Why do you personally hate capitalism?

Why do you personally hate capitalism?

I don't hate it I just find it to be a very suboptimal system and have read enough theory to know we can do better. It bothers m how capitalism results in people running wild on the environment in he pursuit of profit, how it has bred rampant consumerism, spending addiction, and disparity in the world.

Because it's rigged against you if you're not born into the right family
My biggest issue is the fact that I can't just go somewhere, say "let me work here, I need money"
There's a long ass wasteful process, jobs should be first come first serve as long as you have the proper credentials, it's bullshit. There's people who unironically believe that making job hunting require the hourly input of a full-time job is a good thing, they think it's good that you should have to spend 6-8 hours a day 7 days a week to find a job

I don't hate it, I just think it's time to advance.

it imprisons people and keeps us from fulfilling our dreams

Because being judged by my ability to make money sucks ass.
Every job I ever had sucked ass.
Every boss I ever had sucked ass.
Not getting the full product of my labour sucks ass.
Being completely removed from the major and minor economic processes sucks ass.
Living in perpetual fear of war, poverty, sickness etc. sucks ass.
The fact that everything that comes into being is instantly commodified sucks ass.

It hurts me by forcing me to choose between menial labor or death by starvation

Because I have to make parasites rich while working. And I have to work 15 years or take hypothec to buy my own appartments in my city, while those rich parasites have a lot of villas and cars

Good posts.

I don't particularly care about morality or exploitation, I just care about how wasteful Capitalism is.

I don't "personally hate" capitalism.
However, the sheer dishonesty used to prop it up pisses me off

You guys are pathetic tbh.
If you feel no hatred when being exploited it's time to get your tongues off the boots.

Working for pennies sucks and it's gonna fuck up the enviorment so bad any grandkids I'd have would grow up in a post-apocalyptic hell.

Capitalism killed my sensei.

I'm quite fond of Planet Earth and capitalism physically can't stop itself from destroying it.

Because all this
And because it's a system which brings and favours what's the worst in human beings such as greed, sociopathy, hyper individualism in detriment of altruism and also thrives on most people being stupid and ignorant knowing only enough to be an useful cog in the giant machine while being fooled into defending the very system that goes against their own interests.

because i cant get a gf

Capitalism personally hurts anyone who works under it.


"Why do you assume my politics is based on emotions instead of reason and evidence? Is it because that's how you roll and you're projecting or because you look down on people who disagree with you and take it for granted that we arrived at our conclusions through inferior methods? Now are you interested in a real discussion about society and the economy or are you just going to shit-sprinkle because I have a finite lifespan and value my time."

Because the state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.

It killed mai waifu.

It's inefficient compared to what socialism could be

I hate what it does to people.

To put it in a single sentence, because it's literally the core source of all the world's problems.

Because I don't like how phone chargers have to differentiate from each other and mwke things difficult

capitalism turned me into a dick hungry femboy

it drove my mother to have several mental breakdowns due to being a single mother with no job security

Its implementation results in, necessarily must result in, and continue to result in forever, large scale suffering of most of the human race

Nothing personal it's just *puts on sunglasses* ==BUSINESS==

Because with current technology we can do so much better.

because im hungry, sick and work till i bleed.

My dad's qualified to be a scientist but he's had to work in the meatworks for 20 years so my family can get by. So I always saw that "Get rich through hard work" notion as a fucking lie. He also wants to write books but he's always tired from work.

When I graduated high school in 2008 and found out I wouldn't be able to go to university because my parents had no real credit history, and just how obscenely expensive it all was. I then spent the next 3.5 years working dead end jobs trying to save up for a car. Then when I got a shitty car I enrolled in community college. Working and studying full time basically broke me as a person. I had zero time for socialization or hobbies. My life consisted of work and then going straight to class. Once I finally got home it was time to catch up on reading and homework. I started to burn out after 2 years, and then I realize I wouldn't be able to do nursing school while working a full time job as well, because nursing school was extremely time and study intensive and clinicals were basically a job in and of themselves.

So I dropped out, went back to working dead end jobs and became a commie.

Because it is a dead end, humanity can't progress without moving past capitalism. It is approaching half a century since we landed on the moon yet our society has not radically changed since then.