How do Assadcucks justify this?

How do Assadcucks justify this?

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assad dindu nuffin he good boy



I too remember Saddam's many rape dungeons and how he used to personally throw babies out of incubators. So glad the based US got rid of him.

Never happened and they were Israel backed kulaks who deserved it anyways.

He's Muke's father


Nice one user. All anti-americanism is in effect left wing at this point in history.

Mike is the gay love child of Assad and Justin Trudeau. He's truly a medical miracle.


Agreed comrade. We must critically support the Islamic State against the AmeriKKKan empire.

Justify what? A bunch of unsubstantiated allegations? Based on the completely vague concept that these people were "leftists" or "communists," even though the actual Syrian communist party supports Assad's government? Fuck off retard.

ISIS is part of the American empire though.

China is basically performing full-on neocolonialism in Africa and the Left is all but mum about it.

Russia is an imperialist power trying to expand its influence into the Middle East by backing Assad, yet tankies treat him as the "anti-imperialist" option.

We should support Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, India, the Muslim world and the rest of Asia, Cuba, Venezuela, the rest of Latin America, Africa, Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Native Americans, and other indigenous peoples against Western imperialism.

The imperialism of other countries is not important as long as America continues to be THE dominant power. Until America is brought down to the level of every other shitty regional power vying for influence we will not be able to build proper socialism.

No it's not. It isn't even close to colonialism. KYS.

And you're under the impression that some shitty fringe socialist group is going to do that?

This is not an ideological struggle of socialism against capitalism. It's a struggle of geopolitical realpolitik between great powers. One of the benefits of being a political movement with no real power is that you don't have to play realpolitik. You can go for the most ideal option, a world without right-wing imperialist powers and dictatorships, and this plays better with the people you're trying to reach than declaring "critical support" for some third world dictator like you're the premier of your own SSR. You come off as a delusional, contrarian zealot.

What would you call buying up African lands to exploit its resources, settling in tons of Chinese into the area who take up African wives?

This is just utopianism though. What do you want something like the venus project? Some utopian city somewhere in the middle of global capital.
You can't go for anything on a global scale, you just admitted you aren't going to do anything real or play realpolitik this is just utopianism on a global scale


Thanks for revealing that you have no idea what Utopianism is.

I'll say it again, because I think you missed it.


Our positions of global politics will not change the outcome of global politics even the tiniest whit. This our "position" on foreign policy is nothing more than propaganda as we're not even remotely in a position to influence it. Do you put realpolitik in your propaganda? No, obviously not, you're trying to get people on your side, not drive them away. Realpolitik is for when you actually have power, and there's no way for you to predict how that will unfold or what the political climate will be when that happens, so even this "realpolitik" is just propaganda, just really, really bad propaganda.

You don't understand. Getting rid of American hegemony is the ideal option.

Shouldn't you be rioting at Mcdonalds for Schezwan sauce?

The most ideal option is global socialist revolution where we don't have to bargain with lesser evils.

Ah yes because Chinese hegemony is so much more preferable amirite?

Tactics matter, it matters how you approach an issue. Even if we have no power we can disagree about tactics and strategy. If you only talk about a utopia or an "ideal world" without any discussion of how to get there that is pointless. Anyone can do that.

That's impossible as long as the American empire exists.

There will never be another global hegemonic power, at least not for the next 100 or so years. America's reign of terror is the result of certain historical factors that cannot be easily reproduced without massive and total war. We will not be trading one global empire for another.

Trying to take on your enemies all at once will result in complete assrape.

What part of "it's all just propaganda" are you failing to understand?

We weren't talking about propaganda, at least not originally, but rather the correct line.

Which would be important if we had a state, which we don't. We don't have to worry about preserving a state that doesn't exist.

The "correct line" is just propaganda.

this has nothing to do with your lack of a state. you don't want to take on the whole planet at once.

I can't believe there are actually MLs out there that believe this.

It's just so flagrantly incompatible with virtually ANYTHING Marx, Engels, or Lenin said about ANYTHING.

The international proletariat vastly outnumber the global bourgeoisie. If we actually did attack the global bourgeoisie all at once, we would win.

But these are all hypotheticals. Once again, we have no power so our position on global politics is little more than propaganda and should we come into power, we have no idea what the global political situation will look like and how our revolution would affect it.

That's if all of them buy into the false class war.


Tankies BTFO

I think it's time for tankies to admit defeat to be honest

Assad cucks aren't even really socialists tbh

Because they're literally "Friend of my enemy is my friend" idiots. When it comes to world power struggles, all proles lose. Choosing sides is pointless.

Why? Because the opposite wouldn't align with your world view?

that jason unruhe wojak gets me everytime

requesting barrel bombs be filtered to smart bombs

I wonder if tankies thought this shit before the US surpassed the British Empire as the hegemonic world power. Oh wait they where busy with actual revolutionary class politics instead of nationalistic cheerleading

Jesus Christ, can you get even more reality detached and utopian then this.

Still waiting for a justification for this. I'm sure a logical, thought out response will be posted any time soon.

The global bourgeoisie are literally 1% of the population. Less than that, actually. An revolution by the international proletariat would be a curb stomp.

Neither is fucking fringe commie groups playing in global politics, you fucking idiot. That's the point.