretty much just a convenience they happened to dig up when they were going after quinn anyway

what merit did gg ever have for leftists?

Consumer revolt is reddit tier.

Embarassing post

Exposing the SJWs as a cancer that needs to be discredited and excised for the real Left to obtain credibility again.

Wow, it's a time traveler from 2014.

Don't be such a gooberglomper, user.

Well at least you admit it was some dumbass culture war and not actually about journalism

so crying about white representation and fire emblem boobies is how we achieve communism?

Not really what I said fam. Revealing the "liberal media" to be just as dishonest as the right-wing media for many was also a useful revelation.

So gamergate was necessary to tell demonstrate to us what every leftist has known since the days of Marx and what people like Mark Fisher described well enough without fighting one of the most autistic, years-long culture war of all time.

Although the Sanders campaign certainly helped in that too.

like most people doing the exposing weren't just doing so to prop up right-wing media anyway. i really wish gamergate was what the concern trolls want to trick you into thinking it was but cmon now.

Yes, Sanders was of much assistance to gamergate.

Well I didn't know it then, and it was gamergate that turned me into an actual Leftist.


Honestly people like Chomsky should apologize for taking so much of their critiques of media from great men like Totalbiscuit or Sargon

I appreciate that it woke you up to the left but if we're just doing a numbers game than recruiting 1 new leftist for every dozen new alt-right fags seems like a shitty trade

Perhaps, but we've done threads around here before and I'm definitely not the only one who started reading Marx due to GG.

i really don't understand how gamergate brought you to that

i mean i'm glad, but still

Everything you've just said merely echoes what was in our deliberations at the time, we were well aware that any use of politically partisan outlets, especially right-wing ones given their historical antagonism in our past media censorship struggles (and the difficulty it would add in countering SJW shilling that GG itself was partisan in order to pretend leftism was free of dissent), would be a primarily mercenary one. Calling up Fox themselves was deemed "the nuclear option".

Milo was approached for two reasons: First, he had an in on a non-gaming press outlet with access to something resembling normal press contact channels. Second, he was a natural born shitposter, and his propaganda was great for morale. And it came through when Milo managed to get his bosses to give him his own entire subsection dedicated to his little enterprise he'd bet on.

I really wish something else like the (far better organized than anything imageboard posters had on Youtube) anti-A+ bunch could've become the public-facing nucleus of what GG became, eventually gaining enough presence to flip a preexisting leftist in mainstream media, but it simply wasn't to be.

Whether or not we knew it wasn't relevant, I'd been waiting for something like GG for years. What mattered was that it allowed us to name the cancer for what it is, not as "that guy who complains about intersectionality or whatever", but as part of a bloc of people, known to include many leftists, that can't simply be dismissed as right-wingers.

My friends wouldn't stop going on about that "cultural Marxism" shit and it sounded so obviously like an idiotic piece of propaganda that I finally put some time into learning exactly just what socialism and Marxism are.

I also used to put a lot of unwarranted trust into CNN, NPR, and even PBS, but now I have difficulty trusting any form of media that gets anything wrong, including Nagle's book.

I've never seen public masturbation by text before


no surprise there. this kind of retardation is pretty much the voice of gamergate. glad you saw through it but it kinda illustrates my point. gamergate in action is just a reactionary consumer revolt. any leftism arising from it is inadvertent

That doesn't seem great for your narrative. Most of your GG friends swallowed the cultural Marxism propaganda and you were one of very few to actually look into it. I can almost guarantee your friends still believe in cultural Marxism and they are the majority.

Again, and with as much patience as I can muster, Milo has not made a single career move as a journalist except as dictated directly or indirectly by his funders. Your strategizing and scheming amounted to nothing

That can't all be pinned on GG, since many SJWs style themselves Marxists/socialists/anarchists/etc.

Oh please. Remember his prior venture before he came to Breitbart, that collapsed like a house of cards? Milo was a free agent who hooked up with whoever would best rake in the dough.

THIS is supposed to make us think gamergate was good?

that doesn't excuse the ~Rational Right~ from looking into what they're talking about at all before starting an entire movement against it. the cultural marxism meme is the worst cancer on the internet

Worst mistake that GG ever made thing that ever happened to GG was letting that charlatan Milo be on the Airplay panel instead of Oliver Campbell or William Usher.

So your story is that you convinced him to sign onto Breitbart and/or convinced Breitbart of his worth as a journalist? I don't understand how you could possibly make that connection in your head AND think it helps your narrative.

It absolutely can, since GG was largely reactionary and rejected nuance, hence your continued usage of the snarl term "SJW".
This us and them dynamic allowed for a narrative to be built with cultural Marxism at the helm of western decay and videogames being yet another way they wish to destroy your fun, by taking away the anime titties!
The fact that many of the social-progressives that GG attacked were leftists doesn't excuse the movement from the narrative it built. How is that even coherent?

They have to look through two layers of lies, first that this "leftist" position is the correct one, second that it's actually leftist at all. That's a lot to ask of complete apolitical neophytes.

Nice strawman. Here's what happened:
1. Milo leaves The Kernel in flames at Daily Dot
2. Milo joins Breitbart
3. Milo becomes aware of GG
4. Breitbart Tech founded with Milo in charge

The entire problem is that they weren't. That's what GG failed to realize.

oh god, don't give me this retardation about how nazis and borderline nazis are actually apolitical because they're too retarded to see the products of their own ideology. being ignorant doesn't make you apolitical and it doesn't excuse anything anyway. especially when it comes to politics

…so you admit he wasn't a free agent and was with Breitbart during gamergate? Get your fucking story straight

As this is turning into an unsolicited opinions on GG thread, I'll chip in.

It didn't start out as an aut right thing, or as a crusade for honesty in video game journalism. What kicked things off was a lover scorned making an assblasted personal blogpost about his ex cheating on him. This was picked up by a variety of groups: trolls (some of them in the woman hater crowd), angry gamers who hated the decline of gaming, gamers who were uncomfortable with corporate pushing of faux diversity, and the aut right media complex who sought to capitalize mostly on that last group.

The corrupt journo's in question rallied and eventually conspired to crush any opposing narrative, cloaking themselves in the language of social justice. Old trick. They were helped by the behavior of the first group and the recuperation of the narrative by the aut right. This got them the backing of the (neo) liberal media elite, who couldn't wait to write a trilion fluffy think pieces about toxic masculinity in gaming and whatnot. Of course, having the backing of the gaming industry didn't hurt either. So you get these two groups with huge megaphones, the aut right media complex and the traditional corrupt neolibs on the other, shouting at each other and drowning out everyone else.

The people left out in the cold almost from day one were those who actually cared about gaming. Sad day for them, and they are apparently still mad. No need to pour on their heads all the sins of Israel, the recuperation by the aut right isn't on them.

Fact: if you use "snarl term" in a sentence, you are an SJW.

You know they wouldn't have to become nazis if leftists gave them a real alternative. It's the left's fault that we had to go to people like Milo to help us spread the message of how far the media had become corrupted by goons and SJWs

"SJW" is reductive and useless. About as worthwhile as cultural Marxist.

Please be patient I have autism.

Are you serious?

good effort but i honestly don't care about what it apparently was for the first five seconds. i care about what it is in effect; a reactionary consumer revolt that leftypol shouldn't be doing mental gymnastics defending

i know this.

Agreed to an extent but I think enough time has past that self-reflection is due. I certainly don't cling desperately to every embarrassing liberal agenda I took up half a decade ago and they shouldn't have to either.

Didn't even hear bout Gamergate till late 2016. Must've slept through the whole of 2014, fam.

Let's save everyone reading the thread some time.
f3 "SJW"
Everyone who uses the word unironically is either Holla Forums or a retard.

Because social justice is legit?

Unless you enjoy experiencing autism you didn't miss much.

Because it's an easy, vague label to throw at anyone that basically means "don't trust this person they're a 'leftist'" and you're fooling yourself if you think most people who use it don't associate it with the left broadly instead of to the hyper-specific actions you're thinking of.

Holla Forums should be doing whatever it can to reach out to these people seeing as we share the fucking website with them. A substantial fraction don't buy completely into the aut-right narrative and they are ripe for radicalizing if more on the actual Left would hear them out, sympathize, and try to direct them to the true cause of their suffering. Here we are on one of the best places on the internet for leftist discussion, many of us contemplate the best way of bringing back leftist movements and dispelling decades of Red Scare propaganda, and we're sitting right next door to the same kinds of people we've been shitposting together with on image boards for years. There is a great opportunity here if some of you wouldn't be so quick to shut down and stay in your insular torture chamberes. The Left cannot grow without outreach.

Social justice is a leftist goal. The fact that the term has been poisoned so thoroughly doesn't bode well.


So it's kind of how the left uses NAZI to refer to everyone on the right even if nazis were socialists?

incessantly defending past retardation from them is the weakest and most ineffective way of getting them on our side. in fact, it doesn't do that at all. criticizing liberals by their praxis if anything does the exact opposite

Agreed but I find it way more productive to reach out to libs and the generally apolitical and disenfranchised. Fucking nazis and dumbass reactionaries are a waste of time. Mention the books, if they want to read they will. But pretending lines of debate will sway people drinking this deep from the well of ideology is horseshit.


dude you're completely breaking causality here, her domestic abuse is what caused TZP to be written at all, be more careful with the narrative, jeez

That's the problem, it didn't. It could have belonged to the left, if only it wasn't too scared of being ostracized by its Twitter friends.

This is another objectively correct man.


Social justice is a Christian goal. Leftists (communists) are against organized religion.


No, social justice is the abolishment of racism, classism, etc. Christians often support it but they aren't the only ones.

You're not doing a very good job of blending in on Holla Forums

Jesus christ. I'm saying was a "free agent" insofar as he founded The Kernel himself, mismanaged it, and jumped ship to Breitbart, as opposed to being some sort of Illuminati pawn whose every move from 2011 was predicated on the arcane invokation of the alt-right from the blood of tranny lesbian college rape victims.

We tried repeatedly to come up with a less sarcastic epithet for use around normalfags such as you, but none of them took. Mine was "outrageist".

t. umblr

"'Social' justice" is redundant, since neither justice nor injustice can occur outside a social context. The fact it's such a dumb term is part of why it became an insult.

The aut-right (even the worst stormniggers on 8/pol/) have a leg up on the average shitlib in one respect, namely that they are actually dissatisfied with the present state of things. Disabusing shitlibs of their bovine complacency can be more maddening than injecting class-conciousness and despooking into a Holla Forumsyp.

So "SJWs" want the abolishment of racism & classism too?

yeah ok the domestic abuse gave them a chance to get on their mgtow soapbox while pretending it was about vidya. doesn't mean Holla Forums actually gives a shit about that kind of stuff and, lets be honest, wouldn't care in the slightest if the genders were swapped

Good one, I'm so owned. Thank god kids like you are finally around to teach me about internet culture

What's the difference between communists and nazis? Even both of them were nationalists.

ffs you've admitted this yourself

puny consequentialist

Also true. I took out "they should get over it" because I felt they are bullied enough as is.

Don't pretend like idpolling neolibshits who like to call themselves "leftist" are not a giant nuisance. If the shoe fits…

Maybe long ago. Anyone who today considers himself a GGer or whatever in current year is likely unsalvagable. The gamer community at large, such as it is, maybe there are some souls to win still.

No one on Holla Forums gave a fuck until it was found out some Kotaku shitter was propping up a shitty non-game for sexual favors. Kotaku is one of the least professional video game outlets there is and everyone fucking hates them. Quit trying to rewrite history.

That term is vague bullshit. What group are you asking about?

Social justice just means fairness in society. How this fairness is perceived changes from ideology to ideology.

Now who's fucking strawmanning. He was working for Breitbart, which is a propaganda outlet for the Mercers. His every journalistic decision since joining Breitbart (including GG, which came after) ultimately came back to that. No weird illuminati shit involved.

he wrote about her game before they even interacted at all. quit trying to rewrite history


Holy shit the autism is real.


dialectics in action

I'm sorry, what kind of fucking reality do you inhabit? Trump's in office and you still have the courage to scaremonger about "muh tumbler feminazis" like a pathetic rationale skeptic on Youtube?
Kill yourself.

I know I know, it was Her turn.

Wow, yeah, Trump is the end of the world, not the completely porky-enraptured "left" defended from all criticism by rabid packs of SJW ideologues let Trump live in America's head 24/7 rent-free.

So no matter what fucking happens your boogeyman will remain all-powerful and all-controlling, just like da jooz for Holla Forums tards. Be damned all the evidence that they're actually inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.
Get off of Youtube and get a grip.

I don't believe it. An authentic shill, fresh from /r/anarchism!

You have a weird obsession with accusing others of being outsiders.
I don't have a Reddit account, you're just a huge dipshit.

Don't bother with these cunts, they care about their pet niggers and faggots too much and care about protecting them over taking on the goon shills running our media

It is actually you who sees a bogeyman. Not everyone who uses mean words that make you shake is an aut rightist.

My, what an unusual, rarified sensation on my palette. Is that, perhaps, normalfag shit that needs to get the fuck off my board, with just the slightest seasoning of lazy false flag Holla Forums false flag?

lmao take meds

yeah sure

I've never seen so many flavors of shit in one thread before

They certainly run Reddit and Twitter, both of which are infested with journos and PR flacks. It's not much of a stretch to connect the two.

I get that you guys found out what fyad is like a year ago but there really isn't any deep infiltration. Goons are shit.

The fact that SA is dead isn't relevant, the stench has permeated the internet everywhere their petty highschool clique ladder-climbing instinct is positively received.

Shut up goon. SA was SJW central where the elite media idpol class was trained to push pro-miscegenation and pro-women narratives and hurt the native working class in the west


Wow, walking right into it like that. This reeks of Reddit false flag.

Too obvious, man.