Why am I so much better than others?

Why am I so much better than others?
I'm pretty much above average on almost everything from job, to casual tasks to online games
How can it be that the vast majority of people are such slaves to their nature, have absolutely 0 self awareness and often times instead of thinking they follow what others or the manual tell them?
I'm not pretending to be some kind of superior being, I know how easy it is to fall to the delusion you are superior to others unlike some others cough cough. It is just that so many people are just below average.

Is it the muh privileged life where people are so "normal" they never really had to think for themselves, they would just feel supported by society and feel part of that to the point of following it.

Do you need to be some kind of minority to escape the grasps of society disconnecting and rejecting their support? And how does one achieve independence because most people I see like that are just self hating nerds or minorities who instead of having some self pride they become pawns of whatever community will accept them first.

Why is individualism so hard for humans ?

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I don't understand your question, and how is it related to politics, so I'll sage just in case.

You sound like I was at 17 years old. I remember too the feeling of how I could do everything I set my mind to, and how I could never be affected by silly things like nostalgia, memories, addictions and lack of focus. Not saying that I am completely demoralized right now, just as you grow older, you begin to see that the further you climb to mountain, the more you see how long the distance to the top really is. You need some fucking humility, which comes from actual knowledge, usually from doing actual things, not just booksmarts. Real masters of any discipline never brag, because they know how much they really owe their success to support, goodwill and teachings of other people.

Newsflash: you are a deluded megalomaniaс


Well, I thought that I will become so much better than others, not that I was as it was…

Because you haven't experienced ego death yet. That is why you don't understand the disconnect. You will still feel it after, but you will understand it.

Until you realize the jew menace, you are just another golem.

How to spot a brainwashed idiots

Let me ask something. Are you phisically fit?

Woah woah a lot of fragile self haters going defensive.
I guess it is to be expected considering the average person who browses chans

But I understand the disconnect, my interest is in replicating it and surviving without becoming a brainwashed pawn of whatever community accepts that person first.
Self identity is fragile when is dependent on others that is why I feel pretty safe considering most things I say are mine, hell some might have been said before but I thought of them without reading

Of course not, I'm not going to waste my time for something that is only going to offer me a few more years of life and is pretty useless in this day and age since work doesn't require that much anymore

What a high-standard…

Because free will doesn't exist and people are shaped by their material conditions.

See above. Not keeping in line is a lot easier when it's not a necessity, and you have the resources and connections to do whatever you want.


Because we're not - with exception - solitary self-sufficient creatues. Especially under capitalism you're forced to interact with others to secure your livelihood.
But it's not just that. Living within a community often comes with a requirement to comply with social norms.
Again, distancing yourself from all this is a lot easier if you are able to satisfy all your material needs. After all, why would you need comply with society's expectations if you are able to create all the things you need by your own hands?

Jesus wept…

What does it say about your autonomy that you are so concerned about the opinions of others, or your need to compare yourself with them?

Have the fibers of your fedora grown into your brain at this point, and become a part of you in a kind of symbiotic relationship?

Only surgery can help this guy

take your meds, buddy

"Intellectual" fag detected. Weak body means weak mind. Now go ahead and keep rationalizing it.


You ARE average, faggot. And don't come here trying to swing your metaphorical dick around to feel better about your "above average" self awareness. You are a slave to your own opinions and your own image of yourself, but not only that, you are also a slave to the opinions of others. You are so delusional that you come here in search of validation and comprehension, yet that fact remains invisible to yourself because muh feelings.

Go to bed Nietzsche

Oh poor you, you dont even realize.

But oh well, you are literally a slave to the whole "weak body means weak mind" meme because you need others :\

Why am I so much better than OP?

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OP, for people like you it's only a matter of time before you get your world views gets shattered and you get knocked on your ass.

We don't hate ourselves, we just hate you.

25 and life is only getting better, moar money thus even moar independence :3

Post anything to actually back up your claims that you're better than everyone else, OP.

Oh, nevermind, it's one of you.

nigga perfect yourself, nihilists are complete retards about 98% of the time but the thing they are right about is that life is meaningless, that don't mean go kill yourself, it means distract yourself with ultimately impossible goals and objectives until you die. Difference between between you and someone who devotes their life to god is that at least you get to pick your purpose on Earth. Above average, get the fuck outta here with that nonsense and come back when you're a fucking golden god

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Material conditions are a bitch, gotta rob the porky to stay myself.

I used to think like op too, but I was isolated, I didn't take the time to get to know people and shit. When I decided to make friends and lovers at my shit job, that changed. I realized that most people do actually have very deep thoughts and I couldn't sustain the idea that I was unique in that ability, and even that my thoughts and opinions were superior to other people. I should also add that I had a slight racist bias and most people at my workplace were Mexican, black, Indian, Filipino so I was like thier heads must be completely empty. I thought black women were incapable of having deep thoughts till I dated one

I could also now pretty much convince anyone of socialism (without mentioning the name ofc).

is this some "indigo children" bullshit?