People are only against capitalism when capitalism is against them

How do we wake up Conservatives who were never hurt by the system?

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We diagnose and abort every conservative baby.

The lower-class is larger than you think.

You can clearly see differences in right wing and left wing brain. If we can kill right wingers before they are born all of the worlds problems will be solved.

It's not about right/left wing brains, Holla Forums

It's about the class-system.

Wait until porky exports their job.

Seriouspost: we should make make it clear that leftism is a matter of morality.

Yeah yeah, muh spooks, whatever. I maintain that morality isnt't a spook, but another expression of human intelligence, like art or the religious impulse. It's not guided strictly, or even at all, by materialist logic. Granted, it can be spooky, but it can also be truly altruistic and noble. We have to foster the latter, but first we must accept morality.

And the reason that adding this clear moral telos to leftism can help spread it is simply that it's the perfect way to remove the harmful, horrible moral spooks that the right nurtures. Save for a small minority of genuinely compassionate conservatives, the right at large promotes shit like "fuck you got mine", "prosperity theology", "why should I want UHC if I'll just be paying for other people to use it" and a whole gamut of imbecility and sociopathy. Among this vast crowd, it's a safe bet that many at the top are literally sociopaths, seeing as capitalism rewards their lack of empathy, so we have pundits, think-tanks, leading politician, CEOs, "influencers" and other scum going on national television and telling us that the Bible says nothing against torture and the poor deserve to die. This is bought by the average rightwinger, whom I assume is actually a normal person and capable of empathy, but whose morality is spooked to high heavens with these monstrous instructions dictated by Porky and obeyed by the vast majority of the rightists. They can feel empathy, but their spooks, especially moral ones, block that emotion, by rationalizing why other people suffer, or that it's sad but inevitable, or that they're better off now than they were before anyway or etc.

So then, excepting compassionate conservatives and literal sociopaths, we ought to despook that vast mass of manipulated idiots. And we all know that doing it via rational debate is an uphill struggle, partly because many of them are taught to spurn "outsiders" or outright reject anything that says their bullshit might be wrong, or because let's face it, research constantly find that rightwingers tend to be less intelligent. And that's where the moral aspect of leftism would come in. We ram through those obstacles to debate by appealing to their morality. Being normal human beings, they should be within the reach of the humanitarian mission of leftism, and they ought to be told under no uncertain terms that leftism isn't just a collectivized economy or the eventual abolishment of work, but also a moral imperative, in and of itself. And we know this isn't empty proselytizing; here on Holla Forums we know for a fact that, for all its many mistakes, socialism remains on the moral higher ground. That's the first message we ought to transmit to a rightist that despite talks of morality not being real and leftists are moved by material interest like everyone else and blah blah blah, let's admit it, we're in this because of our consciences and because we truly believe it's the best way forward. Once we've broken that initial cognitive obstacle in the mind of a rightist, he's much more open to debate, because you have found a commonality in your shared humanity and empathy.

Except that's wrong, kiddo.

Revolution belongs to the mute body and its resistance to, and its giving out to, the imposition of work. What is needed in the revolutionary struggle is precedence given to the needs of the body (consumer culture is a contemporary echo of this). The slogans are not inspiring or romantic: more rest, more pay, less work, no deals on productivity. However, once this demand-regime is set in motion it cannot be side-tracked except by counterfeit political demands, or formulations of radical consciousness made by those who seek to lead it. Once the body tends toward rest, it cannot rid itself of that inclination unless it is roused again to work for some political vision. In short the struggle of industrial workers against capital will be conducted entirely in selfish terms, which in the end describes itself as the struggle against work in the interest of highly paid sleep. In the present nothing has significance but the desire to extend half-hour lunch breaks into hour lunch breaks.

most conservatives were hurt by the system, they just use a scapegoat instead of blaming the actual system

most conservatives were hurt by the system, they just use a scapegoat instead of blaming the actual system


Unironically yes

glad to see this text circulating
it's Nihilist Communism by M Dupont available on anarchistlibrary

warning they are the super armchair deluxe but they are also mostly right…

You can't. Conservatives are basically stuck in the feudal/landed aristocracy era mentally but living in a capitalist society.

Capitalism needs to be fully controlled by a liberal society before we can achieve class consciousness in the 1st world.

Otherwise, your average western conservative wagecuck wants you to leave him alone and to isolate himself from everyone else. He'll fuck off to his boring suburb and only come out of his crib to work and buy greasy shitty food from strip malls.

The other option is to wage revolution in underdeveloped countries, where the subsistence farmers still have a revolutionary spirit and there's not a significant bourgeois class existent. Then you can take over and industrialize.

remove old age benfits

Just wait.

Things are going down the shitter, and when it hits, it'll be worse than anything you've ever seen.

Literally the only reason I'm a commie is because I'm a cruelty-hating tree hugger. I don't mind living on or near the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid myself, as long as I don't get gassed and can get drugs for cheap, it's the state of the rest of the world that concerns me. Never managed to get a straight answer from people like you whether my methods are in misalignment with my goals, or is being a sociopath a no-pass for counting as a commie after all.

fuck off Holla Forums

I absolutely agree with you, user. Revolutions – real revolutions, not that color-coded bargain bin crap – begin by and large with bad material conditions suffered by the people. The vast majority of the mob rebels because there's no food on their plate, not someone else's.

But to quote the OP:
I was talking about people in developed countries, those who, despite slowly but surely becoming ever more exploited, are still the beneficiaries of capitalism. What some people call labor aristocrats. An American household with humble income but no pressing issues such as need for healthcare is already materially better off than the vast majority of mankind. So appealing to their material interests can and does backfire. I mean, can you prove to this household that they will be better off after a revolution while its current members are still alive? Odds are that they, along with the entire country, will be put through the wringer just in order to kick Porky out, and it will take many trying decades in order to rebuild the country and build socialism, and that's without even knowing when the average new household will actually be better off than the average pre-revolution household.

So if appealing to their material selfshness might backfire, it's better to appeal to their morality. It migth not work, but at least won't work against you. Not to mention that, let's face it, bringing in more well-meaning, "utopian" should be better for the superstructure than overly cynical pragmatists. Such as Uncle Joe.

this. the best way to deal with conservitards is to wait for them to die or kill them ourselves if they get in our way. matey

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You get them to compel the system to hurt them.

it's not about shitposting either

You think that all Conservatives are rich and this is where you start to veer away from reality.