Spectre rouge

When will this finally come out?

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10th of October, right?

It's already more than october 10

what did he mean by this?

wow time flies so fast




Dafuq is this and why should I care about this consumer product?

It's bunkermag, but hopefully actually good this time.

Wrong field

What kind of trip is that, even worse than Rebel's.

May want to delete the other post friendo :^)

I thought it was going to be an actual zine (pdf issues and everything) and not just another boring blog…

I never really wanted a trip in the first place, someone just yelled at me to get one in a thread. Here's my new one. I can verify via email if I have to.

We're releasing online first. I was planning on making a PDF version, but only if people actually want it.


I may need to delay it by one day, I've got a big essay due tomorrow and there are still some graphics i need to slap together for the articles that are just coming in.

What is wrong with all of u guys

It appears that your chronological orientation provides some anxiety among the population

*tips fedora*

No problem, better late than never.

The name is kind of terrible my nigg

can't wait for some skeleton fan art henati porn tbh


I am yes
It's 23 october 106 today

You do you, I'll get that manga submission ready.


Hmmm, that's a good point. I think I will make one after all. We do have a good cover and everything, I'll just take me a couple days of playing around on indesign. Although, I probably don't have time to do all of them, I think there are a core of about 6 articles or so that I'd like to pull together and actually design pages for.

When?? You said today!

Inking Maknho and Lenin is harder than I thought.

Trying to get home now, I think I'll have the first four up tonight, probably at midnight.

Just fired an email off to you.

Hope everything goes well :)

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