I'm not religious, I'm spiritual

Platitudes thread.



If only those pesky diplomatists would stop saying that you would've used violence to achieve (unclear on what you're in favor of or want to achieve) right?

Friendly reminder that succdem reformism has achieved much, much more for the masses than revolutionary violence

My point is that certain people ignore the reasons behind violence, rather than implying that violence is somehow inherently beneficial.
">Muh Violence" does nothing to address the material conditions that produce violent crime, riots and civil wars.

until the upper class has decided they've "had enough" and start purposely destroying the economy and destroying people's lives
welcome to Venezuela

Its eased them marginally, most quality of life improvements are the result of natural technological advancement.


The last one is the one I hate the most. Fucking liberals acting high and smug like they could die tomorrow and not even care. I wonder if they really believe this shit or know that when their time will come they will cry like little bitches



followed by absolutely no understanding of finance or the present geopolitical situation nevermind any kind of coherent strategy on how to get there

the "right" is fucking stupid, the "left" is mentally ill and perverse

the answer is obvious, synthesis

The right (thesis): idiots
The left (antithesis): faggots
Synthesis: NazBols

What's wrong with this?

then fucking kill yourself right now you fucking hypocrite, suck on a tailpipe

goddamned greenie cocksuckers are scum, they are more dangerous than homicidal nazis on a long enough timeline, read Vernadsky you smallminded slimemold

If you are Anti-mensch you are the enemy, doesnt matter what you fucking dress that shit up in, the only kind of global warming fags that are at least coherent are the guys calling for massive investment into nuclear power

exactly Komrade, you understand, our mother was a crazy stupid bitch with stockholm syndrome and dad was a fuckin perv but here we are and we are the TRUTH

goddamnit accidentally leddit spaced and used my atlanticist shitposting flag, regardless post was not to be meant ironic

Unironically heard people say this at uni.

Its called Dirigism retard, worked pretty damn well under De Gaulle all things considered, maybe you should stop being such a sectarian cockmonger, tavarish

This is something one of my teachers, who I greatly respect, told me. We were talking about me starting a Leftism Society at our school.
Feels bood moon

What's going on here?

Why the fuck are you here.

you should thank anyone that says this to you and follow up with a swift and random act of violence against them

if they appear confused/afraid as you are assaulting them you should tell them to read Fanon

I just fucked up dude was not trying to be meta or anything

Im here to point out that you suck big black nigger dicks and will never get anything done because on some level you think about this shit like its a fucking sports team

Im also here to preach about our Savior and the Son of God Jesus K. Christ, he brings not Peace but the Sword to the moneylendors

Start arguing any time lad.

I already did you fucking dink through basic non-revisionist middle school understanding of recent history, Dirigism under De Gaulle was very successful both in terms of peoples standard of living and in terms of western capitalist economics

Bolsheviki should control the state and the state should control major industries and plot out a course for the next generations, but you should have gapitalism on a small scale because its not only impossible to combat its also the easiest system to maintain provided you have functional mechanisms enabled to combat the side-effects (pension, unemployment, social security, state health care, leverage against monopolies, rigorous control over finance etc.)

Its solid middle ground and the first step towards a new political system that will actually get us off this planet, we are already way behind schedule, if we dont get our shit together ASAP we are all going extinct

way to be gay, at least you arent diving straight into some post-structuralist drivel but you are probably already in that alley

What did he mean by this?

Healthy young baby born in America, get pumped with burgers, doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases!

SDF burgerproxy flag was an honest mistake I was aiming for the yugo flag and missed. Does make it quite a bit funnier in retrospect, everything else was at face value and not a shitpost

Im not a burger you fucking dick suck, ive lived there though, people are friendly but its shit, funniest most tragic thing about burgers is they have no idea how fucked they are

Kill yourself.

Another case of AUTISM!

oh yea because if one points to something he feels is dangerous than he is saying there is no hope. Fuking retard, no need to ask you to kys yourself since you will probably die by your own retardation

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