How and why are women performing better than men in college as of now?

How and why are women performing better than men in college as of now?
Is this just a recent thing or has it always been a trend?

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Women care more what authority figures think of them. This includes what grades they get in school, so they study harder in academia.

Pressure on women to compete in the job market is pretty recent, and I guess they have a slight natural inclination to being better at studying.
I don't know what point you're trying to make, "people aren't equal, socialism is dumb"? Women outperforming men in college doesn't mean men are worth less. People like Bakunin and Marx already acknowledged the natural differences between people and explained how that doesn't get in the way of communism.

This is only my personal experience and opinion as an older person who has recently started college: guys seem to do worse in class than the girls because the guys seem to not care as much about their grades as the girls. I can't really explain why this is, its just a general impression I've noticed from speaking to various people across all of my classes.
The young men seem to think they can skate by on their natural intelligence and want to do the least amount of work possible.
The young women, even if they complain more than the men if a lesson is hard, will at least put more work into the assignments and learning the material than the guys. The guys just don't seem to care as much about each individual assignment, too.
Again, this is just my general impression, and I don't really have any theories on why this could be the case.

It isn't that they are better at studying or have more discipline or are pressured to compete.
It's simply that they are better at socializing and this alone makes a huge difference in a person's chance of success. Everybody sort of likes women by default.
They play life in easy mode. That's why whenever people see feminists in western countries still complaining about bullshit everybody cringe.

Gun here. When I go to a class I care more about learning the material then getting a good grade. (unless it’s spanish. Fuck spanish class)

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Women are prone to much higher anxiety than men, and thus will stress out more about homework and as a result do it more dutifully.

This is why actually if you ever meet any women who are on anti-anxiety medication, that their grades and such go in the toilet, because they just lost pretty much their only study skill.

I have seen at least 5 women have an anxiety attack, get on some medication, get suuuupppper chill, don't show up to class, and then flunk out.

Education requires submissiveness and women are more submissive than men.

Summary of this thread: When there is an imbalance favoring men it's society discriminating women but if there is an imbalance favoring women it's 'just nature guys'.

Do I get this right?

Would the gentleman be so kind as to point out where someone has claimed that "When there is an imbalance favoring men it's society discriminating women" ITT?

modern school environment has shifted to favor the kind of school environment that women are (usually) better at adapting to. This is only a major problem if you take standardized tests and school performance as objective indicators of intelligence, which they clearly aren't.

stop projecting.

So, you agree with the statement that certain imbalances favoring men are due to the fact that men possess certain inherent characteristics different from women instead of discrimination and sexism?

I agree that each case should be analyzed on its own.
And of course I do agree that men do have inherent characteristics different from women. I'm not one of those mentally ill transgenders whom seem to think that biology ain't real.

Don't girls overall perform better academically than boys since middle school? I'm too lazy to look it up.

Depends on your definition of recent.

So, who is going to keep the birthrate stable if women outperform men academically but still prefer marrying a man of equal or higher status.

Something doesn't add up here.

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I'm a woman, on Wellbutrin, and take THC edibles nightly. Straight A student, bitch.

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Going to college and paying out the ass and ending up in crippling debt is entirely a capitalist plot. Women are doing better because in America nearly everyone's a brainlet thus they're only playing into the dumb american skank cliche. Real men don't go to college or just flunk out because real men are smart enough to realize it's another capitalist scheme and real men are to leftist to fuck with capitalism like that.

Who are real men

If I have any bias it's the free pass femscum get from pathetic beta orbiters. If I ever meet a 'hero' that thinks punching women is worse than punching men I'll castrate that manbitch with my bare hands.

The people I described. Men that realize college is bullshit and likely the only thing they'll come out with is debt or a low paying run of the mill job.

Ambitious women have extra drive because their just as good as men drive makes them ultra competitive. Also they generally have to get tough in high pressure business situations, more so than guys who face marginally less shit in a work environment. I'm not talking work place industries etc, as women don't tend to do jobs that get you injured, but for example last time I got arrested even the female turnkey was complaining about how none of the male cops properly wipe down the whiteboard so its always smudged, and when she tells them to do it properly they laugh at her, and some other stuff like this person I know who works in a hospital got sent an anonymous amputated testicle. Shit like that. They don't get to be part of the boys club so easily. Its anecdotal evidence but i'm willing to believe its true in many environments. Also women mature faster physically, so they do better in academic environments regardless at a younger age

Brain dead morons aka most people are easily influenced by the masses and the mass usually says studying is for faggots and men shoulda be tough and stronk, no need read

Because Femenist dance therapy is also included in "colledges" as of now. Basically, trashy degrees and courses are overwhelmingly pursued by women, who need a diploma just to have it or something.

One explanation that I've heard put forth by women studying the issue is that girls are culturally or biologically more inclined to be conscientious, which is becoming more valued as education becomes more and more bureaucratic. Girls are for nurture or nature reasons better at following the rules and playing nice, and thus do better in an environment where these traits are valued.

Because educational system is based on female-centered learning models. Most teachers are women, and they have hard time relating to how to make a subject more engaging to boys. I am not going to aut-right "hurrdurr education is a jewish scam" tirade here, because clearly, public education is vastly important in ensuring that general population is less superstitious, but there is a problem within the system, even some teachers have addressed it. Personally, I have noticed when I was in high school how troublemaker boys were getting shit grades in lessons that required sitting and writing/reading but they got top grades in lessons where you had to actually do stuff like PE (I believe this is short for sports classes orsmth) and woodworking.

It ain't rocket science

Because men figure out university and college are shit and go trade schools instead.

user in many cases college is a waste of money and highly fucked up by capitalism but certain degrees like STEM require it. That real men bullshit is funny af

I think that this is because boys tend to be less quiet and absolutely hate sitting for hours whereas girls tend to tolerate it more. This causes teachers in elementary or primary schools to favor them and being biased towards them since they make their jobs easier and usually behave more, resulting in a lot of boys being resented at the whole system seeing it as unfair, then getting disillusioned with school and getting in the mindset of "if they treat me like this, why should I push for better grades". At least this is how me and my closest friends saw it, and I got shit grades till I got a decent teacher who treated me like a human being, which motivated me to get decent grades.

I've seen the argument that education is more "female" today but the details are always lacking. Exactly how? What specific aspect of how courses are taught favor women?
Tbh most of this thread seems like normie biotruths "men and women are just different x)" trash answers. Could be the case, but these cultural or biological explanations are not usually helpful or insightful in my experience. It's like when conservatives say black culture is toxic to explain black poverty. Missing a big part of the picture and ignores how we got here.


This has lot to do with general attitudes in school, not specific courses. I remember a young female history teacher from high school who tried to make lessons more interesting to boys via group assignments, recitals, open discussions, group plays and even getting some representatives to show historical props and stuff, and this worked really well towards making classes more engaging. In chemistry, we had a really boring female teacher but even at worst of the worst, she did assign group work that involved experiments, which was also pretty engaging for boys. Lots of teachers are just too lazy and resort to "read from page X to Z then fill workbook from exercise X to Z" and that's it. Then I also remember literature teacher who did open discussion sometimes, which got some of the boys actually interested in reading long-ass books, just so they can brag about their knowledge of the book to teacher in the open discussion, and it actually worked in getting them to read.

What I mean by female-centered is this "just quietly read X to Z, fill exercises from workbook exercise X to Z, then we have test for material from Z to X, you get grade, then rinse and repeat" which is good enough for girls, since they have more patience for this shit than the boys.

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Which is why conservatives (who are known to have more respect for authority) also do better in school than their peers.

I want to emphasize I am not a chauvinist, I just don't like this overwhelming attitude in schools, not from female but also from male teachers that this sterotype of a smart girl who does the reading-writing assignments flawlessly should be used as measure for every single student alike, and if you fail to live up to this standard, you are a no-good retard who should be held back a year or sent to principal.

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For a long time, universities were male-only institutions. Since they've been opened up to all applicants, universities have gone on a guilt-ridden spree of "encouraging" females to take advantage of college education see: discriminating against male applicants Now, after 40+ years of "encouragement" discrimination women make up more than 50% of college students.
It's primarily a mix of two things.
1) Women tend to focus better and seek approval from authority
2) Women generally populate easier majors with fewer classes and less demanding work loads

I don't want to say they're fucking the professors, buttttt… they're fucking the professors.

Non Duchovny-tier beta-professors just get the heavy-flirting, light-touching, and accusations of being a pervert.

there is some evidence that female teachers demonstrate bias against boys when marking, beginning at school primary level

and the original study:

male teachers also show some positive bias toward boys (while marking girls "fairly" or the same as extermal examiners, despite girls' expectations of receiving favourable treatment, weirdly). But given that education from pre-school through high school is dominated to a greater or lesser extent by women, this results in boys getting lower results overall throughout their school lives, which will obviously feed into their university admissions and, indeed, one could surmise their whole outlook or education. This is combined with a generally more "feminised" (and, coincidentally I'm sure, cheaper and easier to standardise) culture and experience in education described by

It's also fascinating the hoops people will jump through to convince themselves and others that it couldn't possibly be what amounts to institutional bias against boys and young men in education, when the evidence seems fairly unambiguous and only mounts the more research is done in this area.

As much as I expect to get boos and hisses for it, I actually also recommend reading Christina Hoff Sommers' 'The Way Against Boys' on this topic. Yes she's a conservative liberal bordering on lolbert, yes she is somewhat of a gender traditionalist, yes she's put out some garbage and yes you need to wear your ideology glasses when you read it (especially the final third or so, "moral education" kek), but her work in this area is pretty straight forward and well-cited and worth going into with an open mind. pdfrelated because fuck giving her or her publisher money.

Because men have evolved to hunt down rats and deer which requires low intelligence (you basically run with a stick around like an idiot), while women have evolved to speak and nurture which requires around 10 times more intelligence.

University started as training for priests. As you can imagine the curriculum has change quite a bit ever since.

Women have always been smarter than men, and the fact that most people generally believe the opposite is proof of this.

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I believe there was a study recently as well where female players played blind chess matches against a series of opponents, and performed, on average, some absurd number like 50% worse when they were lead to believe that their opponent was male, regardless of the real gender of their opponent.