Why do many non-anarchist lefties seem to absolutely hate cops? Unless you want to get rid of the state immediately...

Why do many non-anarchist lefties seem to absolutely hate cops? Unless you want to get rid of the state immediately, you’re going to need these people for a while even after whatever revolution you have planned.

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Not those particular people though.

The main function of the police is to discipline the workers and protect property rights of the rich. The few positive things cops do can all be done by workers themselves in a revolutionary situation.

There was a time when people maintained order not through uniformed bullies, but through close communities and socializing, and gun ownership, with the uniformed bullies being elected accountable members of their communities.

Except where mass society erodes any sense of organic community by population churn and and density (i.e. any major urban area), ending with atomised individuals suffering from anomie.

But this board is like ~50% cityfags (and ~20% aspiring cityfag hicklibs), so…

you act as if what we think of 'the police' is a category distinct from the current capitalist society which uses the police for its own interests. i shouldn't have to tell you this, but it isn't. if you really are a leftist, it's not a fucking question as to whether or not what we think of the police is necessary or not, the police are one of many apparatuses of those in power, and we communists reject it as such.

There is a difference between socialist vanguard and a capitalist state lapdog whose function is to guard private property and repress workers.

Police serve the ruling class. If we have a dictatorship of the proletariat, then they serve the proletariat. There's no contradiction in saying ACAB in a capitalist society.

Some cops can be pretty awful but some can be pretty cool and let people get away with things that shouldn't be crimes.

You people are like nazi's.

I cannot figure out how people labeling themselves as leftist would think that. Read theory please

Fixed it for free

Nazis praise cops all the time though.

I never understood the internal drama of the D.S.A. copgate. I mean they're literally social democrats, their entire project relies on a society with lots of cops, and relies on having cops on their side and probably in their organisation. It would be one thing if they where an insurrecto smashie group, but not socdem

Like clockwork.

Nazi's imagine everything as being set to keep them down, like you, what they oppose is really an extension of themselves.

So then why do they constantly praise cops?

Because they see cops not as merely instrumental extensions of the rule they oppose, but as fellow whites trying to keep order in defiance of the powers that be.

While there are a variety of hypothetical and experimental law-enforcement models argued for that do not employ police as we know them, some of which I agree with the proponents of on their possibly having merit over the status quo, such political objections are rare, and rarer still in any coherent or sincere form. There are also some who, while they do not object to law enforcement officers in principle, declare themselves to be in opposition to the law itself from an activist or revolutionary standpoint, though the practical severity of their ideology or praxis' actual conflict with the law or government is usually overstated in stable developed nations.

But both of these objections are extremely rare, especially in comparison to the actual, sincere objection held by 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of "leftie" cop haters:


You came here just to slurp cop dick. I don't think you're really in any position to start calling anyone a fascist.

Cops aren't all bad in theory, in practice they're authoritarian corrupt psychopaths, after the revolution we'll clean house.

go ahead user, lick it


If you dealt with them daily you'd get it. Even the roughly 25% minority of "decent" mostly honest cops would defend the bad 75% to the death, even in cases of rape or murder. The cops have a nationwide union that considers it its job to beat and kill other Americans if they form unions or protest. Anyone defending cops will be spanked with a large book until they are sorry.

Which is why leftists should join the police force instead of letting/pol/aks infiltrate it as they have for over a decade.

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So you're either a retard or a bad liar. Which one is it?

If you're a burger this is a decent read

We absolutely do not need the current pack of low-intelligence, low-empathy, capitalist attack dogs on the streets harassing, abducting, and murdering people at the bidding of the rich and powerful. If a police force is necessary (and it probably is in the short term), they should be selected for their ability to make rational decisions, use minimal force, and question unjust laws.

It's too much to ask for a society where everyone is a good person, but we can at least select good people to become cops.

As an alienated city slicker I'd rather die in gang violence than continue living in a society where it's illegal to smoke weed.

only half joking

There are no laws against smoking it just possession and distribution. If they catch you high but with nothing possessed they technically can't do anything.

It's also not illegal to buy spores, but it is illegal to cultivate or possess shrooms.

These are technicalities. In practice, if you are high as shit, you most probably have paraphernalia they can throw you in the slammer for.

Unless they're eating donuts and jerking off all day, it's hard to see how the Police wouldn't be authoritarian. Their job is to enforce laws.

It depends where you live.

Yes because the spores contain no psilicybin. Makes me wonder if there are places that openly sell it.

I plan on forming a civil protection guard after the next Stalin takes power. They will wear soviet surplus along with red arm bands, and stop any degęnerate drug use behavior, or crime. Anarchist like to larp about “muh direct democracy”, but In reality it would just be ape like mob rule.

There are solutions to the urban problem.

Seriously, citizen protection is the way to go. Fuck the police the sooner they are gone the better.

Off yourself degenerate weedhead or I'll do it for you.


Stalin is a stoner, fuck off

Psychedelics, and ecstasy are non degenęate.

Meth, opiates, jenkem, are.

Bad idea

I hope you realize jenkim was never real. It was a joke that made news hype.



Don't forget about porn. BAN PORN.

What's wrong with weed, seriously. I'd love to hear why it's bad, should be pretty funny.

Weedheads along with other degenerate bourgie drug addicts get the bullet too.

What were you trying to achieve here? Embarrassing.

weed makes you degenerate

opium is just tops, my man



Realtalk time, it's just Soma 2.0 for the masses to anasthethise themselves. Lenin and the Old Bolsheviks didn't consider getting shitfaced drunk "part of the struggle", why is getting stoned, eating cheetos and laughing at children's cartoons any better?

yeah but DUDE i'm alienated bro, I can't help but smoke weed all the time it's erm.. commodity fetish bro look it up


Why would we need class traitors and enforcers of the bourgie filth? All cops will be dragged from their homes and shot during the revolution. They will pay the same price as their masters.

Stopping people from murdering each other is one thing, it's that they spend all their time protecting bourgeois property, chasing down weed farms, and beating suspects in custody that's the problem.

Duerte please go.

Wow, what an argument.

Look at the history of how the modern police force came into existence and what states did before hand. Literally para-military strike breakers, slave catchers, assassination of political 'subversives' and the like that the state hired and gave impunity to do what they want in service of the state.

Not a very complete argument. Literally look into how the state itself came into existence in every period of history until modern political states, every prior form of government was not just implicitly against the common people as many here complain about modern governments, but existed EXPLICITLY to enforce the will of the autarch/oligarchs, who suffered the continued existence of commoners (explicitly their personal property) purely out of their own voluntary "generosity".

If the other organs of government (most of which: identification, taxation, rights, laws, property, bureaucracy, representation, etc., will be used at least transitionally by socialism) have changed so much in both intent and use from their inception, why not police?