Okay, how many people here are Scottish, how many of you are already in a leftist group and who is not...

Okay, how many people here are Scottish, how many of you are already in a leftist group and who is not?(or other UK if you would be up for travel) Got a little meet up or at least connect online idea cooking up. Would any of you be interested? Maybe set up a discord and talk until trust is established or something. It would be good to get a leftypol UK discord where we can share information about activism actually in our areas and stuff. I get the feeling many people would be up for taking part in things but aren't really aware of whats going on. I for one have had to put in a concerted effort to get involved in groups, don't know about other people. Anyway, thoughts?

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Are you for staying in the UK, or separating the lines.

separating the lines. I honestly think the best chance for a socialist UK is Scotland breaking off. We are pretty red up here, so we can try to consolidate that, then it would spread to England (in an ideal world, i see very little chance of this actually happening) In the none ideal world, I would still prefer we broke off, its easier to organise 5 million people against a 5 million person sized state apparatus and focus on local organising than it is to combat the same things in a nation of 65 million people

I'm also Scottish, Also in favour of Independence. Not a member of any party, because all the major socialist parties here are just the Scottish branches of English parties, who are vehemently unionist.
And yes, I would be interested in some sort of meetup.

I'm just worried that a Scottish independence would mean a Scotland more interested in staying in the EU than purely independent.

where you are you? I live in Glasgow but am regularly in Edinburgh

We'd get another ref in the EU most likely if we left the UK

Renfrewshire, I can be in Glasgow in 15-20 minutes, easily.

You got discord?

Why are Tories so much hotter than Nationalists?
t. non-brit

I have an account, but rarely use it, do you have a server?



other UK folks get in

no in fact, only Scottish get in for now. Where my /Alba/nians at?


Bump, Scottish lefties get in the discord, post here for an invite

I'm Scottish and would be interested. Also are you that blackflag poster that I was talking to on that livestream chat last night?

Scottish & in Labour.

hop in son although by "in labour" do you mean you are a labour party member or actual PLP?


godspeed You magnificent bastards

All Scottish get in the discord right fucking now

Link's dead.

Not from Scotland, but is cool to talk to britanons.

Link's dead

Fellow Scot reporting in

Any highland/moray fags out there?


Get in the Discord you dirty bastards (Scottish Only)

who /edinburgh posho/ here

Get in the discord

brb killing myself


Don't, we all love you here.

Get in