Any good sources for debunking the whole "capitalism has reduced global poverty" myth...

Any good sources for debunking the whole "capitalism has reduced global poverty" myth? I saw a story on Al Jazeera debunking this argument and I'm interested if anyone can point me to some more sources that debunk this idea in more detail

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for a quick reference Russia is always a good example as is a majority of the old soviet bloc, few people came out of the USSR richer then before and ultimately conditions worsened for the average Russian person. Post-Stalin era USSR wasn't exactly a paradise but at least it fed it's people and kept roofs over heads, that's more then you can say about the Russian Federation. Other then that it's pretty easy to look at any African nation and it's history to prove the myth wrong

Not exactly debunking content, but a good set of points from Gnome Chompski on why economic growth and increasing standards of living in them selves are not an argument for an economic system.

this argument is in its essence "correlation = causation".

unfortunately this argument doesn't always hold up cause rightists will outright deny the massive growth in productive forces under stalin

Capitalism has reduced global poverty. This is pretty undeniable actually. Marx thought capitalism was good, he just didn't think It was *the best* and would eventually collapse under its own weight

Global poverty hasn't necessarily gotten worse percentagewise, but it's very arguable that there are places where the poverty itself is far more intolerable.

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Comrade Hakim does a good job of it here

But it HAS been getting worse since the 80s. World bank had to change the threshold of "poverty" twice to keep up the trend, and even with this change it's all contingent on China, which is really its own story when it comes to Asia.

This. The whole story of recording poverty since he 80s has been one of constantly changing definitions, and it is also true that the majority of these changes have taken place in China and India, but not really anywhere else.

Have a look at the publication that the guy who wrote that al-Jazeera article (Jason Hickel) ended up putting together.




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Sure, neoliberalism has made shit worse than it was in the 60's and it's getting harder and harder to deny that, but the original question was about capitalism as a whole. Capitalism has generally reduced poverty on the whole compared to, say, the 1500's.
However, again, there are some good cases to be made that there are many places where people are being made to do more for even less than they were back centuries ago.

This is the best short explanation

Capitalists pay, on average, the lowest amount possible to sustain workers so they can extract profits. As workers who used to see wages above this line lose income, those who were paid below this line start to see marginally better standards.

The point being that the average standard of living has not actually changed. It is only shifting to more equally shit pay for workers globally.

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