Why when in Ukraine poor people revolted against nationalist government and siuation turned into bloody fratricidal war, anarchists accepted argument that "nationalism isn't solution" and didn't support any side, but when in Catalonia wealthy people are revolting against government on nationalist arguments, now we must take sides because "Police is so brutal"? Also in Poland Police is more brutal to old people thrown from their houses to streets, than in Spain is to nationalist separatists.

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We don't have to.

Because LARP and political catgirls.

What do you mean, though? Practically nobody supports Catalonia on this board.

If then, I'm happy to hear it. But about week ago I saw Catalonia thread which was ambivalent to nationalism, and usualy in real live activism both tankies (neo-trockyists, mainly) are anarchists are pro-nationalist in Catalonia.


Crimethinc had a nice article on it with accounts from anarchists actually there:


Lie. Most anarchist are in WE WUZ FLN N' SHEIT on this board. Just take a look at the old threads

You get the point?

I support national liberation struggles as a general rule, but national liberation is very distinct from reactionary or fascist "nationalist" (read: imperialist) struggle. This is why, for instance, I support the Kurds but not ISIL or Hezbollah.

People on this board who don't support Catalonia are overwhelmingly morons.

Oh boy, that's another bourgeoise "nationalist" revolution. Why don't people on Holla Forums realize that accelerationism, which would produce global, tangible effects, is a better course of action than picking what amounts to sports teams?

Bourgeois revolutions don't really happen in the third world because there is no strong capitalist class and the capitalist class that DOES exist typically has a parasitical, cowardly relationship with the existing imperial-feudal order.

Now, you could argue Catalonia is partially a bourgeois-democratic revolution, and you would be correct in a sense. But if you take even five minutes to analyze

1) the class forces organizing and mobilizing
2) the class forces most violently resisting the mobilization (hint: read the business press and see how the neoliberal international elite are reacting to this turn of events)
3) the types of organizations and institutions that are channeling the revolutionary impulse

you will quickly realize that this is a progressive and hugely favorable event. The problem is most "socialists" are either utopians, infants, or both, and can't see the potential in anything other than the immediate liquidation of global capitalism, no matter how obvious.

Trotskyist kiddie who still thinks that if it's "February" now, that tomorrow will be "October".

Because Catalonian is leftwing and Catalonia is richer because of industrialization, not because there borgs. Also fuck the Spanish monarchy.

Wait there’s people on this board who do NOT support hezbollah.

Their early work was a little too anti-imperialist for me. But when the Syrian invasion came out in 2013, I think they really came into their own, cynically and opportunistically. The whole imperialist strong-arming had an Islamic, backward vibe and a new sheen of consummate barbarism that really gave the fascist paramilitary a big boost.

What did he mean by this?

How can someone have such a blatant lack of self-awareness
Except for all of the many, many times it's happened through more than a century and across at least four different continents.

Because we need to support the catalan people in his noble and courageous struggle against SSpanish imperialism.

it's just porky sending elderly and children on the street to get beaten to a pulp by police sent by another porky, nothing new under the sun

What did he mean by this?

Barcelona and it's closest counties are anti-independentist because a lot of people from diferent parts of spain went to work there during the franquist rural exodus and their offspring don't feel very rooted in the catalan culture. Big cities also tend to be more internationalist than towns.
Most catalan rich people (who aren't "living" in a tax heaven like andorra) live in barcelona, so they skew the static. The wages are also higher here but the cost of living is pretty high too, as is the case in most cities.

wtf i love spain now