"Genocide And Slavery Are OK Cuz Tall Buildings N Stuff"

The Daily Wire basically calling Native Americans savages and saying Columbus dindu nuffin:


I know this prolly ain't Marxism-related and might get anchored for idpol or whatever, but damn…the """Christian""" right's fucked up. Burgers are fucked up (except for the ones that ain't). All this just cuz today's the day people are supposed to honour indigenous American culture and history instead of worshipping a guy that literally got lost half a world away from where he actually wanted to go and killed a buncha chill island people who welcomed him with open arms and sold their 8 to 12-year-old daughters as sex slaves.

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I know! The balls these whiteys have to try and take pride in their history. They need to realize that what they did is wrong, all of it, every single last thing. They're all guilty and we need to make sure they realize that only PoC can truly be proletariat. Whites are inherently bourgeoisie and when the workers rise up they all die.

this is pretty standard american bs. muh violent natives were uncivilized so its ok to kill them all since now we have mcdonalds Szechuan sauce (the pinnacle of western civilization)

This but unironically.

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In fact I'd say that the whites on this board are worse than the whites on Holla Forums. At least the whites on Holla Forums are honest about where they stand, the whites here try to act like they're one of us, like they know the struggle of a truly proletarian life. They're nothing but champagne socialists, bourgeoisie pretending to care about what the real black worker has to deal with on a day to day basis. You people are more dangerous than Holla Forums could ever be, spreading your lies and false consciousness to keep brothers and sisters down so you can keep on keeping on with your white muh privilege. No Holla Forums, when the global proletariat rises up, YOU will be the first against the wall.

You better believe that the largest extermination campaign in the history of the world for the sake of primitive capital accumulation and settler-colonialism is Marxism-related, wtf.


Is Holla Forums even trying?

I've got a strong feeling you're a Holla Forumsack using digital blackface as a way to damage control for this racist shitstain of a video.

Inferiors gonna inferior.

You speak just as I said you did, in lies and false consciousness. You need to self-analyze yourself.

Did you read the words I posted? Are they not true? Point out where I was wrong. Columbus is but one example of the white man's bourgeoisie history of exploitation.

Good for you, but we ain't talking bout your existence here.

fuck off whether you're facetious or not. t. eastern euro.


This is now a black-nationalist thread.


What does "tovarish" even mean?

Comrade in Russian.

Why do leftists make so much more a problem out of this than they do about people who believe muhammad was the perfect man and messenger of god who should be obeyed?

Good to see even a decent number of Daily Wire subscribers calling them out for this in the video's comment section. I guess there's hope for Americans after all.

Didn't realise America celebrated 'muhammad day'. Fuck off.

You're worse than he is, at least he admits to his implicit feelings of white supremacy. But you're sitting here trying to pretend that you care for blacks? Bullshit, the white bourgeoisie can never truly empathize with the global colored proletariat. You profit off of our hard work whether you admit it or not. All you do is obfuscate the real order of things with your false consciousness.

If you're falling for white lies then how does that make you any better than them? You might as well be their dog, a proletariat defending the unjust rights of the global white bourgeoisie.

Fuck Islam. Am I morally consistent enough to make this post yet?


Okay and what does the "t." that everybody keeps putting before shit stand for?

Now please explain to me why admiring columbus is totally bad while calling muhammad the perfect man is not, considering the latter did a lot more bad stuff and dominates the beliefs people hold.

The truth of ideology is found in its apparent contradictions.

it stands for trinity, to bless a person's post with the father, son, and holy spirit

Man, I didn't even read past the (You) part of your reply. Please fuck off. I just don't care.

t. Is just a meme from /int/ it stands for "terevesin" from Finnish which means "regards" do you even hang out on the chans Afroplasm? Why are you still such a newfag.

they're both bad. nobody is saying either is good, fag

This is a BLACK nationalist thread, not a SPANISH nationalist thread. Take your bourgeoisie muh privilege and go shit up some other thread. We're here to talk about the plight of the true global working class, not whine that boohoo you didn't get that extra $10 grand raise in your air-conditioned office. The white man has built his existence through a capitalistic conquest that exploits the colored peoples of this world, you can never know the proletariat struggle.

If you're falling for white lies then how does that make you any better than them? You might as well be their dog, a proletariat defending the unjust rights of the global white bourgeoisie.

According to whom?

No contradictions here. Islamic conquest is and always was fucked up, but how does that make American exceptionalism any less of a dangerous ideology?

you aren't even trying any more

Not /int/ or even 4Chan. Holla Forums's the only image board I need.

And yet you're still giving him (you)s

The Islamic Conquests were justified. They were ultimately nothing more than proud Arabs defending their lands against the exploitative Greco-Romans of Europe.

Still I would get a lot more flack for saying columbus was the perfect man who was just in everything he did than leftist give muslims flack for believing such about their prophet.

Then why do leftists have more problems with politicians who claim that everything columbus did was right then they have with people who claim everything muhammad did was just?

Didn't realize anything more than The Arabian Peninsula's "their [Arab] land". Does expanding into North Africa and the Indian subcontinent count as defending your homeland too?

I wonder if these rightist vermin would defend Columbus if they knew how bad he actually was, or that he never landed anywhere but Carribean islands.

You're so wet behind the ears, Holla Forums.

What fucking leftist anywhere calls Muhammed a perfect man, you worthless Holla Forumsyp?

North Africa was already occupied by the European bourgeoisie, the expansion in that direction was not a conquest but a liberation. I'll admit that the conquest of India was an instance of proletariat infighting, but that doesn't negate the good the Arabs did in pushing the imperialistic, exploitative whites out of the Middle East/North Africa/Spain.

A few things:

1. Your premises are false.
2. Who claims Columbus was perfect?
3. Columbus Day is a national holiday in the country where I live. "Muhammad Day" is not.
4. Columbus wasn't a religious figure - stupid religious beliefs are another ballpark. YHWH/God/Allah is a piece of shit across the board, but I don't just condemn people altogether for their shitty religious beliefs and superstitions.
5. Politicians making policy =/= random religious people clinging to stupid beliefs out of comfort.

So I incorporate Columbus into my religion, it's okay?

They know, but they don't care. "Muh American history" suddenly gets a lot more important to them when it comes to glorifying people who did bad things to non-whites.

And its not even American history at all.

People who can actually offer a rationalization are still welcome to respond.

I was doing you a favour with them for the sake of the argument.

Can you explain to me why shitty beliefs are not warranted the same hostility as other shitty beliefs when they are much shittier when given an explicit comparison?

Not that I don't agree with you on this, just curious about your reasoning.
Then why do leftists never attack policy making politicians for the fact that they are muslims, instead rallying against such attacks made on them?

Depends on your skin colour.


I hope you feel the same way about Marxists

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Columbus was not an important historical figure at all, he commited atrocities against natives for no reason, and was awful to spanish colonists under his rule as well.

funny how that works
arab-byzantine wars were akshully wars of liberation even when arabs slaughtered whole cities

Siege of Baghdad best day of my life

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None of those things contradict the fact that he was an important historical figure. Cruelty and importance are not opposed at all.

They slaughtered whole cities of bourgeoisie lapdogs. There's nothing wrong with fighting back against the lumpenproletariat. The white bourgeoisie will sink and his pets will sink with him when the global colored proletariat finally rises up.


You people know you're all arguing about Ben Shapiro right? White knighting him or his publication unironically no matter how right wing you are should result in immediate contemplation of suicide

people hold.
they both sucked now eat shit

1. no one is excusing anything here unless you think this is a fundamentalist muslim board
2. there's not even an existing argument that reverence of columbus (who never even set foot in north america) has any relevance to any american beliefs
3. columbus was actually a real historical person

Columbus accomplished nothing of long term significance and was largely ignored by historians until pop culture, or at least the 19th century's equivalent too it, reminded people he was a dude that existed.

A historical person who documented every foul thing he and hos men did to the Caribbean Amerindians from sexual slavery to public mass executions at that.

Nobody's white knighting him or the maker of this American exceptionalist propaganda piece. Ben Shapiro's a Zionist and The Daily Wire's just a good value Breitbart.

Yah what Columbus did was fucked up, but he will always be honored because the winers write the history books.

Holla Forumsis being a tryhard, none are supprised

Honestly too many people are focusing on the racist part (and yeah obviously it is) and not enough are focusing on the fact that the video is pure retarded even considering the intent. Like yeah, thank goodness Columbus was there to introduce the natives to corn and teach them how to grow it.

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>tfw you don't get the connection between capitalism and granite cocks. slatestarcodex.com/2014/07/30/meditations-on-moloch/

This sister gets it.

White = Male = Straight = Bourgeois
Black = Female = Queer = Proletarian


That dude has repeatedly shit on leftism while simultaneously showing he has no understanding of it whatsoever.

Go celebrate your weirdo pedo history albino, just stop trying to shove it down my throat. You little bitch.

Video got deleted but it can be found here: youtube.com/watch?v=nBuPHSiP8_w

Ben Shapiro apologized for the video:

Also, did you guys know that Indian reservations are socialist? mises.org/library/native-american-reservations-“socialist-archipelago”

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Had I not read dickless Holla Forumsflakes make posts like this unironically in the past I'd think this was satire.



Minnesota Paid Its Pioneers a Bounty for Every Redskin Killed It is not generally known, in latter day Minnesota history that the state treasury once paid out cash as bounties for Sioux Indian scalps, just as this and many other states are now paying for wolf scalps. State Treasurer Koerner yesterday, in looking over the 1863 report of State Treasurer Charles Schaff, discovered the following item among the

disbursements of that year: J. C. Davis, Sioux scalp……………………. $25 This Item occurs in the list of disbursements, amounting in all to $7,870.06, under the head "Suppressing Indian War." The $25 paid to J. C. Davis for the Indian scalp In question, therefore, had its niche In the cause of suppressing, or spreading, the Sioux outbreak. It doubtless strikes the general reader that $25 is rather a small inducement for securing Sioux scalps. Few hunters today would care to contract for pelts of that kind for that figure. Perhaps that is why more scalps were not presented to the state treasurer for bounties. The above is the only recorded case, so far as a search of the treasurer's reports yesterday revealed. But it is quite possible that other bounties for Indian scalps were paid and not itemized, appearing in the published report lumped, with other Indian war expenditures. At least, if the recollection of two pioneers of Le Sueur county is correct, there was $100 paid for one scalp in that county and $200 for another. The adjutant general was called on by these pioneers the other day to settle a dispute on the question, and that official called to his assistance Judge Flandreau, who In pioneer days was Sioux Indian agent and one of the active men engaged in putting down the Sioux outbreak. Judge Flandreau finally got State Treasurer Koerner enlisted In the work of tracing up bounties for Sioux scalps. But the above is the only case which appears to have been Itemized in the published reports.— Minneapolis Times.

Fuck White people you Caucasian giving - lying sacks of shit.

The Scalp Industry

Although the origins of the practice of scalping may be lost in the nebulous hinterlands of the past, the industry of scalp hunting has a specific and documented history. Although some of the particulars may be shrouded in rumors, the scalp bounty laws instituted a peculiar economic venture between the Mexican government and, primarily, American citizens. Between 1835 and the 1880s, the Mexican authorities paid private armies to hunt Native Americans, paying per kill and using scalps as receipts. The practice began when the Mexican government could no longer provide adequate protection to its citizens from the marauding Apaches and Comanches. The natives rode down from the U.S. killing peons, kidnapping women, and stealing livestock and then would escape back over the border. Because the Mexican military was unable to effectively ward off the threat over such a large expanse and because the Mexican farmers either could not afford or were forbidden to possess arms, the government had to look to alternative methods of suppressing native violence.


Bounty Laws

Sonora was the first state to enact a scalp bounty law; in 1835, offering 100 pesos for the scalps of braves (with a peso roughly equal to an American silver dollar). An American named James Johnson sparked the boom period in 1837 when he fired a concealed canon at close range on unarmed Apaches. The blast tore into Apache warriors as well as women and children, and Johnson and his troops swarmed into the mass of natives, killing and scalping. While this event occurred in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, the scalps were cashed in Sonora, and the entire incident proved how profitable scalp hunting could be. It also flamed native animosity towards both Mexicans and Anglos, encouraging more raids and greater violence (a cycle that continued throughout this era). Soon afterward, Chihuahua enacted a similar law offering a graded bounty: $100 for braves; $50 for squaws; $25 for children under fourteen (although the latter two were ostensibly for live captives). While the callous nature of this business might have limited the number of participants, the Panic of 1837 had left many pioneers and miners strapped for money, and scalp hunting offered a quick profit for men trying to reach California, and the bounty of one Indian was worth more than many Mexicans or Anglos could earn in a year. It also provided financial rewards for a conflict that had begun before a price had been set on Indian blood.

The system was temporarily abandoned, but in 1841 it was revived due to continuos raiding; one Comanche raiding party killed 300 Mexicans and seized over 18,000 head of livestock (as well as countless women and children). The situation continued to worsen for the Mexican authorities, and some historians have suggested that the natives actually "harvested" victims, leaving behind enough survivors and resources so that they could raid again. At one point, the situation had gotten so bad that Apaches were killing Mexicans on the streets of Chihuahua City during the middle of the day. In 1843 the authorities in Chihuahua tried to pit natives tribes against each other and offered Apache tribes a stipend if they would take the knife to the Comanches and stop raiding the state. This plan obviously failed- the Apaches did take the stipend, but began raiding Sonora instead (essentially the Mexicans were paying the tribe to raid other Mexicans)- however, it reveals the desperation of the Mexican government. By 1845, the scalp bounty had be reinstated yet again, and Gov. Don Angel Trias of Chihuahua put out a $9000 reward on the chief of the Apaches- Don Santiago Querque. At this point Querque/Kirker began working for the government scalping the natives that recently had been his allies.

After the Mexican-American War

Ironically, the Mexican peoples finally received relief from the Apache and Comanche raids when the U.S. declared war on Mexico; the U.S. soldiers spent their spare time chasing and hunting the natives. However, without the protection of Kirker and the other Anglos, Chihuahua was again besieged and in 1847 raised the price of scalps to $200. After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, most of the Mexican states revived their scalping bounties again in preparation for more raids (there is little mention of the discontinuation of these bounties- I would speculate though that after the immediate threat was gone they were repealed until the attacks resumed). In 1849, Chihuahua's "Ley Quinto," which would remain on the books until 1886, passed setting a price of $150 for live women and children, $200 for the scalps of warriors, and $250 for live warriors. Most professionals though felt that the extra $50 did not justify the increased risk and so traded in "receipts" only. Durango passed similar laws the same year, and in 1850 Sonora set the price at $150 for warriors and $100 for women and children under fourteen. By mid-1850 Chihuahua and Sonora had included the Seri Indians on their hit lists too. The details of the scalp bounty laws reveal that this wretched business was indeed a business with its own self-policing practices. States, to prevent fraud, defined "scalps" to include one or both ears or the crown (a fresh scalp could be stretched before it was dried and cut into up to a dozen "scalps"). Regulatory committees were also established to examine scalps, but these were often bought off so that the scalps of children were purchased as adults, etc. (As a brief aside, a method of scalping and preserving the receipts was dictated by several of the scalp hunters. In James Kirker's party the duties were relegated to the Shawnees in the group who would cut around the crown and then sit with their feet on the shoulders of the victim and yank the trophy from its place of origin. The scalps were then sprinkled with salt and tied to poles to dry so that they would not deteriorate before they could be sold.)

The rather liberal payment policies of the local authorities made the scalp industry highly profitable. Indian hunters could keep any livestock or loot they recovered, civilians, soldiers, Mexican nationals, and foreigners were all eligible, and unquestioning inspectors all enticed unscrupulous men into this business. Mexican scalps were just as good as Indians, the scalps of women and children were bought for $100 (although the law made no provisions for this), and the bounties were advertised both in Mexico and North of the Rio Grande. Many of the scalp hunters were former Texas Rangers or forty-niners searching for quick cash. Some of the more famous include Major Michael Chevallie, James Kirker, Capt. Michael Box, John Glanton, and John Dusenberry. Other Americans also participated for a different type of payment; the state of Coahuila promised land to groups of Seminoles and a group of run-away slaves led by John Horse (Juan Caballo) in exchange for their services as Indian hunters.

Boom Time

The years of 1849-1850 were the true boom time, but an industry like this can obviously get out of hand (if it didn't begin by being out of hand). From the accounts it seems that no one in the South-west was safe during that year. The recent war with Mexico and the dark hair of the Mexican farmers made the peons easy targets when Indian scalps became scarce or too dangerous to acquire. Scalpers also began slaughtering any natives they could run down, including peaceful tribes like the Pimas and Yumas. Kirker and Box supposedly made rather large profits hunting agricultural tribes along the Rio Grande and Sierra Madre. Groups would also masquerade as natives and raid local villages, an act that served a dual purpose. It reinforced the necessity of the bounty laws and provided scalps that could be then sold to the governors responsible for protecting the village. The authorities did begin to notice that whenever Glanton or other hunting parties passed through a region, Indian activity always increased; a fact that led to many hunters being run out of Mexico and eventually helped to ruin the industry. Scalping as a business peaked that winter when the natives were driven out of the mountains in search of food; in one raid in the Big Bend country Glanton supposedly took 250 scalps (a fact that doesn't appear in Chamberlain's account, so it may have been another scalper). By that spring though, Chihuahua alone had paid out over $17,000 to scalp hunters. Many of the Mexican states found that they did not have the money to pay the scalping parties or that the expenditures were growing to a point where they would soon be bankrupt- another element that helped bring an end to the trade.


Scalp hunting was a high risk industry beyond just the battles required to attain scalps, and it eventually took its toll on the hunters. Some native chiefs began offering bounties for the scalps of Mexicans and Anglos as a retaliatory effort; Chief Gomez set the price at $1000 each after a similar bounty was put on his locks. Scalpers even began scalping other Indian hunters; payment could be collected from the natives if the Mexicans wouldn't accept the scalps. In one gruesome hunting party comprised of Mexicans and Kickapoo Indians, a dispute between the two constituencies arose, and the Mexicans scalped (and redeemed) all of their native hunting (former) allies. By the spring of 1850, the hunters were facing a depletion of their resources, and many were being run out for their indiscretions with the Mexicans they were supposedly protecting. Glanton found a reward on his head in Chihuahua and relocated to Sonora before the Yumas killed him. Both Kirker and Box were run out of Chihuahua and Durango and ended up in California. Although the laws stayed on the books until the 1880s, the industry as such had run its course; violent confrontation continued in the guise of the Indian Wars until most of the tribes were subdued and confined to reservations.