If imperialism is the highest form of capitalism why did neo imperialism replace it...

If imperialism is the highest form of capitalism why did neo imperialism replace it? If fascism is defense mechanism of capitalism why aren't all capitalist states all fascist all the time? How can a bank's rate of profit have a tendency to fall if banks own the federal reserve which prints money out of thin air and gives it away to the banks for free? If racism is used by the bourgeoisie to divide the working class why have the bourgeoisie abandoned racism in favor of promotion of post racial diversity?

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If fascism is to be seen as a crisis-induced merger of state and capital, then they already are

What do you mean by neo imperialism?
they more or less are.
Because actual value is not dependent on the value of the currency in the system.
Having two brands of idpol to bounce off each other is the perfect division of the working class

But there was imperialism before capitalism tho?

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Not nearly as facist as none capitalist states
then how is the currency valued
but its not the nation is divided based on racist thats just what grapes views for cnn and the mass media

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this, neoliberalism is essentially a merge of corporate and state power

1. Please define both imperialism and "neo imperialism" and elaborate on why they differ
2. The USSR has collapsed; socialist revolution is not very likely so thus the need for fascism has abated. The thing that must be understood is that even the bourgeoisie don't like fascism - it is a tool only to be used as a very last resort like chemotherapy.
3. Currency does not equal actual value
4. Different tactics for different bourgeoisie. Some bourgeoisie still rely on racism (see: Africa with different tribal factions) some on religion it doesn't matter the point is they're all used to divide and control.



Intersectionality wasn't invented by a marxist you retard

No shit? The vast majority of self-described Marxists are revisionists and idpolers.

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Socdems are literally fascists en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascist_Manifesto

In labor and social policy, the Manifesto calls for:

To show the same confidence in the labor unions (that prove to be technically and morally worthy) as is given to industry executives or public servants;

In finance, the Manifesto advocates:

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It didn't. Literally the Wikipedia page, wew.
>Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism by Kwame Nkrumah
Because individual capitalists have competing interests and don't collaborate unless they feel an imminent threat.
Marx is not a Keynesian. Creating money doesn't create wealth, or value. He pre-supposes gold-backed currency in Chapter One of Capital ffs.
Racism, like Patriarchy, is not a fundamentally capitalist ideological tool, those are pre-capitalist remnants of the superstructure that capitalists use in order to diffuse contradictions created by their own historical progress. Capitalism will use racism to divide the working class until it builds a sturdier, more coherent ideological tool to fool the working class of its material interests.

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Do you want the proletariat to remain uneducated because you yourself refuse to educate them? Telling someone to pick up a book wont make them read it, you must inspire them to read it for themselves, until then you can inspire and answer any confusion the prole may have

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It still sparks a debate which other people might read and get enlightened by. Coming off like an ass just pushes the people away from our movement

That there is some aggressive redefinition.