Why do you lefties hate white people so much? We're people too, you know

Why do you lefties hate white people so much? We're people too, you know.

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Shut up, racist. By 2042 you people will be gone, and racism along with you. White people are responsible for slavery and all war. In just 25 years you will be a minority, I bet that makes you mad huh racist?


I'm white and that picture filled me with disgust. Americans look like they were grown in vats.

Hey racist, it's not minorities you need to fear, it's white businessmen in suits on wall street and their mega corporations of white supremacy.

Remember to abort

Hey racist, it's not minorities you need to fear, it's white businessmen in suits on wall street and their mega corporations of white supremacy.

there is not a single human being in that picture

We don't, retard.

read Bordiga

That's funny, Nazis hold the record for most white people dead


Shows what you leftists know. Bolsheviks killed 50 million+ white people. About 20 years before Hitler. The Bolsheviks were JEWISH so Jews hold the record for most white people killed. In fact it is part of the reason Hitler had the Jews killed, because they asked for it. It was karma and self defense.

What about Jewish businessmen? Or do they get a pass

kys yourself commie cuck


Don't even comment on the thread. That's the only warning I'm giving.

We've heard this so many times, so save it.

The Black Book of Communism wouldn't be so funny, if its standards weren't so hard on Capitalism's death toll as well if it was taken to the reverse. And that includes your precious white people.

But I thought Russians weren't white…?

I didn't want to say 94 million only to have some stupid leftist say "ha! it was 93.999 million! nice try but i win"

Come on Holla Forums you're better than this

I smell reddit or falseflag


American society is increasingly polarized—not between races, but between classes. In this context, the class basis of the upper-middle class’s obsession with racial and identity politics becomes clearer. This is the reactionary political essence of groups like Black Lives Matter, authors like Ta-Nahesi Coates, and academics like Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor, who push racial politics to better fleece the working class members of their “own” racial groups, and the working class overall.
Their claims of a unitary “black community” or “Latino community” are fraudulent attempts to hide the immense class divisions that exist within these groups. At the same time, the affluent sections of these racial groups seek to manipulate discontent to advance their own claims to a greater share of wealth and muh privilege within the top 10 percent.
Identity politics has become a key mechanism through which the next 9 percent situated below the top 1 percent advances its grievances within the political establishment, fighting for “space” in the universities, trade unions, political parties, state apparatus, and corporate media. This layer, which forms a principal social base for the Democratic Party, is generally pro-war and supportive of the right-wing policies that have produced a soaring stock market.

Nazis actually believe this

Are you joking? This is about average for Holla Forums, where every bait goes

this ofcourse applies also to mercerbuxx nazis

White people are fine. Burgers need the mass gulag though


Why is this bait thread still alive and why isn't OP banned?

Have you reported it?

Source? Even the upper estimate of the holodomor and purges doesn't reach the amount deaths caused by the Nazis. Which btw is more than WW1, the Napoleonic Wars, the Thirty Years War and almost every other European war up until that point.

Another fun fact: At the time the holodomor occured, other regions in the USSR were suffering from famine. And the worst affected areas in Ukraine were in the east, rather than the predominantly Russian speaking east.
Really makes you think.


I love them.

The same fag?



This. All americans look like the same with their unnaturally whitened teeth, perfect hairlines and jawlines. I'm the last person to be jelly of physical looks, I actually admire attractive people and take care of my looks too, but OP's picture in particular is so ridiculous in how generic they all look. Even when you look at europeans on stock photos, their looks are much more varied and interesting.

Would be ideal if true, but it's completely false. Liberals are winning and American society is divided now by race to levels which it hasn't been since Jim Crow laws have been in effect. They have very effectively stamped out most class consciousness of the average American.

Because those are the most soulless smiles I've ever seen.


1984 film


Suzanna Hamilton, 1984

Good taste 'plasm

Why was this person banned?
This is a semi good post?

citation needed