So who is from the racial trash groups ?

so who is from the racial trash groups ?

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Race does not exist

it did to marx you're jewish master.

"Communism is when you kill white people, and the more trillions you kill the communister it is" - Marx, The Communist Manifesto 1848


That's funny. Karl Marx wanted to move to independent Texas or Mexico.

"I'm a huge faggot and I'm wrong about everything."
- OP, 1849

i understand you are all jews here but before shut it down happens let me post this.

Henry Ford's major life accomplishment was making sure private transit was the norm in the modern world, and for that he is currently burning in the jaws of hell

look it up or the truth scares you.

wow! i am really, really, really redpilled now

Nothing much scares me more than Capital.

Can you imagine being the guy behind these fake quotes?

… and even if it's a lie, it's true in spirit!

Russians fucking hate Lenin you jewish faggot.

But a lot of Chinese people love Mao.

Lenin and Stalin have been voted the two greatest historical figures in Russian history multiple times


I'm sorry, you said Russians hate Lenin but that appears to be a video of Vladimir Putin saying he doesn't like Lenin.

Does Russia have a population of 1 or something?

here jewish faggot.

You spend a lot of time getting your worldview from youtube, and not actual sources.

Is that a yes?

Vietcong? Jewish.

Laos? Totally Jewish.

China? Jewish.

North Korea? You better believe its Jewish.

If any of you retards would actually read the works of these "satanic jews" (i doubt it because most of you have a short attention span) and would try to stop your immense confirmation-bias you could actually learn something
you know it's all available online for free

Don't forget Thomas Sankara, he was Jewish too.

mao was funded by the jews.

So who, by chance, is your non-jewish backed leader of choice?


Don't forget the Irish, they did it too!

good goyim

"god, I wish white people just died. The more of them die the better"

-Karlton Marks


Why are jews bad?
Also sage, don't bump

The first part of the quote "the classes and races to weak for the new conditions of life must give way" was actually him but he was talking about industrialization not communism. He didn't even say the second part of the quote.

Read a book faggot

Read pages 7-10, including the footnotes - Marx was no fucking Jewish supremacist, you credulous dipshit.

OP's picture is from two completely different poorly translated quotes from two completely different people from two sources that don't match the one given.
For a group of people that complains about Jewish deceptions and lying; you do a lot of lying yourself.

truly the jews are nefarious liars

Marx's exploitation postulate was refuted in the 19th century by Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk. If it weren't for capitalists creating and orgainizing business enterprises, impoverished landless workers workers wouldn't be able to earn wages and would have to live as hunter gathers or slash and burn farmers.

Reisman thought of another reason why Marx's Exploitation postulate is false, that Marx's premised primacy or wages doctrine is untrue. Reisman also noted Marx strawmanned Adam Smith and David Riccardo on Labor Theory of Value and Iron Law of Wages.

Because bourg faggots in the 19th century got the state to seize the farms of sustenance farmers because they needed proletarians to work in the cities. Get that austrian dick out of your mouth, the state serves capital.
Marx followed in their footsteps.

Of all the crticisms of Marx you use the worst one possible, the "job creators" nonsense.