Can ethnic and racial animosity be resolved with mandatory Brazilian style inter racial breeding grounds and a ban on...

Can ethnic and racial animosity be resolved with mandatory Brazilian style inter racial breeding grounds and a ban on contraceptives?

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I dont think you know brazil very well, there is a lot of racism there. Even if everyone is mixed, blacks still get the short end of the stick.

I learned to stop being a fascist fuckwit and I'm not anything special. How stupid you are to think we need some elaborate state-mandated scheme to end racism.

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racial animosity is a spook you dumb ape

Brazilians still managed to hate the niggers so interracial breeding will breed more problems than the solutions.

No but it has historically been resolved through full employment policies and wage increases tied to rise in productivity
t. socdem gang

It's clearly not, as any quick look at the world will tell you

No because racism is just another form of social/economic discrimination that has been essentialized because of easily distinguishable phenomenological features.
As long as artificial inequality exists, the superstructure will create ideology that justifies the misery of the opressed.
In the middle ages for example, peasants were viewed to be biologically lesser beings than nobles (blue bloods) and thus unfit to rule.
This here from Japan is also a good example:

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come back with some arguments kiddies


If you're going to implement a program of eugenics to fix racism, you should just select for people who show lower tribalism and higher empathy and intelligence.

If the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct, does that mean the leftcoms are justified in sitting in their armchairs?


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Brazil is racist as fuck meu preto , what the fuck are you talking about


I don't blame , the "brazilian" accent in max payne makes me wanna puke

Cultural homogeneity will be reached sooner, whether by capitalism or not. The race question will take longer because we'll need full genetic engineering first, which will happen much, much sooner than homogeneity through natural crossbreeding would tak.



No, race is a spook. Racial animosity is an example of ideological conditions affecting material conditions.

I don't think I went past the second mission, well over a decade ago. Why, what part of that is there?