Capitalism Finally Legitimizes Its Continued Existence

Marx was wrong, capitalism really is the end of history.

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They deliberately supplied too little, didn't they?

so these are the powerful memes Holla Forums keeps preaching us about.

Nintendo taught them well…

no it was too much government intervention

I'm abandoning socialism because of this. Turns out capitalism does work after all. If it wasn't for the rage of the consumer (the true class that will lead us to utopia) these people would've been forced to make larger quantities of cheap szechaun for less money on their own, and that's unacceptable.

Proles don't exist, the consumer is the true revolutionary subject.

peak capitalism


Babbys first capitalism plans.

I'm converting my BTC into SZC as we speak, you're already too late to jump on this train. WINNING!

marketeers get the bullet first

and this is why central planning will lose

galaxy brain: make fake szechuan sauce and sell it now

I am genuinely shameful that this is happening, that human beings have lost their shit over a fucking mcdonalds sauce packet. I'm a little angry at McDonalds that they did this shit in the first place but I just can't believe that it worked, that any portion of the human population, even burgerstan, is capable of being brainwashed and corporate cucked to be this fucking submissive where they actually riot over a fucking 2 cent tub of mcdonalds sauce packet because it was advertised on a cartoon. I don't even think this is intentional, I think McDonalds was doing a standard test run and accidentally stumbled upon peak spectacle, because not even the greasiest marketing suit could have predicted that things would get this unbelievably bad. I can't even laugh at the nightmare anymore, I just feel sick.

rick and morty fans are the new revolutionary subject

Kim will fix everything don't worry
Yeah. This shit could happen only in a doghouse tier country like america. fite me

oh so that was the great deal about that sauce.

that's it, we've finally reached peak burger

there's a tutorial of how to make it almost exactly online if anyone wants to scam some autists

Have we reached peak burger levels?

without the packaging it's worthless though, that's the point

How hard could it be to stuff it in a plastic bottle and print out a label?

I'm really afraid to say yes. I can't personally imagine any way that things could get worse then this but I know that's just inviting the next round where, I don't know, the proletariat rise up and revolt so that they can replace neoliberalism with ancap because walmart promised them that they'd bring prices down by up to 50 cents on some items if they are in power, and within a week we're all breathing oxygen from a can as we work our 23 hour workdays at the mandated walmart sweatshops on pain of having the walpolice bash our skulls open if we refuse.

if somebody got injured fighting to get the sauce yeah.

so is this sauce really that good?
only macdonalds sauce I can tolerate is a cheese sauce


I’m not even surprised. Florida is fifty times worse then regular burgerstan levels of crazy.

It's literally just a small variation on their sweet and sour and bbq sauces mixed together

that's like what I make in a month wtf

Why is that? Is it the weather?

With the exception of New England food in Burgerstan tastes like shit, so it’s safe to say no.

Americans are a fucking JOKE. Fuck you if you're American you are literally destroying the world culturally. LOL at Americans who believe some obscure theorist at the Frankfurt School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is responsible for this.

Authentic bbq in NC and texas are good, fight me also there's good versions of other people's food in LA


It's crack with chicken nuggets from what I remember, I'm vegan now so I'm going to try the sauce recipe with stir-fry vegetables.

If New England ever becomes independent the first thing we must do is burn down all fast food restaurants.

New England us no better than anywhere else on the water, healthier maybe but I had deep friend aligator in Florida and it was amazing.

Propaganda of the deed when?

You make 15 grand a month? I little more than than that an people call me borg

Of course nobody here understands what this is all about, because you actually need a pretty high I to appreciate all the subtleties of McD's Szechuan sauce. The interplay of the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and liquid smoke is just incomparable, but only to those capable of teasing out the intricacies and truly enjoying the sauce, which obviously doesn't include ANYBODY here.

The water

You have to have a high autism level to understand the saues.

Why doesn't America have any José Bové style agrarian syndicalists to burn down McDees and Monsanto fields?


petite borg, now send me paypal munz

Great fake news story

Florida is not crazier than any other state, they just have better police disclosure laws, so reporters get to hear about all the weird shit people get arrested for.

shall we call it… "Flourida"?

No, because that's not how you spell fluoride.

Why aren't we using this to spread class consciousness?

Yes, the "a" at the end is a joke.

It should start with fluo not flou

Wow… so this is the power… of capitalism…




Because if you say anything to the effect of "America should stop existing" that's sedition and gets max 10 years in prison, and being part of an actual commie org gets you stripped of any constitutional rights on paper, meaning the alphabet soup can take you to one of their dozens of black sites to torture you until they get bored.

This got so cringy that right at the end it became hilarious.

The intent is pretty explicit.

He's clearly doing it for laughs.

That doesn't make it better

OK but the reason why ironic shitposting turns into unironic shitposting is that people fail to identify the irony, which is what I just did.

t. justin "make the union disband" roiland

I don't know, maybe he learned his lesson. He's a hothead but tries to be a cool guy. The union thing was probably just ideology poisoning and self-interest. Of course it's a lot easier to sympathize with strikes when they're not striking against you specifically.

no, it's not okay to jump on a counter and make a retard of yourself in public even if 'it's ironic', yeah everyone watching that can see he's trying to make a joke but that's equally as fucking embarrassing and stupid. IRONIC SHITPOSTING IS STILL SHITPOSTING.


Yeah, no shit. If you're making a killing and not giving your staff pensions or healthcare and you then fire them after they unionise you're not a cool guy no matter how much you try on twitter. You are, in fact, a massive fuckhead.

I wasn't trying to excuse the behavior, fam. I was trying to point out that he's being extreme to make fun of people i.e. he's completely aware of what he's doing making him more responsible for his actions not less. If he was genuinely overcome by rage it would be more understandable, but knowingly being a "satirist" like this runs the risk of being misunderstood and normalizing a more extreme version of the behavior than was previously normal (see: MLP fans, the alt-right, and Neon Genesis Evangelion fans).

Mulan 4 - Szechuan Nights coming this summer to a theather near you.

t. disney executive

He's not a massive fuckhead, the workers are lazy shitstains for not seizing the means of production. Blame the strikers who just rolled over and died after they got "fired"


I'm kind of uspet that nobody made a big deal out of it. Imagine if the animators took advantage of the whole "season 3 isn't very good" thing and got lots of attention by making a fuss on social media. It was a good opportunity to raise class consciousness but it went to waste (story of burgerstan these days).

You're half right, they're all massive fuckheads.

Everyone got what they deserved.

the fuck

You mean petit-bourgeois farmer upset by GMÖs?

Yeah everyone except every single person involved. You're really dealing out the hot takes today, user. Did you not get your szechuan sauce?

I'm sorry but 'i'm a trendy countercultural liberal but fuck the unions' guy deserves it. He can eat shit.

Everyone got what they deserved. Workers who sit idly by and allow the means of production to be controlled by capitalists deserve nothing short of capitalism. I don't sympathize with them one bit, they accepted what they got and they got what they deserved.

t. neet

What are you guys talking about?


Look forward to you being bullied in the workplace after you graduate tbqh.

Roiland had a tantrum some time before season three because the talent unionised. Season three comes round and half the writers are missing and adult swim are getting their dick sucked by the liberal media for "diversifying" the workplace. It looks like they killed several birds with one stone by hiring a load of no name women and replacing the union workers.

Forgot to add this is why the first half of season three is complete shit.

t. armchair socialist who whines about workers that don't care about his whining

Oh shit mr.reddit is a cuntbag. That's not really surprising actually.

No but really I guess that sucks if you like the show.


enjoy being cucked by the bank

The first half is all the female writers they've taken on board trying to mimic the other two seasons. It's painful to watch at some points, but funny to watch all the "smart" redditors not spot this.

The fact you come across as a spergy autist even on imageboards makes me doubt that.


Selling painted Warhammer figurines on your dad's ebay account is not a small business, user.

It seems like once you have a solid fanbase for a show you really risk nothing by dropping the quality a ton. I mean people still watch the Simpsons for fucksake.

Oh shit satan is pro small businesses

I just think people ultimately get what they deserve, in general. Everyone here whines about the poor workers, but when was the last time the workers in this country really did something to try to advance themselves collectively? It's like wanting a drug addict who doesn't want to be sober to be sober; it's a fool's errand. People need to want something to ever get a chance at it in the first place.

The only thing I know about warhammer is the space marines meme.

Yeah man. If only those workers read Rand and learned to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.


Have you not read any of my other replies? You're just making yourself look stupid user, I've said pretty much the exact opposite of that so far.

I hope they give Rick an unironic catchphrase at some point, it will be great seeing the redditors do mental gymnastics over it.

You know user, instead of hamfistedly trying to work your very real and successful small business into a conversation on an anonymous imageboard about Szechuan sauce you can engage in a voluntary exchange with a surgeon to give you a penis enlargement, saving countless people the hassle of this completely fruitless conversation in the future.


To be fair those were probably the people who were there to try to flip it on ebay, not the ones there 'for the ironic maymay', so good on them really.


Yeah, nothing to do with you acting like the autistic anti-worker faggot you are.

Yeah dude. You're totally different from some randian ancap asshole.

If you took what I said as anti-worker, then I don't know what to say to you. Are you not a Marxist? Do you not think that collective action is the only way forward? Do you not think that the means of production need to be seized in order to change our mode of production? Would I be more pro-worker if I was happy that they were fired to unionizing?

And why is that?

Tbh I've never read Rand and I don't think Ancap is very feasible. Certainly not in the long term.

Obviously, but it's stupid to blame the workers alone for this not happening, the whole force of societal indoctrination is working in porky's favour.


You said you were, you stupid fuck.

Where did I say I was happy they got fired? I said they got what they deserved. That's not an opinion of happiness or sadness, that's more fatalistic than anything. Workers shouldn't expect anything more than they can demand through collective action.

Because america is a unbearably classcucked dystopia where porky is winning the class war on every single front. Education, media, entertainment etc. They have a gridlock on the culture itself and don't get me started on cointelpro or outright murdering leftist leaders both at home and abroad. Are you actually ignorant of how this came to be or are you satisfied just saying "heh should have organized kid"?
I love how much he cried about how quick the union made him sign a deal when the staff were getting ripped off for three years.

Fuck the rich, fuck the system! Stick it to porky and evil Amerikkka.

Are you even trying anymore Holla Forums?

he actually posted it, the madman.
Also reddit is not on our side or anti-capitalist.

Idk what you do but I am employed, with no employees, and not a business/factory owner so I don't really worry about what people call me. Also I have to live in the most depressing place on Earth to do it

Oh so you're a southerner also. I feel your pain on that front.

McDonalds has fans?


But what was the opportunity cost of those 3 years ?

Not exactly, I got sent overseas to work
close enough though

kek. saved

thank you rick & morty creators, you are truly our greatest allies

Jesus Christ what has this planet become

if he was gonna smash it anyway then why the fuck didnt he eat some first, like what the fuck you can't have it both ways. That's like a guy buying a PS4 just to smash it in front of the queue on release day to troll, but then he scrapes up all the pieces and tries to put it back together because he's a fucking idiot and he actually did want it.



this was for not

I just stopped replying to him since he's obviously the sort of weaselly reddit tier type that dog whistles Holla Forums shit then claims to be a classical liberal.