How Do Eastern European Neo-Nazis Make Sense Of Their Worldview?

"It must become clear to everybody in Germany, even to the last milkmaid, that Polishness is equal to subhumanity. Poles, Jews and Gypsies are on the same inferior level. This must be clearly outlined […] until every citizen of Germany has it encoded in his subconsciousness that every Pole, whether a worker or intellectual, should be treated like vermin".

Nazi writings on the subject of Eastern Europeans read like copypastas posted by sweaty Holla Forumsacks in a Monster Energy Drink and Dorito fueled rage against whichever nationality of poster triggered their autistic meltdown. It's fucking comical.

Well? How do Slavic neo-Nazis justify worshipping people who literally considered them subhuman and wanted to deal with them in the same way burgers dealt with the Native-Americans?

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The oddest cases are the dickheads walking the streets of Britain.

British neo-Nazis or Eastern European immigrants? It's stupid for any ethnicity to look up to the Nazis, especially any ethnicity that took a Blitzkrieg thrashing like the English did in World War II.

Maybe…just maybe the whole slav = untermensch shit is Allies propaganda and not even slav buys it?

Hitler said Russia was great until jewish Bolshevism corrupted it, and plenty of slavs joined the nazis in WW2.

Worse, neo-Nazi Eastern European immigrants to Britain.

They don't care, they just want to feel powerful.

They small, albeit somewhat loud, minority.
Majority of people here, like elsewhere are apolitical brainlets.

Nah, these quotes come directly from Nazi government officials responsible for wide scale policy making. What do you think the Nazi Lebensraum expansion would've done to Slavs from Poland to Russia?

Those exist?

I know, hence this post refers to Eastern European neo-Nazis, not the average Slav.

They should seriously look into The NazBol Gang instead if that's the case.

Its been largely a Pan European/"White" movement during the post war, Pan Germanic Nazis are pretty uncommon these days

And where is the proof of the authenticity of these documents?
I dunno, settling germans in Poland and Russia? Shitload of space from Berlin to Siberia, m8.

And in retrospect, the germans did not immediately kill all the poles they occupied in 39 either.

Cognitive dissonance, denial.

Yeah, they had bigger issues like fighting a war. They only started murdering Jews once they realized they were losing, and that was genocide priority #1. Meanwhile, they did supply their armies by just stealing all the food of the natives and succeeded in killing off about a quarter of the population of Belarus by doing that and assorted war crimes, so I'm not seeing their great sympathy for Slavs there.


But the whole point of them being neo-Nazis is that they don't like communism or Russians (well except the Russian ones, who literally are the NazBol gang anyway).

Not an excuse.
This seems fishy as shit to me, so the jews only start dyeing when they start to lose? Even when the jewish question priority #1?
I mean, the Soviet did the same shit, or even arguably worse shit than Nazi Germany, that's why some balks even teamed up against the remaining germans to fight Soviet.

Yeah, you never seen those Polish fascist stickers? Maybe it's a northern thing.

Fuck off Holla Forums. Sick to fucking death of nearly every thread being derailed by various members of your board and their unending faggotry.

Yeah, The Reich Ministry Of Public Enlightenment And Propaganda, 1939:

I heard bout that anti-fascist music festival getting trashed by Polish neo-Nazis a while back, but that's it. Some people also say Poles are a bit racist, but I don't know any…

So we cannot entertain the possibility of propaganda and discounting historical facts now?

I cannot see that.

Ideologies evolve. The fascism and racism of today are not what they used to be, they too have globalized. Hence the focus on white, European, Western, etc. identity, in stead of the exclusive German, French, and so on racial focus of yesteryear. "You see, Hitler wasn't real fascism/nationalism," something like that.
I don't know enough about Hegel to say that this is the result of a dialectical process of rightism working itself out in the post-WWII reality, but it is.

You mean you didn't read it?

I mean I can't view that page.

Times and times again, when Europe is threatened, all european team up to fight the threat, such as the muslim invasion in the Charles Martel era.

It is somewhat a proof of Jung's collective consciousness theory.

Yeah, the ideology's still evolving. Shit, even Brazil's got their own """white""" Stormfags fighting for a European ethnostate now.

This just goes to show that stupidity is colour blind

Who can blame them? Brazil was better when it was whiter.

Now it's a shithole of poverty and robbery and drugs.

nazis purged both russians and serbians. basically they treated pseudo-german wannabe slavs normally and orthodox slavs as vermin. you should research the ustashe extermination camps

Good one.

The most important thing is that we identify and study them clearly for the new beast that they are now, and don't fall into the trap of lazily recycling all the tropes of the last century. Zizek constantly hammers this when he speaks out against for example Mohdi in India, whose Hindu nationalism is part of this new strain of rightism that is ascendant right now. The enemy is everywhere, even among people's that were only just yesterday marginalized. Even in the African American community we have to keep a wary eye on figures like Ta Neshi Coates and his ilk, who flirt dangerously close with an unproductive kind of black nationalism totally divorced from class struggle and so on. I don't know if this is also a thing among the British blacks though

no mate, that's just an american thing. in europe racist nationalists are pretty much state nationalists. in my country for example, greek nationalists hate all our neightbours apart from the serbs even though most are "white" by the american definition. same goes for most other nationalists in europe. that "white"/"western" etc identity is right wing populism adjusting to the colonial melting pot that removed the ethnic identity of these groups over the year.

Yes Russia was so great with their 80% illiteracy and medieval life expectancy. Damn those evil commies for turning it into a superpower.

Satan, I love ya, but Russia would be greater if he has stayed with monarchism, perhaps even greater than the SU.

why dont you do flag related?

You mean this one:

Does not sound like popular sentiments tbh.

the ustashe government was a nazi puppet state.

It is certainly not as strong in Europe, but it isn't absent either. It is right now focused in the anti-Islamic movement, they pretty much have the same talking points everywhere, the same speakers, a degree of organizational coordination, and they all receive funds from the Kremlin (this is the one point where Russia-hysteria is justified; they are not secretive about funding the European far-right to stir the pot of anti-EU sentiment).

It's weird how much those blasted Croats have gotten away with, and yet today they can be a model European state. From a BBC docu I saw, they are also to blame for igniting the civil war in Yugoslavia by arming up first, with the help of Germany.

It seems the nazis don't even have to do the dirty work.

a common platform doesn't equal a common movement or common goals. by definition it's impossible for far-right nationalist countries to have an "alliance" or common goals since their platform always boils down to the aryan rhetoric, and the interests those parties serve are always the domestic capital owners'.

the ustashe were nazis, the croatian nazis that is

Seems like even back then, Nazi-ness transcends race and nation then.

nazi ideology can be applied to many nations, but it doesn't "transcend" nations since nations are the primary focus of the propaganda itself. croats were simply sold the "you're kinda germans" meme, that's why the close coalition with nazi germany was sold as such

Well, Hitler sold this "honorary aryans" title to pretty much everyone he likes, including some slavs and jews.

So yeah, even the idea of untermensch was bollock in the fuhrer's mind.

After getting fucked over by Stalin and Hitler
trust me
nobody fucking wants that back

So there are tiny groups with practically no support
and i guess in a few countries authoritarianism with country specific characteristics and it seems to work
cherished and protected old history and traditions help

The interests of the domestic capital owners more often than not transcend nation, it's why we have globalism. Be assured that any far right group that is directed by capital will only be nationalist roughly to the degree that suits capital. As to being inherently unable to form alliances, you're giving them too much intellectual credit. Rightists are masters of not actually being all that rigorous with their own thinking as pointed out here which is part of the reason why they can hold the hare-brained ideas that they do. Don't be blindsided by their flexibility.

They've been at two of the Nazi protests held in Liverpool over the last two years.

You dont have to worship germany and hitler to be a nazi you know?
All of the easter europeans countries had their own fascist movements during the inter war and they mostly take inspiration from them till this day

Brainlet pls, its called national radicalism and ist homegrown polish ideology, has nothing to do with nationál socialism



yeah, sure, and I'm not a socialist, I'm an internationalsit-anti-capitalist-beta-cuckold. You can't call me a socialist, because I don't call myself, because as we all know politics is just people saying shit, their actions and motives don't matter in the slightest

The more you examine it, the more pathetic they are. Interesting.

if they really did love their country they would be there, trying to improve it and would be working for a better future. These guys don't love Poland. They love an imaginary country that has never existed and will never exist, that just happens to be called Poland.

Believe it or not but most of polish emigrants works they ass off and sends as much money as they can to their families back in poland, if thats not helping then i dont know what is.

Come on now, after 70s it was just a corrupt semi authoritarian vassal state of USSR, not to mention that most of the pre gov change "communists" remained in power after system change and re branded themselves as "socialists" while selling the national industry and whoring up poland to the west during 1995-2005


Sure, i be right on it, gimme few minutes.

They´re fascists, their complete Ideology is based on irationality, so what do you expect?

Brazil was never "whiter". It was majority black/mixed up till the 1800s when the minority majority government tried to whiten the country with mass immigration from Europe.

What? Sounds hotep as fuck. I wouldn't worry bout them. They're only good for the fetishism of African history and giving "lectures".

What does the British far-right think bout them again? Do they still think they're out to steal British jobs or have they adopted pan-European nationalism and it's "white is white" mentality?

i wouldn't mind another stalin, and i don't want to be a fucking polack

Russians love Stalin.


Don't forget propping up black porkies. Economic exploitation is fine as long as the capitalist looks like you, don't ya know.

Brazil has always been a shithole friend

I don’t know how to break it to you but Brazil is white than its ever been. In the mid-19th century, thanks to slavery and Indian genocide, it was literally 3/4ths black that only reversed itself when the elites realized they could import poor white trash to do the same work that the slaves did.

I've always blamed this on their being such a small population of non-whites in eastern euro countries. And no I don't mean slavs or Eurasians, there close enough. And your right it's absolutely retarded for those people to be neo-nazis considering how the actual Nazis felt about them.

Anyway if there were more minorities in eastern-europe I think the locals would eventually drop their nazi faggotry and realize if anyone is subhuman its nazis and fascist.

The man is an unironic Zionist too

They deny the existence of Generalplan Ost and claim it is Jewish propaganda, or in some cases have never heard of it.

The same thing as with believing in God: high amounts of psychological evasion.

Also, it's simple mind, mimicry: if they (ruling nations) win and we are shit, then we should imitate this way of thinking that has built their domination, and then we will dominate.

If fascists won, and dominated over us, we should think and believe in their values, because apparently they are better than our previous ones, which led us to lose.

First of all, you have to be very conscious of the ethnic groups and their particular relations with the Germans during WW2. So neo-nazi Balts, Croatians and Ukrainians are a-OK with Nazi imagery.

Any self-respecting Pole wouldn't associate or glorify Nazi Germany, who were the absolute worst scourge on the land in its entire history and this includes Mongols and Swedes. One of the reasons why I turned to leftypol was because Holla Forums is filled with wehraboos who think Hans dindu nuffin, he just needed mo' territories for dem lebensraums.

Polish fascism has its own history with ONR and Roman Dmowski. In a nutshell, it's martyrology and a siege mentality. In the modern context in particular it's referencing wars against Islam, not Nazi Germany. As an aside, it is interesting to note that Hitler held a lot of respect for Piłsudski.
There's also a very big hooligan subculture element to it where kids used to spray 14/88 on commieblocks. There isn't a lot of thought going on there.

Just read Christopher Macht's interviews with Hitler. It's all there. Drang nach Osten was a thing. One of the Germans bigger failings on the Eastern Front was the gradual loss of support among the local peoples who resented local rule because they acted like absolute snowniggers. The systematic destruction of Warsaw and the slaughter of its citizens, together with plans for a new German colony on the site is a crowning example of how that kind of untermensch ideology was practiced.

I have spent a lot of time on imageboards and by far the greatest support/nostalgia for Nazi Germany comes from America. It's also the greatest market for Nazi memorabilia. Could anyone explain to me why there is such an amount of unchecked love for Nazi Germany amongst the fringes of the American right? It's become virulent to the point that even a new Wolfenstein game gets shitposted to hell and back.


He wuz gonna go to fachhochschule!

NO, the Nazis said that Slavs were subhuman and that's why they were so easily subjected to Jewish rule. He might've been sympathetic with the Tzar and the aristocracy because those people were of finer and more germanic origin (In WW1 both the British Emperor, The Kaiser and the Tzar were 1st or 2nd cousins I believe)
The average Slav was doomed to poverty and underdevelopment because of their mongrel eastern origins.
They occasionaly played around with:
in order to D&C but it was largely for geopolitical purposes, the same way Hitler was sucking Turkish and general muslim dick because those people were allies against the british empire.

The funniest part is that these people will insist they're aryan and that genetics have no correlation with external appearance
To double the irony, actual white latinos identify as phalanxist and do not want a lebensraum but a society like colonial spanish america where race and social class were the same thing

Slav in the bottom left of the pic related looks like something straight outta The Eurasian Steppe.O.o

So white Latino nationalists wanna do away with social mobility and live in quasi-racial caste system societies?


Am gay and was aut-rightist before. Just kind of ignored all homophobic sentiment. Just kind of ignored all gay people killed in holocaust. So

They don't.

Every time I browse this sight, I realize how little of the world I’ve seen…

Where is bottom image from?

Thanks mayne

Who said the quote? Where was it said?

Poland has been invaded by so many different empires there is no such thing as a Polish ethnicity. Nazis invaded Poland to spread their Aryan germ.
Nazism wasn't German per se it was Nordic. Scandinavians are considered Germanic for some reason.

just google the quote nigga

IIRC that general who tried industrializing Paraguay and ended up throwing the country nto a devastating war tried to, or at least was suggested to by his Irish wife, whiten the country by bringing in Irish immigrants.