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But we were doing so well…

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Everyone is leaving because all the e celebs are coming out and stating that they hate us for brownie points with the /r/socialism community and because of this a bunch of the e celebs worshipers have left as well

at least post quality will probably get better

which e-celebs are saying these hurtful things?

It's because the site is crapping out lately. Also

Muke comes to mind

Apperantly we're all evil and mean nazbols

It's the /r9k/ posts. Unironically. This board will argue with people who think having no sex is a political identity for hours. And it alienates everyone.

It's the arguments on women being mean that has completely ruined this board and made it intolerable for most people to visit

Holla Forums has shrunk too, and Holla Forums's still behind us, ShareBlue is probably running low on funds or something.
post quality will improve.

Muke said this? We fucking MADE Muke. If this is true, we should fucking get him. Traitor. Never Trust a Trot I mean that

Who cares

that has always existed, if anything the pro pedo posts have mostly dried up

Should have stopped banning people expressing support for the Kurds, even though they were confirmed to be toadies of mossad.

Good luck with that buddy

Is there proofs of this though or are you just saying this?

How long can people tolerate it hoping for improvement before just saying I quit

this has always been an open discussion board and that has always been why it is good. That obviously mean some unpalatable subjects sometimes

Maintenance? Holla Forums went down by nearly 2000

And that's why we're bleeding posters who used to post here regularly. The only reason they come back is not to post, but to screen the arguments this board makes about how we're ignoring the virgins.

Unless you're a left wing nationalist

I'd rather have the nationalists talking than the incels. They don't bring anything to the table, they are just here to scream, scratch at themselves, spread fleas, and bring disease. There is nothing that can be brought from that well then everyone wanting to not touch this board besides poke at it in interest.

I'm certain it is not the r9k, no one is getting that triggered by these nerds except you and a few others. Those threads aren't even worse than other threads, it's just that a few niggers get especially steamed in them.

he's kind of right

The ones who scream and spurg don't get banned and I'd they are their post still remains up

Whenever a decent post is made by a left wing nationalist the post usually gets deleted

That must be selective vision. I'm sure it's not 20/20.

I admit it's anecdotal but when you're talking about board experience I thinks it is fair to raise the idea that user is especially triggered by these threads, and thusly feels they are more bothersome than they truly are.

I'll believe you when I see one user.

It's because there haven't been any Holla Forumslacks spamming us with garbage for a while.

It isn't the number of threads but the persistence of the topic compared with other banned political ideology that both alienates other posters who cross post and people who grew out here on a limb who are looking for improvement of board quality.

It's simple. These threads are an embarrassment that need to be pruned.

As someone who as been here since the beginning I feel almost no desire to post anymore because I feel like everything that could possibly be discussed has already been discussed.
After the 1000th time it gets tiresome to see the same "Explain X to me" or "What's your opinion on prostitution /leftypaul/?".

if we don't have communism then there is more to discuss

What happened to you in one of those threads? You are using such emotional language for such a nothing topic I can not help but come to the conclusion this topic gets your goat for some personal reason.
So you're saying that the idea coming up is bothersome, even though it isn't widely espoused. I really can't help but see this as a pet peeve.

100%. I've gotten to the point where I'll probably just read more theory and shitpost. Right now I'm taking notes on a book. Unrelated, would it be a good thread to post a summary of one of Marx's books? I was already taking the notes and thought it could be cool to possibly post the meat of the books for lazy anons/brainlets. Marx/engels have a way of restating themselves that can be confusing.

We need more memery and less /lit/ circle jerking honestly.

Nothing that wouldn't alienate people for the reasons I listed, I'm sure

All the cool kids are migrating back to /lit/ and you're not invited

The tank plague overran the board so this place just became a carbon copy of leddit / twitter / zuccbook. I just lurk for the news threads now tbh.

Who cares

4 or 8?

Anarcho-liberalism is pretty dominant in most online left wing spaces user. Unless you are so liberal that even faint praise of the Soviet Union triggers you.

Sure. Go ahead.

I thought Holla Forums had annexed /lit/ as they did with every single other board.

That sounds like something specifically enraging happened to you. Also the threads wouldn't exist if user didn't participate in them. They aren't exactly being propped up artificially by r9k types either, as you agreed, there aren't that many of the posts

Sad. There is no need to hound people with shilling.

Thanks. Holla Forums almost certainly did which is why it is a bad idea to copy their "growth at any cost" style of propaganda.

I've never seen someone beat around the bush hard enough to get themselves stuck by thorns.

how so

Maybe the real reason is because Holla Forums has stopped raiding as much

We need theory and theory-based-shitposting threads. And please, post your notes/summaries for us. I always apreciate those things.

I will never abandon Holla Forums, even if you want me to~

Maybe they just got tired of waiting for the revolution. Almost as if it wasn't coming and we were doing nothing better than if we were posting on Holla Forums or Holla Forums or even redddit *shudder*

A lot of people here are too new to know the cycles of the board. Some kind of drama results in content creation, people come over, and despite contributing nothing, they beg for more and leave when none is provided. This has happened pretty much since the board has had 50 members. But beyond that it's mostly a maintenence thing, last time we lost around 500 members and they all came back over the course of two weeks.

we need more theory threads tbqh

Bans. Mods are so fucking trigger happy these days, and by that I mean both the ML mods and the Anarchist mods.

I'm really cautious about not posting something that would hurt one of those special snowflakes. It's not surprising that people who get banned don't want to return here.

we know that dealing with a faulty mod is hardly unique to you, but i kind of agree with them here.

Agree with them on what? That's exactly my point, there isn't a consistent ban policy you could even adress, it's all pretty arbitrary at this point, creating paranoia

Holla Forums as a whole is bleeding users.
That said, I know that I have personally been posting here less due to a rather dramatic drop off in interesting threads combined with a sharp up-tick in shitposting.

Muke has been talking pretty much nothing but shit about leftypol on his twitter.

almost like a stalinist purge, you say

Leftypol went complete shit for a bit and I still don't think we've fully recovered. Honestly I'd have left too if I had somewhere else to go but there is literally no more good places for leftist discussion left on the planet.


The bans, the shitposting, the lack of overall creativity and lack of community.
Let's make a "Holla Forums sings Vol. 2"
Let's make out own icup, and make ideologies play against each other.
We are the eternal holder of the /icup/ after all.

I can get behind this. If people are sad about the lack of funny maymays and content, they should get to creating some.

Having a quick look at the catalog, almost all OPs are low-effort and hit-and-run poster. I fucking hate to say it, but even Holla Forums as more effortposter OPs. They also ban idiots who make threads like "redpill me on X" (which makes up almost 80% of the Holla Forums catalog right now).

I mean, most OPs can't even be bothered to provide a single link or anything. As if the gorillaposter had 100 retarded children that know populate this bad.


this is an anonymous imageboard not soviet russia circa 1936

all i'm saying is that tankies are self-defeating in their own words

There is a difference between actually defending a real world revolution against wreckers and shitposting on a Mongolian throat singing board in 2017, you autist.


except that wasn't what the great purges of the 1930s were

no one cares. say something useful to the tankie i'm replying to instead of jacking off like a dumbass over a silly analogy with some truth in it.

then why did you reply to me ?

because why not dumbass

because you cared about what I had to say. :^)

that doesn't mean shit tbh

it does, you wanted to prove a point that you along with everyone else on this website didn't care so why are you still replying to me ?



pathetic sign of no theory redditor

4/lit/ is an absolute burning garbage fire nowadays. All the classic pretentiousness and pseudointellectualism with none of the actually reading books.

how bad has it got really?

Sorry to break it to you fam, but the summerposters have never left. In fact, I have every reason to believe that they've actually replaced the more well-reasoned and well-read posters that we used to have one year ago, like the Spurdoposter.

Is that a point for or against us?

It's literally just Holla Forums with token references to books, authors or "intellectuals" that no one in the thread will actually discuss.

It's basically exactly like /his/ only with slightly less /int/ tier shitflinging.

Mewch when?

what a disappointment. several leftists i knew took that board as serious as we do with Holla Forums

This place is really getting lonely
Soon it'll be like 7chan or 420chan where on the biggest boards threads last on the front page for months

Where do those people go? Do they just go back to 4chan or do they move on with their lives?

m8 leftypol didn't even have 500 ips a year and a half ago and we were below Holla Forums permanently

Be the change you wish to see on Holla Forums, also we need a better FAQ or even a wiki.

Any real revolution (something unknown to leftcoms) will require great purges. The wreckers were rightfully purged in the 1930s and 1940s.

t. western liberal pansexual treehugging sionista faggot

fuck off nigger, the only kind of internationalism we need right now is direct humanitarian support and military aid against international atlanticist backed terrorism/narcoterrorism

all real ass niggers on the left were to some extent nationalists


It's because the site has been down sporadically for two days you idiots.

420chan is breddy comfy tho

Get the fuck out of our way menschewiki, I dont have to be a retarded pol/ack to call you a nigger, everyone here is a fucking nigger myself included

If god is great someone will slap that fucking hat off your head and properly radicalize you you dirty western lib lifestylist

I'm an engineering guy so I don't know how to study and take notes for this kind of theory. How do you do it? What kind of notes do you take? I've been just underlining the bits I find important so I can find them easily when I go back to that book again

im busy with school and any free time goes to gaming/watching movies or doing RL stuff. Shitposting just isnt that fun

We had passed this mark long ago now the falling rate of users are dooming us to become irrelevant again. Forget about Holla Forums, what is really painful is if we become smaller than leddit redlib subs.

nigger nigger nigger nigger I'm 100% nigger

Fuck off normie

I blame fucking cville for this tbh

Definitely BO's fault. Just my 2 cents.


Lol BO is such a nerd right.

Mark my words, they will be done tomorrow barring miraculous barriers to completion.

I sat down and read until I found an argument/concept that I wanted to remember. Wrote it down with a simpler explanation than the longer one present in the book. I'll definitely be redoing this tomorrow though, and may make change for a more readable/understandable format.

Is it dead yet?
Then who gives a shit?

I never said we where shilling. It's a board for discussing literature, not ideological shitflinging.


It's pretty reactionary, but there are still people there that read. It's a hell of a lot better than Holla Forums in that regard.


Holy shit the board reached a new level of shit when that happened

Charlotteville incident

Yep, and never recovered.

this tbh

Wat, if anything the CWCville incident should have been a boon for leftist sites, finally you had a real life world news event proving that the le evil white male DRUMPF supporters were terrorists.

I came here in 2015.
Was posting a lot for a while.
But you fuckers never do anything. This place is a god damn echo chamber.
You are the fucking left-com meme at this point.

Point is Holla Forums that we don't belive that. You fall for your own strawman.

Maybe that is why this place is dying while your reddit comrades are thriving. Could it be that the fact that they are not ashamed to fully embrace hardcore idpol like LGBTQWTF, trannies, black power, pro-Islam, latino pride and unironically claim FUCK DRUMPF AND FUCK WHITE PEOPLE are factors? Holla Forums is a strange place, you guys are LESS edgy than your reddit counterpart.

Yes, that's the reason
Don't think so. There is nothing edgy in screaming bullshit idpol stuff and banning people with more conservative views. I'm personally anti idpol and anti intersectionality, this is literally the only place in the world besides north korea and tankie parties where my views are accepted. Liberals completly hijacked the left in america and in most countries of europe. I hate them more than I hate alt-righters or neo-nazis. At least you guys understand that there is something wrong with the world, you are just totally misguided an useful idiots for the ruling class. Same thing are the liberals. Problem people are not willing to listen to boring old guys who talk about economics and theory. They are not willing to read and learn. An ideology that screams it's da joos/da raycist white male it's more easy to absorb and accept.

Left cons are a huge part of the problem and I agree we should do more but all the naysayers shoot down any attempt

Disagree. You can always tell who is the real boss by who you are not allowed to shit talk. In the mob, you can talk about anything you want, but if you say anything bad about the capo, you'll get whacked. In China, you can have all the free speech you want, but talk shit about the top party officials and enjoy getting under investigation for subversion or worse. In the west you can talk shit about ANY elected official, it's not taboo shitting on prime ministers, presidents, the Queen of England, even the fucking Pope. But nobody will ever dare to criticize the jewish banking and political elites in public. Look at TheDailyStormer, it's literally the most censored website of all time, even ISIS recruitment sites don't get taken down like that by the powers that be. Sure you can laugh all you want about the "dumb stormfags" being banned from every domain registrar, but it won't be so funny when someone from your side becomes a genuine threat to the establishment and gets the same treatment. The precedent has been set.

Does anyone here remember Yui poster? Whatever happened to her?

Anytime anyone proposes anything, it's usually shot down as either "hello FBI XDDDDD" or how it's just lifestylism.

I really thought the tankie was gonna be the more nationalist one. Guess I was wrong.

This board has become haunted tbh

This + ban weekly incel threads.


First we are not trying to be edgy. Nobody here is a stupid child (or at least I hope not).
Second there's nothing edgy about being an idpol liberal larping as communists like ledditors are.


Isn't @Comrade_Yui her twitter profile?


I think you're confusing "allowed to" and "taken seriously." You're allowed to preach in the middle of a New York intersection during rush hour about da jooz all you want, but don't mistake getting called an idiot with censorship.

IMHO a combination of well-read posters leaving, people slowly leaking out from Holla Forums, the huge influx of people in the wake of both the nerve center and cwcville, and the constant barrage of shitposting that everybody takes part in every thread (seriously, count the number of anons that say "forgot to take off my shitposting flag") has led to a huge decline in the quality of the board. I predict that in several months, Holla Forums will be reduced to a shallow parody of itself, with all discussion fated to devolving into hollow memes, Holla Forums-tier virtue signalling (already seen with the label "socdem" being thrown around as a buzzword for anything that stops short of instantaneously liquidating global capital), and, most likely, heavy interference and astroturfing from third parties.

It's already back over a thousand. Stop being hysterical faggots. I've seen newfags scream about how the board is dying literally since it has had 50 members.

Foolish. The dominant ideology at this point is "there is no alternative" not that capitalism is perfect. Everyone criticizes the system and cries crocodile tears for the injustice in the world, but it's when you suggest an alternative that you're an unrealistic utopian.

Well you can't argue in that way if you don't take negative dialetics into account.

yeah obviously because they're jews and not because they literally own so much that they have the power to arbitrarily damage or destroy the lives of millions of people and own or influence vast swathes of industrial society

you storm shits are so fucking stupid and i really wish you would all just die.