Why aren't Nazis more paranoid about spreading their beliefs

Don't they know that everyone is going to find out and shit on them relentlessly if the public knows they're nazis.

They're relying on discontent and an unspoken romanticization that most of the first world has with Nazi Germany.
Also a lot of them are idiots.

Where can I find a list like this

I don't know, but it appears this guy's mental health deteriorated rapidly when he decided to become a nazi. The picture used is old. His new picture represents who he is now.

Again, more evidence of America's mental health care failing people, making them go down the wrong path


We both agree that mental health care in America could use improvement. The story behind this guy basically is him socially collapsing in on himself and becoming a white nationalist.

He went from normal guy you see in OP to shaggy unkempt nationalist you see here. I don't think there's an answer here that doesn't edge near the answer being a mental health problem.

How are people so smart so stupid?

chemistry is for people who can't do math

Crying over a shit post. GET REK!

The Chemistry requirements require Calculus.

1st year undergrad material. At best your might see a chemist who knows some basic group theory.

Politics are about self-interest, not "intelligence."

It turns out public shit posts under your own name have career consequences…who would have guessed

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Because their knowledge is specialized.
Scientist or not, they're only really good at one thing. Politics, economics, philsophy, they never bothered to actually learn about that.

t.shitposter expert on leftypol

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Because they are stupid low Autism Level morons

He must've used his White muh privilege to get into the program, only total retards believe in genetics amirite?

A man with a PhD in chemistry supporting nationalism is not eveidence of anything.

Thanks for reminding me what a gaggle of gullible rubes Holla Forums is. Is there anything you fucks won't eat up if it reaffirms your confirmation bias?

God bless the wordfilter for outing retards like you.

The right really can't meme

They're betting on everyone being sick the liberal outrage machine, and other rightists showing them sympathy.
Both assumptions are correct to an extent. Still, they're probably overplaying their hand by assuming they'll be treated like people who weren't literal nazis.

Ever heard about Neo-Reactionary or Dark Enlightenment? Since 2007, a small group of intellectuals believed current Capitalist Democratic nations were a mistake, and it is better to revert back to monarchism.

They are very smart people, they decided to go full reactionary according to their observation of the society long before the vast majority from Holla Forums did. When things started to go down, reactionary thoughts appears. For example, Plato.

Yes that's why they call themselves socialists instead.

This is the protocols of internet leftism, all the dark enlightenment ever amounted to were a few blogs by some weirdo's.