I met this kid, only like 17-18, at my mates house. Apparently he was a cousin or some shit. Anyway...

I met this kid, only like 17-18, at my mates house. Apparently he was a cousin or some shit. Anyway, we started talking and he brought up me being a communist, apparently he wanted to convince me not to be.
This is the "debate" that followed.
TL;DR Why are kids these days acting like Sargon-esque pseudo-intellectuals? What can we do to change these little class cucks?

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feminize him, after a few months and he's full trap mode, and while he's glowing from his 2nd or 3rd prostate orgasm, indoctrinate him with Marxist pillow talk.

I can't stand this shit.
Shit sucks in 'socialist' country - system is incompatible with human nature.
Shit sucks under capitalism - their fault for having wrong human nature.

At 17-18 you're still living with mommy and daddy, getting fed and sheltered for free in whatever middle class accommodations your parents can provide, not having a job or else only working a few hours a week, and, assuming he's a burgerclap, the only thing that he's known to indicate value and intelligence is getting a ridiculously easy "A" in the teenage babysitting daycare known as highschool.

Children are Sargon-esque pseudo-intellectuals because they don't fucking know anything. Every 17 year old alive is convinced that, within 10 years, they will be millionaires because the perfectly meritocratic world they're fortunate enough to live in will recognize their genius. After all, mommy and daddy praise them every time they bring home another 6 question quiz they totally aced to stick to the fridge. Not to mention all the propaganda that's been fed to them through their schools and teachers, their youth media and of course dipshit youtube personalities. You can hammer it into their skulls over and over all the ways the system is fucked, but all of their limited life experience is pointing away from that conclusion and so they won't learn until they run at top speed face first into the brick wall that they were told would surely give way just for them.

Underrated post

Not even 9% is unemployed in America, so shit start but ok.

As compared to what? An invisible communism? The bourgeoisie have blown up mountains to make sure the flow of profit isn't harmed. The industrial revolution is no small joke and 1st worlders did it all without a holodomer. So again, you're being one sided.

He doesn't overlook it, that has literally never been demonstrated by anyone.

The conditions ARE better compared to before. Low wage work is shit yes, but it's better than actual slavery and a sudden turn of the weather starving your community. Not to mention you keep implying that you know of a way that would work better even though most socialist societies have failed within months. The onus is on you to prove your system works better, not his.

No shit, he's not a communist. Surprise surprise, liberals don't agree with your definition of kapitalism.

You totally are. You were ranting about ebil capitalism is when 1st worlders are getting around with iphones, cars, and drugs and the only people who suffer dramatically are not even more than 9%.

You argued like a typical commie psued instead of being rational and honest about the state of capitalism.

Success is mostly heridetary bevause of how much I.Q is rewarded in late stage capitalism.
Successive generations in wealth or poverty exacerbates differences in outcome.
Biological determinism deflates the muh meritocracy narrative

Still millions, famalam, and that's just in burgerstan. Stay classcucked

You, conveniently ignoring that 95% of the country is relatively well off, isn't convincing at all.

Holy shit you're naive

Even the working class are well off. I deliver pizza and at 21, I can still afford a nice room, food, gas for my car, weed, internet, etc.

Again, you're being one sided. It is one thing to argue that socialism can do better, it is another to sit there and lie about the material conditions of capitalism.


You'd think that living in the richest country in the fucking world would allow you more than a basement apartment at your mom's house and some shitty weed. Meanwhile, the 0.1% are sitting on most of the money and doing absolutely nothing with it.
Again, stay classcucked

I live in a nice 2 story house with 4 other people. My room is big and there's plenty of space in the house with 2 bathrooms. I could probably rent my own place but I like this location and I save a lot by splitting the rent. For a person with no skills, life is pretty good in the first world.

I was never arguing for capitalism to remain, I was arguing that your way of debate is entirely shit. Lying about capitalism is a shitty way to convince anyone. I mean, you straight up started moaning about a couple million poor people when literally 95% of the 1st world is getting around with iphones and cars. That's comically bad tactic.

If you want to try demonstrating that you have a method of securing a working socialist economy that could allow for futuristic living standards, then good, do that instead because nothing of what you said vindicates capitalism to 1st worlders.

I don't know what vindicate means, my bad. Demonizes is closer to what I meant.

Tens on millions of unemployed, many more in poverty, largest percentage of incarcerated, opioid epidemics across the country, need I go on? All this in the richest country in the world
It may be the most basic of anti-capitalist arguments but when this is what the shining beacon of capitalism has to offer a large number of its people (and it's not like "muh middle class" isn't declining), you have to be fucking delusional to say "this is great". Capitalism may be a progressive force, but it's always a lopsided one. The benefits of it are always concentrated at the top, and always come at the expense of someone else. For every problem it solves it creates two more. Extreme wealth is always contrasted by extreme poverty, whether on the societal, national, or international scale. Capitalism is only a progressive force insofar as it develops the productive forces. Well the productive forces have developed, eaten themselves, and moved on to greener pastures. We have long since passed the point where we can say that capitalism is in any way a positive, working, system. It may not be the greatest redpill, but it's certainly good enough for OP
Not OP, btw

And some people work several jobs and can't make ends meet. You're literally saying "I'm ok so there's no problem".
And even then, the point about idle money still stands. There is immense room for betterment that is systematically denied.

That remains to be proven. Sudden turn of the stock market now can starve the community. I don't know how widespread slavery was, but you're implying it was the rule on the entire continent or something. You're also ignoring the disappearance of culture and traditional knowledge that could help in tough times. There's more to it than just "it's better".
A lot of primitive tribes today are doing fine, and so-called development are destroying their way of life, and they're actually saying it themselves. They are able to understand their condition. youtube.com/watch?v=NdvlO6bPG60
That said,

don't argue with a 17 year old in the first place.

1st. Compared to the 1%, we all live in shit.
2nd. We have enough resources and food to give everyone a comfortable life yet we don't.
3rd. The fucking Spectacle.
4th. Drug addiction/ obesity epidemic.
Capitalism is systematically forcing people into shitty living conditions while cunts can fund private space programs.
Capitalism is ass and needs to die.

You're both cliché driven dilletantes.

This is alternative timeline speculative science fiction.

Because first they were rich and then the white men came and took all their riches away and now they are poor…

He's using the logic of the not-real-communism argument, that of consequences of an idea not being referable to the idea.

This is as meaningless as inventing a system called perfectism which is perfect because it is defined as a perfect system. Again, a semantic delusion.


Because they watch Sargon


This is good praxis

a few moments later…

whatever happened to Rebel anyway

whatever happened to the rebel boys of the miao rebellions?

Even when I was 13 and living with my middle-class parents I was realizing the world was fucked up on a deep level and that there were some serious systemic problems with the world. I just didn't know how to analyze it properly at the time and had red-liberal tendencies.

I had all those things, but I still became a commie at 15.

60% of the time, it works every time.

Same, granted I was 14 ten years ago so the alt right zone didnt really exist online, but when I saw and understood the inequality in the world I was immediately disgusted by it and was basically full succdem immediately. Granted my family was (is) pretty poor so many that played into it but I always felt way worse for people in the third world than us.

I honestly think the studies suggesting a genetic basis to politics are 95% right.

Didn’t Maoist-Hoxhaist do this to a nazi?

TFW Holla Forums was right. We just need to outbreed them

Overpopulation is bad though, better to just. Well how would they put it, 'peacefully ethnic cleanse' them.

But seriously, most people just believe what's bludgeoned into them by society, if we actually achieved socialism I don't think there would be a serious problem with these kinds of people, they would just be patriotic for the wrong reasons but that's fine, they'd probably be good little workers.

Did he?

I became a trap after communism though.

the right wing are always the people who wall themselves off from suffering and live in solipsism/narcissism. when you travel the world, talk to people, and really see suffering, you can't help but be leftist.

When other have tens of billions, no youre not. I like how capitalists play the word game, "well, im not rich, but im well off!"

Youre poor. Deal with it. "but that means they are better than me, so they deserve it". Cucks.

Even so though. We could never afford to go anywhere, it's not like I went to India and 'found myself' like some middle class shits, I read about inequality in a child's encyclopedia and instantly thought that was terrible. I know this sounds like I'm trying to be holier than thou or something but I'm not, I just don't get some people.

i never traveled much either and I've lived in hateful redneck central most of my life, but i still understood suffering and became leftist. i guess we can travel "in our heads" and it amounts to the same thing in the end. sometimes i think i owe everything to my parents, they taught me to read early and told me "read everything you can".

What part of redneck clay were you in, because Appalachia has a lot of suffering.


The only fool here is OP.

whereas he is a neutral observer I suppose


Teens are the adults of the future

Most people that can afford travel do so within the tourist industry for hyped up safety concerns and talk to tour guides. they will tell you that inequality is not bad in SEA/pacific and that South Americans are lazy because they are brown

Explain this then?

You've obviously never talked to an eastern front veteran.

become a futa so you can spread to message to dicklet liberal boys.

I have no problem with this.

This. the 1# cause of classcuckery is an unraped prostate. people like OP's acquaintance start going stir crazy without manly hands of a communist to push them down and put them in their place.

I've said that in the "unpopular opinions" thread, and I don't want to seem like I'm spamming it everywhere, but look up Emmanuel Todd.

It's okay, he can be a trap succubus who seduces aut rightists and brainwashes them.

It's just a bit worrying because if that's true what can we really do about it? All the propaganda in the world would be pointless.

I'm amused but not aroused.