In all seriousness and jokes aside, why did old school racism become popular again in current year? A few years ago most of the white supremacist organizations were nothing but old men, now there's a bunch of 20 year olds doing it. How did the rabbit hole go from anti-feminism/anti-sjw/anti-idpol further and further into madness of antisemitic conspiracy theories, 19th century racialism and finally out-and-out unironic nazism. I mean i can understand saying sjws are cringy, but what exactly is the journey from that to "UNIRONICALLY, WE MUST ETHNICALLY CLEANSE ALL MINORITIES FROM AMERICA". Is it just edgelords who got irony poisoning? or are is it just that racists feel more free to say things in public, but they were always there? Is it a backlash to gay marriage, etc.? or is it because of the economic crisis of '08 ? discuss

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Economic issues and incels.

Mercerbux and involuntary celibacy.

I think this subset of the population has always existed as long as industrial capitalism has been a thing. There has more or less always been the kind of person that is losing out to the system in one way or another but lack the insight to be able to clearly identify why, so they direct their social and/or economic frustration on various kinds of minorities. It's just that the super-abundance of the late 20th century was able to ease the social and/or economic stress on this section of society. That is why I would say there's a weird staggered generation gap between hardcore racists.

Here in the UK a lot of these people are also middle-aged because they got radicalized in the 1980s when Thatcher was a thing and the working class was getting fucked in every direction. I know America had Reagan around this time as well but I'm not sure if they have this 80s generation of white supremacists.

Liberal IDpol created its own enemy.

I believe the way how misinformation flows on the internet might be the main thing busting gas on the flames here. Well this plus the fact that most people don't really get a proper education so they don't really learn how to identify bullshit when they see it.

What a waste of talent…

It's just the time we live in. There's no real sense to any of it. People create stories to give their lives meaning, and "whiteness" is a story. Class is also a story, but we believe in it so we don't see it that way. Marx made the case for a materialist worldview, but the ability to pursue equality along those lines was destroyed by the rich. Now we're seeing the reformation of both the story of race as an extended family and the story of materialism as humans connected by the desire for resources. How these stories play out when there aren't enough resources is easy to see. People will take what they need and justify it however they want. They'll form groups based on race. Then they'll cannibalize each other when they realize that their numbers are too big to support everyone with what they have.

because everyone was like wow mass immigration is awesome all people are equal islam is peace until they faced financial hardship

this why blacks are the real racists, they're poorer, which makes them more racist. it's the rich who are the most diverse and woke.


He's an idiot, because his mother didn't breastfeed him.

i'm applying your logic in the form appropriate to it

This is correct. People are grasping for a story to explain why everything is fucked up and blaming minorities is A LOT easier than reading a hundred books on Marx and critical theory.

Anti-SJW was always only the surface level - I think obnoxious liberal Idpols lit the spark but deeper resentments and alienation provide the fuel.

We don't want to be minorities and ruled by cannibals and oogas boogas.

Whites are cannibals, look at the Donner Party.

This meme is central to left-wing ideology. All criticism of immigrants/minorities is always recast by them as "blaming minorities for why everything is fucked up". This can only mean that in their own logic "minorities" form one humongous mass.

I am perfectly fine with criticism of immigrants and minorities. Zizek for example has said that poverty doesn't necessarily make you a great person, in fact often the opposite. But in reality criticism of immigrants tends to go hand in hand with a big dose of bigotry. Get rid of the bigotry and then we can talk about problems with immigration.

Are you saying that the alt-right doesn't blame minorities and seeks to exclude them because of this perception?

We live in an age of unprecedented demographic changes, an age where people that during their childhood grew up in tribalist steppe villages in quasi-theocratic regimes are now working in the shadows of modern skyscrapers of developed liberal democracues and people act surprised when these developments spark reactionary movements?

Get rid of the socialism and then we can talk about the problems of capitalism.

What are you saying there, is exactly what I'm saying. Minorities are above criticism, because that would be blaming.

Except the mere fact that someone cites problems with immigration becomes an excuse to dismiss their arguments completely out of hand "because they're obviously just bigots that get trigggered by brown faces"


eternal pendulum theory. Swung hard enough towards neoliberals and whatnot so people inherently got sick of them and wanted change. How exactly it got this way is probably the want for non-racism and equality and to a lesser extent things like atheism pushed people away once they really started to become subjected to a lot of it. In time the same will probably happen to the racist mentality we currently have.

You mean like Marx did? All of his work was to discuss the problems with capitalism, he had very little to say about what socialism would look like. 20th century "socialism" was garbage invented by people too impatient to allow capitalism to destroy itself through its own contradictions.

And NO, I'm not "from /pol".

To actually know that it's the people, we must change their material circumstances. Instead we blame them for their circumstances and refuse to ameliorate their poverty. Your criticism is just an excuse to withhold resources from a vulnerable group.

I agree their arguments shouldn't be dismissed. But when 9 times out of 10 behind the argument is bigotry you should understand why people are quick to dismiss anti-immigration arguments.

Wow, that's the same as the rate of statistics that made-up on the spot. What a crazy coincidence.


Most of the responses there are "niggers" but a decent amount of them mentioned how abused the word racist became and about white guilt. As a result of these things, they became actual racists.

And how do you tell the dfiference? Of course, you don't, because like liberals you'll automatically assume that non-racist arguments against immigration are still motivated by the same racism, they're just veiled behind economic or environmental defences (as if I or anyone else would be perfectly happy if immigration levels were the same, but everyone was white)

No, not like that.

"Sorry that you had to rob, rape, cheat and beat your children. It wasn't your fault but ours, I hope this million dollar cheque will make things right for you"


Reducing people to their environmental circumstances is dehumanizing. Your line of thinking is rooted in (neo-)colonialist attitude.


Poverty creates unnecessary anxiety, which leads to higher rates of violence and crime. It's not like these people choose this for themselves. Honestly, as long as you're willing to tackle the problem of poverty, I don't mind if you simultaneously respond to individuals as responsible actors. Give someone a job that lifts them out of poverty while giving them counseling, might have the desired result. But if you only deal with individual responsibility, you'll only come to realize the real problem is poverty, because your "solutions" will fail to yield results.

You realize these people live in food deserts, have houses made out of lead, and lack access to basic sanitation? So on top of poverty they're being starved, poisoned, and left to live in their own waste. I don't know how else to tell you that your environment has an effect on you.


Okay. Where are all the Holla Forums complaints about Polish immigration into the UK if it's not about race?

It's probably all of the above and more. There's not going to be a singular event that causes something like this. Racist sentiment always bubbles up during times of economic uncertainty. I have family members that flipped parties in 2016 because they're still living paycheck-to-paycheck since '08. The groups with the least political influence and economic power are often the targets for demagogues who have been priming the pump in the US for at least the past decade. It definitely couldn't be corporate capitalist influence that keeps things like the >$60K H1B visa loophole or cheap immigrant labor open and available.
The US is facing a crisis where the 18-35 year old generation is either unemployed or underemployed and were fed a steady diet of "you have to go to college unless you want to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life." Now, saddled with on average $37K in debt upon graduation are told that they'd better be happy for those burger flipping jobs or else they wouldn't be working at all. Now imagine that these same people who were lied to by the system, pay a huge amount in loans, and work shitty jobs are told that they have some kind of magical muh privilege that just opens doors for them while all the attention is focused on everyone else's issues and not their own. It's not politically in vogue to talk about poor white people in abandoned mining towns working for Waffle House with no future, especially since class discussion and solidarity is verboten in the US. It's enough to make anyone go full right-wing nationalist if they don't take the wider view of being critical of the system.
Combine all of this with the explosion of idpol since around 2014 based on Gulag Trends™ which feeds back into the narrative that those demagogues have been pushing for years. It's not like idpol isn't being incendiary either. Getting things like "white fragility", "#masculinitysofragile", "anuddah shoah", and whatever else during November and Father's Day trending isn't helping. If anything, they seem to be going out of their way to shit-stir in every area they can find purchase.

I agree that most leftists and liberals would assume that all anti-immigration arguments are motivated by racism, but I would not assume that. In fact I have a few arguments of my own against "open borders" immigration, which I think is a totally untenable policy based on pure moralism. And usually it is pushed by global corporations who are seeking to pay the lowest possible wage they can. There is definitely common ground here that leftists can make with anti-immigration, but unfortunately the moralism of 90% of the left gets in the way of more clear-headed material analysis of the situation.

What is Macron and Merkel doing with all the good guys?


Actually a lot of British opposition to mass migration takes into account east euros; unsurprisingly Holla Forums believes this is only because Brits are too cucked to complain about nonwhite migration (who doesnt like BASED SLAVS)

it's a reaction to demographic change, plus anti-sjw backlash and irony poisoning.

Well it's true. The only bigoted views white people are allowed to hold are bigoted views against other whites. Just look at Swedes openly professing their hatred for Fins while they are being raped en masse by dune coons and rabid jungle apes.

This tbh. The whole thing started with legitimate outrage at SJW excess, then spiralled out of control when it combined with ironic Holla Forums Nazism that grew into real Nazism.

How people are treated by others in society is going to have an effect on their political affiliations. If they feel they have no recourse in normal politics to defend their interests, then they will consider more radical options; if only to protect themselves. Better to redirect those feelings towards a good cause.


Define "a lot" and where is it coming from? I don't deny it exists but it is vastly overshadowed by criticism of immigration from non white areas, even a group like the EDL which has made repeated statements about being anti racist seems to limit their opposition to immigration to non whites.

Why should anyone care about the issues of the reactionary labor aristocracy?

i wonder who could be behind this post

Define "a lot" and where is it coming from? I don't deny it exists but it is vastly overshadowed by criticism of immigration from non white areas, even a group like the EDL which has made repeated statements about being anti racist seems to limit their opposition to immigration to non whites.

Also, I don't know where you're getting this belief that Holla Forums thinks they're too cucked to talk about non white immigration, from what I've witnessed they recognize that a group not even that far right as the EDL is generally on point when it comes to brown people but thinks they're cucked when it comes to jews.

Freedom of speech gives people the right to criticize others. The backlash of responding to criticism by calling for violence and ethnic cleansing is not an excuse. Their time would be better spent trying to understand the facts and then responding by uplifting people through class struggle.

i'm rubbing tinfoil on my eyeballs as we speak and i still don't get the point of any of these

i'm rubbing tinfoil on my eyeballs as we speak and i still don't get the point of any of these

This basically.

The jewishness of Marx is a complicated topic, tbh. It is something that needs to be studied by our people.
In a way i can see how the materialistic root found in the jewish ethno-religious folklore could have influenced his thought, specially his perception that all social problems ultimately emmit from the conflict pertaining production(materialism), but on the other side of things if he were to somehow apply his theory in practice, the livelihood of most of the jews would be gone.
Trotsky is another odd fellow, but i think most of his problems with the rest of the jews ultimately derived from internal politics on the Soviet Union.



Wake me up when it's a "movement" that goes beyond some embarrassing spergs on the internet.

Holy fuck cringe

On the one hand, he's talented, on the other hand, it's literally impossible to recognise the people he drew.

I recognize nearly everyone though.

What's wrong with you?

Chavez (?)
Someone I don't know
Someone I don't know

Le black bloc man
Pope Francis (wtf is he doing here)
Someone I don't know

Nevermind that's not Chavez that's Duterte

It's Trump, Putin, Duerte, Orban, that AfD leader & Julian Assange for the right side.

Left side has Soros, Pope Francis, antifa, Kim, Merkel and other two dudes.

Don't you know? According to Holla Forumsreddit, the Pope is a cuck and not a real Christian.


The irony is that he does it to impress teenager atheists.

The irony is that he does it to impress teenager atheists.


only corporate neoliberals larping as communists like hboomerguy deny the significance of race

Only poor white trash had to live with and was affected by diversity. What morons. They couldn't see the benefits…

Before most whites didn't care because diversity didn't effect them. It was just a hip conformist thing to agree with.Now they aren't (ironically) ignorant anymore.

Alienated and sexually frustrated young men, who feel the need to belong to something, anything.

Since the alt-right is fast and easy, without having to think much, it is the ideology of choice.

And only spooked retards give a shit about race

Racism is a reaction to diversity that's at least partially fueled by the shit economy.

Crypto Holla Forumsyps unironically believe this. The majority of people are still liberal. Hillary won by 2 million votes and would have won by more if the black vote want supressed so much sorry most blacks are liberal lumpenproles.
The alt right controls all three branches of the fed but still can't get anything done

having actually read some Right-wing material on Jews, you'd be better off studying the Jewishness of all the other Marxist thinkers who were offshoots of Marx, and the leadership of many Marxist-inspired movements, and make up your own mind. I think Marx was self-hating or only ethnically Jewish, no?

The Frankfurt school is a frequent Holla Forums boogeyman, but many of them certainly had a strong Jewish identity, a sense of aversion to gentile culture (perhaps understandable given WWII), Communist-leaning politics, and so on. Furthermore, there's a general trend in strongly Jewish intellectual movements to advocate for extreme individualism, internationalism, and for ethnic minorities. The most common boogeymen here are Marxism, Psychoanalysis, various open borders movements, and the 60s New (idpol) Left in general, but since most critics of Jewish movements are rightists, they don't really pay attention to similar tendencies in other strongly Jewish movements like Objectivism/Libertarianism.

No, not really.


The majority of people have never been "liberal" there has been poll after poll on this, the majority of the Democratic party didn't even identify as "liberal" until very recently. Millions of lifelong democrats that pulled the trigger for Hillary were not liberal at all and aren't tuned in to social media, especially hordes of elderly DNC voters and many Christian and Catholic minorities. Once you move to independents and Republicans the number of liberals is miniscule. The country has never ever been majority liberal, including now. It's always been a conservative country run by conservative democrats and republicans. Hillary having more votes has nothing to do with how "liberal" the country is.

You sound like a liberal desperate to shill your shit here.

Marx had some pretty harsh things to say about Jews in "On the Jewish Question."

"Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, practical need, has been humanized, and because the conflict between man’s individual-sensuous existence and his species-existence has been abolished.

The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism."

It sounds to me like he's saying that Jews can only be freed by destroying Judaism itself.

Of course the alt-right will totally ignore Marx's critique of Judaism and just view him as another example of "Da Jewz" infiltrating our pure Christian society.

Fuck liberals and Democrats, they're so far up their own ass that it almost makes me glad Trump won just to trigger them.

Trump and Hillary at the end of the day represent the same decrepit, corrupt neoliberal system. The only difference really is whether you want the horrible system represented by someone equally horrible (Trump), or if you want to pretty it up by someone who says all the right things (Hillary).

right but my point was that the vast majority of actual Marxists involved in politics or in the left intelligentsia are revisionist in one way or another.

this is where you start to see Jewish over-representation, traits typical of Jewish-dominated intellectual movements, and so on.

this is where you start to see Jewish over-representation, traits typical of Jewish-dominated intellectual movements, and the like. you can argue that the Jewish revolutionary tendency is due to exclusion from society, and this is undoubtedly a factor, but Jews do tend to erect barriers between themselves and non-Jews. you can see this all the time among left-wing Jewish intellectuals who advocate for universal, multi-ethnic socialist societies that nonetheless preserve a special place for Jewish identity.

That's the difference between Christians and American Christians.

Back in my day autism was something children were taught to hide, not express creatively.

What do you mean by this? How does this relate to a jewish conspiracy?

Something tells me refugees would fit right in with the Swedes.

and it works, which pisses off the idpol christcucks fapping to deus vult

PS: What's a Mestizo doing painting normie-friendly swastikas in his art? It's like these nu-Holla Forums tokens think there's a place for then in an alt-right America.

I fucking hate them.

What do you mean, what does Jewish over-representation have to do with marxist intellectuals being revisionist?

I agree that the Jewish exclusion (self-exclusion or otherwise) is a factor in the revolutionary tendency, and there does seem to be a major contradiction between their internationalist tendency and preserving a special place for Jewish identity (the ultimate expression of that being Israel of course). I think the right wing is sensing this contradiction and that's the starting point for a lot of their conspiracy theories.

Why do you think no one on the left hardly talks about how intellectual movements on the left are dominated by Jews? I mean surely at least these Jews are self-aware of what's happening? Why so hush-hush? I mean yeah, obvious answer is fear of another Holocaust, but it seems weird nonetheless, that even non-Jews on the left don't seem to notice how heavily Jewish their leaders are (Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Frankfurt School, etc etc). Perhaps it would put some of the fears of conspiracy at rest if they were open about it.

What surprised me is that, when imageboards and Holla Forums entered the vision of general public from time to time due to online events, (e.g. meme magic, raids), almost no one was doing the actual research and analyze of the underlying psychological, social and cultural basis of these phenomena, instead, the ignorant mass media would just blindly denounced everything involved as "internet violent", "racist", "fascist", "trolls", sometimes falsely applied to the entire board culture as a whole (remember the frog?).

As these communities grew steadily, becoming the counterculture, anti-establishment movement of the new age, the mainstream would still be simply denounced it as "racists" without any understanding at all. When the movement got self-reinforced to more and more extreme form and eventually became literally Nazism, and reached the point of burst in 2016, the mainstream suddenly found "since when there are so many neo-nazis around?", and still, the lack of understanding of mainstream made them unable to separate ordinary right-wing opposition, memes and actual neo-nazism, in fact within the community they became somewhat inseparable. They continue to denounce the "neo-nazis", and the establishment definitely can't stop them without understanding it and the nature and their claims and pursuits in the first place, hence pushing more people towards it.

Also, I believe there are some forces behind imageboards, after alt-right became a household item, some will make their own use of it.

Meanwhile the alt-righters are now starting to formalize their ideology, theories and analysis.

The ignorance of mass media and liberals…I tried reading so many news articles trying to understand why, I found I can’t, because they don’t understand it in the first place.

The only three notable researches on this topic I knew, is We are Anonymous by Parmy Olson, Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan's Army Conquered the Web by Cole Stryker, and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things by Whitney Phillips. The mainstream realized it after Trump was elected, and they published a few research papers, but it seemed their understanding was still swallow.

I believe, imageboards as an organic complex, is one of the unprecedented form of media the Internet has brought to us, driven by subcultures, collective mid of unconsciousness and Dawkinsian memes. It should be a serious subject of academic analysis. We need historians, we need archaeologists, we need anthropologists, we need sociologists.

Recently, I came to see more and more threads about historical analysis of imageboards, including the reason why Internet is becoming too political, what actually happened on Gamergate, and this thread. It’s a good thing. We also have /imgbc/, Bibliotheca Anonoma, LurkMore, and Yotsuba Society, but they are almost in a state of complete pause… We need more people join them, we need them to move forward. And we probably need a long-term archive of every single post on imageboards. Please note, that the entire content of Something Awful is now permanently archived by archive.org as a project.

Love Usenet. Back in the days of Usenet, some very strange phenomena happened from time to time like any networked communities, many “new” things about online communities had all happened back in the 80s to late 90s. What different, was at that time, we had a group of people working on understanding and studying those phenomena, hundreds and hundreds of first-hand materials, documents, reports and FAQs were being written and published to relevant Usenet groups, such as Net.Legends.FAQ, alt.memetics, you can still found some memetics papers published from that time, including a paper about memes and politics. Links related, wired.com/1994/10/godwin-if-2/, note the article was published in 1994.

But on Usenet, the populated is smaller, imagine Usenet was the only Internet forum, and you can have a conversation to literally almost everyone on the Internet. It had an academic background and the barrier of entry, most people were typically technology-savvy or even themselves the leading figures of technology circle, e.g. Godwin actively participated in technical communities, and many users themselves eventually became well-known figures. Most people have a higher level of education and economic status. Also the posts were saved almost forever, rather than the volatile and underground imageboards.

So I wonder if we still can research the imageboards like those days on Usenet. I think it might be impossible… But still…

BTW, the "free and open" spirit of the Internet and the hacker traditions as you (or at least /gnussr/) know it (TL;DR a mix of libtardism, radical left anarchism, civil libertardianism, and general anti-authority and anti-establishment stance, later taken by neoliberal corporations for their own use, e.g. the do do evil) all rooted in the 70s' culture, shaped by 80s' personal computer revolution and 90s' cypherpunk. But we only started to see books of analysis in early 2000. It may take time, perhaps 30 years later, a few books may appear to tell the story of how imageboard shaped the society…But after alt-right slowly became the new culture of the Internet, I wonder how spirit of the Internet can be persevered, it may become full AnaCrap if we are lucky, or it' ll became far-right? Personally, I decided to change my stance to accelerationism, Please Trend on Me flag related. Oh and yes, and internet spirit is just a spook. And pic related, who can answer this question?

BBTW, did the board op banned everything from Tor once again?!

It's back because the university left has been pushing the theory that since all groups are exactly equal in attributes, ANY difference in outcomes is a result of institutional inertia or outright oppressive cultural standards/laws

Since the end result of this logic is extreme hiring quotas, racial financial distribution, etc. It's not surprising that people are standing up and saying "actually, I think this disparity might be caused by n** being r***"


So brave, standing up against black people and liberal university professors. Nazis are like the Nelson Mandela of white people right?

Yeah honestly there probably are measurable differences in races and sexes. The real question is, so what? What is the point of bringing that up?

basically, the vast majority of Marxists are revisionist anyway, and it ends up mutating into various strains of leftist thought with a strong Jewish undercurrent and advocating for typical Jewish causes like universalism, abolishing nation-states (but with a special place preserved for Jewish identity), pathologizing non-Jewish cultures as a reaction to anti-Semitism, and so on. basically it gets turned into "How can we make this Safe For The Jews?"

Because Jews are the ones who are doing the talking, and they have a fear that even bringing attention to this will inevitably bring about another pogrom or Holocaust. Of course, we can look the other way towards mass killing when Israel does it. Double standards are common here. Also, I think the left is basically philosemitic at its core insofar as it identifies with the typical aims of Jewish revolutionary tendencies, and many Jews have a special place in the hearts of Communists as victims of Fascism, so they wouldn't see anything too weird going on with the over-representation of Jews in Left intelligentsia and leadership - aside from the Israel problem.

Also, I think many non-Jewish white leftists really do identify with universalism. They're like bizarro Jews, really - they always elevate the culture of the Other in an attempt to bring universalism to everyone, while self-flagellating over past imperial wrongs. Meanwhile as I imagine you've noticed many non-white Communists are de-facto nationalists.

The Jewish Left also advocates universalism, but the main attraction is making things Safe For The Jews, imo - particularism and the idea of The Chosen aren't going away, and they certainly aren't going to beat themselves up over Israel in any great numbers.

There is zero talent in this painting. It's entry-level DeviantArt trash.

I'm not sure that universalism is specifically a Jewish cause, it seems more like a product of the Enlightment with the Rights of Man and such. But I can see how a group of people that is nation-less would be attracted to universalism. And also that has always struck me as fuckin weird about the left with this hostility to nation-states. Like yeah hyper-nationalism and the xenophobia and jingoism that usually go with it should be critiqued, but the idea of abolishing all nation-states seems pretty romantic/utopian to me. That's not a serious political program in my view, and it drives people to the right who might actually give a shit about their country.

Yeah the fear of another Holocaust, I can see that going on under the surface. But it kinda boggles my mind, the sheer effort to make sure no one talks about the Jewish factor. Like how much double think has to be instilled in academia for everything obscure thing to be open to analysis, but this elephant in the room no one is allowed to talk about? To me this explains a lot of the hysteria whipped up about Nazis, its like their compensating for all the shit they've repressed about Jewishness.

I do get the sense that non-Jewish white leftists are like Bizarro Jews, especially in their complicity with this apparently unspoken agreement to never bring up the question of the Jews. The crimes of communists in the 20th century are always contextualized, open for academic interpretation, but can anyone imagine someone in academia giving "proper context" to Hitler? He is the symbol of absolute evil and they won't allow any degree of postmodernism to deconstruct that.

Doesn't it seem like they are doing the opposite of making things Safe For the Jews? With this conspiracy of silence, it seems an awful lot like they are fanning the flames of a second Holocaust. Like Jesus, what is so bad about just opening up about what's going on? It would have to be really bad if you are willing to risk another Holocaust rather than be like yeah, there is a lot of Jewish influence on the left and academia.

Marxism has always been universalist and aware of the historically-located bourgeois nature of the nation-state.

Most leftists in general and people on Holla Forums in particular are aggressively anti-Zionist (as they should be).

That's not what universalism is, in fact it is arguably the polar opposite. Socialist universalism often gets accused of being eurocentric, not particularistic enough, etc

How do you turn something "Safe for the Jews"…? Ban grilled bacon at parties?

Which explains why Marxism would be particularly appealing to people of Jewish ethnicity, as were (until recently) without a nation-state.

And yet from what I can tell, this aggressive anti-Zionism is matched with complete passivity when it comes to identifying and calling out instances of Jewish muh privilege and hegemonic influence in media and academia. Strange how that works right? I mean surely these things are connected, Zionism and hegemonic control of our narratives.

Yeah that's the BS postcolonial critique of Marxism. But isn't this Idpol academia stuff also a product of a lot of Jewish influence? This sounds like a culture that is schizophrenically battling with itself.

self hating mixed ppl

I really don't get people who say Marxism has Jewish roots. Granted, I don't know much about Judaism, but on the list of intellectual influences for Marxism, I would probably put any sort of religious inspiration at the bottom of the list. Marx basically agrees with Feuerbach's position that all critique must begin with a critique of religion. A lot of Holla Forumsyps tend to think that because Marx was ethnically jewish, that somehow 'taints' his whole thinking and makes it 'jewish' (for no other reason than the nazis thought so). Marxism is essentially a combination of German Critical idealism of Hegel, British Political Economy of Adam Smith, French Utopian Socialism. It's literally one of the most european philosophies there is (except Maoism, which combines marxism with confucian/asian philosophy) You can go down the line listing influences like Feuerbach's materialism, etc.Students of Marx are often told to read Hegel or Smith to get a better idea of what marx was talking about, and other sources of marx. I have never heard anyone ever cite the torah or w/e as any sort of intellectual influence on Marx.

Anti-semites are the most boring people in the world, they have the same answer for every single question. got a problem? = da joos did em

propaganda. it first starts as humorous then those spergs start taking it seriously

it's like project chanology. retards are going to be r retards.

Two completely different quotes mashed together.

The first bit ("The classes and races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way") is taken wildly out of context, Marx was describing Prussian policies at the time (and harshly criticizing them.

The second bit ("They must perish in the revolutionary Holocaust") is completely made up.

Finally, the average Nazi had (and still has) no fucking clue what capitalism, communism or "Bolshevism" even are.

Imagine getting your religious education from fucking video games and then trying to criticize the fucking Pope.


I've seen pictures of Sweden and it looks like a thrid world country.

I understand the intellectual roots of Marx, and of course he was pretty much the opposite of religious. By itself his Jewish ethnicity wouldn't mean anything. But when you combine that with the Jewish ethnicity of many subsequent Marxists, such as the Frankfurt School, Emma Goldman, Trotsky, Lenin, etc, I would say its highly probable that their cultural biases influenced the stream of leftist thought. This doesn't mean it is "tainted" like Holla Forumsyps would say but nonetheless it is something worthy of investigation and analysis. But I think saying that puts you at risk of being labeled alt-right which I find irritating.

Also why do I never hear leftists talking about how of the 6 corporations that control the mainstream media, 5 of them have Jewish (Zionist?) CEOs? In my view there is a major connection between neoliberalism and Jewish cultural identity and power, but this is off limits for discussion apparently.

Marx wasn't even raised as a jew though. A lot of the so-called "jews" in communism were only jewish by virtue of their ancestry.


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That Health Care Bill will get passed any time now.

lolno, the GOP is nothing but Neocons/Neoliberals (yes even the dreaded LE ORANGE HITLER). "Alt-right" my ass, the closest thing is the anti-war lolbertarians like Rand Paul.

What do you think this board is about

SJWs who are somehow LESS edgy than their reddit counterparts. The virgin Holla Forums vs the Chad r/FULLCOMMUNISM

But you're the sjw. You are the identity politics here.


r/FC is filled with radical liberals who are larping as tankies. Also a majority of them are still in middle/high school (thus their weird obsession with picking on non-normies.)

I would so buy that!

It's a gross simplification to define the Jews as a people without a nation-state before the creation of Israel. 19th- and 20th-century French Jews, German Jews or Italian Jews usually saw themselves as French, German or Italian respectively first and foremost. In fact, Italian Jews were so well integrated into the wider Italian society that Mussolini's Fascism originally shunned antisemitism and some prominent Fascists were Jewish. Zionism as we know it today — which by the way isn't universalist, it's a nationalist ideology — is a recent historical development; many European Jews were indifferent or even hostile to such a political project until antisemitism started getting way out of hand (pogroms in Russia, the Dreyfus affair in France and eventually the Holocaust).

Anti-Zionism means opposing Israeli imperialism, not whining about this or that American public figure being Jewish. Besides, what hegemony are you talking about? What does the shared Jewishness of some figures actually mean about their politics? You sound like a SJW whining about the media being staffed with inherently malevolent and intolerant white males, complete with references to "prïvïlege".

No, it's a result of the so-called American New Left of the '60s gradually abandoning Marxism.

What cultural bias? The Frankfurt School was also influenced by Schmitt, Spengler and Heidegger; is that evidence of a fascist bias? Luxemburg and Goldman didn't care about their own Jewishness. Lenin and Trotsky opposed Jewish autonomy within the USSR.

Because it's not very important. Many other CEOs are (racist?) Caucasians, and that's not very important either. What's important is that they're CEOs.

Make up your mind: are Jews communists or neoliberals?

the point I was making above (>>2137737) was that whatever the influence of Jewish thought on Marx, actually-existing Marxist thought post-Marx has been hugely informed by Jewish concerns like racism, immigration (when you get expelled from countries all the time immigration is going to be a concern for you) and rather influential. from a left-wing orthodox Marxist point of view this influence has to be considered negative, since it led to things like the New Left explicitly rejecting class struggle in favor of mobilizing a revolutionary coalition of ethnic minority groups, which inevitably leads to modern idpol.

This coalition is of course built through third-world immigration, which was supported by a collaboration between Jewish immigration advocates and big business, and given intellectual support by Jewish intellectuals in the New Left. Embracing the Other and is emphasized here, but of course Jews will always retain a degree of separation as the Chosen. Marx explicitly identified immigration as a tool of the bourgeoisie to frustrate class struggle in England, so it's hard to see how this coalition has any hope of actually achieving anything, especially when most third-world Communists are de-facto ethnic nationalists. Said minorities are often riled up into seeking ethnic revenge over colonialism or imperialism, rather than class struggle, through a steady diet of post-colonial and critical race theory, both of which again have a huge Jewish undercurrent.

There's also the pathologization of gentile culture as a reaction to anti-Semitism, another common theme in the New Left that goes back to psychoanalytic thought, emphasizing sexual freedom. Meanwhile, pretty sure Marx or Engels referred to homosexuality as bourgeois decadence, so I'm sure they'd have interesting things to say about today's gender spectrum.

Even atheist Jews typically have a strong sense of Jewish identity.

He's not really that skilled though, his shading and colors are shit, it's all muddy and it's barely readable. A low effort photoshop would probably get his point across more.

actually the right-wing critique of Judaism would suggest that both Communism and neoliberalism as they actually exist primarily serve to create a centralized managerial state where Jews hold key positions of power. there isn't a contradiction here, since the idea is that Jews primarily seek to expand the reach of Jewish power.

I mean, to somebody who knows little to nothing about 20th century history, yeah there would appear to be no contradiction

It's quite frankly a reaction to "privilege" identity politics. People (i.e., white men) find it extremely alienating and turn the right looking for answers.

Jews were pretty well represented in the Soviet bureaucracy, no? Certainly they're doing well for themselves in the managerial state bureaucracies of the US and EU.

The Cold War was fought tooth and nail across the four corners of the world because my understanding of politics boils down to jews

I'd bet money that Christopher Hitchens (up till his death) and Sam Harris are crypto-Zionists. The neocon warmongering, the Islamophobia, their eerie silence on Israel's habitual human rights violations…

Sam Harris is not crypto at all.

You're right, he fucking echoes. Sam "Nuke The Middle East" Harris even says openly that he won't criticize Israel and he still ain't. Instead whenever anything even remotely linked to the subject comes up his response always boils down to "b-but Hamas tho!"



To add to this,

Neoconservatism is another example of a strongly Jewish intellectual movement. They're basically just war-mongering ultra-Zionists who get the US into wars that benefit Israel, which are certainly suboptimal even from an imperialist perspective. It's worth reading Mearsheimer and Walt on the Israel lobby: mearsheimer.uchicago.edu/pdfs/IsraelLobby.pdf

really made me think xD

Why would something like racism be an exclusively jewish concern? Seems alot more relevant to latinos, blacks, etc. Most jews are not immigrants.
TBH you're drinking the karltural murkism kool aid, you're basically equating every variant of Marxism you don't like with jewish influence.
That's mainly adorno. Your point seems to be that all post-marx marxist thought was influenced by jewish intellectuals who steered marxism in a cultural/social direction. This is basically just a millimeter removed from the cultural marxism conspiracy theory. I'm just not seeing the 'most marxists = jewish' meme being true. Most marxists historically weren't even european, let alone jewish. Were Stalin, Mao, Castro, Guevara jewish? What about all those italian communists? What about all the africans and latin americans? The whole marxism = joos thing was european specific thing in the late 19th/early 20th century, today even in the first world the majority of socialists aren't jewish. TBH i would be suprised if there was more than 2 jews on leftypol

blacks are 13% of US population but commit over 50% of crime

Are facts racist now ?

Asians have a disproportionately lower rate of crime, let's kill all white people since you are obviously implying everyone with a high crime rate should be killed. Why not keep only the best?

No arguments there. Some more noteworthy "neocon coincidences" are Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager. Both of them shill spooks like American exceptionslism and anti-terrorism, but both of them own property in Israel and Ben Shapiro even flew his pregnant wife out to Jerusalem twice so his kids could be born in "the holy land". They play for both teams only cuz The United Snakes has got the power to protect Israel from it's rightfully pissed off regional neighbours. They see themselves as Jews first, then Israelis and then proud Americans. Their loyalties lie tens of thousands of miles away in The Middle East.

Well, it's also a Latino, Black, etc. concern, but Blacks and Latinos weren't exactly well-represented in academia at the time. There were relatively few Latinos in the US before 1965 in the first place. Most non-Black victims of racism today wouldn't even be in the US without Jewish immigration reform advocacy working together with big business, really.

Well, as I said earlier, most third-world Marxists were de-facto nationalists. Same with Stalin. I wouldn't attribute everything to Jewish influence, since obviously French intellectuals also played an important role in the (imo damaging) direction taken by the New Left. It's not necessarily that Western Marxism was taken in a cultural direction, it's more that it was taken in a cultural direction that makes no fucking sense when compared with Marx's original thought, which can certainly be chalked up to emphasis on Jewish concerns to some degree. it didn't fucking work, basically. Instead it gave us what I like to call left-wing capitalism.

The dual loyalty criticism goes back roughly forever.

Blacks have structural poverty, institutional racism, worse access to education and decent/any jobs. So no shit there's more crime. When you quote some statistics without actually considering the reason that things are the way they are you expose yourself as an utter retard who can't bear to think for himself. Retard.

i am not implying people should be killed i am mocking your retarded mentality of calling anyone you disagree with a "racist".

Now back to original question, is it PURE COINCIDENCE that globalists that also have a large number of jews hold many positions of power or is that just some random conspiracy?

Remember Wall Street Protest? When protesters were branded anti-semitic because shitload of wall street bankers were jews?

Men are responsible for almost all crime in comparison to women, so what do we do about the men. Segregate them?

Are facts sexist now?

What is affirmative action?

This meme again?

Affirmative action.

Affirmative action.

Ukraine is the most poorest country in Europe, before EUMaiden the crime rate there was very low compared to lets say France/England/Germany so your argument about poverty being the cause of crime is beyond stupid.


To say that they're both backing communism and capitalism at the very same time while being on the same team contradicts nearly fucking everything that happened in the last 100 years. Even before the Cold War even started. It's such a stupid simplification of 20th century history I don't think you could honestly make it without having 0 knowledge on the topic whatsoever.

The Cuban Missile Crisis that nearly ended in Nuclear War? Jews on both sides, man.

Vietnam? Jews on both sides, man.

The Pinochet Coup? Jews on both sides, man

Thomas Sankara? Jewish handprints all over the place

Laos? Jews

China? Jews

You have to wonder for a moment, maybe it wasn't about the jews but people responding to their material and historical conditions.

Property value scales funding for education, so your about as likely to escape from an impoverished neighborhood and go to college as anyone on Holla Forums is to getting a successful marriage.

Not helping your position at all, mixblood.

I mean for fucks sakes there was a brief Communist history in the early 20th century in fucking Mongolia, and you're going to say it's Jews? A country that used eagles and falcons as carriers for messages was also infiltrated by evil Marxist Jewish propaganda? That is also capitalist somehow

That's fuckin silly

Why do you care, stormfag? Over 90% of black homicides committed involve victims and perpetrators of the same race.

I really have to question the legitimacy of western state crime statistics tbh. They don't focus nearly enough on certain areas of the population, I have no reason to trust the state to properly conduct racial crime without bias that filters down to every problem from police departments being staffed by the inept who should never actually get the job, to how white nationalist groups tend to congregate within police departments of impoverished areas.

Because they're occupying spaces and holding entire cities hostage with their niggery that should be used by whites.

You don't have to trust anything leftcuck just go for a stroll through coon town.

Not to mention, if we're going by sudden leaps in segregation based on crime, we have to consider separating men not predisposed to crime and nearly all women segregated as well.

These lines of logic never really work out for anyone.

What is this,1985?

You know affirmative action's banned in a lotta states with high populations of black people and that not just black people benefit from it, right? They've gotta fight it out amongst white women who're the #1 benefactors of it even though they're generally better off than blacks.

Well, you should've picked your own cotton, planted your own tobacco and harvested your own sugarcane then. If you're that bothered by inner city crime why don't you start rounding up people of colour with your paramilitary death squads and start "peacefully ethnically cleansing" them to create an all white ethnostate like you guys keep saying you'll do?

Why can't we just give every nog $100k, a one way ticket to Liberia, and a carton of kools instead?😘

Because black families have usually lived in America longer than their white Irish or Italian or etc European immigrant counterparts. You have to consider who are the immigrants and who aren't, just the same in Europe. And that really fucks up when you put that into play in America.

Your ideas are kind of a cluster fuck.

But you ain't gonna do that though cuz blacks arguably have got more right to live in The United States than 2/3rds of whites cuz 90% of their ancestors first got to America when The United States was still just 13 colonies and most of them don't wanna leave. Sounds to me like you lot have got a lotta people to kill…

People migrate all the time, especially when they're supposedly facing institutionalized racism, don't trying invoking a blood and soil argument merely because it's convenient now. :^)

Sasuga Holla Forums

I'm from Britain, remember?

I'm not invoking anything, I'm saying that trying to get a "pure" America free from all those crimesters is about as shallow and unable to be implemented as it sounds.

It's also stupid.

White Americans did more crime in the 19th century than blacks currently do in the 21st century, and you're asking me if its nature, or if its nurture.

Few were actually "old school racist" to begin with, but when people started pointing out how much of a societal problem our casual racism was, and how similar it was to the old school racism in effect, it lead to a massive backlash against racial equality as a concept. It has a lot to do with the internet becoming a place that matters to people. The same place where we once shouted nigger from the rooftops because it didn't matter.

Eventually almost all of anti-racist thinking has become associated with the radical new meme-transgression tier beliefs, so if you are arguing against anything racist today, you are likely to be perceived as just another pedantic faggot. As a result the nationalist types were able to circumvent our normally nihilistic defenses and could propagandize this part of the internet for their reactionary worldview, protected by the same irreverence that had once kept them at arms length.

Unfortunately in the end it will be spun that our old casual racists were just hiding their deeply reactionary thinking all along. Which means the new liberals and their alt-right friends will have then completely fucked how people once looked at this issue beyond repair. Banter is dead and identity is no longer a bad word, even on anonymous imageboards.

What's the Holla Forums version of WAKE UP SHEEPLE?

There is no reason, it’s just random.

No it's more ineptitude within the US government and its law enforcement agencies

Is being jumped by time-traveling 19th century Irish street gangs a recurring problem where you live?

Tbh a lot of Cali PDs were infiltrated by wn groups in the 80s. But that's neither here nor there nogs will nog regardless of who the pd is composed of and their politics.

This. I remember becoming a rabid fascist stooge when I was 16. Holy fuck I hated communism and democracy for literally no reason at all in like the course of a solid hour.

Maybe fascism is just a joke our subconsciousness is playing on us

prove it

What? I thought Holla Forums fought for their freedom of speech to start their criticism against the liberal social norm first…

What kind of ideology would you describe as not being tainted by Jewishness? Mhhh, lemme guess…

but seriously the only one of those i would say is really "Jewish" is neoconservatism since it's basically liberalism plus Zionism. it's more that Jewish intellectuals tend to push movements in a direction that serves what they perceive as jewish interests.

Soviet sockpuppet.


Wow urban areas with higher populations have more crime as opposed to sparsely populated rural areas. Really makes you think.

do you read the blm twitter alot


They do seem to blame their problems on da white man…
I wouldn't say "diverse and woke" but most racist people are less wealthy.


It's a shame to see a guy waste his talent on shit like this. I wonder how all these memelords are going to feel when Trump ultimately changes nothing during his presidency, things are even worse 8 years from now, and it turns out Trump and the rest of the crowd they supported were actually on the elites' side all along.


Except poverty stricken parts of America actually have a problem with the water supply. And funding based on property value very much exists.


In fact I think chemical contaminated water is why there's a resurgence in teenage nazis in the first place.

What do wn sympathetic police have to do with nogs turning cities into hell scapes of urban warfare?



That's not at all what I'm implying.

Water is wet.

You're trying to lump me in with retarded liberals. Look I don't know why I'm even responding you fucking twat. I remember when Holla Forums was funny before all you redditor faggots came and ruined it for everyone.


I think you've got the causation around the wrong way, user - it's the exposure to endless niggershines that turns cops racist, cops aren't joining the police force "just to whomp on some black asses".

Friendly reminder that white cops in black neighborhoods have more exposure to black pathology in a day than you'll ever experience in your life

Right, I mean there were various strains of thought within Jewish culture, primarily assimilationism versus nationalism (Zionism). However successful their assimilation may have been by the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th, the history of pograms going way back shows that they weren't exactly welcome in many places. As a small minority within larger Christian or Islamic countries, just due to their material conditions they had to be universalist and not tied down to a particular piece of soil. So I think that while not universal within Jewish culture, universalism probably has a strong appeal within a certain subset of Jews.

Basically, my point boils down to - I don't think it was just a coincidence that Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Goldman, and Luxemburg all happened to have Jewish ethnicity. No, both their intellectual acumen and their revolutionary universalist fervor had deep cultural roots. And I think there's a lot to be said for that which transcends those cultural roots. But at the same time I think that the particularist and nationalist dimension is overlooked. Moses Hess split with Marx over this very question and went on to lay some of the intellectual foundations for Zionism. He thought that race was fundamental and not class.

I do think things like white male muh privilege exist, I just don't elevate that analysis to the degree that SJWs do. I don't think white males are inherently malevolent (I am one myself). But yeah I do find it curious that white male muh privilege is constantly being pointed out, with white male over-representation repeated ad nauseum in the very media that is controlled by these Jewish CEOs. Who somehow never point out their own Jewish muh privilege. Hmm. And its not just limited to media either, its also the finance sector (Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan), and also a lot of academia such as economics, where 50% of the Nobel prize winners have been Jewish. I mean we're talking about the entire ideological apparatus here that reinforces capitalism day in and day out here. You mean to tell me its not interesting at all from a Marxist materialist perspective that a lot of these figures are Jewish? Just one big coincidence?

Both. I don't think that either communism or neoliberalism is reducible to Jewishness, but nonetheless it is very interesting that you find Jews in prominent positions on either side of the divide. I don't think this has the overarching significance that right-wing conspiracy theorists would attribute to it, but nevertheless I am convinced there is something going on here. I think it is something like what Cornel West said one time, complicity, not conspiracy. The big secret is that much of the Jewish community is actually complicit with capitalism, and their bourgeois elitism simultaneously breeds right-wing reactionary resentment and also rebellion within Jewish culture itself (communism and radical politics). I mean its right there in Marx, "On the Jewish Question." As a Jew himself he is rebelling against the Jewish mercantile and financial order.

no they say the saudis are jews

So what? Do all these Jews agree on everything? Do Milton Friedman and Eric Hobsbawm think alike because they're Jews? They're not a hivemind with a unified culture.

Like what, kabalistic black magick? Marx wasn't raised a Jew, his father converted to Protestantism. Lenin didn't even know he was (partly) Jewish, it was only confirmed after his death.

No, it's not. It's an interesting anecdote at best, but what role their "Jewishness" or any other ethnicity plays in this is largely irrelevant.

Gee, it's like Jews can hold radically different positions or something.

The vast majority of people in the developed world are "complicit with capitalism" regardless of race.

Stop trying so hard.

>>>Holla Forums

Left-leaning neolibs pushed social issues too far and too fast and it blew up in everybody's face.


I'm not discounting that idea, but if that's the case a lot of the true believers were at most useful idiots.

I think the intention was more to disarm the left and the backlash was largely unimportant to them.

That's politics.


sounds like something a dude weed lmao redditor would write about in a fictional novel.

Was a succdem accelerationist until 2013, found Holla Forums, went throught ego death, got a much better understanding of biology and sociology and added the more consistant parts of my old worldview in. Of course i'm not a poltical racist out of dislike but through the acceptance of the zero sum game that we are trapped in and the inability of all thought on the social problem to solve the primary contridiction. All solutions provided thus far are merely spinning the hanster wheel.

Holla Forums is a Neo-Lib worshiping shithole. Not single thread about Trump's connection to Weinstein, and there isn't a single decent Not Socialist website or organization on the planet. True Nazis like myself have nowhere to go, so we will wander all halls.

Since you obviously don't have the time in your life to waste becoming a cop just to learn something, I suggest you get a security job at a mall in a 90% black neighborhood. Seriously, do it. See how long you manage to stay anti-racist.

I'll use Trump as a low hanging fruit example
People who voted for Trump can be described in 3 broad categories
1. Old school conservatives who are the living embodiment of those spurdo burgers on mobility scooters
2. Younger voters who mobilised because of memes
3. People who are probably center right on social issues but were more interested in him shaking up the status quo because they're at the end of their rope because of the status quo. This is the majority of voters who voted Trump.
The majority of the racism you see is option 2.
They fell for the "race realist" meme and watched too many hollywood movies and anime so now they think they're "woke".
Basically, don't underestimate the power of autism.

What a shitty non argument. White societies are run for white people. Having blacks in our countries accross the World is highly detrimental. Asians come to us for the oppurtunities our high trust societies create yet ruin them.

Why do you think that is, nazianon? What even is a 'true nazi'?
I really really really…
don't feel bad about that at all.
Tell us your legend, Wandering Nazi

You know what happened to le happy guillotine sans cullottes right?

I do, user. It reminds me a lot of what happened to the SA in 1930s. Perhaps there is a lesson about bourgeois revolutions we can learn from these events.
but do go on, tell us your story

Would i get the same effect if i went to a hick town with a bunch of rowty white people?

You will always lose. Marx and socialism doesnt solve the social problem. You will always lose.

Nice argument, nerd

It didn't. Americans at least are less racist than ever.

There's a lot of racial tension because it's constantly being stoked by the government, the media, etc, but actual animosity isn't really all that prevalent.

Thanks for the life lesson 7 year reich.

No one talks about it because it doesn't matter and no one cares. Nationalism is antimaterialist nonsense, and leftists have an infinite number if better things to do than discuss that made up bullshit, especially when it's just too prove to racists that no, communism isn't controlled by Jews.

Eat shit, fascist insect.