Its time for another popularly unpopular unpopular opinions thread...

Its time for another popularly unpopular unpopular opinions thread. Post any of your unpopular Holla Forums opinions here.
"Traditional values" arise organically in communities

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Lenín a shit.

As shitty as it was and despite how badly I wished it didn't happen the way it did, Krontstadt was unavoidable and ultimately would have hurt the red cause had it succeeded.

t. Marxist

Antinatalism is bourgeois lifestyleism and they'll get the volcano before the bourgeois do

Far right and Far left should team up against neoliberal establishment

The hammer and sickle is a shit aesthetic that should be abandoned.

As opposed to the failure of the Soviet Union to be anything but a socdem state?

Completely agree. I don't give a fuck if you don't want to reoroduce but stop pretending it's anything more than a lifestyle choice.

I don't know much about ML's but I can't help but prefer their more head strong, legitimately possible theories opposed to the more fancy and idealist theories of other leftist theories.
I just can't critique a lot of it. Maybe I should read something by Lenin next.

Trotsky was better than Stalin.

Stalinists are LARPers living in the 20th century.

Communism needs a new face for sure but the hammer&sickle shouldn't be ENTIRELY abandoned. A symbol that causes that much reactionary asspain (yourself included) still has plenty of utility.


This line has been a staple of the pseudo-left since Stalinism started to die out in the West in the 50's.

You remind me of today's bourgeois feminists pretending to be radicals while adopting mainstream positions lmao I guess everyone has to sustain their victim complexes somehow

Fuck off, authoritarianism is cancer

The climate is going to make everything worse than we're expecting and going to throw most people's political planning into a completely different hemisphere.

Trotsky was even more authoritarian than Stalin.

Also not an unpopular opinion, at least not around here

Climate Change is going to do for the left what nuclear annihilation would have done for the left during the cold war. It is literally God's gift to socialism. It's either that or extinction.

Bolshevism was doomed from the start but people discount its accomplishments too easily

Marx wound have been dissatisfied with Lenin who would have been dissatisfied with Stalin, who would have been dissatisfied with Mao so its pointless to assume that any of the above held up the prior individuals thought in any meaningful way.

Modern anarchists and tankies are completely different ideologies from their ideological for bearers and should be treated as such

when/if the revolution comes most leftists will oppose it on some grounds


Congratz you played yourself.

That's one hearty Kek. Try this one on for size.

You're a larping retard who is more concered with TRIGGERD libtards rightcucks than utility. Leave the hammer and sickle in the past where it belongs.

Define "larping". Seriously fucking do it.

Live Action Role Playing

In this case you're larping as revolutionaries from a century ago in the same manner that civil war reenactors play dress up as confederates. The Bolsheviks aren't coming back redditor, join us in the 21st century.

Ethno communes are perfectly reconcilable with internationalism.

Until a black guy moves in the neighborhood.

woah guys we're dealing with a megabrain here

Do they not?

I think Chris Hedges has a good point about non-violent resistance. The US has the most advanced military in history and me owning an AK isn't enough to stand up to a drone strike.


"liberals get the bulet too :DDD" is a shit joke that gets us nowhere

It's not a joke though.

capitalism has done much to destroy traditional values and communism will finish the job.

t. liberal who needs to get shot

You need to read up on your soviet history brah

Hint: The "free love" experiment didn't end well and traditional values were reinstated

The first person to mention gamergate in any discussion is a huge faggot including me

MGTOW and Blackpillers are ripe for radicalization

Being a supporter of the USSR is as bad as Nazism.

Traditional values were reinstated because the conditions weren't ripe for overcoming them. As Trotsky says, you can't "abolish" the family, you have to replace it. And there were not sufficient institutions to replace it.

Also, I have news for you if you think the nuclear family is the "traditional" way of social reproduction.

I like Stalin and Rojava

I don't considered to soviet union as socialist, but even if I did it would be lower stage and being built out of the ruins of a quasi-feudal society. Not exactly the end goal.

I don't see how you can believe this and still consider yourself a revolutionary. Sure the Bolsheviks exactly how they were are not coming back, but we are going to enter an epoch of crisis and a vanguard party will be necessary to lead the masses into a superior existence. The fundamentals of Bolshevism are timeless. How else could it happen?

BTW "join us in the 21st century" is the same logic centrists and liberals use to try to put Marxism down. Just because there are new ideas doesn't mean they are better than the old ones.

Property is not only caused by social interaction, but intersubjective practice.

the fuck is a blackpiller

and how do you "replace" the nuclear family with something else? You can't exactly will something like that into existence. As the mode of production changes so will the needs of society. From there a new form of family organization will arrive.

Socialize the child-rearing functions that are currently atomized and performed within individual nuclear families. Public dining rooms, laundries, nurseries, and daycare services, for example. But you're right, past that, it will all just sort itself out.

The TSSI is shit and Bortkiewicz was partially correct.

Women are really important.

The USSR wasn't socialist but they had some amazing acheivments too.

well its goes against the idea that "Traditional values" arise organically in communities. Expecting "traditional" values to continue under socialism is foolish, as you said " As the mode of production changes so will the needs of society".

There is no way out of capitalism that does not involve the deaths of billions.


Oh, wait, the unpopular part.
We need to accept and even embrace this concept. If we don't, we're all going to die of ecological collapse anyway.

I want to have lot’s of kids. Also culture is real and is important. Multicultural “success stories” only exist in places where multiple races share a similar culture but for some reason it’s called multicultural. Also there’s nothing wrong with utopian socialism. Also I hope America loses in there war against the Taliban. Rural areas are greater then urban areas and the world would be better off if Cities never existed. Also the left won’t win in the twenty first century unless we take some big risks. The terms “left” and “right” are subjective so there’s no point in identifying on the left/right false binary.

What is Afganistan.

Fuck daycare. It should be the parents FULL responsibility to take care of there kids pre-Kindergarden.

Daycare is very important for child rearing though. Children need to learn how to socialize properly so that they won't become disgusting NEETs/incels.

Even if "The Revolution" were to spontaneously happen tomorrow and a full half of the world went into revolt, military technology has progressed to the point where one person who follows orders is capable of killing hundreds of people in a few seconds even without nuclear weapons.

The infrastructure that is needed to support such burgeoning populations is going to be massively disrupted. Highly centralized areas of production and distribution are crucial weakpoints and delaying either of them can mean drastic resource shortages.

It's a simple result of the fact that our systems are entirely unsustainable on their own while at the same time involving huge amounts of people.

people that say imageboards are just for shitposting should be banned.

What is playing with other children in the sam e town/village as them? Daycare only started to exist in the 90’s. Socialization should happen in a more natural way.

All those fancy weapons systems require a global trade network and consumer society to power it. If "a full half of the world" went into revolt, all that high tech shit would quickly become useless as the global supply chains they rely on just suddenly ground to a halt.

We won't know how things exactly will pan out in socialism, maybe communal daycare will work, maybe the nuclear family will stay, maybe it won't.

I think I should clarify what I meant by "traditional values", I mean that there will still remain a focus on the family that will only be strengthened as parents acquire more time to spend with their children. The nuclear family will most likely cease to exist, instead giving way to extended and multi-generational ("traditional") families. Communal raising has been shown to collapse on itself, mothers tend to want to raise the children and children tend to want to be with their parents. Women and men on average also seem to take up "traditional roles" and monogamous relationships when the conditions which forced them into gender roles are removed and when given the freedom to choose whatever they want

Towns and villages are no more "natural" than day care. There's no such thing as human nature. Are we going to stop using personal computers because they only started to become popular in the 90s? Should we be learning and communicating in a more "natural" way?

How could we possibly know this? There aren't any test subjects in the world that are free from a lifetime of conditioning to gender roles.

Something something it's just le nature bruh xD something Kibbutz.


Parents should undergo training, much more than a couple meetings during pregnancy or whatever it is today. Screens should be restricted, check out Serge Tisseron's work and "3-6-9-12" :
There is a genuine problem with, for lack of a better word, the "culture" of women in some instances, and traditionally conceived "male virtues" are generally genuinely better. Same for blacks and whites today. Whether it has a biological basis however doesn't matter.
Society in general should aim at lifting everybody the highest possible. So yes, it does "owe" everybody something. That's what it should be made to do.
Some anti-feminists points like "gynocentrism" are very interesting and genuinely made me think.
Check out Emmanuel Todd.

2nd generation Kibbutz. The Kibbutz pushed really, really hard to end gender roles and to make sure that all woman were "emancipated from the yoke of domestic service" which is why they made sure to end formal marriage and institute communal raising. The 2nd generation however organically moved into roles anyway and demanded to have their children to raise. No private property, the abolishment of the institution of marriage, communal rearing, and time provided for leisure allowed for the development of the extended family and an end to communal raising as well as a men and woman voluntarily choosing certain roles.

Yeah but unlike Stalin, Trotsky was actually committed to the cause of socialism, also he was a way better military strategist than "muh blame defeat on lower level generals so I can conduct le purge" Stalin.

shots fired.
But the soviet union would have just taken longer to collapse under Trotsky at best.

you got it dude, the only options are complete genetic determinism or fantasy make believe. at last i truly see

Oh trust me fellow armchair I'm well aware. Trotsky would've probably made WWII an even bloodier conflict. He would've tried to export revolution but it would've probably resulted in either nuclear war or a Soviet Union with more aggressive foreign policy.



Tbh if people are just going to tend to revert to traditional roles I'd unironically prefer a "forced" equality capitalism.

How can your sarcasm detector be this fucked up?

Sorry, actually thought it was sarcasm mocking the other position

Did daddy beat you or something?

So basically you are becoming a literal unironic Hillary supporter because of Bernie Bros. This is what you are essentially saying. I know this thread is for unpopular opinions, but wew.

No letting kids play outside is more natural because it’s done through organic organization created by the kids. Daycare is created by adults who forgot what being a little kid was like. Also you learn very little of value in daycare.

No one should refer to themselves as a marxist if they have actually read marx.

Capitalism will lead to Socialism no matter what, so supporting mixed economy is okay for a transition from Capitalism to Socialism.

Young Marx was the shit though (his thoughts on religion were and still are Hegelian trash though.)

Why? Traditional gender roles doesn’t mean wife beatings or shit like that.

What is capitalist totalitarianism?


Old Marx was a reformist though.

this entire board is absolutely terrible, and i have no justification for why i continue to come here. this shitheap is what happens when someone gets their entire political stance from poorly-made memes, and thinks that they don't need to fucking read anything. the fact that this place is one of the most populated leftist internet spaces is a travesty.

also, every single anarcho-x category is stupidity beyond fucking belief. it's as if politics is a fucking game for these children, some meaningless tag to add on to your social media bio. everyone here including me needs to fuck off.

This board literally exists to make, distribute, and discuss memes. There are thousands of shitty little communist sites where you can lurk in order to discuss obscure and useless theory. I suggest you go there.

ancap is the only true anarchism


memes are nothing more than ironic postmodern alienation from their Real political content. they only serve the interests of the petty bourgeois subject who desires a political orientation which they can also distance themselves from, because taking things seriously (because, surprise surprise, things are very serious for the actual workers!) is perceived as embarrassing.

we should both reject the structure of this awful forum and, more importantly, accept the rightist motto of "the left can't meme.' of course the left can't meme, because the left focuses on the Real, and the Real is not an object to be made light of. One cannot be an ironic communist, because communism is a direct engagement with the Real of our social existence, meanwhile the right wing is perfectly content to dwell withing the realm of fantasy, where they have no problem with 'pretending' to be a nazi. we communists need to distance ourselves from this infantile meme culture and loudly proclaim that things are actually very serious.

Yes revleft is indeed one of those sites. You can go there and discuss the dialectics of pet ownership with Rafiq all that you want without being interrupted by "poorly made memes."

There is such thing as human nature and it isn't what conservatives or socialists paint it up to be. I think we should be more careful about calling it human nature per se. Racism may have a basis in typical human behavior, without going so far as to call it "nature," but it isn't in itself within people but a specific, culturally-conditioned appearance of that kind of behavior that develops mainly within this and simile. People are naturally tribalistic, ie. suspicious and dismissive towards people outside their 'group'. Whether someone is included in the group depends. Obviously, you can be conditioned to include certain 'others' into your group. Right now different races appear vastly different no matter how white-washed they might be, the cultural differences will be noticeable within 5 nanoseconds. Theoretically it would be possible that culture becomes so homogeneous that skin color differences really are irrelevant to everyone, but realistically that will never happen (before humanity is all brown mongrels anyway). There are cultural contexts.
The problem arises because racism is a word without a clearly defined, widely accepted definition. This is why I used the words 'xenophobia and tribalism'. They are more clinical terms, which have less historical and ideological baggage attached to them. They are somewhat more clinical (I've usually seen "in-group/out-group behavior" as the most clinical personally), but even those suggest their historical antecedents: one of bigotry against people from outside the nation (however that was historically defined) and preference for those within the tribe (however that was historically defined). Regardless, the creation of in-groups and out-groups doesn't exactly have to be nefarious as the same processes come into the creation of a circle of friends and identification with a sports team, so certainly this will continue in some fashion. I detest that we have to be conciliatory to antiracists by ignoring humanity's seemingly inborn tendency towards xenophobia and habit of forming in-group preference ignores reality.

Just accept that the problem is you. You are mentally ill.
It'll hurt less if you understand that society will never change to please you and people like you and that you will forever be a misfit.

those were good posts though

Maybe in whatever racist shithole you grew in that probably segregates people and in turn makes people have different "cultures" within a same culture.
There is no different "culture" whatsoever between me and my friends from different races I grew up with.
Are you American?

Yes and I live in the most reactionary part. The good ol South. That smug vibe from your post makes me think that you live in some homogeneous village

Then you're a retard.
Not in this context. 1917 isn't happening again and attempting to take advantage of a revolt in a feudal state is not realistic praxis when feudalism has disappeared. That you refuse to abandon failed praxis and continue organizing in irrelevant 100 man parties in the hopes of somehow recreating a failed revolution shows larping is your primary concern.
pic related

You faggots have dominated left wing """activism" for over 30 years and the west has become even more reactionary. Only by ignoring everything you morons have written has the western left managed to pull itself out of its post-Cold war funk.

No we, and I'm grouping anarchists and leftcoms here, are greatly outnumbered by your parties.
The western left hasn't managed to do that, unless you're a socdem who thinks Labor winning a few seats is a success.

Kronstadt yourself

Children are the solution, not the problem.

I'm not saying children are a problem, I'm saying bringing them into this world is cruel. And being a revolutionary is difficult when you need to fear for your life for your family's sake.
The moral need to put children into this world is bourgeois as fuck.

Feminism is good.

There is literally nothing wrong with wanting equality for all human beings

Fascism did not rise out capitalist crisis but fundamental reconstruction of the syndicalist movement in the framework of socialism vs. nationalism.

north Korea is monarchist

Don't see why they would be mutually exclusive

If Jeremy Corbyn become the next PM of the UK, I want to see you edgy tankies scream about how he's a "liberal" or a "CIA Agent" or some other dumb conspiracy.

Corbyn becoming the PM is a victory, unless you are deluded into thinking you can resurrect failed 20th century dictatorships.

Tankies are the evangelicals of the Left.

The Modern Left will never gain real power and grow, as long as tankies are alive.
Tankies need to be purged and killed.
They are cancerous, they sabotage every Leftist organization/movement.

Christians and the religious can never be true allies of the revolutionary left.

The left has a problem with adherents having victim complexes which makes it unappealing to normies. Although this is probably not that unpopular here

Yeah I know I'm a misfit fam, but mentally ill? Bite me.

Because they're trash and we can do better.

Lol At Responded Post

This but unironically


That's nothing to do with feminism

I am not a Leftist, I am not a Rightist, I am an Egoist. I do not care about capitalism or the plight of anyone, I will use capitalism to my advantage and possibly contribute to the killing of the planet if it is the collateral damage of my self-interest.

How is the death of the planet in your self interest?

stirner is turning in his egoist grave

Jesus I hope this is ironic

as long as I am not affected by it

The death of the planet does not affect you?
I think you should maybe read Stirner before calling yourself an egoist.

The main problem today isn't poverty but alienation and all its products.
Capitalism cannot be fought isolated as the only cause of alienation.
Nihilism and positivism are to a large part responsible for the rootlessness and alienation of modern man.
Organically grown traditions and objective sets of values provide a strong counterforce to alienation.
The Left must stop seeing itself as a negating force, but create a positive programme for a future society and posit values of their own.

It's unpopular on this board, and maybe the internet more generally.

I'm aware that Stalinists are little more than keyboard warriors in real life, save for a few heritage organizations from the 20th century.

As if it happens overnight. No you faggot the death of the planet does not affect me, particularly if I'd be dead before.

Read Stirner.

It's an unpopular opinion on this board. That's what this thread is about, isn't it?

Do you see bourgeois with metric fucktons of kids on the same scale as proletariat? You must draw your own conclusions, but I'll give you a hint: bourgeois do not have as many children as proletariat and they do so at a suboptimal age

I'd say most people on here have a negative opinion on Stalin.

So what?
Bourgeois morality does not refer to "stuff the bourgeoisie does" but morality designed for the continuation of bourgeois society.

In a socialist society the cultural structures will natural adapt to the economic system, therefore traditionalism and social conservatism are inherently anti socialist since they stem from a capitalist frame work.

u are incorrect
Also I said nothing about morality, it's bourgeois LIFESTYLISM, they're attempting to copy what the bourgeois do in an attempt to get into their position
Read a book

Still, the bourgeoisie do have kids. Antinatalists aren't saying that you should only have a few kids.

Your opinion a shit

20th century socialism was a complete failure and we need to stop looking at the past except to learn what not to do. This applies double for MLs and its variants. Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Stalin Hoxha, all failed. Get over it, and move on.

What I find odd is that while "bourgeois morality" is constantly thrown around for stuff marxists don't like, they never call what they do like "proletarian morality".

The taboo that overshadows romantic relationships between adults and children will break down as other superstitions behind sex break down and communes become more close knit

Communism is proletarian morality.

You don't have to have that supply network to get off the first few shots, though. What's already out there is out there and it's enough to cause serious damage.

By your moral standards, not my moral standards.

how so?

But your children will be.

Will never happen as long as I’m alive

Rioting is an effective and good strategy to achieve political goals.

It's pretty obvious that most people live shit lives under capitalism. Why would you wanna bring another human into this?

Because the spirit of life is not utilitarian immolation.

Oh right, the spirit of life. Gotcha.

We're never gonna have a global revolution in the current state of things. The only thing we can do is wait for capitalism to fall apart and be ready to pick up the pieces

Because life is what you make of it and most people are happy.

What does this even mean?

This thread makes me so happy that the left will never unite. You guys are as bad as pol.

Most people, despite economic hardships are still happy, learn to live a little.

I don't think that's true at all. I think a lot of people feel a moral obligation to be happy, which causes them to lie (to themselves) about how depressed they are about their general lives.

The biggest reason people are depressed is because of isolation which an be fixed by having a family.

Then why do most marriages fail?

Work overload and shalowness

the only thing far left and far right should do together is kill Themselves, which I think they're doing it

Unions were more effective when they were not legalized as everything was kept a secret from the employer and government, so you could very much more easily plan something like dismantling a railroad track or sabotaging machinery back then than you could today, for example. Legalizing unions turned them into toothless bureaucracies being constantly monitored by the government and employer for possible illegal activities, only able to accomplish anything through restrictive legal channels and with the ultimate consent of whatever the government passes as law. Unions should be de-regulated entirely, pushed back underground so real anti-capitalist activity can occur again, as long as the "legal" unions exist, workers will be pulled into them rather than be forced to seek underground unions that can actually accomplish something meaningful.

I feel people should stop having as many kids. We are consuming are vast resources at insane rates. Theyre nothing wrong with the nuclear family as long as it isnt considered the only viable option socially.

Black men are hot


Fuck off soft ice is the best

You only think this because of some sort of mental abuse you suffered when you were younger. I say this as a black man. Everyone who fetishizes us are usually fucked in the head. They feel on some level consorting with negroes is taboo, "wrong", "dirty", "rebellious".

Projecting a tad. Im sorry its wrong for me to find people attractive. Ill try to be less offensive to you in the future.

When I was a kid I always nearly puked when I had to eat it

Anyone that actually wants to put themselves in a position of power over others is inherently untrustworthy.
Anyone in a position of power over others has no real reason not to use that power for self-interested reasons, and thus the interests of people in power and the interests of the ones taking the orders don't necessarily align.
Maybe not unpopular: a lot of anarchists today do very little to dispel the "all anarchists are petit-bourgeois shithead nobook smashie zero-theory-all-feels soon-to-be-liberals" meme

Its not a joke. You will be shot along with the rest of the reactionary scum.

Not unpopular, brother


What's wrong with you?
Black men can be attractive.
There's lot's of ugly white people.

Egoists are fucking retarded and their memes are shit.
Talking to egoists makes my head ache. Acting purely on your ego's desire (whatever that is, as if it is not shape by the environment) is a fiction.

Nothing wrong with SocDems.
I don't know how tankies/anarkids/leftcucks think you are going to sell socialism in a world where increasing corporate tax rates is considered Bolshevism.
To be frank, I don't see why 'moving the overton window' is considered a meme.

Stop making shit threads you idiots. Nobody cares about explaining the LTV (just Google it and read the Wiki) or telling you what your ideology is (as if choosing an ideology is like browsing a department store catalog).
Too many idiots here who think that replying to these bait threads is going to convince people to become socialist. Learn to sage and recognize bait.
I've stopped coming here as often because I know 1/2 the threads in the catalog are going to be some liberal arguing in bad faith with some autist trying to desperately convince him.

That doesn't really look like a black dude.

We must critically support feminism.

Incels are a big problem and are ripe for radicalization. The sexual revolution is capitalism in decline.
Having a large population of men over 20 who are very sexually frustrated (IIRC China has 30 million men than women, and they are the only country to spend more on policing than military) is going to have serious consequences.

Not an argument/solution.
Ironic how leftists claim that they hate the education system, hate how capitalism alienates children, hate how capitalism forces unrealistic standards on women, but when it comes to lonely men they get told to kill themselves.
Instead of trying to appease every trans/queer identity and protecting Stacies who fuck 7 Chads per week from being criticised we should reach out to other alienated people in society?

There needs to be a /leftysoc/thread where we can find people to trade nudes with talk with

We need a world-wide authoritarian government to bring about the phased extinction of the human race.

Then again, it's pretty obvious that most people live shit lives under capitalism. Why would you wanna bring another human into this?

The tactics of commercialized capitalist shows like My Little Pony, Transformers, The Simpsons, whatever, could be used for Revolutionary Cartoons to make a generation have socialist leanings or more eager to support revolution.

I've got a few. Alternating colors to make it more readable:

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest one:

zionists/jews are bourgouise

There will have to be some bridge between anarchism and the various strains of socialism if the left is to ever win. Divisiveness has always been our weakness, and the only stopgap solution to that was Stalin's ruthless enforcement of the farce he called Marxism-Leninism, and that didn't work out in the long run as it drove away a lot of people away from communism and even socialism at large. Cue that quote about a throne of bayonets. The right rarely that problem by sheer dint of their goal: reactionaries react, so all reactionaries in a society have one ultimate common goal. We, the would-be "actionaries", have this burden of trying to negotiate a compromise, and that's assuming all big factions are even willing to do it. Like it or not, literally no one will have their perfect little form of le true socialism if we are to have a form of socialism worth having.

Following from the previous, the revolutionary body can not be a party. How horizontal or how hierarchical it needs to be is up for debate, but it simply can't operate by the logic of partisan politics. If at all possible, the socialist State itself should avoid using the party system as well.

The second wave of leftist revolt will absolutely need to pay a lot more attention to the superstructure than before. The media, in particular, should be prioritary targets in case of armed rebellion.

Religion isn't exactly the opium of the people, altho Marx wasn't really wrong in that remark. According to him, religion exists to provide an illusory happiness or a promise of a land of milk and honey in the afterlife. Notice how Marx, ever the materialist, claims man seeks religion as an illusion of material comfort, which altho true, isn't its real function. Rather, that function is psychological or existential. Suffering in life is a given, but what it really lacks is meaning. If man is condemned to suffer in the material world, at least let there be a good reason for it, or a just order, or a noble goal. The most horrible hypothesis of all is the real one: we're all suffering for no reason whatsoever exception ones we ourselves create, and we are creating these reasons to suffer instead of reasons to end suffering.

I got nothing against a lil bit of eugenics. The urge to reproduce is a spook, and it's bizarre that virtually every society takes it for granted to the point that they don't even bother to consider it a human right or anything, as if it's the same as breathing. Of course, this shouldn't be enforced at all, by rather caused by culture shift.

Cries of "le great man theory" are used too often to dismiss valid arguments.

The more theory I read and the more I learn about reactionaries, including their imbecility on the internet, the closer I get to unironically accepting gulags, but altered so it's not stealing their labor and shit. It's not a matter of punishment nor rehabilitation; some people just plain need to be kept away from society at large.

Incels and robots are ultimately the new alienated, annoying and autistic as they may be. This strain in the left that insists in mocking them mercilessly (and whine about slutshaming in the same breath) is 100% pure socjus infection.

Getting meta: fags who keep saying how shit Holla Forums is yet keep posting ought to be banned on grounds of indirectly asking for it. In every damn online community, the ones who keep whining about the place they can't leave inevitably become chronic shitposters.

More meta: Holla Forums should remain a hodgepodge of theory, memes, news, humor etc. and anyone who wants it to specialize on anything is a faggot.




And that’s a good thing.

Sort of happening in Chile already:


bordiga is fucking garbage and all of his fans are champagne socialist university students that only want to LARP as 19th century philosophers

While we should reject organized religious institutions for being conservative/reactionary, I believe there is still value in appealing to certain religious values in the proliferation of socialist thought, even though such justifications are not strictly materialist in thought.

Kronstadt, while tragic, would have been virtually inevitable regardless of what party/movement was at the helm of the social revolution at the time. The Bolsheviks just happened to fill the role at the time and, while being at fault for a lot of dumb shit, probably shouldn't be considered the devil itself for this. The only possible exception to this might have been if the anarchists were the dominant movement, but that was nowhere close to being the case in Russia at the time.

While only really controversial to anarchists, I think that parties can be incredibly effective platforms for organizing and mobilizing coherent political movements. That being said, I think that such a role loses most of its value by the time revolution kicks off and all efforts must be taken to strip all parties of their authority when that time comes.

Most of the big figures in the 20th century communist movement wouldn't have been ML were it not for the fact that the USSR's material support and political networking was usual dependent on the recipients falling behind the party line.

Antifa, while not making much headway in furthering the long-term goals of the socialist movement, are still valuable as a platform for liberal radicalization and suppressing fascism. That's not to say that defending liberal institutions should at all be a priority, but historically the left does not come out of fascist states in healthy shape: it usually takes decades to recover from.

Trade unions, if built on explicitly socialist principles and goals, can have revolutionary potential.

The original Black Panther Party was probably among the most revolutionary organizations to ever grace the US and people here are way to quick to dismiss it as idpol.

I unironically hate Marx and 19th century political philosophy.

People hate pedophiles because they want to and would fuck children if they weren't punished and shamed socially for doing it. Acting like any pedo wouldn't fuck a child if society didn't prohibit it is disgusting, and reveals yourself as someone worthy of a braided necktie

The confederacy was the south's only chance at an industrial revolution, and national liberation. And we are still getting cucked by the north
(We still got the most revolutionary potential too)

I'd agree with you if we could get rid of the moronic ameritard meme that feeling sexual attraction towards < 18yo means being a pedo.

The South got off too soft.

Leftists in general care way too much about performing moral superiority and too little about wining people over or actually understanding things. Instead of making fun of incel robots try talking to them about alienation and the real causes thereof.



But the original Black Panthers were black nationalists. How is that not idpol?



We should stop using redflags and hammers and sickles

But… they were. They formed as a black nationalist group, but soon reformed as internationalist gommies.

Unless by "original BP" you mean the BP as differentiated from the New Black Panther Party, which indeed is shit.

The USSR was a degenerated worker's state.

It's an unpopular opinion thread, not state obvious facts thread.

"Capitalism" is a strawman.

The climate change agenda is unironically putting money into the hands of greedy "capitalists."

Racism was a science once, as were statin medications. Why should science be the basis of policy?

They weren't black nationalists they were Pan-Africanists.
Stokley Carmichael once said that communism was for white people.
Eldrige Cleaver literally fled to Africa after being accused of rape.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were racists.
Cuba flooded Angola with AK-47s. Now Cuba is epic fails at providing support to ISIS in Syria.


Fooking this

The point of science is that is more of a methodology leading to perfectible, temporary conclusions waiting to be replaced by more accurate temporary conclusions rather than a set of dogmas holding some kind of transcendent truth. A mistake a lot of people are doing.
Keeping the scientifc methodology in mind when trying to figure out thing is impotant.

t. pedophiles

The internet is a net negative for social change. Not only are we spied on constantly but we are led into an escapist fantasy where our ideas and our interactions mean nothing because they lack consequences. Real revolution can not be happen spontaneously by isolated individuals connecting through the internet and any attempt at one will fail as the Arab spring has already shown us.

it's an expose your own revisionism thread

There is literally nothing wrong with the traditional western nuclear family, and capitalism isn't the cause of it.

Stalinism is a logical consequence of Lenin's elitist vanguardism and he should be directly blamed for the authoritarianism of 20th century communist countries.

Market socialism is a logical step in the transition to an economy based on production for use. The gap between feudalism and capitalism isn't as large as the gap between capitalism and socialism as Marx described it, and any systemic change larger than the feudal-capitalist shift is too large to be successful.

Marxism, especially leftcoms is a fucking cult that, instead of using Marx's ideas and methodology as a tool, simply declares that anything he said is correct for no other reason than he was Karl Marx.

Tankies are the biggest thing holding back the left and that includes SJWs since most of them are stalinists or maoists.

Anarcho-communism and anarcho-primitivism are the most unworkable, unmaintanable utopian ideologies ever conceived, you'd have to be a child to believe in them.

Young people are the worst kind of people for the bulk of a movement to be made of. They are impulsive, generally immature, and too lacking in life experience to do anything but lower the quality of any movemment, leftist or otherwise, that they're apart of.

Quentin what the fuck are you doing here.
P.D. Your flash games are shit.

Universally-applicable principles are necessary to quickly make complex decisions. If politics is based only in science there will be no universally-applicable principles besides theories that have survived scrutiny over many decades, which is basically what a traditional value is.
Many scientific discoveries are made by accident or in dreams rather than by sheer force of disciplined reasoning.

Marxists don't really adhere to Marx's writings. They cloak their own personal compunctions under the aegis of a dead man who is unable to refuse them. Marxism is philosophical necrophilia.

specially MLs, tankies, etc they're dictator cultists tbh