So if i want the Liberal party out of power and leftists in power…i should vote for the liberals???

there are no leftists to take power

but if the situation got shit enough would leftists no emerge?

Sorry to bring it to you, but accelerationism without the party beforehand is useless, but if there's a party, then accelerationism is useless too.

I also find the notion of accelerationism pretty silly, as if you can choose the rates of antagonisms between the capitalist and the worker. It doesn't work like that.

Do not vote the liberal and labor to the top because they do not fix the problems fast enough.

non-aussie here, can someone explain who these people are exactly? I am confuse

Dead party.

No, it is getting popular.

KAP aren't expanding. If they are they still are confined to Queensland.

Not Australian, but from what I hear about them they sound like watered down nazbols. Better them in power then liberals though.

no, with a country like Australia, when economic catastrophe hits, it could go either full socialist revolution or fascism. Best to try and keep things stable for now, spread left politics as much as possible and fingers crossed we don't turn into Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Vegemite eating VB bottle cunt glassin comrades unite
When the revolution comes can we give the bourg Tasmania to fuck off and die on then just fucking glass it

I say we banish the porkies to Christmas Island and turn it into a gulag.

Yes but the voters are important for the democracy. Queensland has surpassed the 4 million populations so we have to take that into consideration. It is going to be a annoying hinder to the commies. When the economy collapse then it will be like said. I hope it's fascism if it is to happen.

More proof nazbols are just fashies who don't want to get banned

Not an aussie, but you guys should banish them to england

Dead right wing socdems. Social policies are alright, "Australia is a Christian nation, climate change is like alligators in the ceiling dude" is not alright.

will be a Taiwan 2: electric boogaloo

A somewhat nationalist, agrarian, conservative Christian party.
But they do have rather good (relatively speaking of-course) policies on the economy and guns, so I tend to preference them pretty high.

Tasmania is the only place on this bloody continent with constantly nice weather, fam.
Give the porkies fucking Darwin or Melbourne.

Give them Victoria and then sink that shithole into the sea plz

Don't give them Victoria, it's got working class history.

Nazbols are authoritarian nationalist so it's natural for the Nazbol to be sympathetic toward the fashies.

Australia cannot run efficiently without the white people so next time please uses your brain.


North Queensland Master Race reporting in, it's gonna take one huge financial crash to uncuck this country and make our fellow proles class-conscious. It's time to Make Australia Class Conscious Again (MACCA)

Fuck off cunt, Tasmania is Australia's inbred containment zone with similar shitty weather to England

Nah m8, Fagtoria's going too, and Melbourne's gonna be a single nuke crater


I swear to god once turmoil sets in I'm going to personally put a bullet through every Chia latte drinking Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide/Perth bourgeois.

Enjoy your fucking nightmare weather, snakes and cassowaries, fam.
You have my condolences.

As neo-liberalism has shown over the past several decades.
Progressively making the life of the average person worse does not make them become class conscious.

Look to Japan if you want to see what advanced neo-liberalism combined with a prolonged financial crisis does to a population.
Hint: The do not all suddenly start singing the fucking internationale.

A financial crisis provides opportunity for an ideology to grow or even take power, by presenting a tangible alternative to the current way of things.
But expecting the population to suddenly start mass adopting your world view is utterly childish and fanciful.

That is what makes it such a nice place.
The remainder of the continent is subject to fucking horrid weather year round.

I would imagine that the universities would be painted red.
They fucking crawl with bourgeois, sjw liberals.

How about we try to get a state or territory to secede then all first world comrades migrate their en masse and turn it red
Don't tell me QLD/WA/NT which is ravaged by capitalism and the mining boom tearing communities apart isn't ready to go class conscious
Well cratter Melbourne and Sydney and let the rural/working class migrants join our paradise

Wtf I love them now.

as a perthfag i would like for wa to secede (sa and nt can come too if they want). i would be happy if the eastern states just fell into the sea

God save us..

That's because that is not what accelerationism is and you're beating a strawman.

Seize the mines of production and vegemite factories with our drunk centrelink leeching comrades on a Friday night with the boys

Sounds pretty fun tbh, wish we had a party like this here

Who is Nick Land anyways?

k i'll call robbo and see if he's keen

The father of accelerationism

Does he believe in anything else.


WA tried to secede and Australian government refused to allow them to secede. WA is supposed to be a nation long time ago.

The Kelly Gang will fuckin' crush the Anti-Victorian Gang.

Just fucking bomb Canberra. Take that shit hole out.

that's some interesting ideology.

Accelerationism is more about pushing de/re-territorialization (real dialectic) out of homeostatic equilibria to affect an interleaving of transcendent difference (alienation) into the absolute plane of immanence (generalization) at beyond its ordinary constitutive resilience (Aufheben). More concretely: nation and state are becoming disjunctive (antagonistic) at such a rate that the general ideoimaginal fabric is fraying at the seams. Here we see the simultaneous unprecedented era of intrusive IT in boundless growth on one pole, and the "crisis of manufacturing consent" as Zizek put it on another, with the consequence that there is attempted top-down compensation through continually build up of the repressive and propaganda apparatuses as enabled by the former moment, while increasingly aiming this at the ordinarily most enfranchized, aggravating the latter, disrupting such embryonic normative precepts such as "general will" and "social contract". While also effervescing into attendant dialectical disturbances such as we can see in the current accumulation of contradiction and inversions in the mainstream left.

that's some interesting ideology.

The only "left wing" party in mainstream Australian Politics.

Rural pork barrellers. That is all. The idea of Kulaks being socialists is preposterous. When your in it for yourself but not for others you are not a socialist. Also Robbie Katter is a cunt and i cut him off because he voted for the lockout laws. Although i didnt get the sack or hear anything about it, which is nice. Maybe he actually was drunk idk

wew lad

There's no organised left here.
Not even left populism
The greens are a neoliberal joke
Australians have a tendency to be at best center left on social issues, and centrist on economics.
There is no hope of Australia taking the lead on anything.

Australian 'left':
relevent parties- Labour - Blairites/obama typed middle ground 'moderates' long sold out all elements of socialism, barely give a shit about unions
Greens- idpol neoliberals whom are called our far left because they're environmentalist and socially progressive, can get real idpoly like the Sarah Hanson porky.
Katters: moderate social reactionary with a huge rural regionalist focus, not ideal given most of Australia lives in metropolitian/suburban areas and even then aren't that left
Minor/irrelevant parties:
Social alliance: idpol obsessed scum, trots/succdems
Social alternative: idpol obsessed with elements of third worldism

TLDR Australia has no actual good leftist parties so if you want your vote to be counted you have to vote for idpolers or for concessions like slowly global warming

Finally someone who gets it

I agree on the first part, but not sure why it is a big deal that the ideoimaginal fabric is fraying at the seams

Didn't we see this in America? Isn't the Trump phenomenon a symptom of how advanced is this degeneration of the social contract? Has anything of interest come out of that?

Isn't the mainstream left part of this very same ideological apparatus? The one that it is fraying at the seams? I fail to see how what the mainstream left does is relevant at all.

The problem with your post is that it wasn't accelerationist enough, you explained well enough what it is, but we disagree on what it is trying to accomplish, what I can interpret from your text is that you expect a more radical left to emerge from the rubble of our current socdem/neoliberal social contract, but wouldn't this new left effectively re-stabilize the system? If the nation-state and Capital are in an union of dialectical opposites (I know accelerationism isn't supposed to be dialectical, but for the sake of argument) what does it take to break this union and achieve aufheben? If your answer is revolution then top kek, the proletariat is long dead as a radical subject.

But, if following Nick Land, we imagine Capital as the real revolutionary subject then new, terrifying vistas open up. Let's say the social contract effectively breaks down, how does Capital respond? Land tweeted once that he's trying to teach Capital how to be naughty, as if Capital has never been naughty. We know Capital has been brutal and inhuman for most of its history, so what Land is saying is that Capital hasn't been brutal and inhuman enough, this has big implications for any Promethean prospect (and I believe, if accelerationism isn't Promethean then it is nothing), without a State to keep him at check we can expect Porky clamping down on Earth's surplus population using Terminator Coca Cola death squads and enslaving the few remaining survivors as it uses this new cycle of primitive accumulation opened up by this act of creative destruction to launch a privatized space race that effectively launches (post)humanity towards the cosmos. Frankly I find this future much more interesting than a repeat of 20th century leftist failures.

Fellas, if the liberals are in power during the coming recession (and it's gonna be stark) we should push the idea that liberals caused the recession. They're instantly gonna gut the welfare state anyway. So we should use this opportunity to push policies. (Yes I know opportunism) and become largely a mechanised nuclear and agrarian state thougts?

Katter isn't left, he just fell for the protectionism meme

Liberals consistently fuck the economy. No matter how many times this is proven, the public never get their heads around it.

They obviously wont be. God loves them too much for that. Remember Murdoch turned on howard in 07.

QLD elections soon

FKN federal election soon. Should i join the pirate party and try to steer them towards cyber socialism?

idk maybe if u want a hobby or something

That is because they know that the politicans are corrupted so they are very apathetic to the politic.

He’s pro nationalisation of essential services, pro unionism, pro government subsidies and against multinationals. I’d say he’s an old school Keynesian and therefore more ‘left’ than any of the mainstream.

I like how he stated something like, “There are no homosexuals in North Queensland. I’d walk to Bourke backwards if they made up more than 1% of my electorate.”

Because this is the glue that holds civilization together.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Yes they are. Their decay is an evidence to be explained and examined, there is no direct access to any of this.
I expect the territories of "Left" and "Right" themselves as well as any ordinary concept of politics to break down. The point of the Outside is that you can't actually anticipate it, it's logically impossible to do so.
Well I agree something along these lines is on the cards as it is now, wouldn't this just make acceleration merely like ripping off a band-aid? Like just hastening the inevitable out of anxious anticipation?
I'm sure there's private tourism, but I see no reason why they would try head for the stars? Simply the raw bacterial will to colonize and accumulate, the logic of the petri dish, taken to its inevitable conclusion? Or some kind of aggravated wanderlust? Outside of considerably new physics it seems pretty unlikely to be worthwhile, and tapping energy on that scale locally seems to render the resources question moot, if it would ever be economical to try bring back rocks or gasses or whatever from deep space, and there seems to be no reason whatever to send humans.
Outside of the thrill of close orbit, comparable to bungee jumping, it seems insanely boring and pointless. Those Hubble photos of nebula are false color, there's nothing to even see out there. Unless the universe is teeming with interesting (to you, now, the Deleuzian seer) alternative life, after Porky extincted most of it here, in which case still, it's a very long way to go for a safari. Sentience would most likely not have much worth exchanging with Zucc's parthenogenic line and instead interpret it is an invasive weed (to the nearest anthropic analogy). Only nerds daydream about LARPing Star Trek, and where we're going you won't even need eyes.

My god yess, fucking yeah, now this is accelerationism my man

cant speak for australian people (you have mandatory voting if im not mistaken, right?) but the best form of accelerationism otherwise is encouraging sabotage of bourgeois elections and spreading your ideas/organization at a grassroots level outside of the framework that porky imposes on you

either if you convince most of the left to stay home, the liberals win anyway so it's mostly the same effect. But you get the benefit of actually accomplishing things like making the common people mistrust the capitalist institutions and work towards something else.