How can we make anarchism more popular...

How can we make anarchism more popular? We need people to automatically think anarchism when they hear "anti-capitalism" instead of thinking of failed state capitalist states.

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The only time people think 'anarchy' is when they talk about Somalia. Anarchism truly has the worst framing out of all the Left movements, even worse than Marxism somehow.



Talk about farming yields in Catalonia, how Democratically Confederalism presents a solid model for dealing with ethnic tensions in regions, which is a huge problem all over the world

Talk about farmers in Honduras throwing out the drug lords and corrupt landlords and the government to form farming co-operatives

Associate it with nice things, say.. slip in you're an anarchist or that you derive insipration from anarchism after establishing in the first place a good image of yourself around acquaintances, friends or family.
Credit anarchy where it's due, similarly to say mentioned inspiration.
Take the right kind of approach with the right kind of folk, say.. with simpletons go the way Chomsky does and avoid complicated, needless bullshit, with intellectuals refferance anything they may or may not be familiar with and show how various aspects of anarchy play a part of what they hold dear, similarly with individuals use anarchy's symbolism and universality to make it seem like it actually is a genuine part of them.

Strike the iron not only while it's hot, but with the right tools and in the right place.
May it become their muse, inspiration, an ideal or their lifeblood, guide their sight and let them see whatever's to their content in mother anarchy.

Google Bookchin

Get in bed with groups or people.
Put in a good name for anarchism.
Shoot down dissenters.

Do good things for and with people without pay and in the name of anarchy.
Be the change etc.


Call it true libertarianism. Don't go for totally stateless just go for a puppet state of the people.


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Bookchin hated egoists, anarchists and individualism in general though. He wrote that he saw it as petulant liberalism.


Lift weights, dress and groom presentably, then talk to people.

Communization theory is just anarchism with pretension.

Bookchin was a pretty big autist he hated a lot of people

Bookchin hated the parts of individualism that he saw as contradictory and childish. I doubt he would have had a problem with Stirner's particular brand of egoism

To be fair there's a lot of shitty leftists that deserve hate

Literally all this board has devolved into. It's a constant circle jerk of
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Does anyone have their own opinions about economics and politics that don't revolve around referencing some other faggots take on 1800's Balkan economics?

Huh? This is a board about discussing leftist ideologies. Why the fuck wouldn't there be discussion about different people's takes on ideologies, you fucking idiot?

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