How the fuck did they do it

Why are black people mostly liberal? As a black commie i can't understand how liberals got most black people to become satisfied with the shit status quo we have. How did they make MLK and Rosa Parks into the only important black people in the civil rights movement and turn the black panthers and Malcolm X into scary bad guys for wanting to be armed and not want to be shot by cops.

I often see black liberal activists praise the black panthers though. The thing is that they completely ignore all the revolutionary Maoist shit about the BPP and instead put them in the same category as other great black activists, such as Beyonce and Jay-Z.

This thing Lenin wrote on the first page of The State and Revolution is so fucking relevant:

>What is now happening to Marx's theory has, in the course of history, happened repeatedly to the theories of revolutionary thinkers and leaders of oppressed classes fighting for emancipation. During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow their names to a certain extent for the “consolation” of the oppressed classes and with the object of duping the latter, while at the same time robbing the revolutionary theory of its substance, blunting its revolutionary edge and vulgarizing it. Today, the bourgeoisie and the opportunists within the labor movement concur in this doctoring of Marxism. They omit, obscure, or distort the revolutionary side of this theory, its revolutionary soul. They push to the foreground and extol what is or seems acceptable to the bourgeoisie.

As a bloke on the Jimmy Dore Show once said "The Democrats win blacks by making the Republicans seem like they will degrade their civil rights".

That's precisely because the radical content of the Black Panthers has been neutered by their enshrinement in official black history through cynical liberal co-optation or spectacular reduction to a fashion statement. What remains is a vague image of the Panthers and not their socialism.

Groups like the BPP make the ruling class shit themselves, so they shut that shit down. Hard.

the same way they indoctrinated you into christianity.

I became a Christian ,i wasn't baptized at Birth.



pick one

Even worse.

Because Liberalism, comrade. For all the good it did, the one thing The Enlightenment got horribly wrong was believing that everyone needs a say and all views are equal. To not offend anyone, Liberalism needs to de-fang and sanitize literally everything. It needs to separate politics and violence from each other. However, this is an impossibility because such a view fundamentally misunderstands what politics *is*. As a result, you get dominant ideology-approved opinions in textbooks and lectures about very tough, very real revolutionary folks and conditions.

Because the rich patrons of Black revolutionary groups in America weren't actually all that partial to Communism. They just wanted to integrate Blacks and Whites and fight racism.


Liberals always bait them with promises of better living standards but they never actually deliver.


Maybe it just seems futile at this point. There's been attempts at revolution ever since blacks arrived here as slaves and the only real success has come from white industrialists compromising so that slavery needed to called something else, and from compromising to make apartheid unofficial. Every genuine black revolutionary organization was stamped out so quick and brutal that it doesnt seem worth sacrificing yourself for another dead end.

It makes me fucking sad, I love the Panthers, they were the best radicals this country has ever seen imo

Before the roman Catholic church got their hands on Christianity and started to use it to keep everyone subjugated, it was what would now be called an anarchist organisation, featuring rejection of money and heirarchy and total communal ownership. The church and the noble classes bent Christianity to oppress the lower classes, just like we see the people of the black rights movements being turned into whatever fits the agenda of those in control today.

Nice thread derail by the way.

If you think God gives a damn about you and the human race, or has any anthropocentric concerns at all, you are very probably misguided tho tbh fam smh

ye they can't. read feuerbach

separating religion from the religious authorities is separating it from material reality that gave it birth. religion is an idealist escape of the exploited, it has been so historically. marxism developed at first as a critique of german idealism, the whole reason marxism is revolutionary is because of it's dialectical approach to a materialist scientific view of history and society. you cannot claim to be a marxist but not understand that religion fundamentally stems from the need of escapist fantasies the oppressed have, need that a caste of clerics have always been historically happy to exploit. i could rant on for days but ill just say you too should read feuerbach.

I think the most important question is why literally anybody at all cares for or enjoys celebrity beyond superficial "Oh huh"s or "that's interesting".

Except that isn't true. Religion a prexisting institution that was "corrupted" or "used" by agrarian societies to justify hierarchies. It predates civilization. Stop reading 19th century eurocentric theory and read actual anthropological studies on the subject.

are you actually talking about cave men? please read feuerbach

so you're dismissing socialists as "19th century eurocentric theories" and telling me to read some neoliberal establishment approved theory instead? why do you people want to call yourselves socialists or communists when you're liberals? i don't understand it, are you actively trying to water down the revolutionary core of marxism? or are you just too stupid to tell prevalent postmodernist garbage theory apart from marxism?

Religion is still idealist tho, and that still doesn't solve the fact you worship Christianity one of the most "muh hierarchy of man" religions of all time. Its a pretty great tool for justifying hierarchy.

Well, I don't exactly call myself a Marxist, rather I'm in anarchist. Anyway, it turns out that tribal cultures that don't have heirarchy (therefore no oppressed) still have religions.

what a surprise

i'd ask for specific examples for both your claims that tribal societies have no heirarchy and that they have no oppression, but even if that is indeed the case you cannot draw parallels between the views of per-agricultural societies and modern-day ones. religion did evolve in all recorded history into an escapist fantasy that also served as a moral justification for the system of production, from the god-emperors since the modern world. this has been the dialectic of religion, based on the material conditions in which it arose and on the historical role it served.

i'll say it a third time, read feuerbach. he's not dialectic in his approach either, perfect for anarkiddies that can't into diamat

Spirituality and idealism have existed since at least the antique Greece. Of course, the clergy has always been using these things to control the population and gain material advantages, but it seems like humans will never stop to ask themselves why they are here on this planet ever, and try to find convincing answers about this (who can be devised on drugs or a hallucinatory episode, whatever, they just need to be convincing)
And since a lot of humans are retarded, they think their existence and everything around them is central to this universe's underlying inscrutable machinery.
Nevertheless, this kind of stories give humanity a purpose to live, fight against nature's harsh ways and reproduce themselves. They seem to have a fundamental function in human society despites their retardedness.

Anyway, this debate is unrelated to the OP, and I also wanted to say that you aren't making your case more convincing by memeing us with "muh neoliberal esthablishment approved theory", "muh liberals", and so on. Instead of reading books, you should think a little more before posting.


For a specific example, most of my arguments are based off of my knowledge of certain Australian aboriginal cultures, or at least before the British ruined it all.
Why not? Are we not both wanting a return to pre-agricultural society but with agriculture and modern technology? Besides, human nature hasn't changed since then, just the society we live in.

I assume you are suggesting that I read The Essence of Christianity? Or do you mean something else? I'll probably read it when I get time.

Why am I not surprised?

the majority of the people in greece did belong to the oppressed class. your analysis is shallow and flawed, there is not much to argue here because all your sentimental "human nature" arguments have been analyzed and pretty much destroyed by those people you refuse to read. you're not as clever as you think you are, your mode of thinking of your internalized ideology as "logical" and "human nature" is staple neoliberalism. you should honestly read some scientific discourse on the topic, but I know you won't so I won't keep spamming you.

no we don't? the dialectic of history only goes forward, not backwards. you are talking about a time where fundamental knowledge of the most basic physical laws wasn't a given, a state of absolute idealism where thunder and fire could be considered holy simply due to ignorance. religion since then has evolved as the material conditions reproducing it changed. There is no point in drawing parallels between a society living in a state of absolute idealism and modern society.

there is no such thing as "human nature" you god damn fucking liberal. why do i bother responding i swear, go back to fucking reddit and don't come here until you open a fucking book you fucking dumb sack of shit.

black panthers actually had a shitload of funding out of their anti-war activism during vietnam

That quote was made before Che became a Chad communist so jokes on you you STUPID NIGGER. :^)

So we should blindly worship the dogma of a 19th century liberal? Fuck off.

Like what ?

the New Left was basically bankrolled by rich white and Jewish liberals. same as #TheResistance nowadays. when the Communist or Anarchist groups get a bit too uppity, the funding is cut and they go to jail.