Are there any technologies that you think are totally unsalvageable, and that even under socialism would best be either abandoned or used in a more restricted way than they are now?

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I hope social media would die.

*converts you to a soy-based slurry*

telling the time

I am a Luddite and primitivist.

To me socialism and capitalism are 2 sides of the same coin, because both belief in the progress of technology.

I would not be sad if all industrial and digital technology would go away.

As a transhumanist first and commie second, abandoning anything is retarded.

I eat trans humanists for breakfast in my forest tent

What is the source for that image?

How do you expect to become self-sufficient without technology? We cannot return to primitive abundance at the current stage this world is in.

Chemical engineering

Just stop it. Stop making new hazardous substances. Just stop. Like if there is one reason I would revolution it would be savage every single member of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

This map is only the current ones. Not ones that they now considered 'cleaned'

t. cancer
these posters are a reactionary embarrassment

Not sure if you ment my image, but source is a screenshot I took from StartPage search.

Most Luddites aren't against all technology, or against technology itself.
Mostly industrial and digital technology.

Enviromental pollution will either set humanity back to the stone age with a poisoned world or humanity will be wiped out entirely.
Probably the first will happen and then the latter.

After humanity is gone either new intelligent life forms will emerge that have adapted survive in the new climate or the planet will be so destroyed (think Venus or Mars) that no new life will ever emerge again.
The new intelligent life will either learn from the past by archaeological finds and prevent self-destruction. Or they will simply repeat the same mistakes we did and also go on a path of complete self destruction.
The latter is more likely than the former.

Eventually the universe will be destroyed and a new one will form with new intelligent life forms.

So not wanting to get literal cancer makes you cancer? Interesting.

Don't worry. They will be assimilated soon.

Restricting internet access. Now sure how though, guessing it won't be solved for decades.

Other than that I think most bad things will come to an end in socialism seeing that there's no profits to be made.

saying that you want to attack the working class for working in important fields should get you banned immediately tbqh

Nicholas Carr is a good guy.
If you want the full Luddite starter pack read the works of the following people:
-Marshall McLuhan
-Jacques Ellul
-Neil Postman
-Aldous Huxley
-Godfrey Reggio

I forgot what country. But recently some African country disabled internet in the entire country for a week to stop protests.
The government thought that by disabling the flow of information the revolts would stop, but the opposite happened.

These effects happened:
*People were more productive at work, because of less distractions
*Companies who had all their data in the cloud shut down
*People read more
*People went out more
*Bars and restaurants were filled that normally were empty
*People played more instruments and music on streets
*People had more real life social interaction
*People had less sex
*People felt less anxious
*People protested and revolted more, because nobody was distracted by the Internet

If the government actually wanted to stop the revolt and protests the government should have given all its citizens unlimited free Internet access, premium pornhub passes to all males, and continuously play sexualized pop music on the radio, and stream porn on all tv stations.

that describes literally every country in africa. can't you be a bit more specific?

Just did some DuckDuckGoing and it was Togo


Not even sure what your point is.
Entertainment and media keep people docile, distracted, and complacent.

If you want socialism, or communism or whatever as soon as possible then destroying the Internet is the best thing to do.
The case of Togo proves my point.

Probably if there was no longer internet or tv then everyone posting in Holla Forums would actually do something against capitalism instead of shitposting all day.

There necessary to produce modern medicine

These thing aren’t developed yet, but body implants that have electronic in them and brain nano-bots and any transhumanist shit outside of DNA modification (which should be limited) The idea of a hacker hacking my body is scary and can’t be allowed to happen. No computer in unhackable.

I guess it's time for me go outside.

Alright, keep up the revolution comrade.


But what is modern medicine necessary for?

not before the glorious cybernetic peoples republic gulags you

WTF, I love birth defects now

Surveillance. Fuckin' hate it in all forms. Get on the bus and theres 3 cameras watching me from different angles. I've got some future computer in my pocket that can show we where I am using satellites but I don't want to use it much because it means you can literally see where I am at all times. If I pay with card theres a record of where I've been and what I've bought. If I log onto google it tells me where I live and where I work just from other information it has picked up. It's just getting worse.

Your brain is already a computer and it can already be hacked. What do you think propaganda and advertising is? Social engineering is an essential tool for hacking.

fossil fuels

If that happened, farming and food distribution would collapse immediately and 99.9% of humans would be dead within a couple of months.

Fortunately that's not going to happen.

Implying that's a bad thing.

this really. encryption can withstand computing power thrown at it, at least up to some known bounds, while humans are routinely fucked with at a fraction of the expense. don't even deal with it.

He isn't a luddite nor a writer
You didn't get BNW if you think it was against tech

modern medicine will birth drug-immune bacteria that will kill literally everyone


More like blatant misuse of antibiotics, encouraged by pharmaceutical companies, as it means more demand.

Making more productive workers. Extending the max possible lifespan without limit.

We need modern medicine for when that happens you spaz. This is a take up there with when we had everyone becoming experts and shitting their pants over methane bubbles for weeks ages ago.

I know. But he offers criticism of technology

I know. He wasn't against tech, but he offers criticism of technology.

Typical techno-optimist fallacy.
When will you people come up with some new arguments already? You're just re-using the same arguments for the past 200 years. Pls get more creative. Its becoming boring.


Gay and weird.

This, I can't believe the degree to which some people will replace more meaningful personal interaction with that superficial garbage. Some of the most fake shit I've ever seen.

It's not so much optimism about technology, but pessimism about a lack of technology. Without technology we will go extinct the next time a sufficiently large asteroid hits Earth.

We have a limited time frame to develop the technology required to survive before we go extinct from natural causes. Primitivism is voluntary extinction.

Just plain retarded.

If only. Not too far from snake oil really.

Dark Side of Medical Research: Widespread Bias and Omissions

Unfortunately this is the effect of capitalism. Good science still gets done, but it's only a minority compared to the vast amounts of biased bullshit pumped out by big corporations.

On the bright side, the really big advances tend to come from pure research which isn't as much of a target for bias and marketing. Applied research focuses on refining existing ideas discovered by pure researchers.