Gun Control

How does sensible gun control conflicts with workers' right to own firearms and their potentially necessary use in a revolutionary situation? We're talking stuff like licensing, background checks or magazine size restrictions here — not a wholesale ban — similar to how the legislation of most European countries operates today.

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Look no further than the Soviet Union for an example of how mental health diagnoses can be weaponized by the state to repress political undesirables

It doesn't. Gun control is an entirely sensible thing to implement. In the age of drones and nuclear bombs, "arming the peoples" has become obsolete. Government that implements violence upon tens of thousands of peaceful protestors will surely go down in history as tyranny. I feel the wrath of tankies ready to (you) me out of existence already, so let me ponder you about this - has freedom to own semi-autos made america any more revolutionary than any place in Europe? Remember that for every gun your comrades own, it will be matched with guns that your enemies will own. Yeah, I am so fucking thrilled for even more Orlando shootings and Elliot Rodgers.

Only proves my point tbh that you can find these sad single cases only when looking at a region of half a billion people. There would be hundreds of Breiviks if it wasn't for gun control.

It doesn't necessarily.

I think the main conflict is with the state that would be running it. Gun rights have been suppressed for political purposes (a la Reagan's California), though. In my opinion, a society without better gun regulations than this (American) one would probably not be ideal - the whole "guy has legal guns, cracks, uses them" thing has become a real problem. People talk about black market arms - but that stuff is going to people who usually have a coherent criminal motive rather than "kill a fucking bunch of people."

So no guns if your in any ‘sunversive” organizations

no guns for comies

Which will make a revolution harder.

What is gurilla warfare. America with all there advanced technology can’t beat the taloiban in Afganistan.

So 0.0001% od the population. WAY more people die from capitalist policies.

The thing is there's no such thing as "sensible gun control" anymore than there's such a thing as "sensible censorship". Once you offer the bourgeois state the legal apparatus to restrict the revolutionary potential of the proletariat of course they're going to use it for exactly that, why on earth wouldn't they?

Yes, clearly Europe is much safer for having gun control despite Islamic terror attacks happening regularly. Mass murderers are going to mass murder regardless of the law, if they can't get guns they'll just build a bomb or use a vehicle. As we can see in Europe.

The vehicle method is generally less effective. Also Europe being directly connected to the Middle East may change things a bit.

How does Europe compare for domestic shootings (including terrorism), and gun homicides? Do the American-style "lone nuts" build so many bombs in these countries? Are they effective?

Yeah guys, the problem is the guns, not the fact that there's a fractured society with cracks that swallow more and more people as it grows larger, that the frayed safety nets on the way down are getting more holes that people fall through. We really have to worry about the fact that they might kill a few people when they splatter. That's the real problem here.

No European countries check for political affiliation when issuing gun licenses AFAIK.

I'm sure a revolution would be a lot easier with ballistic missiles, that doesn't mean legalizing their recreational ownership is a sensible move.


Yeah I too wish those alienated fucks would just die of liver failure alone and out of sight.

Literally nothing in my post suggest anything even remotely resembling that claim. Get lost.

Yeah, and your last post doesn't contain an analogy worth considering either. People don't just accidentally go out and shoot a dozen people after some time shooting guns.

Unpopular opinion here, but I honestly don't believe that abolishing capitalism will completely solve mental illness.

Guerilla warfare in america would not exist because guerilla warfare depends on a FOREIGN invader/sponsored army. A foreign invader like the US in vietnam, afganistan and iraq had to leave at some point because it is not their homeland. When its americans vs americans ppl have no place to go except leave the country.

A lot of these people didn't have these severe untreatable mental illnesses, a lot of them were people who maybe had a bit of depression and anxiety and some social deficits, but nothing that made them stand out in society. A lot of them even come from the "upper middle class" where people even have money to actually afford getting mental healthcare; just look at Elliot Rodgers, who had been seeing multiple psychologists. They aren't coming from the ranks of people too deranged to be normal, and every time people are surprised that their relatively-normal friend/family member/coworker would do something so shocking. They're normal people. It's the fact that these people have a modest selection of otherwise-manageable psychological problems that are then left to stew in an anti-social hellhole where people only know how to use commodified media to make empty conversations about the commodities of other people to even come close to having normal regular human interaction. Left to ferment for years and years, it eventually reaches a point where they're fucked beyond help and they don't snap, they give up.

That's what makes the whole mass shooting so terrifying, really. Despite what people keep saying about these being sick, twisted people: Most of them just aren't.

Most Americans never even saw most of the landscapes in the country. America is very diverse.

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Better, obviously because Europeans have less guns. But that's just ignoring the fact that Europe, despite having strict gun control in most countries, still has serious problems with domestic terrorists. They just use methods that don't involve guns most of the time. And sometimes they do despite the law (because spoiler alert, criminals don't care about the law too much) For instance the 2015 Paris attacks, killed well over double the amount the recent incident in Vegas has. Gun control doesn't actually make a country any safer from domestic terrorism, this is a liberal myth.

Yes, they do it constantly with consistent double digit death-tolls.

The truck method is pretty shit tho.

Career criminals and people who live that life - sure. But a lot of the guys who do these things in the US probably would not go out of their way to get guns if it were less easy, because they aren't really criminals.


I know you said generally but it still piss me off
Europe is targeted because we are at war, not because we are closed. Also we had a large amount of muslim immigrants for decades who have been treated like untermensch, and wahabits imam have no difficulties to recruit these people in their getthos (in France they even pay you to be a "good muslim") or in prison
We have less death by guns obviously (less than a hundred in France if i remember) but consider population density. If a society is violent you will have deaths by firearm. You cannot stop a technology. Look at brazil they craft pipeguns and when they don't they kill themself with machete or knife. People kill themself because society is violence, not because of guns. Europe doesn't have the same history of poverty than america that's all. We have more wellfare for example.

pick one

There's no such thing as "common sense" gun control. Every argument for it is based off liberal fears and insecurities. Statistically, there's very little supporting it.

People will say, "b-but muh Europe!" because crime is lower in Europe than the US for the most part, and they believe this is cause guns are harder to get. Russia and most of South America have stricter gun control and have much higher murder rates despite this, vs. countries like Switzerland with very lax gun laws (well not for much longer) but very low crime.

In other words, there is no real correlation between gun control and crime. It is, and always has been, just a way of taking away the worker's ability to fight back.

The Vietnam war and American Revolutionary war say hi. Also, you're a complete fucking retard if you think the ruling class is going to destroy its own infrastructure by bombing their own cities where all their wage slaves live who they desperately need to keep their war machine going.

Anyone on this board pushing for gun control is either a undercover liberal parroting whatever they read on facebook without taking 10 minutes to fact check, or they're closeted bootlickers.

That's wrong tho, there exists a variety of studies proving the exact opposite.
Yeah clearly there is no reason anyone could disagree with you other than dissimulated depravity.

Yes, there are extremely cherrypicked studies that show that guns lead to violence. Usually by only comparing the US to a few other countries with strict gun laws, or that only compare gun crime strictly. You can literally look at the murder rate for any country in the world, then look up the gun laws in that country, and you will find that when you compare them all, instead of a cherry picked few, there is no correlation.

Just admit that you have an irrational fear of guns. Only 3.7 in 100,000 people are killed with guns in the US per year. There is no statistical reason to ban them other than people's rights to own one make you "uncomfortable".

Spend some time around guns or at least study them, then maybe your stupid phobia will disappear.

If anybody is on this board push for gun control they are lost. This is not their board. Under no circumstances should leftists be pushing for gun control.

remember this?
"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."

No. Just no. Even succdems need guns.

No liberals allowed.


The war on drugs stopped what?

The war on guns will be much more bloody.

Every day citizens owning RPGs when? Fine in my book.