Fascism problem in the baltics, Estonia

I keep seeing young college student history majors falling for the fascism meme in supporting our local far-right party (which was established only in 2014 and is already 3rd biggest in our country) and I feel like being in EU is the only reason why we haven't had a literal fascist uprising here. As a leftist, I am afraid of my country unironically becoming far-right more and more by each election. For fuck's sake, look at pic related, our far-right party's official facebook page is LITERALLY SHARING FUCKING INTERNET MEMES and gets away with it.

Do you think my fears are justified or should I just wait until the fascism meme rolls over and dies on it's own? Also, is this happening somewhere else in europe or is this there something wrong with the baltics in particular?

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I think you should stop being a little bitch and being afraid of "muh fasicists"
If they are so popular there must be a good reason for this

Yeah im sure your fears are totally justified

truly worse than Hitler

Well they are anti-EU party who supported Brexit, supports Trump, have repeatedly made racist statements, and leader of their youth organization has written for Daily Stormer, browses Holla Forums and watched Murdoch Murdoch. They are economically left wing party with staunchly actually reactionary values, and they are heavily endorse nationalism. 90% of their rhetorics bemoans about feminism, homosexuals, refugees, local russians and "supposed commies" like social democrats and any organization or politician ever that tries to protect the interests of our local russian communities.

You fucking tell me they are just "harmless conservatives".

Go back to Holla Forums retard

sorry user but here people are liberals, they only are against fascism as long as some american "ourbois" antifa punches some dumb hick. Few people here care about discussing politics, most just want to apear smart.

This sounds kinda sad. I am not SJW by any means and I have real life experiences to prove my disagreements with SJW liberals, but I am not going to sit and cheer for neoliberals getting BTFO in my country with the cost of nationalist far-right morons seizing power instead. I'd rather flee the country than get my ass drafted to die fighting against Russia because far-right idiots decided to holocaust local russians and our collective ass getting Ukraine'd as a result.

dunno man it's very sad when the choice is between neolib and fascist. I feel you, in my country (italy) I never met a single communist and a lot of young people are far right. And what I hate the most is they can't fucking shut up about it. Everything must be to take a jab at GOMMIESXD or some "ironic" politically incorrect thing about hitler or whatever. It has happened to me that just by opposing my view to theirs on minor political things I got called a commie. And they fucking think they are cool hip and counterculture, that politics are about jew feminist niggers destroying white civilization and all the shit. How can people be so fucking out of touch with reality?

sounds very democratic, in deed

You relate to my situation, I feel for you fam. It seems like "cool kid thing" to spew alt right shit and HELICOPTERSxd bs. There are local elections coming up here, and I'm going to vote for a certain centre-left party that has a working-class vibe to it and isn't socdem in particular, and this is only because there is one local candidate that is a decent person, I met and talked to that candidate at one public event. In general I don't have much hope though, and like you said, only real choice is between neolib and fash.

Sometimes I hope more failures like Cville come along. I seriously enjoyed how triggered and confused Holla Forumsflakes were for a month after Cville, except it would be great for one Cville-incident to happen in Europe too.

Stay strong there in Italy m8, automatisation will soon disillusion people from the capitalist meme and if we survive the wave of capitalism-in-decay (fascist reactionaries), then only possible solution is communism.


So fascist

so terrible

They sound like edgy nazbols.

Doesn’t Italy have a Eurocom party?

I always felt local elections are very different from national ones, it's possible to have candidates focus on right things even if they are not really aligned with your position. But then again it's not like you can vote local commie in a lot of places. And yes i felt good too for the fuckers getting blasted for cville. But in general trump administration is a great thing to buttblast those who "praised kek" in 2016. A favourite of mine is saying that in russia there has been a fuck tonne of terrorist attacks, since these stupid assholes usually think daddy putin will remove kebab.

PRC a shit

This party annually organizes fucking torchlight marches. And they are economically left in a way how Str.asser is economically left. The leader of their youth organization got into scandal for praising Hitler at a local student bar. What more proof do you need? See pics related.


When russians are hating gays and brown people, our local fash praises this as "example of harmonious social cohesion between estonian and local russian community" but in any other case, they don't give a shit about local russians and will likely holocaust them to prove how "nationalist" they are.

I agree with the rest of your post tbh. Are there any decent non-idpol lefties at all in Italy currently?

sadly for a period of time I completely opted out from politics, social life and external world so I need to do some research on politics of my country myself. Embarassing, I know, I guess that's what you get for being a shut in.

This is completely understandable, except for the social part. I think every person should try to maintain SOME kind of social life, even if it's social life that consists of socializing with other social outcasts. Good luck anyways m8!

Opion ignored

Wait what do Estonians get to be nationalist about? Is it filled with le ebil mooselimbs or is it more that they just don't like Russians?

About not wanting to get browned by mama Merkel


OP here, we are 99.8% european according to stats, so we have only like maybe few hundred brown peoples in total. It's mostly about the russians. As an estonian, this pisses me off, because throughout my life I've met russians that have been pretty decent and even had bad experiences, but still I can never bring myself to view people as a collective belonging to some nationality. Yeah I guess it's easier to get along with another estonian since there is similar cultural background and language, but I've also spoke with people from other corners of the world, even brown people and such, and I've found they really aren't that different at all, especially if they have a western background.

I know right, fucking cancer.

I didn't want to include that wiki piece of quote since I know how you guys feel about neolibs, but I did, because I know there are people in Holla Forums who just cannot take my word for it, even if I bring examples.

Most people here are just trolling you OP. Extreme right wing is on the rise in europe, capitalism is falling apart once again and its defence mechanisms are starting to go full force. It's a scary time indeed.

Also, what history does eesti base their nationalism on? Because before being eesti they were soviet, and before soviet they were swedish, and before being swedish they were… uhh…


Cryptofascists like you go up against the wall first. Don't think for a second that you are fooling anyone.


Reeks of reddit histrionics.


Thanks for the level-headed reply bro, I appreciate it.
Estonian nationalism is based on short period between WWI and WWII when we had independence for the first time. Our nationalists praise that age as a golden age for "our nation". Our nationalism used to be based in opposition to germans and german influence, but now 70-50 years later, it's based on opposition to Russia and Soviet union.


I am not a huge fan of Putin, he is not even remotely left-wing, and he would love to pull Ukraine on us if conditions would meet, but I find it hard to believe he would do this with pleasure. There would first have to be a legitimate step towards fascism from our side to really provoke daddy Putin to make a step, and this is something that is deeply undesirable for me, but highly desirable for the agenda of our local far-right braindeads.

Let them have a taste of power and they'll fuck it up and dwindle to nothing. Look at UKIP in the UK

It's ironic how fascists are obsessed with winning but yet all they manage is fuck ups. I am just worried that some people are going to die that shouldn't just to prove a point from time immemorial to forever yet again that fascists are retards.

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I can smell the foul stench of a falseflagging Holla Forumstard from a mile away, retard.

Estonia is NAZBOL

t. hasn't read mussolini

Wow. You're either illiterate or a disgustingly dishonest, slandering piece of shit.

I literally said that the only way to move forward is a classist socialist movement and that fascism may be considered a completely obsolete pathway for Capitalism recover itself as the conditions where it first arose are fundamentally different to those we live on now; that of the globe-spanning neoliberal order.

What's with Balts and fascism?

Is it just another way to be butthurt about Russia?

Pretty much yeah.


If you want to make a point, don't assume that I'm a redditor and a liberal next time. I don't understand this place you're coming from where you assume immediate hostility. What I complain about is a problem you should try to understand before you jump into conclusions, or else you come off as ignorant shitposter. In the age of incoming global warming disasters which will cause climate refugees, and soon-to-come next economical capitalist crisis probably bigger than the 2008 one, it's entirely reasonable to worried about far-right forces. More you see me as an enemy and not an ally, the more I see you as Holla Forumstard-in-the-making.

their dedication to their autism is somewhat admirable

Estonia has a pretty flag

The baltic countries and poland have a national identity based on butthurt and hatred of russia
If russia invented the cure for all illnesses the baltic countries and poland will prefer to die out than using something russia invented
Fascism's rise in estonia is inevitable, you should plan what to do after the fact

their color scheme is calming chill

I mean mate a bunch of right-wing blowhards in some irrelevant shithole start spouting edgy nationalist shite and you are treating it like its the Third Reich.

I'm not saying we shouldn't do anything about this, just that it should be approached in an anti-capitalist, materialist way rather than "cryptofascists OUT! Punch nazis xD", which misses the point that fascism is merely a symptom of Capitalism.

Oh boo fucking hoo. Its a chan nigger. Get with the times.

This. This is why I call you an insufferable redditor. You just sound like some moralistic faggot that thinks that anybody that doesn't kneejerk into BASH LE FASH is secretly a cryptonazi.

Seriously, what did anything about my posts indicate that I'm a poltard. Nationalism is the safest, most braindead ideology imaginable.


You can get your point across better by being less condescending m8

Wasn't the Italian communist party strong as fuck at times? What happened?

It won't because the same social forces that produce communists also produce fascists.

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