If the much more organized and United left was unable to seize power or overthrow capitalism when it failed in the...

If the much more organized and United left was unable to seize power or overthrow capitalism when it failed in the Great Depression, how are we ever supposed to win?
The states appartus is huge and when capital fails I see it being it a hugely more advantageous position to implement fascism/systems to save wageslavery rather then the workers seizing the MoP

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memes my comrade

we have the collapse of the environment and peak oil to look forward to, that's our only chance to seize control.

If you really want to be able to implement your desired system(s), your only viable option is to do it separately. Possibly by declaring independence within a geographical region and backing up that declaration with both responsible force and some sort of economic system that can support the population without them having to resort to taking resources from their unwilling geopolitical neighbors. Anytime you try to drag the rest of us into your system, we will resist because we have no interest in living under that. The biggest reason this keeps blowing up in your faces is because you insist that everybody on the entire planet do it your way. Is that really necessary? Is it worth it? Why not just establish your own peaceful region elsewhere and live as you desire without forcing it upon everyone else? There are tribal peoples on islands in the Indian ocean who pull this off quite nicely, so it can be done.

You don't.
The left was in the best position it could ever hope to be from ~1917-1938.
At this point it is far to late to hope for any real success with socialism.

That said, global/neo-liberal capitalism is not exactly in a wonderful position.
Non-socialist ideologies that offer a tangible alternative to capitalism are going to be more and more attractive to masses.
I recommend that you investigate Technocracy.

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if only the Africans and Asians had been armed with this knowledge in the 19th century, just live peacefully bro, the imperialists will just leave you alone bro as long as you explain them that you are completely peaceful bro and that you want nothing to do with their system bro
10 tribes on the Andamans can do it, so why not the rest of the 7 billion??


being honest, there have been some technological developments Marx didn't/couldn't have accounted for

The left wins when the argument becomes life and death for the majority of proles. Lenin didn't hand out pamphlets and give lectures in acedamia he just promised people food

This, tbh

The left was more organized and united because capitalism was reaching a peak point that we haven't seen since. Porky
got away because social-democrats prolonged their existence and because majority of the planet was still not yet industrialized.

Problem with modern socialists is that they're too impatient. Capitalism took centuries to defeat feudalism and the aristocracy. So will socialism.

This is exactly why we need to get organised

I really hope ur memeing and not actually this much of an ignorant idealist

Real talk, was Huey /yourguy/?

That's basically almost the entire left in a nutshell. Everyone wants to defeat capitalism in his/her lifetime. Opportunists the lot of them.

i sympathize with mussolini-style actual fascism due to it being more attainable than socialism and communism. it's not bad, really. people think nationalism means racism and people think fascism means capitalism and nazism though

Honestly the only things that I really have a problem with when it comes to fascism is its obsession with aesthetics and strict muh nature bullshit.

By making the US wahhabist.

i kind of like the aesthetics aspect, actually. sometimes the state-worship stuff freaks me out, though. as for the nature part, it seems more realistic than strict materialism.
i don't think fascism will ever be understood though, especially with antifa running around saying that nazis are fascists and so on. i'd argue it's even more misunderstood than communism at this point

The only way for revolution to become possible in America is for the petrodollar to collapse.

You are such a fucking idiot. Read before posting.
Because it is capitalism. I'm italian and here we study fascism for what it was. Fucking americans

fascism is explicitly anti-capitalist and advocates for a type of syndicalism
you sound like polish kids on 4chan telling people that their great great grandfather was killed by stalin

Didn't the global rate of profit dip below Great Depression levels sometime around the 70s and has stayed there since? The Great Depression was temporary and could be ideologically written off as a hiccup or a fluke, but now we're perpetually dealing with the contradictions of capitalism because it's run out of buffers to exploit. There's very little of the world left to expand into (geographically for workers/consumers AND with regard to natural resources to the point that fracking is poisoning water supplies and causing earthquakes), wages are already about as low as they can get, an unbelievable amount of production/GDP goes to outright waste (redundancy like planned obsolescence and inherently useless products that depend entirely on marketing), perpetual imperialist warfare over the petrodollar, and the march of technology promises to outmode vast swathes of necessary labor regardless of how much vested capitalist interests try to resist (because there's always more money to be made on a venture with high growth potential and low labor costs, there will always be capitalists/investors eager to exploit the opportunity).

The Great Depression was more like capitalists getting too cocky in the "mid game" and fucking up by not safeguarding capitalism enough (look how much a little Keynesianism and war turned the economy around). At that stage there was still plenty of wiggle room to get out of the depression and preserve capitalism when the big crisis hit. It was possible to write it off as a hiccup because a dramatic recovery was possible. But now there's not really any room left. What are the capitalists going to do when we get the next big crisis? What can they do? Capitalism has pretty much expanded to fill its container (Earth), and we're still at least decades away from the possibility of Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism or Space Capitalism to save the system. If we tried the neoliberal/Keynesian method again, where would we even get the money? We have enough people to do the work, we have the MoP to do the work, we have the market to buy the products, but SNLT required to our needs is so much lower now that even when we produce much more than what we need (right now) wages and available work don't add up enough to sustain people. To do that we'd have to dig into profits, which would kill the businesses and the capitalist system itself.

liberals get out



Sad! If you want to fight fascism you should at least know what fascism is. Read about the British Union Of Fascists, for starters.

No it's not. Fascism doesn't have a coherent ideology. It's not news that both fascism and nazism stole the left rethoric. Also class collaborationism is not socialism. Plus Mussolini was appointed by the fucking kind and the party was mostly financed by industrials

appointed by the fucking king*


i'm not a fascist, just to be clear. i do think that fascism would be easier to implement than communism, because, look, it is. it's happened, and communism hasn't and maybe never will, despite my desire for it being strong.
fascism isn't perfect but it's not the evil capitalist idea that most people see it as.

this user speaks the truth

You aware that fascism was always supported by the buisness class, Never by the people?
Also the doctrine of fascism was refuted by the same mussolini.
Tell me what's socialist or not evil about this.
You remind me of those nolstalgic of italian fascism "War was the only mistake".
War was necessary and integral to the economic system.
Also stop posting fucking mosley, we are talking about mussolini here

Also read fucking gramsci. Here is one of his debates in the parlament with mussolini

Musso confirmed for /ourguy/


Are you fucking kidding me?
Now fascism is accepted here? Seriously read fucking gramsci

he's calling the person you're responding to the troll, not you

you're just the person feeding the troll