Aut Right Tour Continues

Charlottesville round 2 is now underway

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It's like 20 people

Pure autism.

Pretty messed up to imply retards are evil tbh

come out and play Antifa

When is twitter going to purge Alt-right accounts?

It's like 30 amerilards who are basically already done with their "event", what's there to play with?



before any Antifa comes out they have to get the OK from their jewish overlords.

Fucking pathetic.

So success for Spencer is 20-30 people showing up, okay…

Is this that cringey anti-communist gathering?

no that one is planned for another city (and might have been cancelled)

Nazis have been really reaching since that raping that happened to them at CV havent they?

No, that was cancelled instantly, this is like 30 people meeting in secret because they're scared of antifa.

Can you really blame him for being happy he wasn't punched today?

Seriously, please don't use the term "aut right", it comes across as hateful and discriminatory to autistic people.

relax nigga, everyone on the chans is autistic so we're allowed to use it

You have to go back.

We're not really though. People on chans are only "autistic" in the meaning of how it is used as an insult. People with actual autism would still be a minority on imageboards.

Is the r-word right wing? Are reactionaries that offended when you try to say left and right are the same, and yet everything you say happens to align with the right wing principles you're supposedly above.



on the spectrum is still autistic

The "r-word" is racist, in case you couldn't tell and aren't just meme-ing

Go back to watching leafy videos.

I wasn't memeing, I can't into nuance when drunk.

i genuinely wasn't sure, I was thinking maybe 'republican'. I don't really call nazis, racist, just nazis, it's redundant.

On that topic erryone should watch my video on cryptonazis, lots of hilarious quotes about not being racist

i prefer h3h3 if you must know

Nigga what the fuck is leafy?

It's a youtube channel that's right up your alley.

Youtuber for 12 year olds. These kids need to unironically get off my fucking lawn

Jesus Christ, did you fuckers take the Nazbol meme seriously and steal the aesthetic?

Did you miss the flag? It's either a nazi or someone shitposting as one and you need to stop being such a scrub and responding to obvious bait

Ragnarok is here. deal with it.

Gen Z please go

I'm just mad they're ruining a quality joke.



N O I T ' S F I N E

Don't you see user, it's Ragnarok! 30 shifty people suddenly leaving, it's Ragnarok!


Fuck, you just ruined my day user. I was really hoping we'd get another charlottesville.


Go fuck yourself.

t. autist