What's your favourite flavor of communism?

What's your favourite flavor of communism?

Cybernetic Marxist-Leninism.

I have a soft spot of Titoism.


Bookchin hated Communism. That's why he invented a special snowflake version that wouldn't offend the first worlders he was trying to recruit into his little cult.

Cuban I guess.


None, we need to move past Marx, or at least not limit ourselves to a particular label.

shitty pic. adorno and bordiga moreso are based.

Marx didn’t invent communism


*blocks your path*

*bullies you out of your university office*

Adorno's contributions to leftist theory are vastly overshadowed by the many ways he ended up helped liberals infiltrate leftist thought. He's like Gramsci but way, way worse in that respect.

Bookchin hated the New Left. There's a difference

No fucking labour vouchers. Nothing retaining the commodity form is socialist. Dictatorship of the proletariat as being literally the dictatorship of the proletariat in and of itself, not the tankie party. A gun on the shoulder of every worker. I'd be a Leninist if "all power to the soviets" was for realsies.

I guess I'm some sort of council communist without the ultra isolationism.

The one with the clean-cut uniforms, patriotic socialism and fatherland willing go forth with class warfare.

Some flavor of hardcore Social Ecology. I don't think we need to go as far as An-Prims but if we switch to Communism and still continue bau under a Communist flag we will still be heading to a 4c world.
What system we use to get there I'm not too overly considered with. Insurrectionary Anarchism, Marxism Leninism, a fucking Union Of Egoist. Whatever system you can make work in your nation great, do it.
When all of Capitalism is dead we can work out our differences. Until then you are only retarding our progress to Full Communism.
I see no reason we can't have nations formed around every tendency you can think of and allow people free immigration between all Communist nations so you can live among your chosen tendency.
I personally don't want to live around a bunch of anti fun Maoist so I would immigrate the fuck out of there. Some people do like that though and should be allowed to live with their people.

This and chocolate

High-Fructose Corn Syrup flavour


National Trotskyism


The real movement that abolishes the present state if things.



My own.

Rocky road

He called communalism a libertarian communist movement all the time

Esoteric Stalinism


Chocolate chip

Mint chocolate chip.

Strawberry chocolate chip.

Cybernetic Cokshott gang




Wow how dare he make leftism palatable to spooked westerners.


Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism


Honestly, this anti-sectarianism ought to be the ideal, and in all likelihood, something like this would happen if a revolution were to occur. The idea that there will ever be a global, ideologically-consistent revolution is utopian at best. The only concern I would posit is that some of the "anti-fun" nations would be inclined to encroach on others…