What happened in Las Vegas is a national tragedy—and one that we seem to keep repeating...

What happened in Las Vegas is a national tragedy—and one that we seem to keep repeating. The reason the shooter in Las Vegas was able to accomplish so much destruction, so much killing and wounding, in such a short period of time, was because he used a simple device to convert his semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic rifles.
While it is too late for the victims in Las Vegas, and the victims in Newtown, and the victims in Charleston, and on and on, it is not too late to prevent the next set of innocent Americans from becoming victims. We have got to do everything possible to prevent the conversion of semi-automatic rifles into automatic rifles. - Bernie "I am a socialist" Sanders

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no the shooting was good

What do you think the end game is? Gun owners in America are typically right leaning, conservatives or libertarians. And if not that, then they're gang members killing each other. Maybe in the 1800's where you seem to be stuck, there was some revolutionary potential in having unrestricted gun access, but today it would be a disaster. Grow up. And if you don't live in the US, count yourself lucky you don't have this problem.

lol understndable he is an old grandpa who is clueless af about weapons.

I have an idea through if he wins next elections. If he is going to disarm the population also disarm the fucking police. How about that. Like in Japan.
Motherfuckers have to be on our level not above.


There is one thing to consider through. The police is corrupt as fuck & unreliable. Infiltrated the fuck out by KKKs.
No gracias, bitch. I'm stocking up on some guns. Also do you really think that the gun industry is going to like this shit? all the motherfuckers in congress/senate/all politicians have a corporate agenda even Bernie to some extent. They're not getting banned.

There are 2 things that are complete shit with the anti-guns, I understand their concern, I dislike crowd killers, elliot rodgers & school shooters too. But cops have a monopoly on violence. Also Rednecks have stockpiled all the guns & they lean conservative. Sure ban guns but if the state does that ban all even Police's power, fuck em don't make our oppressors stronger.

& watch this: youtube.com/watch?v=U3GeCSp2vg8

Oh yeah. I'm sure Billy Bob and his "Taxation is theft" gadsen flag buddies are lining up for your revolution.

They are. Most are crypto-marxists without even knowing it.

I think people just generally don't understand how weak the left is in the U.S. There are literally hundreds of militia groups and as far as I'm aware, they're all far-right, anti-government, and explicitly pro-capitalist.

Most gun owners are conservatives. There is no magic revolution that will unite reactionaries, libertarians, right-wingers and conspiracy nuts with Marxists. I shouldn't have to spell this out for you guys, but they don't like you very much.

but don't you know guns are necessary for the revolution that is definitely going to happen any time now

here is a meme with a century-old Marx quote on it to prove my point

liberals btfo xD

yes there is

Point to a single prominent socialist (not socdem) who thought differently. Hell, just looking in the US you'll find everyone from Debs to Malcolm X to Huey Newton saying the same thing

Not in 2017. But please prove me wrong.

Prove what wrong? Socialists in [CURRENT YEAR] still advocate for gun ownership, hence the resurgence of RNR and JBCG.

inb4 bernie and D.S.A (who aren't even really anti-gun)

I can't say I understand your comment.

I'm saying I don't know any modern leftists thinkers that agree with conservatives about lax gun regulation in 2017, in the year of our Lord. I don't care that Debs and the Black Panthers advocated for it. Their time has passed. Like I'm more interested in what Zizek, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, etc have to say.

Hedges and Chomsky don't even claim to be marxist and Zizek isn't anti-gun.

ofc you don't

Alright. Well I guess that would mean something if I claimed they were Marxists.

How the FUCK are you a christfag then?

I don't know what RNR is. The closest I find is Red Nation Rising. Which is a anti-gun control group, sure. But I assume that's not the group the other user was referring to. On their website:

It would be embarrassing if that's the group he thought was a socialist organization because it mentioned the color red. So I just said I didn't know what he was talking about.

cuz spooks

conservative arguments for guns are very different from leftist arguments for guns.

Because politics when Marx was writing in the 1800's Germany is not politics in the U.S. in 2017. And in a similar fashion, politics before the 80's is very different from today. It may have once been true that many gun control laws were passed in response to the black panthers, but today, conservatives are the first in line to deregulate gun control. Things change. I'm more interested in what people who are actually alive have to say about the problems we face today.

yes. in other words leftists use guns truly as means of self defense, when shit hits the fan not just for fuck sake like republicunts.

I personally am not placing a blind trust in the Police, fuck the Police.

Non-marxist "socialists" are idealists and liberals

RNR is redneck revolt, fyi

Okay thanks.

I’m generally pro gun, but automatic weapons and attatchments that increase fire rate to a high level like bump stocks really should be banned.

Actual military maneuvers and engagements only really require semi auto anyway, so guns as a deterrent to government tyranny or whatever is preserved. Automatic weapons seem really useful for mass killers spraying into a dense crowd, but not for much else. Bump stocks also seem to just be a way to game the regulations on automatic weapons.

The gun debate shoudn't be about murder. It should be about how to prevent the working class from having the easiest access to ease their suicidal impulses. Other methods of suicide require time and thought, and that's why they don't count as high as gun suicide deaths in poverty stricken America.

Whether we come together as a community to fight this, I'm not sure. But I do think guns allow an easy out for people with nothing left to lose who could have used that energy to do good, fight against what put them in that position, etc. Organize

We need to talk about suicide, poverty, and guns.

but this is the price we must pay to keep open the possibility of an armed revolt that will never happen at some point in the distant future

typical nogunz hysteria. if the retard in vegas had instead taken his time and used calm, aimed, semi-auto fire, he probably could have killed twice as many people. automatic fire is mostly useless for shoulder-fired rifles

He was firing into a crowd from 500 yards (450 meters) away. Precise shooting would have matters almost not at all. In fact, the more rounds he got off at the beginning before people started ducking for cover, the more he would have hit.

suppressing fire would be a key tactic for any group that is outnumbered or in need of a tactical retreat, such as revolutionaries

bump firing at that distance is even less effective. unless he had a light support weapon or a full size mg, plus mount or tripod, all the bitching about automatic fire is just scaremongering

any faggot who wants to an hero should be encouraged. To keep you is no benefit, to have to destroy yourself is no loss.


so, according to you, anyone who doesn't support carrying automatic guns in public is "not a real socialist". ridiculous.

listen, stupid burger:
i don't support carrying any guns in public at all, unless you are a hunter or police officer. however i'm fine with you owning guns, i'm fine with you being member of a shooter's club and shooting there all day long if you desire so (you'd need to register yourself regularly though and make a gun owner's license).

you're on the wrong board

Japan is America done right.

What I respect about Žižek is that he actually served in the military. He understands the force required to enact civilization. He knows how a rifle and a handgun operates, and why they are needed.

The way of the gun.

Okay thats unironically funny.

An actual leftist militia would be cool. They'd have to have a mandatory party line and general physique/outfit/mannerism. That would be the only way to avoid the faggotry inherent with red liberals. Mandatory fitness requirements and maybe even a test of beliefs to weed out weak sauce would be a good idea. Now I just want to "design" a good militia recruitment process haha.

Smells of reddit.

Military service in yugoslavia was mandatory. It's not like it was some heroic decision to uphold some ideals he did not share (he was apparently considered dissident by authorities). I don't recall reading anywhere that he particularly enjoyed his time in the military or that he's somehow in favor of American style gun laws.

If you are an American here is what you need to purchase.

A shotgun
A handgun
A rifle (magazine fed/bolt action or both)

Buy them now. Stockpile ammunition for them now. Save every single cent in order to buy these firearms. You will need them shortly. Nations come with a shelf life. ours has burned bright, but capitalism is a game of musical chairs. Soon the music will stop for the final time. Another analogy would be that capitalism is a game of Monopoly that has been in progress for a few hundred years, and you are born owing rent to park place. Soon one side will have all of the currency, all of the property. And they do not intend to share power.

It is inevitable that insurrection, revolution, uprising, revolt, civil war, revolutionary war, insurgency, whatever you call it is about to take place. It is going to be one hell of a mother fucker. Prepare for what is coming. Do not listen to people like Sanders who are guarded by heavily armed federal agents who carry fully automatic sub machine guns, who live in 95% white Vermont with virtually zero crime, drug addiction, prostitution or human trafficking.

Listen to me, an Iraq war combat veteran. Buy guns. buy guns NOW! There is not much time left. Please, fucking please I am begging you. protect yourself, your family. Prepare for what is coming. Please.


I have never met a veteran who isn't completely retarded

I am not sure of his stance on guns either. I know his military service was mandatory, but he could have gotten out of it by saying he liked cocks, or had a mental illness, or was injured.
He carried a rifle and stood a post. I respect that. There is not much more you can ask of a man that that.

nogun christfag…yeah, just might not belong here


The US army couldn't even beat the Viet Cong or the Iraqis who had totally outdated equipment. Americans with military-grade assault rifles would be more effective against their army than you think.

All right well good luck regulating it.

hunters/foresters, cops and military carry guns because it makes sense. an edgy teenager carrying an automatic rifle in public doesn't make sense at all unless you plan to kill one or more persons. If that is what you want to accomplish just join the burger army, you don't even need to read marx, lenin, kant, hegel or rousseau in that case.
by the way, i was born and raised in an actual socialist country where only hunters, cops and military were allowed to carry guns in public.

You were born and raised in a shithole from the sounds of it.

meaningless statement. go away

t. Bernie "I gave your donations to Hillary" Sanders

what did he mean by this

you live in a shithole and you think leftism is about living in a shithole from the sounds of it.

it's not. think about it for a moment. wait no, you could have done that already. fuck off.