Rightists are idiots

Right wing low lQ

I went out drinking and tricked rightists into thinking I was right wing. Yet i got them to admit, capitalism and big business was the problem in America. They are exactly like usefull idiots.

So my question is, have you ever tricked rightists into supporting Leftist ponts of view?

Sounds like a pretty sad way to spend an evening tbh

Please, if you are not A-Politcal in America you will have a bad time.

rightists still identify big business as the main problem facing America, they just blame most of it on Jews.

Fixed. You spend too much time on imageboards if Holla Forums is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of right-wing politics

Tell me something new.


IQ is racist imperialist pseudoscience. You cannot measure intelligence. All humans are equally intelligent.

Hung out with some leftists last night.
I'm a leftist too, and I fooled them into thinking I was leftist.
Then one of them accused me of being too rightist, so I deliberately injected myself with aids and they all applauded.

I got rightists to admit private property was theft from capitalist government lol

Tricked? They're workers. You aren't tricking them, the were tricked long ago.


Just quote a good turn of phrase from Marx, Engels or Lenin but misattribute it, and odds are everyone will agree.

I've done this plenty of times, especially with right wing libertarians. They tend to have a similar mindset as us but are either spooked my cold war propaganda or disagree on one fundamental principle which takes them to a wildly different conclusion as us

gotta change me angry flag

It's ridiculously easy to do this in America since people are so retarded they think socialism is when the government gives you free shit. I've basically gotten my neocon dad to agree that democratic control of the workplace is a good idea and that a boss or CEO is essentially useless. It's funny how easy it is to convince people that socialism is a good idea as long as you don't call it socialism.

Deliberate injection of HIV is OK in California.

If it was accidental or done without consent, well Bucko, that's a misdemeanor.

It's funny how easily you can make someone drink anti-freeze as long as you call it punch.

Often this is as easy as proclaiming how much you hate the Democratic Party.

I got my sister's ex fellon neo-confederate Baptist Christian conservative husband to say that CEOs are scum when I pointed out they don't actually work for their money. Too bad he was too drunk to remember. Only thing I could convince him on is financially supporting the downtrodden. I was laughing about it later since I avoided telling him what I was getting him to support. I will keep slowly working at it.

Sorry i meant i couldn't get him to support welfare and healthcare. I just got him to complain about porky

Right-Libertarians are easy, they are just spooked by capitalist government and think it's "socialism"

Did you forgot to change your shitpost flag or you are this dumb ?

Yeah this is going to spark some really fruitful and intellegent discussion.

To be fair Autism Level is pretty shit-tier. The whole "rightists" are unintelligent shtick is boring anyhow. Go post this on Reddit to get some upvotes.

They are right, though.

I don't know a lot of people I know are right wing and they autistically screech if you even try to blame corporations. Even liberals I know won't ever admit that corporations have the power to do bad shit. For example if nike makes children in africa work then it's africans fault. Or either it's fault of a single corporation but capitalism is never wrong. The I got someone to admit it they just went " that's because life is shit we are born to suffer etc" and with the few friends I straight up admitted I am anti capitalist it even bacame routine that they reminded me at every turn how capitalism is good. I don't even care about discussing politics irl anymore, everyone constantly has to say this shit, what the fuck? What's wrong with people. Where are the famous lifestylists or liberal fake anti capitalists literally everyone around me is worse than that holy shit

American conservatives are just liberals from a century ago.

This is so low quality it might as well be a NazBol meme.

Try pushing the "profit motive" instead.
Focus on the fact that

I'll try that. But I can't help but think the ones that will respond to me "and what do you want, communism? Where everyone is equally poor?" are lost causes.


I always have a good laugh when I bitch about liberals to my far right dad and it completely goes over his head because he is too stupid to understand communist aren't liberals.

This, conservatism always seemed to me be inherently a losing fight. As technology and the economy change a society will change its values. Go back a hundred years ago and most conservatives will be considered very leftist in some areas, and go back 200, 300, 400 and they would be deviant further and further from the "traditional" values held at the time.

Ex libertarian

That's pretty much it

I know this is just borderline circlejerk shit but to me the worst thing, the absolute worst, is the way they claim to be edgy rebellious anti-establishment "dangerous" people while getting drunk & watching tv all night exactly like everyone else. And they totally support the corporate establishment while they say they're "rebels". Yeah fly that gadsden flag from your new pickup truck, you're really showing the establishment that you're ready to be in debt your whole life while you get fatter and die of cancer. So rebellious.

If we kill the niggers the right will gain 30 Autism Level points


What are you now?

And Holla Forums will vanish

If we kill all right wing subhumans the world would be better off.